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Arsenal Debate – Will Giroud become a world class striker?

Why Giroud will not become a world class striker by KJ

I’ve been analysing yesterday’s game (Arsenal vs Everton) and have paid special attention to Giroud. He has been very inconsistent this season and although some may feel he’s finally coming good, I have my doubts.

He came to Arsenal on the back of winning the French title with Montpellier. He’s a late bloomer and hence you’d expect his peak years to come a little later than others. However, I feel like his peak years won’t even compare to the likes of Van Persie or Falcao.

Against Everton yesterday he demonstrated all the things wrong with his game. He failed to effectively use his height against their defenders. He would get most of the headers but would head it into a safe area for Everton rather than flicking it on for Walcott/Cazorla/Ramsey or controlling it himself to start an attack. On the other side, Fellaini was demonstrating how to use your height as he bullied our midfield and back line.

The next weakness was his inability to control the ball with his feet. He is frankly shocking at dribbling and constantly loses the ball in key positions. The likes of Van Persie, Rooney, Aguero, Tevez and Suarez are at the top of their games because of their ability to craft a chance out of nothing. This comes from being very good with your feet. You could trust RVP in tight positions because of his good ball control. Giroud’s lack of technical ability is one of the reasons why I feel the midfield has been struggling as well. We fail to keep possession effectively as our attacking line really isn’t suited to our midfield play at the moment.

The final weakness of his game that was exploited was how easily he is drawn out of position. It must be frustrating to not have the ball and hence it’s easy for you to be drawn into the midfield, however, he’s very ineffective in those positions because of the reasons I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

I really hope Giroud makes it at Arsenal as he has the makings to be a world class striker. However, there are some key areas where he lacks that will make it difficult for him to be a 25-30 goal a season striker. What are you thoughts, Gooners?

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68 thoughts on “Arsenal Debate – Will Giroud become a world class striker?

  1. gooner

    Aaah and yet again it is bob who is here to critize everything about my beloved team!

    at the top of the post it says by KJ

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  2. Gunner

    He can but he really needs better service. Through the middle like rvp last year. Coyg

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  3. Alex

    We dont need a striker like llorente or huntelaar, they are too similar to giroud. We need a beast of a striker. City have Tevez and Aguero, united have rooney, robinshit and we have none. We need someone like cavani, falcao, lewandowski etc.

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  4. cooleddy

    I totally agree with your observations plus have you noticed how poor his anticipation of long balls directed at him from the goalkeeper. He always seem to be already in the air while the ball has not yet got to him only to miss the ball entirely at the moment when contact should be made.

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  5. Gunner254

    Anytime I see Giroud he has his back turned against the goalpost..he tries to push off the defender or flick a pass and 90% of the time this technique doesnt work..Im not sure his right fot work coz hisalways trying to position himself to hit the ball with his left foot and thats why he keeps missing..i agree his dribbling is terrible..we need a striker who can create chances and run into open space.

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  6. Travis Bickle

    19 app(not all starts) – 9 goals – 7 assists

    First season in BPL, you are comparing him to RVP 9 years BPL experience, Falcao is in his second in Spain 4th in Europe. Before these 2 draws Giroud had scored 5 goals in 5 games.

    Have some PERSPECTIVE, you cannot rate a player on ONE performance. ESPECIALLY when the WHOLE team was not playing well! Giroud is performing admirably, and one thing is for certain, he is still adjusting.

    I don’t think Giroud can be world class, but he can be a solid striker, who you can depend on for scoring goals. HE IS NOT flair striker, like RVP, Henry, Aguero, Tevez etc. etc. He can be compared to Huntelaar, Adebayour, Dzecko etc. etc.

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  7. Nigerian Gooner

    I totally agree,he s a slow player dat can’t create chances for himself. He s a good header of the ball quite alright but ure not gonna get whipped in crosses all d time,but to me I have my doubts.

