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Arsenal Debate: WHY does Jack Wilshere keep getting injured?

The Arsenal injury curse and Jack Wilshere’s personal nightmare goes on and on. Young Jack was the subject of yet another crunching tackle as he sprinted into the Man United penalty area last week, and it has resulted in another operation on his left ankle.

Most papers reported that Wilshere would miss three months even if he didn’t need to go under the surgeons knife, but now it could be even an longer period if rehabilitation.

The Gunners have now confirmed the bad news on the official webste. The report said: “Jack Wilshere has had successful surgery on his left ankle and will be out for approximately three months.

“The England international sustained the injury to his ankle ligaments during the Premier League match with Manchester United on Saturday at Emirates Stadium.

“An assessment with a specialist confirmed the need for an operation and the 22-year-old had successful surgery to his ankle in London on Thursday afternoon.”

“Jack will now commence his injury rehabilitation programme with the Arsenal medical team.”

As every Arsenal fan knows, an estimate of thee months from Arsenal is going to be far from accurate going on past performance, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he only just came back at the very end of the season to help us snatch fourth place.

Now we should look at WHY Wilshere gets injured so much? It is easy to blame the opponents who hack him down, but as I said after the Man United game, Jack does his utmost to to wind up his opponents and has been known to do his fair share of crunching and mis-timed tackles himself, mostly ending up with Jack being more in pain than his victims!

At 22 years of age, shouldn’t Wilshere have learned to control his temper and the art of fair tackling?

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21 thoughts on “Arsenal Debate: WHY does Jack Wilshere keep getting injured?

  1. Dee@ease

    He gets injured so much because he runs with the ball into opponents instead of releasing the ball and playing the passing game with his team mates

    1. Dee@ease

      Fully agreed Wilshere has done Jack for Arsenal this season we are better off with him injured as soon as he’s out we beat Dortmund next up we’ll beat West Brom without him!

  2. Matt

    He’s instructed by Wenger to run at the defence and draw the fouls in whereas for England, he’s instructed to play deeper and ping the balls around which is much more productive way for him to play, yes he’s injury prone and it frustrates me that he, among the rest of our players, is delicate. However, it was an awful tackle from Paddy McNair on Jack the other day and he was lucky he didn’t break his ankle to be fair, it was just a nasty tackle, that’s nothing to do with him being delicate or injury prone.

    1. Trudeau

      I’m sure it was Hoddle who said that Jack would probably get less injuries playing in a deep role as he would be less likely to try to take on players. Would be interesting to see how many of his injuries are from getting tackled.

    2. NY_Gunner

      It was a late tackle also. Fellaini didn’t help matters none either. Any player would have crumbled under that hit…

  3. 007

    OT: Heehe, but King Henry told L’Equipe as he considers retirement in the nearest future:

    “I have not taken any decision or speculated, it’s not my thing.

    “One thing is certain: I will stay in football, to coach, to be a consultant… we’ll see. The second certainty is that I would like to see Arsenal win the Champions League.

    “Whether from near or far, it does not depend on me, but I’d sure like to help. Because this is my club and, as a player, I have not been able to give them the Champions League.”

    What a Legend, he still feels for us and is very much part of us. Wenger should try and bring in this guy to play some role at the club, he can even be an Assistant coach to our juniors and he learns his trait as a Manager or the way damn city used OUR Viera ( still bitter about him been there because w made him)

    Having a TRUE ARSENAL BLOOD in management could really pay off and who better than the king himself. (Bold is there but its like his too busy cleaning his boss’s shoes or fixing his coats zip orsomething)

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

  4. muffdiver

    ive spoke to various sources in the sport medical field regarding jack, the common consensus….
    your not ronaldinho you donut, pass the ball.

  5. 007

    Sad to see Jack getting these knocks regularly especially at his age, if he keeps going at this rate he might turn out into a Hargreaves or a Diaby (knock on wood).

    At times I feel Jack tries to do a little too much on the ball, I understand he loves the club, playing at his childhood club and his a sweetheart out there so he always wants to put in a MOTM performance but in the wrong way. What I mean is he can keep his play simple and neat and still get applauded and helps the team win knowing his injury record.

    Wenger should carefully nature this young lad, Jack’s game is still very very young (he might be married and have kids and all) but at 22 his game is still like a 16year old’s no disrespect as he normally doesn’t know when to release the ball or protect his body while on the ball. This makes him a target to other players plus him been a hothead doesn’t help his case either. The coach should sit him down help him develop. Look at Sanchez, aggressive but so far and in his previous club aswell clean as a whistle in injuries, other examples would be a Pogba, Alonso, Suarez, and many more, the difference is there play is more matuer and decisive.

    But what do I know, I dint get 8m think about such!!!

    1. NY_Gunner

      Jack has a brilliant football mind. But lacks the agility/pace/dribbling skillz to carry out all his mind envisions. He should have been taught at a young age how to get the most out of his low center of gravity. Alas, that is not the English way. Not even at AFC.
      If he had been trained to use his low center of gravity better, increased his pace and modified his dribbling, he could have been up there with the Agueros, Sanchez’s and Messi’s…

  6. Glasgow Gooner Henry14

    I think sometimes our injuries are from the way we play. We have had no powerful players for a while now teams go in hard to put us off our game. We need to get stronger on the pitch and start kicking lumps out of them c@nts for a change.

  7. Twig

    I felt his last 2 injuries (for England, and for Arsenal) were avoidable. He should have seen the challenge coming and quickly released the ball or changed direction. That challenge against Utd by the way certainly deserved a red card, had the referee got a better view.

  8. mobaygunner

    I have a feeling if TH 14 was to come bk welbeck would benefit the most from it…u can watch any amount of video u want but its nothing like learning from someone who’s done it all day to day…best player to ever do it TH 14….come home brah

  9. mobaygunner

    Jack on the other hand is jack being stupid..if he aint learn by now that charging into 50/50 whrn its not necessary will get u months out then he’s stupid…there’s a deference in talking and being careless…he can still keep his aggressive style bit sometime u just gotta say ok…I wont with that 50/50 but imo win this second ball tho…him running into mcneir was reckless it brought us nothing yes it was a good tackle but he asked for that….play hard jack but also play smart….I dont iniesta runing into people..but joey barton do…who u wanna be like jack..ask urself that question

  10. ruelando

    Strange enough i thought it was the best position for jack to play behind the main forward and he was actually having a good game and it was a tackle that deserve a red card, the second the tackle was made i said to my bro who was watching with me jack is gone.

    Grant you i felt it is favoritism that allowed him and ramsay back into a squad when neither were fully fit to play, however the fun people are making of the matter in wilshere being injured is absolutely sickening, to be injured and nor able to do what you love is one of the most painful thing in the wworld and should not be made light of.

  11. SoOpa AeoN

    He (Jack wiLshere) sure Loves running into a wall of pLayers…….. Who runs into a wall without getting injured?

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