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Arsenal debate – Should Wenger take a chance on M’Vila?

Should Arsenal sign Yann M’Vila by KJ

As we approach the January transfer window, the transfer rumours are naturally hotting up. One man’s name that doesn’t seem to go away is that of Yann M’Vila. We’ve been linked with him for the last two seasons now and it’s started again in the build-up to the January window.

Yann M’Vila was one of the most promising youngsters in Europe. Players like him are rare in the current market; a defensive midfielder with grit and power as well as being able to pick out a forward pass. He had it all to make it big. He was even in the Ligue 1 team of the year during the 2010-2011 season at the tender age of 20 for his performances.

Unfortunately, his career has spiralled out of control. Firstly, he misbehaved during the Euros 2012 and hence was disciplined by the French football association. After that his club career went downwards and now he’s being benched by Rennes. It is truly remarkable how he’s fallen from the great heights of his 2010-2011 season.

We originally offered £12m for him during the summer but it was eventually rejected as Rennes felt a good Euros would net them closer to £18m. However, as we can all see now, it backfired massively. As a result, they are stuck with an ill-disciplined player who’ll only net them less than half of what they originally expected at £8m.

M’Vila is a good player no doubt but his attitude and behaviour will rightly deter Wenger from making a bid. There are also many better players out there who are less of a risk. Diame has proven that he has the quality required to make it in the Premier League. Capoue of Toulouse was brilliant last season and at a similar price as M’Vila will represent less of a risk. Finally, the Dutchman Kevin Strootman is making great strides and is being recognised as one of the most promising youngsters in European football. All these players are available at reasonable prices and Arsenal can definitely afford them.

I personally wouldn’t go for M’Vila as he represents too much risk at this current moment. Arsenal need proven players who will deliver, not another youngster who we hope can change his attitude. It won’t always work and the team could suffer because of this naivety. But Wenger may feel that he can turn him around after getting him on the cheap. What would you do, Gooners?

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61 thoughts on “Arsenal debate – Should Wenger take a chance on M’Vila?

  1. stevo

    We are definitely in need of a defensive midfielder so it seems like a good choice.

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  2. the king

    well we need a defensive midfielder whos big and strong
    and his the best one that we could get out there.
    and seeing as his price tag his round 8-10M its more of dose wenger sign him or not.

    arteta is not doing the best as a defensive midfielder jack is having to help out alot doing that job.

    arteta would be better suited playing higher up being good back up for jack and carzola and also playing defensive midfielder in less bigger games.

    we have been lucky not to have injoures so far
    but if likes of carzola or wilshare get injoured we aree very very short.

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  3. Kobi

    This guy is a beast. He was supposed to be out injured until January but was way ahead of schedule. He did a couple of mistakes but if you listened to an interview of him you will notice he is very far from being a bad boy. Just a young lad, married with two kids. He is just 22 and Wenger would make him into a man in no time. I would be happy to take a gamble on him. He would give us something totally different, just like Gilberto Silva did.

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  4. jamaican gunner

    now is exactly the right time to go in for this kid ,hes at a cut price based on the above mentioned circumstances and we all know wenger loves a bargain ,hes exactly the kind of player we been missing since viera left

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  5. JONNO

    If wenger buys a dmc we will end up with the
    cheapest option thats the only certain thing.

    M’vila,Capoue,Strootman, Diame ill take any
    of these guys right now all of them offer wot we


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  6. landmind111

    Get him, the price is lowered, and he’s no balloteli he won’t be much of a problem. Wenger will turn him into a world beater. Van Persie woz seen as a risk when he was young also. For 8mill its worth the risk.

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  7. matspanar

    Van Pussy, Patrick Voodoo Viera also have problematic issue when they came to Arsenal last time. But finally solved the problem when they played under mr wenger. Grab m’villa and bring him here.