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  8. James







    strting 11:

    cazorla gotze walcott

    wilsher mvila

    gibbs verm koscielny sagana


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  9. Nigerian Gooner

    Maroune Chamakh s a good header of d ball too, dnt see much diff btw him n giroud,he needs more than dat to succeed as a Top striker

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  10. ripple

    He probably won’t becoming world class in the sense that most people think of. In reality he is a great player but is not a striker that can create goals on his own. Ideally he would be a number 2 striker on a top team like Arsenal used to be.

    That is not to say he won’t be a great player – he has already shown these positives.

    1. When given service in the box he attacks the ball and can be deadly on goal – just requires good service.

    2. He also has an instinct for assists like the little flip he gave to Podolski in the Spurs game.

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  11. Naveen

    Your contradicting yourself..saying you hope he becomes a world class striker yet your doubting his abilities.. I think your analysis is poor & based one game. You need to watch his game more then once to come to proper conclusion. I’ve been watching him since last year in Ligue 1. His movement is top class but not world class.. as you rightly said he is a late bloomer.. so give him some time. I think he’s done very well since he’s been at Arsenal he’s been our MOTM a few games (against westham and schalke away). He will never be like van persie or falcao! Because he’s not a poacher but a target man.. One thing i find poor in his game is his speed for a ‘striker’ he is slow.. but he is a hard worker & he will fight for every ball.. giroud is usually the first person to get to the ball from goal kicks and it’s quiet hard to lay it off to someone every time tell me someone else who did that.. he’s cleared of many corners on his own with his height and has had 4-5 assist already to his name so cut him some slack… I think he’ll be a 15-20 a season striker and not your 30 and he’s more then good enough for Arsenal. oh and by the way he has a very very powerful shot with a low back lift which is quiet rare.. another one is Arshavin.. but yes, he will be a good player for Arsenal in the coming years.. remember it’s only been like 3 months… so give it time and he’ll shine.. Gooner 4 Life

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  12. mohawk35

    Giroud is not and probably won’t be fully world class. But he certainly is not one of Arsenal’s problems. Arsenal lack depth and Giroud has proven he can be a big piece in that puzzle.

    When you claim to be a top team but can’t start your backup LB and you are starting Ramsey half the time, the claim rings hollow. These realities scream to the world that Arsenal is a shadow of its recent past.

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  13. motifs

    @james you’re an idiot for sticking arteta on the bench who has basically been our most consistant player this season.

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  14. Liam Jenko

    Im sorry but to judge a player who came from the french league from a small team like montpellier, yes they won the french league but before knowone really knew who they were, to suddenly move to Arsenal and have all the pressure on filling in Robin Van Persie’s shoes.

    Personally i think he’s done a brilliant job at Arsenal 7 Goals and were not even halfway through the season, and he’s only 26 he’s not in his prime yet.

    He helped Montpellier win the league last year and was joint top scorer, just shows he can score, and his movement off the ball is brilliant for a tall striker.

    Alot of van persies goals were assisted by Alex song, we need better service from our midfields i think personally.

    Wenger signed him for a reason, i believe he will come good!


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  15. Jeff

    You muppets need to start blogging on another clubs site. No arsenal supporters writing articles on this site. Bunch of idiots and fools.

    Compare his stats to Henry in his first 3 months. What a fool.

    Rvp was horrible for 6 seasons. He came good last 2 years. Average at best before then.

    Giroud is class. Works his socks off, makes intelligent runs and has fantastic hold up link play. He can be better than rvp

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  16. James


    Wilshere is a world class player and future captain

    and capoue will add steel and physical presence to our midfield..

    Arteta is a great backup as he can motivate his team to do better but he is not ideal.

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  17. Mizz

    We NEED a defensive mid!!! Arteta is not natural in that role, and that has been evident in the last few matches. Arteta is a good player but he needs to be playing along side a proper defensive midfielder and then you will see the best of him, someone like Capoue maybe.

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  18. motifs

    you want to bench one of the top passers in the premier league who has been our only backbone until wilshere came back? Arteta should be captain before Vermaelen, he at least has presence on the field with his teammates.

