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Arsenal could sign two more Spaniards on the cheap as Sevilla struggle financially

Arsenal are stepping up their interest in two of the Spanish international side, Jesus Navas and Alvaro Negredo, who play in the capital of Andalusia with Sevilla FC. It is a fiercely proud club and has enjoyed success in the past,winning the Spanish Copa Del Rey two years ago and winning two UEFA cups in a row in 2006 and 2007.

At the minute, however, Sevilla are struggling financially and are faced with the necessity of selling some of their best players to balance the books. Arsene Wenger did a similar thing in the summer with Santi Cazorla and Malaga, and that has been a fantastic move for the Gunners.

26-year old Navas, a talented and dangerous winger, was linked with a move to Arsenal in the summer but it never came off, perhaps because the deal for Cazorla popped up. Navas would be used exclusively as a winger and he is a real specialist in that position.

27-year old Negredo is a strong and skilful striker with a very good record. Going back to 2007 when he played in La Liga for Almeria, Negredo has scored 32 in &0 games for them, 48 in 108 league games for Sevilla and six in his 12 appearances for Spain.

There are rumours that Navas is reluctant to leave Spain, but if he was to come at the same time as his team mate, Negredo, to a club that already has two happy Spaniards playing for it, he would soon settle. Navas has even told the Spanish media that he is not averse to the idea of moving.

“I’m happy at Sevilla but if an offer arrives, we’ll see. You always want to improve.”

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54 thoughts on “Arsenal could sign two more Spaniards on the cheap as Sevilla struggle financially

  1. The Gooner

    Read this as well and I hope it’s true! Navas would be amazing RW for us and is top 5 at his position. I think we have the edge over several other PL teams as we have Arteta and Cazorla and play a brand of football that he’s comfortable with. Now only if he can get over his homesickness…

    In other news, Sandro Rossell, president of Barcelona, claims that Arsenal are poaching their youth players and basically implies that we can’t develop our own. What a f*cking clown, Barcelona steals a ton of our players not from their academy, so I have no idea what he’s complaining about.

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  2. ned

    navas has admitted to being unable to leave on holiday for more than a week as he yerns for home

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  3. DAVE

    I think adrian lopez would be better if we go spanish. he is younger, has a great record and offers a different attacking option to giroud unlike loriente who is the same as him (not sure how negredo plays) huntelaar could be a cheap option but if we are spending big then why not lewandowski, hes quality

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  4. calum

    Navas Would be an awsome signing and would genuinely improve the quality of the team

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  5. Arsenal till I die

    If navas is destined for arsenal this coming transfer window, I have no objection if theo still wanting a move and refuse to sign the thing. On the other hand, it’s really hard to choose between llorente Lopez and negredo. But, we have giroud. Who plays like llorente, much prefer between negredo or Lopez. Coyg

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  6. George kaingu kombe

    Loo! Great news if certain,two marvelous players, if this culd hapen then the gunners wuld be athreat in the so called Epl.up gunner our moment has come.

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  7. mintberrycrunch

    Jesus Navas’ name was bandied around as a replacement for Theo if he were to go, although at the time people seemed fairly certain his pretty formidable homesickness would prevent any move from materialising.

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  8. Khanh

    If Theo leave, i’d rather navas, he is amazing winger,don’t need Negredo

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  9. Gunners

    Haha imagine what cesc would think if we got these two players. Hes already saying he misses london and arsenal.

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  10. KickuPtheArsene

    ⬆⬆⬆⬆ Sarcam ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆

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  11. Mike Dellar

    If Cazorla can convince Navas to sign for us it’d be fantastic(asuming Walcott leaves)…but this is all speculation right?…don’t we need another quality striker?

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  12. gunner4life

    @KickuPtheArsene we are talking serious talks and you are talking rubbish…if u dnt have a vaild comment then dont make a comment at all……Anyway back to the article Navas would be great but if we can get him and keep theo and play theo as a CF then that would be amazing (use theo as a super sub winger/CF) …

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  13. KickuPtheArsene

    Fans: settle yourselves. Rumours are just that – Rumours. Otherwise everything ends up with people believing @paul or whoever else starts feeding everyone’s hope of the next big ‘star’ coming to arsenal (eg. @paul assured us M’Vila was a ‘done deal’ & so many people were fooled into believing what was never happening). Just relax and see what Wenger decided we need. We aren’t looking bad. It’s early days in the season, and our current team just needs to gel and gain more confidence and experience. If we need a player or 2, I’m sure Le Prof will get us what we need. After this last transfer window, I think maybe our transfer strategy has shifted slightly. Looks like we are a little more measured, and with cash in the bank, we buy what we need, and sell afterwards. Let’s just focus on supporting our current squad and leave this unnecessary transfer talk till we are at the window. (it’s not as if any of our ram kings will alter the course of what will happen in January).

