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Arsenal debate-Ramsey, Frimpong or Coquelin

I am making the assumption that Emmanuel Frimpong is fit enough to play after completing the whole 90 minutes in the last two under-21s games. Arsenal would therefore have the option of Aaron Ramsey, Francis Coquelin or Frimpong to play alongside Mikel Arteta in the middle of the pitch against Schalke, so who should it be?

Ramsey struggled again on Saturday against Norwich, but then again so did everybody. He has looked good at times but perhaps he needs a game off. His confidence is still fragile and another bad game could cause him some problems.

Frimpong, if he’s fit, could provide strength, steel and energy alongside Arteta, freeing the Spaniard up to look forward more and assist Cazorla in creating chances. The problem with Frimpong is that he has not played at the top level for a while and he does have the tendency for rash challenges.

European referees are more likely to issue cards for challenges you see every week in the Premier league, and Arsenal could end up with 10 men in a crucial champions league game.

For me, Coquelin should get the nod. He is a more rounded player who is chomping at the bit. He has already played in both champions league games, the Capital One cup games and in the Premier league against Southampton. What are your thoughts, Gooners?

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61 thoughts on “Arsenal debate-Ramsey, Frimpong or Coquelin

  1. Petter

    play frimpong. we need firepower and strenght against Schalke!! he can do the job!!

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  2. ablindman785

    Ramsey = Shit
    Frimpong = Red Card (but god i love him)
    Le Coq = Class

    Le Coq to start Frimpong to come on if we are not bossing the midfield

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  3. Arsenal

    I really want Wenger to get Klass Jan Huntelaar……. He’s better than Pussy a nd am sure will score more goals…… I want Wenger to show Van Persie that Arsenal is bigger than him. And will survive without him.


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  4. Arsenal

    Also If Huntelaar does well with Arsenal…. He will get the nod ahead of RVP and can rabbit on his face…. Btw he is really cheap and he will love the opportunity to compete against RVP in the epl for a starting place in the Dutch line up and will send out a message that he is better than Pussy

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  5. Saton81

    coquelin tommorow.

    Jenkinson Mertasacker Vermaelen Santos
    Arteta Coquelin
    Gervinho Giroud Podolski

    I really want to see Gnabry play tommorow but starting him would be a big gamble due to the fact it will be his 1st proper offical debut in my eyes and its a tough game.

    Gibbs should be on the bench even if he’s fit enough. He is our 1st choice left back but should only play if hes 100 percent tommorow.

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  6. ThirdManJW

    I say play Frimpong as well. I can’t remember the last time Ramsey played well for us, but luckily Jack will be back soon so Wenger won’t have any selection headaches in midfield.

    In January if Wenger can just buy a playmaker who comes in off the wings in the mould of Nasri, Hleb, then I think we’ll have such a strong side. I feel that will help us dominate the ball even further forward and take some the pressure off Santi as our main playmaker. Although we’ll have more creativity once Rosicky and Wilshere are back.

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  7. Chucky

    Coquelin…. He has defensive steel despite what ppl think…. Ppl seem to forget how adept he is defensively and he oozes class on the ball just look @ his performances this season…… he is forceful but purposeful when running with the ball, just look 2 the amount of free kicks he has won this season…. #podolski freekick goal against Southampton…. I think Podolski needs a rest…..

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  8. Big Gun

    Unleash the beast. After that Norwich game I feel like getting on the field myself to crack a few skulls. We need someone to show some physical presence and bite and Frimpong is the man for the job. Otherwise Coquelin. Ramsey can look pretty on the bench.

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  9. fad

    ramsey simply isn’t good enough defensively. with gervinho ahead of him it leaves us very weak. coquelin is the way to go until diaby or wilshere return to occupy the spot next to mikel.

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  10. KickuPtheArsene

    Le Coq. Formation –
    Mannone (I’m assuming The Szcez us unavailable)
    Jenko – TV5 – Merts – Santos (assuming Gibbs is out too)
    Le Coq – Arteta
    Gervihno – Santi – Podolski

    Subs – Arshavin, Wilshere, Gnabry, Ramsey, Sagna, Miquel, Martinez

    Ramsey has been woeful in the last few games, and Frimpong just hasn’t had the game time at the top level to be effective against a European team – try will rip him to shreds (or he’ll get himself sent off).

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  11. fatboy

    Get of Ramseys back people the guy is trying to get back his confidence is already low and it doesn’t help with the supports of your team jumping on his back every week we are ment to be there for the players and set out to help them not to ruin them. I’ve said my peace now please stop looking for people to blame and get on with loving the team,

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  12. arsenal4life

    If everyone is fit i would choose this line-up

    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Gibbs
    Arteta Diaby
    Cazorla Wilshere Podolski

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  13. arsenal4life

    But for today…

    Ramsey on the bench also Santos. Put vermaelen LB and Coquelin DM

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  14. Strenility

    I really don’t understand all the negativity around Ramsey tbh .. the games he’s played this season, he’s always done well in a more attacking role, so I’d be happy to see the following team lineup tomorrow:

    Jenkinson Mertesacker Vermaelen Santos
    Le Coq Arteta
    Ramsey Cazorla Podolski

    Either way, I’d still have full faith in any team the boss plays in getting a result!