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  19. The Gooner

    Still a lot to prove before he becomes world class. We have a serious issue with delivery, which is why he often needs to track back to even get a touch of the ball. Sagna’s crosses have left much to be desired since he’s come back from injury and aside from Santi, Theo and the odd Podolski cross, we can’t seem to get Giroud the ball. Santi’s also been off his game lately, but Giroud had several early season opportunities to put away some gorgeous through balls by Santi.

    I think Giroud will definitely become a top 10 striker in the PL, but world class is difficult to say at this point since he’s a late bloomer. He’s shown great touch and his ability to use his head and hold up play have been fantastic. Looks like he’s starting to dribble more, however it’s led to turnovers thus far.

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  20. Gunner254

    @ Motifs We cant afford to bench Arteta he has been one of the most consistent players this season his just playing the wrong position..He needs to get back on his attacking role and we need to buy a defensive midfielder..Victor Wanyama from Celtic would be a god fit..His style is almost similar to Song and he also has an eye for goal.

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  21. Caribgooner

    Let’s face it giroud is a point man and we don’t really respect those at arsenal.we prefer the technical type.However don’t come with the idea that he won’t become world class.(Explain why Mario Gomez scores so often.simple.its because bayen muchen have guys who can cross )Giroud is a good point man.the problem is arsenal players CANNOT cross even if their lives depended on it.last season I remember van persie having to play so deep on many occasions because of our crappy midfield.Blame don’t buy a cart without a can’t buy point man whose strength is in the air but no winger.wenger buy players and destroy them.the list is long:ashavin,chamack,arteta….and the least goes on

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  22. The Gooner

    @ James, Arteta is class, he’s so versatile in any role he plays and has been fantastic for us in the holding midfield position this year. His range of passing and vision are spectacular and he’s very responsible defensively. The only thing we lack is a competition for places. Arteta, like every football player, needs the occasional rest. In addition, Arteta is starting to get older so it’d be nice to have a young back-up/alternative being mentored by him. For those reasons, and those reasons alone, I would agree that another defensive mid should be added to the team. Players like Capoue and Wanyama would be great since they offer a physical and aerial presence that we don’t currently have. The issue would be how much playing time they’d command since Arteta clearly deserves to start.

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  23. Big Gun

    Giroud is good in he box and air, and that’s about it. Don’t expect him to chase or dribble and score. I agree with Alex that we need a terrier up front, a Rooney or Tevez type player, that chases everything and is pacey. This is why playing Giroud as a lone striker is futile. Again back to the drawing board Wenger, your lack of tactics, strategy and formation is costing us. Giroud would do well in a 4 2 4 formation, or if playing 4 3 3, have a decent out and out LW and RW. Walcott is the only one capable it seems of assisting Giroud. We need a left footed Walcott on the LW. I feel Giroud will only improve, but if played in our current formation, he will only starve.

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  24. villa123

    just wanna ask the writer of this article.. how may decent crosses where made last night from our wingers and full backs. hardly one.. that too from walcott and girourd almost scored. he may be slow but he make it up with his heading ability. if we played arshavin last night.. girourd would have got atleast two or three good crosses. instead of pointing finger on girourd, tell wenger to field some decent players instead of forehead and his beloved ramsey who couldnt even make one cross in whole game.

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  25. arsene

    arsene wenger made a big mistake to buy giroud,I dont see the difference between him and chamakh, he cant even control the ball properly,technically is very bad. he is not fitting in arsenal play,if arsene wenger can get cavani (napoli striker) will be the best transfer .

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  26. Caribgooner

    On that CDM issue,Wenger won’t buy one.if he buys one that would mean either dropping Arteta or Ramsey.Now let’s face it no team in their right would drop Arteta so that would leave Ramsey.So rather than drop the useless Ramsey he rather not buy a CDM and destoy Artetas career.

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  27. john 3:16

    We’ve got 6 league games in December. 4 at home… Swansea, West Brom, West Ham and Newcastle. And 2 away… Reading and Wigan. I think we should be getting more than 12 points at the very least and hopefully all 18! And in the cup competitions i expect us to beat Bradford away and reach the semi-finals of the league cup and as for the champions league, it would nice to win the group but i think we will finish 2nd and hopefully avoid Barcelona in the last 16 this time! And as for the January transfer window, i think the squad does need some strengthening but i’m sure our league position and injury situation at that time will determine if we will buy any players and in what positions.