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  14. Hazza

    Navas and negredo would be awesome 🙂 bring them to the emirates, Walcott can leave don’t care!!

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  15. KickuPtheArsene


    Chill out mate. I have explained myself. People jump on bandwagons very quickly. Please tell me you saw us buying Cazorla before it happened. It was a matter of days/week before the whole Cazorla situation appeared, and then he was our player. Do you seriously think we will buy players from the rumour mill 2 months out?? By the time we get to the transfer window, said players will have been hyped up in price, and another oil Barron will have snapped them up for the said player to warm their bench. I’m just saying, fans: take some perceptive, and settle down with the sensationalism. If we get some “great” players in – fantastic. If not, we still have a string squad this season. (just need to offload a couple of leeches from our wage bill).

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  16. Dan Parkin

    Sign navas anyways, and convert theo to a cf. If theo leaves, then bring in the other guy too!

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  17. afchearted

    Well said kick cant believe some ppl are actualy getting vexed with u cos u refuse to get involved in the 99% bull rumour mill stories that crop up when things are a bit quite on the footy front. Easy ppl these are nothin but fictional stories to fill the void there’s no substance to ANY of them. Personally i dont think afc will sign anyone in jan even if theo goes wenger absolutely hates that transfer window and if memory serves me right in his 15 odd years here he has only made 2 transfers in jan worthy of note reyes and arshavin. I can only see that possibly changing in the event of serious injuries. In any case navas and negredo are completely made up, lopez has already made it clear he wants to extend contract stay and thus eliminate release clause or raise it astronomically, llorente is DEFINETLY going to juve but for half the 28m in jan and isco already has 17m clause which is about to be renegotiated to significantly higher. So all nonsense anyway.

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  18. sixx pac

    @afchearted if memory serves me right, Adebayor, Walcott and Diaby were signed in January I think

    (ADMIN COMMENT – And our most expensive signing – Arshavin!)

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  19. afchearted

    Also can ppl pls stop using the cazorla deal as some sort benchmark for exploiting the financial problems of some spanish clubs and bagging ourselves another bargain. That deal was an absolute one off and reading between the lines of wengers comments about the deal it was an absolute labyrinth to complete. The sheer complication of the deal was undoubtedly the reason we was able to steal a march on clubs with far deeper pockets. I’m still in awe and so grateful that afc and wenger pulled it off and to think mega rich mega club r madrid just down the road from malaga used the summer to part with well over 30m in pounds for modric instead. Afc fans why not appreciate that fortune that player and the rest of them instead of greedily lusting after the next transfer fix.

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  20. Invincibles nice (1)

    Can imagine us going for Navas, i think that he is the better winger, thus he would make more than a great replacement for theo on the wings ,however coz i think theo is better in front of goal than he, it makes me think hold on a minute, why can’t we “get Navas and keep theo”,also playing theo centrally might be the cheapest alternative for a new striker.

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  21. S.H

    I’m over getting frustrated with Theo’s inconsistent performances and obvious inability to keep possession. We need change if we are to improve. Spain is a market every other league is exploiting at the moment. Why shouldn’t Arsenal look elsewhere for double the value and half the price?

    I always said that football styles vary depending where you are from. It’s all about culture and football is a sport that manifests that culture. Why are most Brazilian players good with the ball? Why are Spanish players technical & great with passing? Why are English players more aggressive with defending? Why are the Germans and Asians so diligent on the pitch? You can call it stereotype or whatever you please, but I’m a strong believer that hardships and poverty tend to push athletes more because they have more to fight for. Countries such as England, America and Australia are your typical western countries that never really suffered the same oppression (besides black slavery and forced assimilation) as other countries that suffer from political, financial and educational deficiencies, whereby the aforementioned oppression is/was also prevalent.

