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Arsenal could have Szczesny back for United

At the Arsenal training session today was the welcome sight of our Polish keeper, Wozciech Szczesny, after missing six weeks out with injury. Arsenal have not said if he is ready to play tomorrow against Reading, but it would be a great boost if our number one was to run out for the Gunners at Old Trafford on Saturday.

I think that Vito Mannone has tepped into his position manfully, but you always want your best players in the team, especially when you are facing Manchester United. Alex Ferguson’s team have been weak defensively this season, but have made up for it by scoring plenty.

One thing that Arsenal fans want on Saturday, almost as much as we want the win, is to stop the Dutch turncoat, Robin van Persie, from scoring against us. Szczesny will give us a much better chance of accomplishing that if he plays.

Another keeper hoping to get a game for the first team this week is the 20-year old Argentinean, Damian Martinez. He played in the last round of the Capital One cup against Coventry and was impressive, so is looking forward to another chance tomorrow.

Martinez has admitted that he was nervous before the game but as soon as it started he felt right at home. Coventry did score a goal, but there was no blame attached to the youngster. With the injuries to Szczesny and Fabianski, Martinez has been training with the first team squad and feels like he is comfortable playing at Reading tomorrow.

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41 thoughts on “Arsenal could have Szczesny back for United

  1. youngold gunner

    guys i’m from TANZANIA(Africa) maybe thats the reason why i don understand why you guys overthere hate tottnham more than MANCHESTER UNITED(not like i lyk writin dem n captal lettrs lyk they R gods jst want the point to be seen).I mean i hated them way before the day of the…..(U know what)I hated them maybe because of their constant ability punish us for silly mistakes.And come the end of the season they throw it in our faces that weve won nothing and they won something(a small difference for last season).And on the day of(U know what)i almost went crazy and they keep throwin it at me.But i have a feeling that we can take 3pts in this.Only a 4-0 is what is needed for me to get
    onto their noses.Good to hear scezny is back

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  2. Laurentkboi

    Please we need him no disrespect to manone but szczesny is our number 1 and we need him to beat the better teams.

    I wish I was a millionaire because I’d pay frimpong all that to break judas’s legs permanently!

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  3. clarks

    As good as Szceszney is, we still need to sign a decent keeper as cover or competition for him. Mannone has been ok, but he was at fault for the goal against Norwich. Don’t get me wrong, we were not good enough to beat them, but a better keeper in goal would have given us a better chance of taking an important point. In my opinion, we need to sign a strong keeper and another decent striker, unfortunately Giroud hasn’t yet settled in and Gervinho is erratic at best. Fingers crossed, signing Llorente, Adrian or (dare we dream) Falcao could really spur on our misfiring front men. Our midfield has been superb so far, and with Wilshere returning and Cazorla and Arteta being, at times, mercurial, it just leaves our defence needing to stiffwn up and to continue to improve exactly the way Jenkinson has been this season.
    I really believe that this could finally be tge season where Arsenal end the drought and start getting back to winning ways.

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  4. clarks

    Instead of just disagreeing or thumbs down my last comment, why don’t you actually say why you disagree?

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  5. Hafiz Rahman

    do not risk him for Reading clash…let Martinez play… if sheez is 100% ready then he play against utd if not no hurry…do not wish to have any setbacks…

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  6. dan

    It would not matter if we had 3 keepers in goal we will still get a good hiding on sat not in the same class as them they know how to win games even when they dont play well!

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  7. JK

    Phew we need him badly, @clarks i agree we need a keeper to challenge but who out there is any better and available i mean hart,neuer,casillas and lloris are not available. I feel we missed out on cesar he would have been perfect.

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  8. ojikiti

    Mannone is good as back up 4 szcyzeny who i believe can improve his game now dat he is maturing in age and experience wil certainly set up. He has no fault in d last 3 goal against us, all was fm santos who was too heavy to move in line with Per and vamealen

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  9. JK

    I agree we are up against it but I think if we get a decent ref(unlikely) we could get a draw at least, I just wish the board wernt so stingy and bought lewondowski or llorente to replace rvp. Sagna wilshere and scezhney back so we are almost at full strength.

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  10. imran

    If We Really want to BEAT UTD, STEVE BOULD should b given full authority to make DEFENCE Strategies!
    We listen About Rift, hope so it vl b fake news, BUT, BOULD SHOULD MAKE TACTICAL CHANGES, WENGER MUST ALLOW HIM!

