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Arsenal could sign Dutch keeper soon

Transfer Rumour: Dutch Goalkeeper Offered To Arsenal by AH

According to reports from several European countries, Arsenal have been offered Dutch international goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg. The former Ajax man has also been offered to London rivals Fulham FC who have also expressed an interest. The current AS Roma keeper has reportedly undergone a rift with the management staff at the Italian club and he has now been told he can go for a cut price of £3.5 million.

London based newspaper ‘The Metro’ reports;
‘According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Stekelenburg has been offered to both Arsenal and Fulham for a cut-price £3.5million, and a deal could be done in the next few days.’

It’s no lie that Arsene Wenger has been on the lookout for another goalkeeper with the likelihood that we will see both Fabianski and Mannone leave in either January or the summer, so we will need to buy a goalkeeper as there is no way Damien Martinez is quite ready for the backup space. There have been a number of goalkeepers linked, most of whom have been obvious understudies to current number 1 Wojiech Szczesny, however there has been the odd link that Wenger might be on the lookout for a challenger to the Polish International and 30 year old Stekelenburg may just be the answer to that.

Pepe Reina has also been linked but there is no way he would join mid season and at an estimated £10 million, I think that’s way over Arsenal’s budget for a keeper and so I think we can rule out the Spaniard. However Stekelenburg does seem to fit the bill. He’s an experienced goalkeeper, who has a strong winning mentality and has been an ever present physical presence in goal. At 30 years old he still has a few years in him at the top level and he could provide not only valuable advice, experience and competitiveness for Szczesny but he is also cheap which I’m sure will be high up on Wenger’s list.

I suppose if there is genuine interest there, than this seems like a very good deal in my opinion and the only thing that could seem to hold any possible deal up is the wages.

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70 thoughts on “Arsenal could sign Dutch keeper soon

  1. leo


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  2. leo

    Arsene Wenger had let this team decay. He used to be good,but he’s not anymore went down a path that has not proven successful the key to being a good manager is surely realising your mistakes and changing things. Fergie has in the past biggest mistake was givin him total control.Boards gr8tst error.U dont let any1 have that much control,no matter who they are In no organisation u ever let any1 have that control

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  3. obi

    To me this website’s major sponsors is the arsenal board.they write total crap to silence the fans.i know u dont agree but lets face it.we are in mid january and we havent signed anybody

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  4. Dan

    A proven keeper would give the defence a whole new dynamic. Of course Szeseny will be great in a few years but until then he needs someone to learn from, and Skeklenburg for this price is an absolute bargain.

    Doubt it’ll happen though.

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  5. LP

    Class keeper but the inactivity in the transfer window by wenger has made me so depressed that I’m not expecting anything…….

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  6. leo

    the david villa was our only chance & that’s not going to happen the rest might in summer that too if we are in top 4 expect scarps like park/chammakh/squid vertoghen,holtby & now negredo all have gone or are going to club that has ambition we all got fooled well done board i hope gazdis has pocketed enough money for his next vaccation

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  7. Dan


    On the last article you said we were about to sign Negredo. You really are just full of s**t aren’t ya.

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  8. mr lean

    people gave a go at @leo or his news but the articles on here are just old news and gossip/stories.can we have some real news please or even get wenger,stan or ivan to do an article

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  9. Noldo

    He is a really good keeper…but Wenger wants “top top top” players, not just really good….this old stingy man is getting on my last F•~*ing nerve!!!

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  10. johnverdal

    10 days already in transfer window and no signings yet.
    arsene wenger and gazidis can go to hell.

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  11. mr lean

    21 more days for stan to earn interest on our money,7m a year for a manager who should be improving our team not destroying it.why ruin all your great work wenger

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  12. George

    Please. Just some smart buys.

    Steklenburg £3.5 Million

    Alderwield – £5-8 Million

    Sissoko – Reported to be available for £3.5 Million!

    Please Wenger! Just get these players!

