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Arsenal could try to get David Villa from Barcelona

Arsene Wenger is well aware of what goes on in and around the world of football, so I am sure that reports of David Villa’s frustration have reached his office at Arsenal. The Spanish international is unhappy at his lack of playing opportunities since he recovered from a horrendous injury and is showing all the signs of wanting a move away from Catalonia.

In tow games recently, Villa has had on-field arguments with Lionel Messi. The Argentinean has reproached Villa for not passing the ball to him, and Villa has, understandably, reacted angrily. Messi may be a superstar and on the verge of winning his fourth Ballon D’Or in a row, but Villa is not too shabby a player himself.

Villa is the all time record scorer for the Spanish national side, with 53 from 85 games. His record at Barcelona is pretty good as well, averaging a goal every other game. He has got five from 10 this season, despitew not being allowed to play a whole game yet. Barcelona claim they are protecting his leg, but Villa is adamant he is fully fir and cannot understand why he is not getting played.

After sitting out the whole of last night’s Champions League game, Villa has had enough, according to Skysports Spanish expert. His injury, which cost him nearly a year on the sidelines, threatened to end his career and that has made him determined to make the most of his remaining time. At 30-years old and in great condition, Villa has a number of years at the top level of football left in him and he doesn’t want to spend them on the bench.

The other side of the coin is in the hands of Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board. Depending on the price, they may be unwilling to spend money on a striker of that age, no matter what his record is. There may also be other clubs in the way. Chelsea and Liverpool are both desperate for strikers and are not afraid of throwing money around. I think that Wenger would like to do the deal, as long as does not have to break the bank. It is more likely to be the wage demands rather than the transfer fee that would stop Arsenal from signing Villa.

Arsenal vs. Montpellier will be on

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36 thoughts on “Arsenal could try to get David Villa from Barcelona

  1. true goon

    if he’s available we would be stupid not to try an get him,there could be somethin in this story because villanovic hasn’t been playing him

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  2. Sank

    He does not get enough game time plus he suits our style.
    though he has age still he can play 2 yrs easily but i wish we go for tello who is in his last yr.

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  3. mukund

    Well considering his age i would rather say Robert Lewandowski or Klaas-Jan Huntelaar are much better options. Also if we could manage to fish out Willian from Shakhtar Donetsk, it would be worthy deal.

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  4. Gunnerineverylife

    What about the wage?he certainly will not play for 100K that we give our best players.

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  5. synsix

    i really feel for Roberto D Mat/that is just too rude/but as a Gunner i’m delighted cause the only person who can run a bunch of weird asses in a Blue shirt, was just sacked, and along wit their last hope/we’l b light years ahead til the new guy settles down wit his team of Millionaire missfits/another premiere league season down the drain for ChellShit/1 less competitor/What A Roman Fool

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  6. Robin Van Payslip

    Sigh…………….posts default response to Justarsenals rumour article again……….

    LOLZ @ thinking *insert name of superstar* will be joining Arsenal.

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  7. sube

    Now this is getting ridiculous.
    Repeat after me : ” We are Arsenal ,……..We are not Man City……We….”

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  8. ram

    simple.. If Arsene want to get Villa then y did he let go Robin..?? similar age and injury problems, and any1 with a football brain would rate Robin better than Villa..
    If any of the catalan fans sees this their reaction will b:: WTF..
    think of the CF we have, Podolski,Giroud,Walcott,Gervinho and if Henry returns that would be 5.. add to that our deadwoods, THE BEST and Chamack.. if u get villa wher is the space for above 5.. If AW get any striker during TW, he would be guy of 20-22.. he has the above five for 3 more years..
    the Article is shit…

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  9. leo

    sure we will sign messi, thiago messi ie the future david villa to looserfool is unlikely chelski wants falcao who knows wenger could make a move for him he is on 120-140 a week i htink but at 30 hope he takes a paycut

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  10. Gunner18

    I got him for 7 million in the January transfer window on Fifa, just saying..

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  11. usmaNOW

    Oooh for f**k sake give it a rest!!!!

    All this stupid speculative articles linking every TOMski, DICKohino & HARRYambo with the club is beginning to pi** me off!!!!!

