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Arsenal Debate: Sturridge or Walcott?

The situations of Chelsea’s Daniel Sturridge and our own Theo Walcott are very similar. They are both unsettled at their present clubs seemingly because they are both being used as wingers but are both adamant that they have a godgiven right to be deployed as an out-and-out striker.

Liverpool are definitely in the market for another striker and the rumours are saying that they want either Walcott or Sturridge to move up Merseyside in January, but with the Arsenal man not wanting to leave London there is surely more probability that he would prefer a move to our London neighbours, and perhaps Chelsea would allow Sturridge to move to the Emirates in exchange.

Many Arsenal fans think that Sturridge is too greedy to play for the Gunners, but surely any top centre-forward needs that to be a successful goal-poacher, and how many times do Arsenal fans shout SHOOT when the current players try to pass the ball into the net?

There is no doubt that Sturridge is a proven Premiership goalscorer despite his character flaws, and I for one would welcome him the Emirates in a heartbeat, but I’m not sure that Chelsea would let him come to us.

What do you think? Keep Walcott or swap for Sturridge?

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39 thoughts on “Arsenal Debate: Sturridge or Walcott?

  1. leo

    i think theo will stay if he goes to city or chelsea he will be more of a bench warmer & liverpool looks unlikely but if he still leaves wenger must get isco or adrian lopez + llorente

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  2. Wonder man

    Keep theo just give him what he wants hes not holding us to ransom hes just looking out for himself

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  3. leo

    arsenal’s current formation of 4-2-3-1 doesn’t always work especially against teams that park the bus they need to change it to maybe 4-4-2 or 3-4-3/4-33 or 3-5-2 juventus last season went undefeated because of playing 3-5-2 it works for them even against chelsea in uefa cl match

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  4. leo

    @wonder man agreed completely with you dude if ivan gazdis can get a 24% hike (for doing what i am not sure) earning 2m a year why not give theo a pay rise as well coyg

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  5. Gunnerineverylife

    Walcott is better than Sturridge,and why really would Walcott go to Chelsea?to sit on the bench?he wont even get to play in the wings there;let alone as a striker.

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  6. Alex guru

    I would definetly prefer walcott…if we buy a decent right mid in navas we can then push walcott more central in his preferred role where i believe he would be fantastic! I really think Walcott should sign the god damn contract because he is a fantastic footballer who could acheive a lot with arsenal! And why would we want a player who cant get into the starting line-up for chelsea…Arsenal should be aiming to be better than them!!!

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  7. Gunnerineverylife

    @leo I agree with you,we have become too predictable with that 4-2-3-1 formation,actually we havent won anything since we changed our formation,why Wenger still sticks to it is a mystery.

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  8. Gunnerineverylife

    @arsenal4eva Even one of them is beyond our reach,let alone both of them,Jovetic’s value is atleast 25m,Isco’s value will definitely rise because of the interest shown by Man City.

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  9. Joe

    We need to buy a creative Winger who can unlock defences when they have there players back, teams give us space on the wings because they squeeze the middle to cut of the space for the forwards and cazorla at the moment we dont have the creativity to break these teams down like the other top teams you look at our forward 4 and we have Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla and Gervinho all are good players but only Cazorla is world class.

    Man United – Rooney, VP, Nani, Kagawa + Good players on the bench.

    Man City – Silva, Nasri, Aguero, Tevez + World class players on the bench.

    Chelsea – Torres, Mata, Hazard and Oscar.

    Each team has at least 3 world class players and all the teams have far more creativity in there front lines then we do. The problem is You look at all the above Players and the vast majority cost 25m+ each. Theres the problem they pay this kind of money to get these kind of players if we dont keep up we will get left behind. We didn’t play well at Norwich but if you want to win the league you need to win when not playing well and im sure the other three would have ground out the result but when where not playing well we dont have enough players that can save us 3 points. When we are playing well were unstoppable but we cant play like that all season no team can. Unless we start spending some money on world class players were not going to keep up with the other three and we will be fighting for 4th with liverpool and spuds.

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  10. Gooner Cape Town

    Jovetic, Huntelaar or Llorente in Jan, plus a serious mean Dm who can link with Santi and also a top class keeper.