    I digress but my point is Theo, like so many other English players lack the technical skill and trickery because they never grew up with those sorts of minds around them. You are a product of your environment. You can take the kid out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the kid.

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  22. Invincibles nice (1)

    Also @ afchearted, well excuoooooz uzzz for liking to speculate on possible transfers?

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  23. Uche Edochie

    Here we go again. The rumours are back. I just hope we can all manage our emotions well this timemso we dont get heart broken. One thing is for sure. With Theo on his way out, Gervinho on his way to cup of nations and chamak misfiring, we need more forwards. We might even sign two players instead of one. But we must ensure we dont get carried away though. Wenger might still change his mind and promote younger players

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  24. afchearted

    @six pacc i think ur right about all 3 of them not certain though without checking but thats why i added worthy of note cos wengers not averse to picking up young players with potential whether in jan or summer especially bk then, and their invariably cheap and unknown as in the case of diaby bk then. Theo was a 16 yr old with potential and initial outlay was 3-5m. Wasteman ade wasn’t a kid but he was definetly an unknown we picked up for 2-3m tops. As u can see the current rumours doing the rounds are all about established players that would require a hefty( especially for afc) transfer fee to sign more in the price range of a reyes or arshavin and posssibly more. Point being wenger very very rarely goes to 10m and above in jan except in the rare cases of those. So the question is is this jan going to be rare case or the norm cos the guy hasn’t budged even in times when we have been woefully short and in dire need i guess cos he didnt feel there was value for money out there at the time in HIS mind not ours.

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  25. craig2500

    I dont want the entire team to be Spanish, maybe one more and if we sell a defender look to italy but lets try and keep it predominantly English.

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  26. afchearted

    My bad @invisible lice (only playing) speculation is cool sorry to come off like some spoiler but somebody’s got throw in the boring stuff to balance things off. I see me and kicks have taken one for the team on this particular post, S.H has also thrown an essay in but i think the poor fellas got lost and wandered into the wrong class his ever so slightly off topic.

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  27. KickuPtheArsene


    Some people just don’t understand sarcasm. @gunner4life thinks I’m talking rubbish. If anyone has seen me post over the last few months, they would realise I don’t talk crap. (You may disagree with me, but i dont talk rubbish. My original comment was meant to indicate the ridiculous nature of some discussions). How quickly people latch onto the most ridiculous rumour. Don’t even stop to consider what is even being said.
    1. We can’t just buy every player that takes our fancy. They need to be the right player for the right position. Cazorla was the perfect example. Needed a CAM …. Got one. On the cheap too!
    2. Our squad is full! Need to offload some players first before we continue to spend on more players.
    3. What about our up and coming players? Where do we play them if we continue to buy more players? The same people who say we need player “x” then go on to have a go at Wenger for not playing our raw talent. You just can’t win.
    4. Once you have a full squad, why would a player come to us, who is already in the first team of their current club? Would they come to bench warm? (Not unless we pay them Che$h!t or $h!tyy’s wages … Which we just don’t do). Look at $h!tty’s bench! They have 1st squad players who don’t play. And just as I said a year ago, there is now quite a bit of disharmony in that team, because no player wants to be benched – even if they are getting £100,000+ per week. (ok, maybe Chamakh is happy ….. I know, that was below the belt).
    5. Lastly, don’t believe more players is necessarily the answer to all our problems. If you look at our current squad, if all our players were fit, and in form, where would we be lacking? Even Jenko has been playing very solidly! Imagine a whole squad that plays like him! Week in week out. We’d be unstoppable. What we need most, is a fit squad, and everyone firing on all cylinders.
    So articles like this just make me question why they are even posted to be honest. I guess we need to talk about something huh.
    Gunner forever.