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  15. Gautham

    Our team looks the weakest when Ramsey plays in the middle. He constantly slows down the pace and tempo of our game allowing the oppositon defenders to easily close down the spaces and re-organize themselves. Ramsey seems to bring out the worst in his team mates. In the Norwich game, Podolski and Gervinho were the ones blamed most for their poor performance. But, their innefectivness was a direct result of Ramsey’s performance. So, i suggest that Coquelin starts despite his inexperience.

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  16. Tiko

    My team for tomorrow,






    For me the diamond formation for the game tomoz as they will utilize everyone’s skills and abilities to the max

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  17. Salvage

    Coquelin should start. Frimpong is erratic and you are always scared he would pick a red card. That side of his football needs to be polished..

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  18. igooner

    im wondering why arshavin is not given a chance at centre attacking mid role and pulling back santi to the box to box role…….

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  19. Tamil Sundram

    coquelin is a talented player…

    but if he keeps warming the will he improved and gain confidence??

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  20. Arsenger

    Coquelin first; Frimpong second. Ramsey is not DM; he’s more CM. In fact, in my opinion, we may have too many CMs, and with Cazorla around, we deploy the rest to become winger or DM which is not quite suitable to them:
    1) Many say Arshavin should be CM but he played as winger most of the time. He’ll be out, so let’s not worry.
    2) Ramsey and Diaby are also about the same, CM in my opinion.
    3) What about Wilshere? Looks like CM also.
    4) Ox seems winger to me but sometimes is played as DM
    DM should be “strong and fierce” like Tiote 🙂 Despite many choices of midfielders, we don’t have that many actually when it comes to *specialised* midfielder.

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  21. igooner

    my team up against schalke
    santi – arteta
    ramsy -arshavn-poldi
    santi nd artetm wld prvde bal to the final third
    ramsy drifting centre wil ensure ball retention
    nd arshavin in his natural posn wil provide the flair needed

    openions divided

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  22. Gun gun

    ITs gervinho who needs some bench time.keep the ball in-between his ldgs too much.sometimes plays like shit

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  23. stephen187

    Coquelin should start as its a europeon game…frimpong will not be sharp enough after under 21 games to go straight into CL game…lack of sharpness could equal a late challenege. On another note im worried about carzola…we are playing him too much and will only burn out his creativity…he needs a rest and someone else to control the game.

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  24. landmind111

    We need rosicky, Diaby and Wilshere back! Ramsey aint consistent enough yet, still a good player tho, but is careless at times.

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  25. Kunle

    I will love to see coq. Play along wit arteta,letting him move forward to support Cazorla.ramsey is rubbish,shouldnt be playin in arsenal.ramsey lacks football sense around,lookin at his performance against norwish,he could nt move d attack,he kept on passin d ball backwards instead of moving d ball forward.coq will be d best to play fellow arsenal fans i have done a research,d ideal of wenger playin cazorla behind giroud really does nt work.lets look both man city and man united diamond formation,in man city teves is played behind aguero both are attackers.lookin at silva and cazorla,they both play similarly,holding and creatin chances.Cazorla should be played on d right wing like silva,allowing him a free role on d diamond formation-jenk,mert,verm,gibbs,(defence),arteta,coq/djoroud/kosn/frimpong(amf,dmf),gerv,podoski,cazorla(winger,attacker,winger/amf),giroud(attacker).wenger should view how man city and manu united arrange there diamond formation.

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  26. true goon

    definitely coquelin,but frimpong could be a crucial player for us this season when fully match fit.Especially if we dont buy a DM in january

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  27. campberg

    The one player we are missing terribly even more so than diaby in my opinion is tomas rosicky i have been hoping for his return for weeks. With the exception of jack he is the one player from all that are currently injured that i really want to see fit and playing. He was outstanding when on the pitch last season and unlocked so much for us with his unique style. We miss him desperately imo. Just thought i’d share that cos everybody seems to be going on about needing diaby and others bk when for me tomas would be the first from that casualty list.

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  28. dario

    PLZ don’t ever mention Ramsey, he’s been tasted for so long and he’s not producing any thing. Being a good midfielder, u either be skilled or strong but he is none. Give frimpong or Coq their chances, they will definitely shine. i only have mercy for ramsey b’se his days are numbered despite the sympathy of wenger

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  29. samuelj

    Oh my god. So many spastic comments from Ramsey haters. Almost a suspicious correlation

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  30. Dan

    God, these options just highlight the fact we really need Wilshere and Rosicky back.