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  28. ynk1307

    believe it or believe it not, he isnt even better than chamakh. Chamakh has a much better technic and is as good as giroud in the air..
    Chamakh started his arsenal career with 11 goals in 15 games (and took 4 penalties cause he was fouled because of his good technics in the box)
    Girouds advantage is his physical strength

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  29. Henry

    I definitely rate Giroud! He has done a great job for the club so far, especially when you consider who he is having to replace. Yeah he might not be the greatest dribbler or be the quickest but he brings so much more to team than that. He’s great in the air, he has fantastic movement, a good left foot and he is always committed! We definitely haven’t seen the best of him yet and that can only be good for The Arsenal! Having said that we still need another quality CF to ease the pressure!

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  30. AfricaSkill

    never…? 2 or 3 years ago he played in french’s third league

    montpellier was just a period of luck und overconfidence
    arsene must play theo as a central striker, cazorla left, ox right, und middle rosicky
    believe me

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  31. john 3:16

    I’d like to see us buy Yanga-M’Biwa, Capoue and Huntelaar in the January transfer window. And keep Walcott!

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  32. BPAix

    why didn;t wenger splash 20 mil for liorente in summer instead of spending 12 on giroud?
    liorente is so much better than him…

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  33. IJM

    He’s a good #2 striker. And who knows maybe he becomes great. We still need an in-form, consistent goal scorer, who can beat players off the dribble. OG is a good “plan B”.
    And like I’ve always said, Arteta is class but intimidates nobody. We need a “class enforcer” so to speak.
    AW we need 1 great ST and 1 great DM. And you can buy your kids for all our other needs.

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  34. GunMan

    Giroud is a decent striker but i agree he lacks technique on the deck and he should attempt to control the ball more often than flicking it on. However, he has some deft touches for example the flick for Podolski’s wonder goal and other assists to note.
    Also, the quality of service is know way near as good as it was last year for RVP. The dynamics of the team have changed and so has the quality of service to our main striker. I think with the right service and not to much to think about, Giroud will flourish and score plenty of goals!!!!

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  35. awhy

    the point is he can never be a world class in an arsenal team but in a team like chelsea he can, we play through the middle and not flank we play the technic and he lacks dat,the problem is having with arsenal is wht ibrahim had in barcelona they don’t play with target man like arsenal so that problem 4 us and we try to change our game 4 him which is spoiling our beautiful game 4 nw i don’t blm him i blm the buyer (wenger) i had he nearly refuse the purchase and buy adrian lopez instead but is to late 4 him.

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  36. davidrusa

    I always get amused by the term world class! Whose world are we talking about? Who is a world class player? How does one qualify to be a world class player? I can agree that Messi and Ronaldo are world class strikers because they have won accolades in form of world player of the year. All other players can be said to be top players or just good. Why should anyone imagine that Van Persie who has never won anything is better than Giroud who won the French league with a very small club and his contribution was one of the most remarkable? Emotions don’t make somebody world class, maybe England class! When we talk of world class is it out of our own imagination or empirical evidence? How many times did Van Persie score more than 20 goals with Arsenal. Let commentators learn to do justice to their job rather than exhibiting their misguided emotions. i therefore completely disagree with Bob’s subjective analysis. Next time let him be a little more objective and less emotional!

    it was by KJ not Bob

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  37. true goon

    i think he could become world class,but that would take a couple of years minimum

