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Arsenal could soon be rid of the Squid

Bonjour Sebastian by AH

Squillaci, well what can you say about this guy. He has been absolutely diabolical for Arsenal in my opinion. But now it seems that he is on his way out of the Emirates. Costing us a reported £4 million from Sevilla back in 2010, the Frenchman went on to make 39 appearances scoring 2 goals in the process. Squillaci is out of contract this summer and the former French international had this to say on his future;

“With [Laurent] Koscielny, [Per] Mertesacker, [Thomas] Vermaelen and [Johan] Djourou, the competition is fierce, I played in the Champions League against Olympiakos. I have played five times for the reserves and I always train seriously. My relationship with Arsene Wenger is good. I remain as professional as possible. I will be out of contract at the end of the season. As things stand, I will leave, perhaps during the January transfer window or else in June.”

Fair play to Squillaci in that respect who has remained professional, when most players would have been angered by the fact they are not playing, however he seems content and is just keeping his fitness high so he can move on.
He continued to say;

“Of course, playing in my home region of Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur is something that interests me. Marseille, Nice, Monaco, Bastia and Ajaccio are clubs who speak to me. I am 32, and I still have two or three good seasons left. I will make my choice depending on the opportunities that arrive.”

This is good news for both parties because it shows that clubs are interested in Squillaci so he can get the playing time he wants and it also means that clubs would be willing to pay a fee for Squillaci. Now of course as all the clubs are abroad they could obviously be discussing a pre-contract agreement for him, where he would then move on a free transfer in the summer, however by the sounds of it, he would be moving in January, so they would have to pay a fee. Not a big fee of course, but if the club can get something for him then that would be great news.

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38 thoughts on “Arsenal could soon be rid of the Squid

  1. proudgooner

    Typical Arsenal we sell our players and replace them with youngsters

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  2. theOx @jamie9lashley

    The sooner the better, but this guy is a true professional for keeping on going on, even though he didn’t have much hope here

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  3. LoCkAy

    Or we sell our players and replace them with nobody 🙂

    Anyway, I am not excepting big things from our dear club, on the transfer market and on the result site of competitions.

    We wil be lucky to be or finish top four…

    I don’t know what will be the board of director and Kroenke decision regarding Wenger new contract, but it would be a shocker if they extend his stay after 8 years of NOTHING…!!

    It would send a clear message… Mediocrity seems to have put his grips on the corridors and the priorities ( if any ) of the club.

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  4. sku

    Good business no need for replacement the squad is Big money can be saved.

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  5. cboy

    Just read an article stating athletico Madrid rejected a £12M bid for Adrian Lopez..Still hopeful though..

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  6. Raj khan

    It the same thing with Arsenal. This board don’t want to spend any money. I have had enough. How comes other teams buy players and can sell players where we can’t even get rid off players coz the board want to much for the players. We need usmanov and dein in asap. Otherwise we will be struggling every season. Love arsenal and Arsene but hate the board.

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  7. N21 gooner

    fair play to him, a dignified but long overdue exit. What I want to know is how he ended up at AFC? OK, so we get a small fee for moving him on, but what about the years he has collected a cheque and contributed back nothing – this is not good business at all for our club. Replace Squids name with Mertesacker, Santos, Gervihno, Almunia, Bentdner, Chamak, Denilson and its the same story repeated over and over and over again….aarrrggghh. Why are we doing this? buying out of the bargain bin trying to find a diamond. We sing “theres only Thierry Henry” for a reason!

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  8. No more excuses

    This is becoming a curse at arsenal – too many players (with and without pedigree) are content to not play , and just take the stupid money that our half wit board and wenger agreed to . Don’t say wenger had nuffin to do with wages – cos he does . He can’t get a team motivated either by the way … Or else the talent at the club would be tearin apart smaller teams apart . Not just in about Southampton by the way ….WENGER /BOARD OUT NOW

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  9. ikab

    Wenger please get at-least 3 world-class players into Arsenal fc, i’m tired of being disappointed every transfer widow…

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  10. Lix

    You people are just wasting you precious time for nothing. See, if we don’t sell anybody we won’t buy anybody. We don’t have any money in our transfer kitty, we have to sell somebody to create space and raise money for any of our target, seriously. I am choking.