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  11. imran

    Injuries Hold Arsenal Every Year 🙁
    just think,
    When thy all will play together, n fite for 1st team spot n Give us outstanding Bench option…. WHERE ARSENAL WILL BE
    Wings: OX n Walcott Speed , pace n Passion
    (sorry for GERV, i dnt like him)
    Centre Backs: “KOSIELNY” the fighter, “MERTESACKER” No Comparison, VERMAELEN “VERMINATOR”
    Full Backs: “SAGNA” cross machine “JENKI” U cant pass through him “GIBBS” speed pace slide tackles “SANTOS” The Brazilian
    Up front: Hungry For Decent Service, Team Boy, Hard Worker, no Selfishness at all, Aerial defender, Assist Leader n my FAVOURITE “GIROUD” 🙂 🙂 🙂
    “PODOLSKI” The Panzer, LWF LMF LB ,Shooting Machine, (havent seen much yet 🙁 )
    n much much much MORE! Young guns ETC ETC! JUST WAIT FOR OUR TIME…

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  12. Showen

    Go GUNNERS…I would love to see that Judas(Ingrate Van Pershit) out for the season on that day

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  13. youngold gunner


    Podolski cazorla walcott

    Wilshere Arteta

    Vermaelen Koscielny Mertesacker sagna


    With that team even the REF! wont be able to save manure butt.

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  14. Hafiz Rahman

    no gk would want to be 2nd choice….

    say if u had Illoris and Casillas…unles theres major injury

    only 1 will play……

    and the other will leave…coz he can easily play first team in any other club and international football is at stake…..

    not to mention the club is paying hefty wages for him to warm the bench…

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  15. Hafiz Rahman

    only a veteran gk in his mid to late 30s and
    wouldnt mind being 2nd choice…

    say Arsenal land Julio Caeser…hes performance last sat..hes definitely good for another 2-3 years of first team football….

    do you think Sheez will be happy to warm the bench for 2-3 season???

    Fab and Mannone will 100% leave for sure….

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  16. bashman

    good news mannone did ok for 3rd choice keeper, key is midfield arsenal out class them in the middle jack santi and arteta should run this game only question mark is will gervinho and co take the chances handed to them we’ve seen how wasteful they can be but the law of averages dictates this game will be different

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  17. youngold gunner

    Very relieved to shezny back all respect to manone But am happy to see No.1 back to make our defence even more solid.

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  18. Steve

    We are coming together slowly give it 3-4 weeks and we will be pumping

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  19. Alby

    @ dan why are u soo negative and always bitter .its not as if u are being real,come on.. Regardless of our misshappenings all u still support the team.just be positive for ones eh! Never forget ,what u wish for is what u get.take it or leave it we are wining at old traford .@yougold gunner that’s exactly the wining mechanism.brilliant.

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  20. S.H

    How many of you calling RVP Judas were screaming his name months before? I’ve always liked RVP and still do. He should be respected as he served us well when his fitness permitted. It’s easy to say we were loyal to him for many years nurturing his injuries, but the reality is RVP had to put his family first before the club. Any half-intelligent individual would. At 29 it was his last big contract to sign. He’s making over 30M more at Man Utd, why wouldn’t you set your own family up for life? I think some gooners need to wake up and stop looking at angles from a footballing perspective. By the end of the day, RVP is a Father and a provider like many of us. Grow up, learn about life, then you will understand.

    Yes I agree that I would have liked to see him stay, but I will never blame anyone who puts their family first. I think many gooners are showing their hatred because his talent and form will obviously cause us problems next week. Don’t be so inferior by calling him Judas and what not. It shows our weakness of losing a player that gooners now hate but wish we still had!

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  21. S.H

    I like Szczesny’s will to win. He bosses the box unlike Mannone or Flappy. I like the fact that he won’t back down to a challenge and this is the mentality of winners. Mannone doesn’t look fully committed when he vies for an aerial delivery. His positional play is shocking, which makes goalkeeping harder. The Big Pole knows exactly where to be to ready himself for an incoming ball. I love how he comes out early to prevent through balls, something Mannone really lacks. The Italian likes the comfort of staying in goal more which can be detrimental when in a one on one situation. He allows too much space and time for the striker to dictate the play.

    Arsenal are still lacking so much depth. GK, DM, Striker, LB and a backup CAM when Arshavin is sold. It’ll be interesting to see how Wenger will try to plug these holes. Right now though, even with the new additions, we’re not as strong as the top 3 teams. Maybe Wenger will have no option but to spend this Winter. I know some fans doubt this and so do I, but Arshavin was bought in Winter so anything can happen. Maybe our CL and League results by then could be the catalyst. It’s sort of catch 22.

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  22. Hafiz Rahman


    Totally…its good to have a sensible and matured thinking fans here

    too many Fifa 2012 playing fans…that expect or demand Arsenal to match their Fifa 2012 line up….

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  23. Abu

    Provided Webb dont officiate game will be neutral. We are heading to revenge the eight goals but not to course injuries, we still need Mangrabbers to beat other teams for us to move up the table. Webb Webb, please dont officiate our match.

    Mombasa, Kenya.

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  24. shadgunner

    Team from Reading Match confirmed from a source who helps take coaching drills…Martinez,jenkinson,djourou,koscielny,Angha,Frimpong,coquelin,eisfield,arshavin,walcott/chamakh,Gnabry…
    The only doubt is whether walcott wud be fit enough to start,if not chamakh wud…but walcott wud defo be playing CF!!