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  28. northlondonsfinest06

    YES NOW WERE TALKING!!!! If Navas Comes To Us! We’ll be unstoppable!!! Because navas has got ridiculous pace and fantastic crossing! Arsenal are lacking crossers! With good link up play he could fit perfectly with carzola, arteta & wilshere and he will feed giroud with more crosses than he can handle! Which will get his goal record through the roof! Because let’s be serious giroud has got a mean header! PLUS we all know no matter how good of a keeper you are, crosses are not easy to save! Just what the premier league needs we could bring it! COME ON NAVAS! In Wenger We Trust

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  29. sixx pac

    Navas would be a good addition to our male model line up. Seriously, we have some handsome chaps here. (no homo)

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  30. sixx pac

    I get the point you’re making @afchearted but I do think this January will be different (broken record I know). Theres all this talk about 2014, commercial deals and all. We’ll be in a greater position to get a good deal if the sponsors actually know the guys we have playing for us and a bit of silverware in our cupboards. So i feel you will see at least a striker, Adrian Lopez or Llorente seem to be the names popping up. Soldado too in the last few days. I like that we’re going Spanish too.

    Also Navas and Reyes seem to mirror each other too much for my liking if I’m honest. Lovely player but I cant stand another homesick Spaniard.

    *Adebayor wasnt a complete unkown when we got him, he’d just put himself unto the world stage by impressing with Togo at the WC in Germany.

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  31. Henryesk

    If we sell Theo I’d rather get a more creative floating player on that right flank.. As much as I rate Navas he is incredibly light even more so than players like Silva and Oscar who seem able to handle themselves physically.. My preferred option would be CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN..

    Reason being he is just as comfortable drfting in field and can interchange with Cazorla and Podolski who are both comfortable operating centrally or from wide positions.. Navas however strictly plays on the right. Plus Eriksen is only 20. My opinion anyway.

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  32. The Gooner

    Anyone who says they’d rather have Adrian than navas clearly have not watched either play consistently. There’s a reason why navas has been a Spanish international for so long and he’s also a natural winger who’s amazing at crossing and playing the tiki taka style. Adrian’s more of a second striker who can play out on the wing but it isn’t his preference, sound familiar?

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  33. Pedrogooner

    Lick my beanbag! Rumours are killing me, the excitement and disappointment are no good for me. I am so happy with the current squad. I was gutted when song left but now I wouldn’t take him back under any circumstance

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  34. Nkosazana

    Fantastic news ‘IF’ that gonna happen! On my side I take January window as a psychological team mind boost rather than just an addition of a another player in our team. To win a cup requires lot of factors apart from just good buy of the players. January additional bring sensational feeling and re-energize players minds and fans

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  35. Invincibles nice (1)

    Dont agree with the fans that believe that there is no need for any more players, dont get me wrong i think that we have one of our strongest squads for years, but their is a definite need for another striker, we will get injuries as it is inevitable, and if poldi and oli end up on the treatment table for any lengthy spell well then i think that we could have a problem, especially knowing our luck with injuries as they seem to pile on at once becoming disastrous, Gervinho will be away on international duty and if it were to happen there about’s we will be reminded of the old saying, that if you fail to plan then you are planning to fail..
    with regards to the supporter’s that would want to see another def arriving that can play at LB also CB, i can see there point, as Gibbs is a little injury prone and Santos has looked our weakest link when given the oppertunity, sometimes i think that he is very solid in the tackle but then frustrates in switch off at crucial moments, i am in the hope that it is just first season syndrome in a new invironment and adds discipline to his game, in given us a greater chance of glory this season, i would feel safer in the knowledge with us supplementing these position’s.

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  36. Hafiz Rahman

    its the sales agents promoting gimmicks going to club’s forum and spread the rumours..

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  37. KickuPtheArsene

    @Invincibles nice (1)

    good points. i like your comments. dont necessarily agree, but good arguments.

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  38. remo

    i think signing lorente will be perfect. sign lopez only if walcott wants to leave..

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  39. haywill

    yeah! another cazorla!!! yeah!!!
    let’s make arsenal like barca !! :D:D

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  40. randomguy

    Navas is real good. IMHO better than Walcott. But we need to give youths a chance, and Navas will get homesick. In the past Madrid/Barca have courted him, but he rejected the 2 Spanish superpowers just to stay at home.

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  41. Prime14

    Giroud is another chamakh!!!….. Give him all the time u need he is still wank!! So a striker and technical winger would be fantastic!! Negredo would be more viable and navas def won’t turn up!! What other wingers are out there??….. Unless wenger moves wilshere in the middle with arteta, buys tiote or m’villa and moves cazorla out wide with negredo up front and Podolski, gervinho, Walcott as the other winger and forward options?!!?? Cazorla can play anywhere as he is class!!!! COYG!!!

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