    Don’t get me wrong I think Coquelin and Frimpong have potential, but they shouldn’t be starting a Champions league game for ARSENAL, especially when one hasn’t even played in the Prem when he’s only just come back from a long-term injury.

    And as for Ramsey, don’t get me started.

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  31. Gunner

    ramsey in midfield always make mistake though his passes and crossing r good and sometimes he score goals so maybe he can play in right wing in place of gervinho who knows maybe his cross will be better than gervinho..

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  32. Liam

    Jenkinson Mert Kos Tv
    le coq arteta
    Gervinho podolski arshavin

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  33. Blazor

    Here we go again, we had few winnings and Wenger lost his mind and mess up the team’s formation. The Norwitch game is a total failure of the manager, 100%. What was he thinking, but I was not totally surprised because I had seen Wenger do similar mistakes time and time again. When the team formation is off, everyone look terrible and that was the case during Norwich game. Let us start from the back, Given the players available the back 4 were the best choice including Mannone, the problem begins when we get to mid-field, Cazorla had to come back to defend because Arteta and Ramsey were napping, Arteta as I mentioned several times before has no strength or speed to play holding mid-field position and he tends to play the ball backwards, so he is not a good candidate for an attacking mid-field player he may come in as a sub for 20 minutes to give a breather in the mid-field as a utility player. Ramsey does not belong in the mid-field, he does not know how to defend or distribute the ball to assist an attack, few times he played as a winger but he ended up in the mid-field crowding the area and confusing everyone. I am not sure if there is any position that fits him, he has excellent stamina and he can the ground for 90 minutes but he needs to focus on a position and work at it. Gervinho has an excellent drive initiating an attack but he prefers to play in the center or should be allowed to rom around freely to use his superb potential, Wenger spoiled his game sticking him on the wing. He should play Gourou and Podolsky on the wing, Gerninho in the center. Arshavin plays very well as a center fmid-field player, he could be a good sub in that position. Here is my ideal Gunner formation when everyone is available: Mannone; Jenkinsen, Kyshelney, Verts, Vermalen; Diaby, Wilshire, Cazorla; Podolsky, Gervinho, Gourou. This formation will give the team the strongest formation to compete with any team. Here are the subs: Fabiansky, Sagna, Gibbs, Rosecky, Arteta, Cocqulin, Arshavin, Santos, Gnaby. I hope Wenger will correct the formation soon and save the dream of Arsenal supporters.

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  34. kolli1

    Anyone but ramsy pls. He cannot make any connection between our offence and defence. He is slow and lost the ball too often. All he does really well is pass back. I see he still can develop but not in the first team pls!

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  35. anonymous

    Wenger has this dependency problem,just like linux,earlier he made us too dependent on Van Pussy,now he is doing it with Carzola by over exerting him,the manager himself is making a statement that we are too reliant on this guy by picking him for Norwich game.Shite Media already says that we can’t imagine arsenal without Carzola,like he has been with us forvever.Arshavin is there,why not use him,it’s not like we are going to win Premiere League if Arshavin does not play and we won’t if he plays.Wenger has lost it completely,he will make an excellent scout of budding talent but never manage to win something with the current arsenal squad,cos he simply doesn’t know what to do when things go wrong.We have been putting in performances like Norwich game for last 3 seasons without a fail the manager has failed to address that issue,what does that tell us?The man is no quality for the job,last year he rode van pussy boat to grab third place finish,if that traintor was not there we would have been fighting to survive relegation,and this arrogant,stubborn man would have been kicked out of Emirates.

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  36. anonymous

    A streak of defeat–I don’t care whatever it takes to get this man out of his job will do for me.

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  37. Polite_Gunner

    People who say we get off Ramsey’s back seem to be stuck in the past. Football has grown to be a competitive sport, so if you cant beat off ur competitors then u are doomed. Ramsey still looks the same old one & we need steel in midfield, someone to run the ball offensively & break defenses not someone who I hear the manager says works hard for the team but when all the time he is passing sideways & backwards, cant even throw in an challenging tackle & rarely takes a shot on goal. I say let Le Coq get the nod or even Frimpong, I bet even Esfield will come and beat Ramsey on the first team spot.

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  38. Hamid

    Definitely Cock-Eileen. Why? Because he understands defense better then Ramsey. As for Frimpong, I don’t think he is fit enough for the champions league yet, so I’d rule him out automatically. Starting with Cock-Eileen and later subbing him with Ramses is something that, IMO, Wenger should do.

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  39. francis lnegbedion

    for me ramsey is not a good player,if possible let sale him out from arsenal.l don’t like see him on field playing.

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  40. Ali

    Coquelin MAN OF THE MATCH YET AGAIN! According to vote, what more does he have to do to prove he is better the Ramsey? Also what a lot of people forget is his passing ability and his teknique, and as for frimpong, I don’t think he has the passing ability or teknique to play for arsenal, he is a good player but not good enough. COQUELIN IS DEFO THE WAY FORWARD

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