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  11. bashman

    firstly walcott is far better you cant even compare one is full international and has been for a long time and also has been a regular in the first team far longer and more consistantly than the other

    @joe only player you mentioned who is world class is VP mayb aguero mayb rooney. i mean torres? nani? nasri? kagawa? none of them are world class even vermaelen scored more goals than torres last season and hes a defender if you didnt know

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  12. Red DB 10

    Walcott by a country mile.
    not greedy with the ball
    better finisher

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  13. stephen187

    Prefer walcott over sturridge…walcott will be good as long as he is played up front

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  14. neil moxon

    No contest keep Walcott just put him up front,who scored against norwich,if Walcott had have been fit im sure things would have been diffrent for us.

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    For me if we was trying to make a top class team trying to attempt to win everything then we should not have sturridge or walcott has both are only average playesrs

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  16. Gooner

    3-5-2 with 2 CDM’s in Midfield M’Vila+Diaby Then Cazorla+Wiltshire+Arteta then variations between Podloski+Giroud+Walcott+Gervinhio as the front 2 With Kos+Verminator+Mertz at the back. Then switch to their usual formation depending on the team they are playing against. They should use 3-5-2 against mid table and lower teams, then they would capatalise more on their attacking chances

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  17. Whilshere

    Jux gv theo wat he want n d board shud stop lvin in d past….nowadays no money no trophy#take dat 4rm me.

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  18. artillary

    Y WALCOTT should go?????????????? U must say GEVINHO OR STURIDGE, tht make some sense to me……

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  19. Gooner

    I think Walcott should stay let him have a few goes as a centre forward, if someone did come in to replace him it would have to be Remy although I would potentially say that Remy would probs be a better replacement for possibly Gervinho. Gervinho may be Arsenal’s top goal scorer this season but he wastes so many chances by being offside or passing a ball to make it go offside, or holding on to the ball too long and not crossing it. He costs Arsenal too many chances personally, if one of the current strikers had to go (excluding Chamach etc) it would have to be Gervinho. The premeir league is going to be too tough for him

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  20. ceezee

    Blah Blah Blah… Walcot is faster & Ñøt selfish.. U̶̲̥̅̊ all make me wanna puke..U̶̲̥̅̊ lads need 2 go see ǻ therapist & while U̶̲̥̅̊ @ it.. Pick up theo! Sturridge(BOLTON’s MESSIAH) posses all ð characterics of ǻ gud stricker / winger but as far as i’m concern, he aint gud enough 2 play as a gunner.. THEO is a capital Project Failure.
    I L♥√ع technical & gifted players, the spanish & germans r presently ð best 2 that effect..Ñøt the french or english lads.
    Isco/lopez/reus & ð german messi..they r natural talent! With an excellent brain of CREATIVITY! Wenger & ð 4kn board should invest more i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ ð german & spanish elites…aii! gunaz f8ful 4 life.

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  21. Ashley

    why do people just write without thinking on here. 442 formation is so outdated and least creative formation any manager worth his stock can defend against it. e.g fullbacks mark opp wingers, wingers mark and advancing fullbacks, cm mark cm and cb mark cb. if you think 442 is the answer to arsenal problem you are truely mistaken you only have to ask yourself how many top teams play this formation and you will realise how silly that statement was. secondly how does a 442 help arsenals problem with an abundance of CM’ rosicky, arteta, wislhere, cazorla, diaby, ramsey, frimpong, coequlin im sure ive missed someone so do 2 of these play week in and the other 5 just do what exactly they cant even all fit on the bench. seriously think before you type

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  22. Mr Lean

    after losing rvp and song we cannot afford to lose walcott unless he is replaced first

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  23. Dan

    Adam Johnson – we missed a trick there. He can actually sprint and beat players at the same time. Something Theo hasn’t learnt yet.

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  24. me

    send theo to chelsea.. why dont you give them wenger too. theo is our secret weapon against chelsea. i dont want sturridge nor lopez. just want a healthy, sharp, consistent theo walcott

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  25. Invincibles nice (1)

    I think that it is a difficult one as with Walcotts attributes he could/should be awesome and a much more frightening prospect for any defensive unit, i think when in on goal at times they look evenly matched but in seeing theo struggle in finding room on our wing for a number of years i would have to say Sturridge would get the nod as a striker in a front three as he is more adept at finding space and looks a very useful striker

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  26. roth

    Theo doesn’t need to leave the club,I think we should keep someone like him who has been at the club for about 6 years.wenger tested gervinho up front but not walcott,not sure why.keep theo and forget about sturridge.