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  25. mwenyeji

    I had vowed never to comment on RVP issues ever since he auctioned himself but what exactly is your point? was RVP a volunteer at Arsenal or what?? And if the family really mattered to him, didn’t his dad, wife and mom urge him not to sign for any other club in England?. I had decorated my car’s rear screen with a RVP grafitti which I almost lost to rowdy fans of opposition when we thrashed Tottenham 5-2.Mind you this was all the way in Nairobi Kenya.
    The dude is nuthing more than a f***ing Judas whether you still like him or not

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  26. clarks

    No mate thumbs down don’t upset me at all, but too many people just dislike a comment and don’t actually write anything to contribute. This is meant to be a forum where people write their views, but for the most part it ends up with people slating things that others have written, or as someone else has said, writing that they want to see Arsenal sign this or that player because they are good on Fifa. It’s nothing to do with popularity, it’s opinion. If more people took the time to actually write why they disagree, maybe people could start to have more conversations than insults?

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  27. Mai Arsenal

    Last season, we lack good midfielders except Arteta and occasionally, rosiscky. Now we have them in full; carzola, wilshere, arteta, diaby etc, but lack good goalkeepers and stat strikers again! when are we going to have a complete team to compete?

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  28. Alby

    Either way our arguments go it all boils down to us winning at old traford.lets all stop crying foul over spilt milk.lets think together as fans on how to use what we have to get what we want.jan will present itself.for now our secret weapon is optimism as fans and confidence as a team.u noe all I care abt is for mum bring forth and tell me this is ur sibling ,literally I love u all arsenal fans out there.we do what do or comment with the aim of making the team a better one.u can always feel the passion with which we comment. A win at man u this sat is all I pray u all

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  29. VonMich

    Keys of the match: left back (Santos) and the ability to cross some gems to Giroud

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  30. Alby

    Forgive me for my typo errors,the mind is way faster than the hand this morning

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  31. TEAM AFC

    I’d play 4-2-3-1:

    ———————- Szczesny ————————

    Sagna — Koscielny —– Metersacker — Vermalen

    —————- Arteta —- Wilshere —————–

    ——-Walcott ——————– Cazorla————

    ———————- Podolski ————————–

    ———————– Giroud —————————

    Bench: Mannone, Jenkinson, Metersacker, Coquelin, Diaby, Ox, Gervihno

    Play Podolski in a CF position and play Walcott & Cazorla RAM and LAM.
    Also keep in mind, Walcott could easily convert to his ‘desired’ CF/ST position and Podolski could play on the right and cut inside.

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  32. Thosi Roy

    I have every reason to be mad at Wenger for every game that’s effed up because a team shouldn’t be good enough to stay in the top four for 7 years without winning anything else. All Wenger has done really well is complain about spending money we don’t have & Fair Play rules during transfer seasons, while appeasing us with a few runs of decent performances that have made us feel good, but nothing much else to hang on to for memories. Take chances, Arsène, spend what you don’t have, win a few things, and there’ll be enough money to pay back. I thought that’s what businessmen do.

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  33. S.H


    Thank God the world doesn’t process information like you. If we did, every person would be a hater. I love Arsenal and been a fan for over 25 years. I know what loyalty is about when Im from Australia and work around my working schedule to make sure I catch every live game which is usually between 12am-5am here. Been 6 years since I missed a game. You obviously are only basing your judgement from a footballing perspective. You said you loved him that much you sprayed your car with his name on it. You are the typical fan that will quickly turn their backs on a player or coach when things go wrong. After 25 years of following Arsenal, I’m still here! I wonder where you’ll be.

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  34. S.H


    Dude there are too many fans here who refuse to look at the overall picture. They only think about what they’ve read or what their friends have told them. To me it’s common sense to understand RVP wanting to leave. 130K compared to 220K per week? At 29, it’s a sweet retirement plan. Smart guy. I never blame a person for being intelligent. I respect them! It seems there are lots of fans that lack logical smarts. Put any of them in RVP’s shoes under the same circumstances and none of these haters would re-sign with Arsenal. Everyone loves Arsenal, but if you had to really choose between club or family, isn’t that a really simple choice?

    It’s easy for these people to say they’d be loya lto Arsenal if they were RVP, but we all know money talks and BS walks!

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  35. cicero@gunner

    Good news,szczney is back in training. I don’t think he can be thrown into match very important like that because he’s still match rusty. Mannone will state while szsszny gets some minutes against reading to avoid setback from injury.

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  36. mwenyeji

    Ofcourse am basing my judgement from footballing perspective alone. That is why I follow Arsenal FC and not “swapping spouses” where I may be inclined to use my family instincts.
    Do you really reckon that simply because of following a club for 25 years makes you a bigger fan that someone else who may have followed the same club for say the last 7 trophyless years? Take a chill pill dude and first try to understand the Judas analogy first….
    As for sunday, I for one am not pessimistic. As much as we are having some problems upfront, we are not so poor at the back. Man u themselves are not soooo stable at the back so anything can happen. The lads just need to be focussed

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