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  12. Bigsix

    Villa would have been a good addition during the times of Cesc, long accurate passes. A good player of this calibre but will not come cheap.
    I still regard BA as a sharpshooter that will come cheap and adapt easily.
    Thats my opinion!!!

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  13. Invincibles nice (1)

    Honestly dont think that Villas half the player he were and if he were at his old standards i dont believe we would have a shot in hell at prizing the guy, on top of that hes at the age were strikers go downhill only seeing glimpses of there former greatness, i know yiz could probly give examples of similar scenarios working out with Davor Suker coming to mind but he didnt have a leg break that kept him from the game for almost two years and he never relied on having pace, Suker were a different breed altogether, when signing older players i dont think you should buy ones who rely heavily on pace as they cant give you two/three games a week

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  14. BIG O

    At his age, he’s looking for a 200k+ wage and arsenal cannot afford that Sorry would be a great addition doe

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  15. kingsley

    this is a bad deal if ever arsenal and arsene thinks about it…he is 30 for God seek.forget about him instead go for dortmund’s lewandoski or burak yilmaz of galatasaray who are both prolific stikers and arsenal fans…we want players that love arsenal,that have the club at heart not money mongers or over age wimp.

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  16. vyash

    sign huntelaar,willian,fernandinho for 35 m
    sell players who dont play and will get 25 m
    then buy holby,la liga pair(goalkeeper and LB

    now we are ready and our legend is coming back 🙂

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  17. Zak

    Just give Podolski a run as the CF and see what he can do, if it doesn’t work out buy cover but I wouldn’t break the bank for a striker now if Giroud starts to bang.

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  18. bob

    @First Lady… are right …he will justify it with the fact that Giround is in form and say he also has Gervinho who can play their, Podolski the OX….Walcott so their is no need to buy…..Henry help use before and he will do it again.

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  19. jjoonneessyy

    sell chamack bedntner and arshavin prob get 12-15 million for the 3 sign klass-jan huntelarr for 10 million or demba ba then use some of our war chest as its called and sign a new lb and a a dm

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  20. arsenal4eva

    We dun need a striker..cos we had enuf…Give Walcott chance as our striker..Poldi cud also play as Striker as well!!he has gud finishing… creative midfielder/ winger and of coz a quality DM!!

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  21. Banga

    Quality over Quantity!

    Arsenal need to stop buying average talents and start going after world class players. Wilshere has been out for over a year and when he came back it was refreshing to see him attack the opposition. You can see he’s by far the best player and he’s only been back for a month and half.

    I think we have a world class goalie in Szczesny and one midfielder in Wilshere. We should be looking to buy a world class striker like a Falcao or Lewandowski who is a star in the making. Arsenal need quality over quantity. So if we have 50M in our kitty bag let’s spend on quality, even if that means we’re only signing one player.

    We’ve been in dire need of center back since Sol Campbell has left. We need someone with size, physical attributes, and most importantly thinks the game really well. Most Arsenal fans think we need a LB but I think if we could land a world class CB, we would be better of playing Vermaelen as a LB as he likes to get up the field.

    Lastly we need a strong defensive midfielder. The english game is the most physical of any of the leagues yet we have Arteta as our holding midfielder. Its time to invest into some world class steal.

    So to sum it up:

    – striker
    – holding midfielder
    – center back

    P.S we should raid Dortmund for three players (Gotze, Hummels, and Lewandowski)

    Cazrola-Wilshere-M’Vila or Martinez

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  22. hamid

    It is better to sell Villa to Aston Villa. They are near relegation and have the same last name as David, so it’s the only fair transfer for me.

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  23. tamerAFC

    @banga for one vermaelan hates playing left back, hes always said that! martinez signed for bayern this summer just passed ,wilshere is awesome but at the moment cazorla is running arsenal. we just would never get hummels, hes German, playing in Germany,playing at the best clubs in Germany and is a high priority for most clubs if he was available which i dont really think he will be for a while. Goltze signed a new contract this summer which puts his price tag up to at least 30mil and we wont spend that when you look at our midfield with wengers attitude. also mertesacker’s becoming that physical game reading defender we need in my opinion, so to me none of your points make sense

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