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  38. Salman

    edin dzeko : 7 goals 1 assist in 18 matches

    olivier giroud : 7 goals 5 assists in 21 matches

    fernando torres : 7 goals 0 assists in 22 matches

    luis suarez : 13 goals 2 assists in 20 matches

    klass jan huntelaar : 9 goals 3 assists in 19 matches

    karim benzema : 7 goals 5 assists in 19 matches

    robin van persie : 12 goals 4 assists in 18 matches

    edinson cavani : 15 goals 0 assists in 16 matches

    randamel falcao : 14 goals 1 assist in 14 matches

    zlatan ibrahimovic : 14 goals 7 assists in 17 matches

    robert lewandowski : 14 goals 3 assists in 21 matches

    charlie austin (burnley) : 20 goals 0 assists in 20 matches

    mario mandzukic : 12 goals 0 assists in 18 matches

    roberto soldado : 9 goals 0 assists in 18 matches

    fernando llorente : 2 goals 3 assists in 16 matches

    fabio quagliarella : 9 goals 1 assist in 14 matches

    eto’o : 13 goals 4 assists in 23 matches

    king henry : 15 goals 0 assists in 27 matches

    david villa : 8 goals 1 assist in 16 matches

    diego milito : 7 goals 5 assists in 19 matches

    giroud might not be world class at the moment, but hes getting there..

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  39. Oguntuase Amos

    People just write anything because they just wanted to be heard. Giroud is on course. He is adapting. He is better than Walcott because he assists the defence unlike Walcott and Arshavin who are defensive liabilities. It took RVP 7 years and Walcott same length of time to come through What Arsenal is passing through is a temporary blip because of instability due to recurrent injuries to vital players and also the new arrivals that are yet to blend very well. It is bad that we write off these players too quickly especially if they are non English. Why could we not be patient with then as we did for RVP & Walcott? What is good for one player is good for the other. If a player like Charmach has got opportunities as much as Walcott had, he would have proved himself.

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  40. Tabbara

    You know what arsenal need : gotze ( 30 million clause )
    cavani (whatever he costs ) and then we will be invincibles

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  41. ERG

    Good points made KJ I pretty much agree with what you have said about Giroud.
    He has one massive plus on his side he works really hard for the team and i always feel like hes busting his gut for the team.
    A player with that type off attitude can improve unlike the arrogant Mario Balotelli.
    Giroud isnt a typical Wenger signing but with another addition added maybe in january a player with different attributes will add depth to our front line.
    Il pass proper judgment after the season is up.

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  42. Aussie Jack

    “Will Giroud become a world clas striker”? NO…he does not have the eye of the tiger.

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  43. stephen

    Giroud is a stand striker who needs service i dont really see were all the criticisms comes from if in an entire game the most creative midfeild cast has only 2 crosses to their main striker what more impact does any one expect. the fact is Giroud will strife on crosses unfortunately all our wide men seem to have slumbered off funny no one mentions the impact of Garzola and Arteta in the Everton Game but we look for one simple scape goat.

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  44. Gunner

    I agree with those who support Giroud, he is a good player, physical, and a real fighter. He has great touch off’s as well and knows where the goal is. A couple of guys said it best.
    He needs wingers to provide him with service, Arsenal have a collection of guys who say they are wingers, or who are playing as wingers but, so far they have not been good enough. Chamberlain, Podolski, Arshavin,and Gervinho are all contenders, the problem with all is that I’m not sure any of them are good enough to be titled ‘Winger’. Take the left for example, Gervinho is very effective there when he just plays that role. Problem with him is he wants to drift right, go down the middle etc and he is hot and cold in the middle, and simply not as good down the right! He was effective last year at wide left when he ran at people and crossed in for RVP. This year he and Wenger have got too ‘creative’ playing him in the other places instead of concentrating on left and developing his game for that.He also tends to over elaborate and is a classic inconsistent forward. Giroud needs the kind of service TW and Gervinho gave RVP last year. If he got that he would be good for about 2/3 of RVP goal tally.

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  45. Hafiz Rahman

    haha nothing new…Giroud is not a big name do not have 30m therefore will not be considered world class yet by some of you sales bots…..

    RVP took 8 years to become one….