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  13. synsix

    Hola hot news, just out that Arsene is tracking a Man U player and highest goal scorer of 2011-2012 premiere league season/I think that should b a great signing/can’t wait to get some more details

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  14. leo

    Arsene: “Were pretty well served upfront with Giroud & Theo”. Well Giroud is now doubtful, so then there was 1 diaby like a new signing next up bring back korean messi park & denilson it will be perfect

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  15. leo

    negredo deal isn’t 100%finalised but wenger’s intervie quotes tell me that we may not sign i hope he just didn’t mean it

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  16. Bristolgunner

    Your all moaning about no signings yet, but as someone has said before wenger always keeps his transfer targets to himself, he is never a public person when it comes to transfers and time is not running out for someone to come in as there is still 3 weeks of the window to go.

    Would be nice if there were a few more positive people on here, I’m not an optimist, I’m a realist, I’m not expecting lots of signings just 1 or 2 and they may well be unknown players but they wont be brought in for no reason

    Finally, fans at matches need to get behind the team more, there is no point booing players if they’re having a bad game after 20-30 mins, you need to get behind them and show confidence in the team, that way they will have more confidence in themselves.

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  17. mr lean

    been married 16 years and always told the wife i loved wenger more than her,that will have to change unless arsene signs 3-4 players

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  18. eddy b

    Why are arsenal always trying to sign a keeper? We already have enough heck by if this goes through we going to have a starting 11 full of keepers

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  19. Henry

    I always try to remain optimistic about things but recent events have been pushing my limits. I’m nowhere near as confident as I was a couple of weeks ago that we would sign some quality. Now the best I can do is hope for the best but prepare for the worst! COYG please surprise us all!

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  20. mr lean

    watching arsenal over the past few seasons reminds me of the tv show bullseye and in particuler when jim bowen use to say at the end of the show “look what you could have one”,with a few quality additions each year what could we have one? this season is simple f#ck all

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  21. Jeff

    I have a question…

    If you want to buy something…do you walk in there saying, I’m broke, have no money, but I would love to buy this nice Ferrari… By the way, there are 2-3 other millionaires who also want to buy that car.

    Or would you shut your fucking mouth, knowing you aren’t the richest guy in the room. Telling all the rich guys to buy a car you know you don’t want…

    Get a clue. There’s a reason arsene makes 7 mil a year while you make 30k if you’re lucky.

    He is much smarter than you are. Figure it out. This isn’t a video game. Arsenal are a business.

    Look around you. Look at Spain. Italy. Rangers, Portsmouth, Leeds. Get a clue LEO!!

    More specifically… Looker the us sports. The players go on strike every 3 years because they aren’t paid enough. They are paid fine but the owners need to see a return. That’s life. Get over it.

    You need to know what your club is about before you support it.

    You came when arsenal were unbeatable. They aren’t anymore. Football goes in cycles. This will be known as the billionaire cycle in 20 years

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  22. Stan Kreonke

    I just rembered i have a plan of buying another two ranches.I am really sorry but i have other sports teams to take care of,so i really need the money from you guys.
    By 2014 i will have probably sucked the money out of you guys and maybe by then i will sell the club to your dear Usmanov.
    so i hope you bear with me and continue to buy tickets and all our products till then.
    yours truly,

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  23. BruceTongaBull


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    Why? Why do we need him? It doesn’t matter how cheap he is,whe DO NOT need him! Get negredo please!!!

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  25. mr lean

    ADMIN, can you run a new competition, how much money will Arsenal and Wenger spend in January. first prize a week at Stan ranch. my guess ZERO

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  26. mr lean

    silent stan,invisible ivan and wally wenger = speak no evil,hear no evil and see no evil

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  27. youngold gunner

    i am having a very bad feeling that we aint signing no body.And if so then AW wil surely have gone across the boundaries of sanity.I which pro-manager under the same situation as AW right now would just think everything is fine and not do anything in the transfer window to increase our chances of having atleast a decent season.
    From a very depressed gunner.

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  28. PatLloyd

    Perfect signing – but of course that means Wenger wont get him, he likes a challenge, he gets bored of managing good players, thats why he buys the likes of gervinho – he likes the challenge!

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  29. Thala

    AS Adebaywhore is going to AFCON , they have shortage of striker …so signing Negredo makes sense . Arsenal not signing anyone also makes sense .