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  11. mr lean

    the only signing we will make i jan will be theo and that will take all month to sort out,wenger will give us the usual bs about only signing exceptional players so that means no one

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  12. Joe


    World class players wont be moving to any clubs in january because no team wants to sell there best players halfway through the season so you can forget them type of players this window.

    What we need to do is bring in the best we can this window to help us across the finish line and then look to bring in top top players in the summer.

    More importantly the squad we have need to step up and start playing with some consistency. I hate to say it but we have really missed diaby in midfield since his injury, when he comes back it could be massive. I would like to see Arteta, diaby and wilshere in midfield with santi on the wing because santi has been marked out of games all too often now.

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  13. rob

    The answer is not signing players our team should already be good enough to beat southampton, villa, stoke, sunderland, norwich, Swansea, Bradford etc. compare their teams to ours it is a no brainer! Ask yourself how many of those teams players would make our 1st team!

    oxlaide, theo, cazorla, giroud, arshavin, podolski, arteta, mertersacker, gervinho, these are expensive players all over 10 million yet we STILL can’t beat or even dominate many premier league teams. How many more players do we need to buy before we can play away vs southampton and create chances/dominate the game. Wenger has a midfield of arteta, wilshere and cazorla and we still look terrible!

    The problem isn’t the team it is the manager, he doesn’t have the tactical knowledge or motivation techniques to succeed in 2013 premier league. I’ve heard him say the PL is more difficult now because other teams have improved tactically but that doesn’t seem to have effected man utd from racking up 52 points from 21 games

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  14. Gigi

    Very pro from the Squizz. Hope he gets a decent job and good luck to him.

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  15. mr lean

    with this board and manager we will only get worse,after the poor display v the saints its europa league at best we have a team full of poor players and a manger with no ability to motivate and no tatical clue,time to change and now wenger/board out

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  16. LoCkAy

    I don’t know if some fans have realised the extend of the canyon between us and the 2 Manchester clubs.

    I know that some here, are very quick to thumbs down any negative, even though sensible, comments regarding Wenger and the situation we are in at the moment, but have they got the grip on the mediocrity interval ?

    WE ARE 18 POINTS BEHIND MAN UNITED ( it is only half the season )!!! THAT CANNOT BE POSITIVE? OR IS IT?

    Facts are there to be seen and analysed and despite that we still have “fans”…they are not fans… They are people who have a blind, a total blind faith on Wenger!!! Why? I wish one of them would comment and explain…

    I know people have always been scared of changes and the unknown, but with a sense of perspective, adventure and clairvoyance, they MUST HAVE AN OPINION ON THE FACT THAT WE ARE NOT, ARE NOT, A TOP SIDE.

    We have serious bouts coming with Man City and Chelsea coming right after Swansea… Those fixtures are crucial and if we loose those 2 games, we will definitely out of the top four race ( especially if Everton and Tottenham do well )… What then?

    Anyway, we will have to see…

    Right now the main new is the talks regarding Walcott contract.
    It seems that site has been lost regarding other potential transfer targets!!

    I don’t know if it is on purpose, but he did say ( the deluded one ) that Walcott contract and Diaby fitness was is priority…!!

    It looks grim and quite on the Arsenal market.


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  17. mr lean

    probaly get lots of thumbs down for wenger/board out but come the end of jan with loses to chelski/shitty and a draw with loserpool and no new signings we will see.i hope im proved wrong but current history suggests otherwise

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  18. mr lean

    @LoCkAy, come feb and the end of the season we will see who is right what will wengers target be for next season top ten and europa league ! we are sinking very slowly season after season due to poor management and lack of investment.and as long as we make a profit ivan and stan will be happy as they are not fans just leeches sucking our great club dry of its proud history and status as a top club in england/world

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  19. john 3:16

    Squillaci and Djourou out! Thank fu*k for that! And if we can get rid of Santos, Arshavin and Chamakh this transfer window too i will be satisfied, as long as new players are brought in such as M’Biwa, Capoue and a winger/striker. Still got to get rid of Denilson, Park and Bendtner though!

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  20. mr lean

    wenger”theo hold up not about money” what’s wrong then do they need a pen !!