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  8. Aggelos

    I got tired of seeing M’Vila every day in most articles.he is one good dm whose form went down.And one more thing,since he’s so much mentioned in Arsenal,he won’t come,remind me last time a transfer in Wenger era happened where is was mentioned every day.This isnt Wengers style,if we would buy him he wouldnt be so much mentioned,maybe we buy a dm,and I hope so,but Wenger will propably stick with Diaby and Coquelin

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  9. tamerAFC

    the dude has easily got talent and will be a top player just depends on his attitude, i say take him over all of them coz he has the highest potential and attitude can be sorted ability cant. plus hes a bone cruncher tackler, just what we need

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  10. Dan

    Desailly said he could be the next Vieira. If Wenger likes him aswell then that’s 2 men who know all there is to know about French football rating him

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  11. Rasta

    Players like him are a dime a dozen. Thats why France has replaced him Sissoko and mavuba and capoue.
    Realistically id like M’villa because of his range of passing. but i think Wenger played this right. you do know if he wants m’vila now he can get him for as low as 7 million. 4 months ago he was more than 15 mil.
    We do need that physical presence. Its why we look lethargic in midfield. Arteta is good but he is a technician and if you blow past him and even if he tracks back he doesn’t put players off with his physicality like Diaby Vieira Gilberto Edu and Song used to do. Its the cornerstone of an arsene wenger midfield.

    if the money is right and the player gets his head in the game than why not. for all his troubles he is still on 22 i think and I’ve seen better players what worse discipline. Roy Keane was as destructive as they come but he was a winner and fergie channelled his aggression on the pitch. Plus you really can’t fuck around with Wenger. he will sell you. Be it RVP or nasri once ur focus is gone u are out the door.

    in essence, Form is temporary class is permanent. M’vila has class. although his youthful exuberance has damaged his reputation, on a technical level football wise he is still a very good player that i think with his passing range and his defensive discipline would fit in seamlessly at the emirates.

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  12. landi

    eisfield = fabregas
    gnarby = nasri
    jon toral = arteta
    aneke = yaya
    ryo = ronaldooo ( i wish … )
    kris olsson = rosicky
    miquel = pique ( i wish )
    meade = clichy
    jenkinson = lauren
    frimpong = makelele

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  13. landi

    M’vila looks nice, would be nice to have him and diaby play sometimes, and have arteta,diaby,wilshere,m’vila,coquelin for 2 spots in the team and cazorla,rosicky for the cam. He would make our midfield complete with an injury free diaby!
    I would say go get him and ardan turan! That would make us more complete and after an whole pre season and another top signing in the summer I truly belive that we will fight for the premier league next season!

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  14. Rasta

    i can see us getting 2 of the 3 realistically. Demba, Turan and M’villa. possibly all 3 if theo doesn’t re-sign.

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  15. Joe

    Mvila has the greatest potential to become world class. He is a complete all round midfielder and a very discinplined defender with great tactical awareness for someone so young.

    The big talking point is this attitude problem but i remember a simular situation with one RVP and we all know what a player he turned out to be.

    For 8m i would take a risk if not i would like to have strootman but at over double the price for a less gifted player at the same age? Mvila should be first priority.

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  16. Joe


    Podolski was mentioned every day from xmas on wards untill he arrived at Arsenal.

    Santi Cazorla was also mentioned for a week or so and wenger even denied knowledge of him and he signed 48 hours later. This Mvila story has legs its not just a rumour.

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  17. aussie gunner 247

    I can’t remember what happened but when mvilla got banned from France for two years didn’t that brawl involve giroud.

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  18. Saffat

    I actually enjoy an “in your face attitude from a player in his position. Reminds me a but of Frimpong.

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  19. Aggelos


    Podolski was mentioned at Xmas period,but everyone was sure Arsenal would buy him,it was very clear.The M’Vila case is different.This guy is mentioned from May at least and we would buy him for 15 million.Now thats funny.
    And Cazorla was mentioned for a week?exactly,a week,not 7 months.I will be very surprised if we could actually get him but dont get ur hopes up.

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  20. Malik

    trust me signing him now when NOONE WANTS HIM, when everyone even RENNES has given up on him, will only transfer his bad boy behaviour to dedication and love for arsenal-the team that believed in him, another good thing is he’ll be out to get his french ban cut down and arsene + some scintilatting performances can get him in the squad before the World Cup,

    IT’S A WIN, WIN but i still think we should sign Diame and ship ramsey+diaby cause they r of no use

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  21. Homer Simpson

    Yann M’Vila is perfect, he’s a beast who would scare any team and I like players with attitude, it shows that they care and want to win eg.Wayne Rooney. With his ferocity mixed with Jack and Cazorla, we’d have the best midfield in the PL. We’ve been missing a good DM for so long, we thught diaby was the answer but inevitabley he got injured we need M’vila Hes young talented and cheap- everything Wenger loves in a player.

