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Arsenal could sell Alexis and sign no-one today to cap a shambolic transfer window…

Arsenal could well sell Sanchez and bring nobody in. by Konstantin Mitov

It’s one of the worst days for the Arsenal fan of late – the final day of the transfer window – where big teams make their big moves and Arsenal fans accept defeat in what is another shambolic transfer window, probably one of the worst we’ve ever had.

So people want to hang on to something positive like who could we bring up when we sell Alexis, because I see no reason for us to keep him with mediocre players wanting him to leave, because he disrupts the dressing room, and a manager who’s only job at the club is to bring a profit, and Alexis will be a 70 million one.

It’s a terrible state of affairs, but looking at who will come in, some Rumours say Draxler, but why on earth would Julian Draxler join Arsenal? Of Course because PSG signed some of the best young players in world football, you’d find it hard for him to find a starting spot and that’s the only logical reason he might want a move, but he surely can do better than Arsenal.

We can’t attract Johny Evans to join us. Take a moment for that to sink in. We were snubbed by Vardy last season and we signed Lacazette because Atleti have a transfer ban! Says everything about the club! Shambolic, disastrous, atrocious… Pick any synonym for complete chaos and destruction and you’ll have a word describing Arsenal.

The only semi-possible choice would be Mahrez, but I’m not sure he’ll even want to join us. Even if we get Draxler which 99.9% would not happen, how will things change with Wenger in charge? He’ll probably be benched for a game vs United, because we have the likes of Theo Walcott.

It’s nice to see Gibbs finally offloaded and we might sell Perez, who I actually think did a good job for the extremely limited time our dictator manager gave him and could be a very handy player if we wanted to use him, but I wish him the best of luck and hope he gets his deal to return to La Coruna, because he doesn’t deserve this.

So I will repeat myself for a thousand time, and I’ll do it a thousand more if I have to. Until Wenger is here, absolutely nothing will change on or off the pitch and even the blindest of Wenger supporters are as quiet as the water like now. Just wait for the Bournemouth press conference to see how Arsene will dismiss the transfer window, because our squad was too big. While that is true, it is full of average players like Debuchy who’s still not offloaded.

Hell, Arsene might even call it a successful window! And I firmly believe we won’t sign anyone. Selling 2 first team starters and not playing the new incomers is weak and pathetic and doesn’t spell any sort of change. Protests, marches and banners until Arsene goes. This is the only path to redemption for Arsenal fans.


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  1. ClassyGunner says:

    “Sky sources understand Arsenal are very happy with their transfer business this summer.”
    You may well be right… and whats even worse, it won’t be surprising at all

  2. Billy says:

    This is so bad I can only laugh. If we sell Sanchez, which I think we should, and do not bring anyone in this is the lowest point in years.

    What happened to the Changes????? The Fuehrer Wenger didn’t agree it.

    Fans are so f****d off they can’t even be bothered to comment.

    Please not another last day with 5 panic buys like previous years.

    The only positive I can take is the window shuts tonight.

    Usmanov in.


  3. Godswill ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    How on earth are you expecting a stubborn, proud, arrogant, anti-fans, indifferent, out of touch marketing Manager, owner and board to buy players today after seeing the cash that is coming in? Let the stadium be empty so that the know that fans matter.
    Am sorry to go to the extreme but am pushed to the wall.

  4. BuddReloaded says:

    Could,should,would. Let’s just wake up tomorrow morning and find out what’s left of the squad.

  5. ks-gunner says:

    Let the house burn i say, maybe like that chicken phoenix, we might rise again, with a new manager, and in time with a new owner, and with new fans, and without the Wengerits, who, if lucky, will leave the club with the lose of their master.

    We are at a point where no f00ks are being given, those fans who attend the matches are biggest idiots in london i say, you must be some kind of special stupid to not understand, that to hurt the current board is by not attending the matches—— Arsenal fc, The club with most moronic fans the world has ever seen

    Jippe, let us see how much abuse you can take Wenger before you collaps? Even the birds wont take a sh000t on the ur future statue, as you have ruined your reputation beyond repair it seems

  6. andydale ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Getting rid of Wenger will not change nothing, The whole board needs to be booted out first, Kronke needs to be hounded out he is the biggest problem, Any new board that was to come in would no Wenger is done.

  7. Henry Nwachukwu says:

    Keep them coming Konstantin, change is inevitable. Wenger will surely leave Arsenal a sad man. He represents all that is wrong with the club at this point in time. His uncompromising nature is slowly leading him to a big fall. My advise to all Arsenal fateful is patience, his time at the club is over and timing of exit nearer than anyone can imagine.

  8. Godswill ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    How on earth are you expecting a stubborn, proud, arrogant, anti-fans, indifferent, out of touch marketing Manager, owner and board to buy players today after seeing the cash that is coming in? Let the stadium be empty so that the know that fans matter.
    Am sorry to go to the extreme but am pushed to the wall.

  9. Vlad says:

    And I’ll repeat for a thousand time that Wenger is only part of the problem. You get rid off him, you still have Gazidis, but most importantly Kroenke. Until Arsenal Football Club is treated as business, nothing will change, with or without Wenger in charge.

    P.S. Get a job, Konstantin. This is like your 8th article in the last 2 days. It’s annoying because you sound like a broken record going on and on about the same thing, and it’s embarrassing.

  10. OxInTheBox says:

    swoop sanchez for stearling, denayer and sancho. chambers for mahrez. walcott for VVD. get n’zonzi and grotazka.
    but it won’t happen. we will get draxler for sanchez (or else sanchez stay), and evans for mustafi.
    won’t buy a much needed CDM. keep having a weak spineless and demoralized team. finish 7.
    fuck, west hame and west brom have more ambition then us.

  11. Mobella says:

    As a fellow advocate for change, l can see you get your inspiration from crisis Konstantin . Good for youo though i will be here to see how you turn our problem with your article. Keep them coming. This is like No 7 or 8 article after Liverpool thrashing.

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