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  21. nick in portugal

    What a load of balls. Nasri-the real Arsenal? Please. No value in the January market. Fact. Listen to Alex Ferguson who knows about these matters as does AW. We drew with Southampton, we played poorly, it happens. What about Chelski last night, if that had happened to us the Wenger out mob wouldn’t have shut up for a month. Song ghas been a disaster in Spain, Nasri has lit no fires at Shitty, nor has Clichy. RVP and Fabregas class acts but they wanted out, you can’t claim we wanted to sell them?

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  22. caribbean

    Can someone answer me the following questions:
    1)Is arsenal buying anyone?
    2)Does arsenal have money to buy anyone?
    3)Why is Diaby still such a priority at arsenal to Wenger?
    4)Why should any transfers depend on the Walcott situation?
    5)Why cant Wenger see that the squard has no depth?

    honestly i have a bad feeling about this transfer window..The worst part is that without buying we may not make CL and in the summer no top player will want to come to Arsenal…
    People am not trying to be apocalyptic in any way but this transfer window can seal the demise of te once great AFC

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  23. Arsenal4Life


    Squilachi, Djourou, Santos, Arshavin(not being used), Chamakh

    LB, CDM and Arda/Isco/Ben Arfa

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  24. RT

    We’ll be lucky haha, we’ll get Theo to sign and he’ll be ‘like a NEW signing’, same with Diaby back from injury.
    Trust me AW will not make any signings until he can remove some/all of the deadwood to free some wages. Sad but true.

    Hopefully all their deals are wrapped up in the next few days so we actually have time to buy!!!!

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  25. YK

    Squid is an example of player who came to us with a very high pedigree, voted into La Liga team of the year, all the pundits were saying back then, that he is the messiah that our defense need, even gooners everywhere rejoice at his arrival, but he never made it here, Gooners, beware of who you wish for? they may arrive and not leave up to the billing, I just have the feeling the MVila guy will not work…but that is not say we should not buy anyone, we need to look into the Premier league for the player we need, no need to gamble again.

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  26. Super kurt

    I don’t want the squid to leave along with pascal cygan he’s best centre half we’ve ever had lol

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  27. gunner jack

    squid is ok, he teach young players so he is ok…
    he don t play in first squad, be his effect on reserve team is big, so let him till summer

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  28. LoCkAy

    I am tired of people posting comments saying that Wenger will buy this or that player…!!

    I don’t know why you are doing suppositions… Based on what???
    Did Wenger said he was going to recruit??
    I have not heard anything…
    Right now he is talking about Walcott ( which might take few weeks ), Diaby fitness and Santos going back to training…

    Those are the Arsenal news…

    Why are you naming players??? Every time I open the blog there is a new name pooping out… That’s embarrassing and annoying… Don’t tell me you have hopes of new signings, it sounds desperate and weak…

    We all know that ( well some of us, who got it ) there will be no significant changes.

    Diaby is back for another cameo and Santos; well nothing regarding Santos…

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  29. ripple

    Oh for it to be true.

    Normally, a squad does not get stronger merely selling a weaker player – it still gets a little weaker because it has fewer options for the lesser games – albeit not by much.

    Squid is the exception. I contend that any center back from any team in the championship division is far better. I can give names but it is unnecessary…..

    Squid is the worst CB I have ever seen in the BPL.

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  30. mohawk35

    @LoCkAy Many fans love transfer rumors because of desire, interest, hope and sometimes mere desperation. Most fans are sincere in their statements. The problem is that the transfer rumors are derived from completely unreliable sources – the sports media complex.

    Sports media know many fans will lap up any rumor no matter how baseless. For every true transfer rumor dozens are nearly completely invented from thin air.

    And of the reports based in reality, only in a fraction of the cases will the 2 clubs work out a deal. Some are bound to come true simply based on the sheer volume of rumors.

    The result…. Transfer time is fun and frivolity in fantasy. And the sports guy or fan that gets the one in a thousand rumors right can hold the magic sword of transfer rumor king.

    It is a fantasy past time that has only the tiniest roots in reality. But it is also harmless fun and of great interest for many.

    Me, personally – I cannot keep up with it all.

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  31. Greg

    Hallelua amen! Good riddance!mean time while your at it help pack the bags for chamakh arshavin santos djourou.and oh!yes latest dead weight gervinho!

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  32. jermaine


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