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  30. Leroy

    I think money earned by the club E.g sponsers, ticket money sales of players etc, should be spent on the club, instead of the board robbing us blind, im sick of the board making profit year after year, bring in Alisher Usmanov he would push Arsene Wenger to make big signings instead of the board we have now who dont give a F*ck!

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  31. tobi

    Leo is just so confused..Please no one should bring us rumors again until we read it on our arsenal official site..When you read GOAL, GUARDIAN, DAILYMAIL or whatever, please just keep it to yourselves and stop confusing us

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  32. CUT

    But Can this keeper play as a forward, right midfield or left back otherwise he wont be signed…waste of money according to board!

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  33. Malik

    so embarrassed, arsenal fans are terribly embarrassing, i honestly can’t believe we let these bastards take us for a ride, no team in the world would’ve gotten away with this much deception and lying towards it’s fans. i’m telling u if this was liverpool/united/chelsea/even f*cking spuds the board members would’ve been burnt alive the moment we sold both nasri and cesc and then bought scraps but arsenal fans truly are cowards, i’m saving up money to move to england on my next vacation and i’m gonna try my best to kick the arsenal fans up the backside to save our beloved club, absolute disgrace

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  34. Hafiz Rahman

    If he doesnt Strengthen then Arsenal better be doing well for the remaining of the season….

    come May if theres no champ league spot and bad performances then he has to go……

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  35. youngold gunner

    WENGER:Gervinhoooo!Ooooooh Gervinhoooooooooo!ooooo Gervinhoooooooouuuuu*(*&^%?
    plz ply as GK,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz#

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  36. Rasta

    God I’m tired of reading the same lazy bullshit all the time. its annoying that no one can even bother to research.
    1. why in God’s name do people keep saying the board is all about money. Arsenal released their financial statement in october that clearly shows that no board member has taken dividends in the last 5 years. they couldn’t have written it any bolder. This includes kronke, and nina brackwell. They are allowed to earn a base salary of 25000. this salary was forgone by all but one of the board members. Now i understand not everybody can understand how to read financial statements, but everyone has google. do research and have a mind of your own.

    2. “Wenger is a greedy selfish man who earns this and that”. is it wenger that sets his salary? When wenger’s contract was up 2 years ago and everyone was begging him to sign an extension how do you think the board convinced him. They increased his salary. what he shouldn’t accept wages offered to him?

    3. We are 10 days in and we haven’t signed anybody. is it as stupid as it sounds or is it only me? Do you honestly think you will sign anybody in january early? Do you even follow football at all. The last few good january deals have all come late because clubs need convincing to let their players go in january. Suarez torres cisse carroll johnson are some of the signings made recently that happened in the last weeks of january. if you do not have patience please shut the f**k up and don’t ruin my blogsite experience.

    4. Leo is a complete nutter. impulsive and compulsive liar who will say anything for a few thumbs up and popularity. Truth or fiction doesn’t matter to that bloke. whatever seems like a good transfer rumour is good enough

    5. Lastly and i say this with love, most arsenal fans have a low IQ.either that or they have no minds of their own. because if you cannot decipher through half the bullshit you read and hear about your club then you really shunt be allowed to have discussions about them. How come the supposed players we need change as soon as the media thinks of a new rumour. How many of you have actually seen zaha play? you’ve seen all the 5 championship goals and 2 assists he has contributed that warrants a 12 million fee? How about Biglia? have you seen him get constantly get substituted by his club for ineffective performances? what about Adrian who has scored only 2 goals and whose coach recently just said “everyone played with spirit and desire, except for adrian who was non existent today”. How about m’villa who has been voted as one of the disappointments of the seasons in france.

    i have no idea where they get fans like you from. But you clearly where not there when we were a modest mid table team who managed to scrape ten league titles over the course of a century. before 1997/1998 we won the league in 1990-1991 season. we only one the league once in 1980’s and were practically non existent in the 40’s and 50’s. However its because of Arsene wenger that we are in the top 10 richest in the world. before him we weren’t. its as simple as that. Half of you support Arsenal based on the good work he has done. but it seems we are the ghost of man city and chelsea’s future. Glory hunter fans who join when you win shit. and complain when you don’t.