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  22. pz

    This is a tough one, we all love him as a player, but we don’t need another Bendtner

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  23. Taylor


    All of these would be good players, but our current situation I think wenger will go for 2 defensive players. We need to sell diaby – he’s a good player but he hardly plays so I’d go for Diame and capoue (capoue is French) so he’s the biggest possibility. AW hasn’t got the time to be dealing with m’vila. In arsene we TRUST. COYG

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  24. stephen187

    yh why not he took on podolski who had a serious attitude problem…before leaving colonge he actually decided to grab his manager by the throat..sure mvilla is an angel compared to that

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  25. vickie

    With diaby back in training, wenger ain’t signing any DM and should walcott’s situation get finally solved, wenger ain’t signing any striker. Better protect your heart from cardiac arrest due to wenger’s transfer dealings in Jan.

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  26. antares1786

    We don’t need him! Do you want another Balotely only in AFC this time? I believe he will only spoil the micro climate in the team. Signing him is too risky.

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  27. gunner

    wenger was so wrong to go into the season with unproven strikers and also without replacing song.initially felt he was going to give podolski the striker’s role along with giroud.later it became clear podolski was a replacement for arshavin and not rvp.all these gambles have backfired and its about time he reassembled the team for 2nd half of season.arteta was simply superb and ENJOYED his football at centre midfield the previous season.dont know why he likes to change player’s positions all the time.should have replaced song imo.add to all this lack of cohesion between bould and wenger ruined arsenal main strength i.e quick passing which was always too much for even the strongest of teams (a treat to watch).as it stands its faded a little bit.a few additions will help wenger go have a decent chance on the title as well as the champions league.mvilla is a very highly rated player,so wont be bad if arsenal signed him or any other cdm for that matter .

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  28. rocco

    Under Wenger there is no reason why this guy cannot become the next Patrick Viera.

    We need some one will personality who will roll there sleeves up and get stuck in and I think this guy has what it takes to become one of the best.

    At a cut price there is no reason why we should go for him.

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  30. Gundam

    I can’t see it happening but yes wenger could bend his will just like he bent van persie and spanked him into a team player

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  31. Gundam

    the other good thing… he won’t be playing international friendlies due to being suspended to the world cup…

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  32. mrinal

    i would prefer isco or strootman
    but isco is world class . i want him in arsenal
    plz arsene buy isco

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  33. Greg

    Let’s sign him!getting him at this price is great and arsenal shouldn’t mess up this opportunity!he is a monster of a DM exactly what were been missing someone who can control and enforce the midfield with sublime for attitude RVP ibrahimovic ribery nasri just to name a few has it! But wenger will mould him and sort it out!

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  34. mean


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  35. synsix

    i think that we should give him one more chance, and who els is better then Wenger to adjust a bad attitude. He is a young lad and we do rash things when we’r young/playin for a big club like arsenal would get his head settled/i say we go for him if available

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  36. Paul

    @mr lens…u̶̲̥̅̊ are so unforgiving… Nobody knew he(mvila) wouldn’t join again… I hope he joins now… @leo I respect you brother…safe

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  37. bigzee

    Wenger shld buy him cos e is our Vieira’s new replacement; attitude & strenth,deapt.His bad caracter will change b/4 e turns 27yrs, so buy him plzzzzzzzzzz..

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  38. Melvin

    Wenger! Hear us out! Get M’Villa!!!! We need a tough, badboy tackler on the park!!!

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  39. WC

    We need a box to box player. M’Vila isn’t much different than Arteta, he sits deep and wins the ball. We need someone who can help to drive the team forward from the middle like Capoue.

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  40. jerry

    I think we should definately sign M’vila we should also sign Eriksen from Ajax as they are two of the most talented midfielders in Europe potentially world class

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