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  27. sulaimon teslim

    Dey re more 2 say dan sturridge comin in,get a winger dat is creative,dat can bring down strong defenses.most is be sturridge or sendin theo out

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  28. chickso

    i know gervinho is frustrating but dont forget the tonnes of frustration that walcott used to pile on us before the west ham match. i know walcott is a better finisher than gervinho but remember it dosen’t walcott wont get through balls every match. he will need to find his way past defenders most of the times. and thats where he is poor. sometimes he runs and leaves the ball behind. im not saying gervinho is better. add chamberlain in the mix as a winger. IMO all 3 are at par. they cant consistently beat their markers. all chamberlain does is win throw ins if he tries to beat his marker while gervinho and walcott go past their markers at the 4th attempt or so. but i would prefer any of the 3 to sturridge. get sturridge is not an improvement at all. he is just above average. why go for him if we can afford Lopez or Falcao or Llorente. these are the players that will make arsenal tittle contenders. in the meantime with the likes of gervinho, walcott, ramsey, not-fully-developed-chamberlain, girould lets not put our hopes too high and lets support them.

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  29. Anderson

    Lets be serious! this is what Wenger and the Management are doing to ensure Arsenal has gone to relegation. I am seeing the reason RVP said there is lack of ambition at Emirates. this is true. good players of which Arsenal is able to keep and pay are leaving to her rivals. how can Arsenal fight 4 the title if Emirates is strengthening her rivals with its best players? lets Wenger and management keep key players. Just give Walcoat what he is asking. the guy is brilliant he plays well and Wenger wake up man. this Ideology of telling us that so and so wanted to leave and you had little to do over it should cease. after all watch out next you will be on the exit. tired of your lame excuses.

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  30. true goon

    sturridge is much more skillful,an technically gifted than theo,that is without queastion.Because theo has more caps doesnt prove anything look at james milner he has more caps than sturridge,but i knowwho i would prefer.sturridge has more chance of making it thru the middle than walcott because he is more skillful and almost as quick.But to be honest neither player is the answer to our problem,we need some world class players upfont and in midfield along with cazorla.If we had enuff money i would say keep theo and buy sturridge aswell to strenghten the squad and replace chamakh,and go an buy a world class player,but this wont happen.
    So forgat sturride,buy a proven striker like llorente,and keep walcott.
    3-5-2 is a clever formation to play but i dont think it will work cos the players at the back aren’t used to it.Man city tried it but their players arent comfortable with it an they used it in preseason.

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  31. Joe

    @Bashman im a die hard Arsenal fan and only Cazorla would get into any of them three teams attacking 4. Vp + Rooney are world class you cant deny that Nani and valencia are far more effective then our wingers. Fair play torres hasn’t been great but he looks like he’s hitting form again and Hazard + Mata are world class without a doubt. Your also trying to say silva isn’t world class or Aguero? Come on i know your an Arsenal supporter but open your eyes the other three teams have far more attacking talent then we do.

    Im not saying our players are bad at all i believe they are very good on there day but we need match winners in our team why did man city win? because they could bring a class striker of the bench who netted twice and got them three points you can’t see that happening with any player we have on the bench.

    But to get these players you need to spend big bucks and they want to be surrounded by players of simular ability. Like i said we seem to far behind the other three not in terms of points but in terms of determination and fight we dont look like a team that believes we can win the league.

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  32. spendah

    without doubt walcott any day everyday, in ever aspect walcott is way better than sturridge by a thousand miles

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  33. bashman

    @joe all this is hype from the media and fans buy it media tells you silva is a world class player and yu believe it but if you look at some stats you’d be surprised. silva is a good player but there are a dozen other players who can do what he does and who are much younger than he is. as for mata and hazard very good but world class? they have to continue for some time to get that status in my eyes.

    for me world class players are players who are irreplaceable for example messi ronaldo xavi iniesta these are players who will be remembered long after they retire and talked along side the greats your pele zidane etc there arent many of them infact there are only 2 but i suppose everyone has their own benchmark

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  34. Va va voom

    Theo’s game is about movement…Gervinho is about dribling… sturidge.. neither… he has a bit of a skills and shoot a lot… thats it… Trust me.. Theo will find more space than those two… hes problem though will be his lack of aerial threat and he cant hold on to the ball…but in build up play.. hes way better than the sturidge and gervinho….Both are selfish by the way…if Theo was as selfish as sturidge… he might have scored around 20..who knows ? how many EPL winger reach a double figure for two consecutive season and provide assit that also reach double figure..

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