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  46. Salvage

    Thats only if Wenger will let him. The current Wenger destroys players. I said over a month ago on this site that soon Carzola, Podolski, etc would start looking ordinary in our eyes. Its starting to happen. I also said that if you bring Falcao here, soon he too will start looking ordinary as wenger is totally clueless on how to use players and get the best of them. Is it not the same Vela that didnt get any joy from Wenger that is a regular at Sociedad? What of Park who started only one EPL match for us? Is he not part of the mainstay at Celta Vigo? What of Arshavin? Does anyone here rememember when Arshavin arrived here? Everyone called Arshavin useless at the middle of last season but we all saw him at the Euros orchestrating things from the middle. Even Chamackh that everyone is lambasting, do you guys remember when he first arrived, that he was actually filling in for VP when he got injured and was scoring goals till VP came back and Wenger immediately dumped him somewhere. Wenger cant get the best of anyone right now. The only way for us is a change.

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  47. Simon K Williams

    He’ll never be RVP or Falcao – but he can be a 15-20 goal a season striker

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  48. arsenal4eva

    he can be a top striker, provided he is help byb his team mates (creating chances!!)

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  49. Josh

    i would play 2 at the front, with Giroud as 2nd striker and walcott/podolski as 1st striker

    Giroud has been brilliant I believe this year, he has quickly adapted to the english game and when you’re gonna have to replace RVP any striker in the world would have a tough time.

    9 Goals, 7 Assists, not a lot of strikers coming into the EPL from France can do that

    Giroud would be a great 2nd striker, its clear he can find and assist other teammates (podolski goal v montpellier) and he can make plays happen, and score as well

    line up:

    giroud walcott


    wilshere (fellaini maybe? love to see him there)

    gibbs merte verm sagna/jenkinson (been brilliant this year)


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  50. Pierrot

    Any world-class striker relies on world-class service. Giroud has shown that he can bang them in if he gets the right service. But look at how many chances our midfielders have created for him in the last two games? We were poor going through the middle and how many times have we seen Gibbs and Sagna fluff their crosses. Only Walcott has shown this season that he can deliver good crosses and Giroud almost headed one in during the Everton game. Also, I’d like to see Cazorla and Ramsey try to play Giroud in instead of shooting at goal because let’s be honest, 95% of their shots are really wide off the mark.

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  51. Banga

    Funny how opinions change so quickly. Bottom line is we need 4-5 world class players. A striker better than Giroud. A defensive midfielder. A center back like Hummels. A winger like Bale. And an upgrade on Santi as Rosicky is getting near retirement. The goal for the next couple seasons should be shedding the dead weight aka squid, santos, park, chamakh, bendtner…etc. And adding world class quality. If you want to win in this league you need a team full of world class quality.. Fabregas, Clichy, and Nasri really messed this team up because our team was ready to take the next with a couple more strong signings but instead they left and left a huge hole for Wegner.


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  52. craig2500

    A striker needs service and the team to play to his strengths. I dont remember RVP scoring 30 a season until one particular season he was given those two tools.

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  53. craig2500

    Theres a big difference between world class and someone who can score goals, The Premiership has had many strikers that would never be put in a world 11 but have managed 20 goals or more per season in the perm. Kevin Phillips, Defoe, Le Tissier even. Sick of Arsenal fans just shouting names as if big signings will change things and in the process demeaning players that have come to Arsenal worked hard and so far not done anything wrong. For me Giroud is not to blame for where we are.

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  54. Top Gunner

    Never. His weaknesses are:
    1. He does not have the skill to penetrate defence on his own.
    2. He is slow
    3. He gets lost easily cannot play “Arsenal way”

    Strength: Only good in the air like Adebayor

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  55. heru

    i think Giroud is a world class player..he just need more quality pass from the mildfield and flank. And giroud isn’t same with rooney, aguero, tevez, or Van Persie. He is Classic Target Man. Like Raul and Van Nistelrooy. Remember, he still 5 months in Premier League. Van Persie needs 8 years became to World Class Striker. So I think Giroud can be World Class Striker, if…we always support him.

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  56. Peter Bangura

    Geroud will be a big threat in the league next season. He scored equal goals the time Henry came in Arsenal in his very first time in the league. He position himself well in dangerous areas. All he needs is a better mid field like RVP.

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