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  37. DOOLEY


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  38. diamonddave

    it is common sense to realise wenger wont buy any players, everybody from a cleaner to a porn star can see this arsenal team is crap, the worst players ever to grace an arsenal jersey, and remember wengers words were we will buy players if they improve the team, did he not say this last january? he sure did and whom did he buy NO ONE!! it is just one of his ploys to make arsenal fans believe they are looking, and lets be honest, there is so mnay players better than what we got, the man is deluded with his head up his own arse, he has made promise after promise, the sam old speeches,promises,excuses enough is enough of this crap it is evident we will not qualify for champions league this year, we wont win any cups and our performances wont improve much either we are paying the highest prices in football for a ticket to watch this garbabge, wengers excuse will be if walcott signs we signed a quality player and spent most of the transfer budget on him wenger has lost the plot and proven he is inept tactically, and when buying players, GO WENGER AND TAKE GAZIDIS AND BENT NOSE KROENKE WITH YOU

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  39. Invincibles nice one

    If hes anything like Van der Saar id say sign him up.
    I cant remember ever really getting a good look at him due to the fact you generally dont watch the Dutch for defensive aspects.

    I would much prefer signing an experienced keeper, as opposed to an up and coming one. I also think that at thirty he is at the perfect age for a keeper, with his next five years at the top of his abilities.

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  40. diego

    Man i’m from holland and i hope AW wil sign him. He is a really good keeper, he got a dip in roma but i compare him to vd sar. It didnt work out for him in italy after being great in holland and the national team (just as stekelenburg did). He went to fulham played great and man utd bought him. See what happened to him… Why shouldnt he sign stekelenburg for 3,5m. Its a cheap deal for a goalkeeper like him, if it works out like it did with vd sar, we love him, if it wont, better spending 3,5 on a (then) decent back up keeper then we did on the many millions on gervinho…

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  41. base billy

    Hahaha. When will u guys get it? He ain’t signing F**K ALL and in ur heart u f**king know it. He will parade Walcot and Diaby as new signings and maybe promote Meade, and that’s ur f**king lot!!!

    Bend, and listen to the truth everyone else can plainly see? you guys really don’t know Wenger do you?

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  42. Cristian5

    I am a very depressed gunner, really Wenger get me so sad
    I don’t ask for Cavani or Falcao I just think Arsenal is a top club and they get a lot of money of selling Van Persie, Nasri, Fabregas, Henry. And they don’t replace them with some players as good as they were.
    we have 7 years without a trophy i’m tired of this WENGER please do something good for the team or leave!
    sorry if my English is not good but i’m from Mexico and I love Arsenal.

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  43. dblackchyld

    Why D̶̲̥̅̊ fu*k will any 1 suggest pepe reina?!?!?!…..I hate it when we mention useless players(such as reina)or like nani!…what we need is a top class player,not a nearest future deadwoods!

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  44. Arsenal1Again


    Your point no.1. Kroenke is the ONLY director who can take out dividends now and in the Summer he took 30million. Obviously your facts couldn’t be more of a FAIL and it’t so funny seeing somebody like you hark on about the fans IQ. Fans can say what they want and as many times as they want. They don’t need your permission.

    Your last paragraph is not taking into account a world war, no mention of Chapman in the 30’s and the club was never non-existent to Arsenal fans in any decade. The rest of what you say is a novel all about how superior you are and how retarded the fans are. The plot is about the IQ of fans being questionable because they fail to attain the standard that your personality disorder requires.

    I have not for years seen a post generalise about Arsenal fans so condescendingly and when I last did, at least there was a reason.

    You are right and they are wrong because you said so. (Besides your ignorance about Kroenke … this is all you said). Why has a Mod allowed your attack on this blog’s readers and remain there. That’s all I want to know?

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  45. Doc

    Although a keeper is not our biggest need Steklenburg at 3.5 million would be a class buy and an ideal age for and to help Schezny to mature.
    Unless excessive wages was an issue this deal should be jumped at and id love to hear any reason why we don’t sign him.
    Surely this is your exceptional player becoming available at a realistic price.

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  46. Joshua

    Pep Guirdiola in end of the season someone who gives a …. about winning a trophy 14 trophies in 4 years !!!!!

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