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Arsenal Debate – Wilshere to START against Swansea?

Arsenal v Swansea will be the last of the next round of Premier League games, so when Garry Monk brings his team to the Emirates on Monday night, Arsene Wenger and the players will know exactly where we stand. Man United travel to Crystal Palace on the Saturday and anything less than a win will almost certainly mean that Arsenal will finish higher than fourth.

We don´t know if this would have any effect on Wenger´s team selection for the Swans but I suspect it might make him a bit more likely to hand some game time to some lesser used players or those coming back from injury. There is a good case to be made for the likes of Danny Welbeck, Gabriel, Chambers, Gibbs and Rosicky but the man I would most like to see start is Jack Wilshere. He could come in for Ramsey or Cazorla who have both been brilliant but we do not need any more proof of that.

The boss has a big decision to make about the England international, however, and it would really help if he could see a decent amount of Wilshere on the pitch rather than just in training. And from the way the 23-year old exploded into the game at Hull on Monday, Jack is well aware that he needs to make up for lost time.

It looked like the Jack of old and if he really is getting that old form back then Arsenal have just been handed a massive boost to our hopes of retaining the FA Cup this year and winning the EPL trophy the next. Swansea have nothing to play for and are more of a technical side than a get-stuck-in one, so I think this game could be great for Wilshere and that could be great for Arsenal.

Would you start him against Swansea?

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24 thoughts on “Arsenal Debate – Wilshere to START against Swansea?

  1. muffdiver

    he looked good when he came on,

    but no , stick to the winning formula- we have been on a tremendous run

    we want second place- no time for risks

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    1. ArnSam

      Stop throwing wilshere in our faces….fabregas plays one season @chelsea and has more assists than wilshere has managed in so many years @Arsenal.
      I would prefer walcot on the right but raksey as been an assurance of goals n that makes t more tight 4me 2decide but not wilshere

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  2. Hafiz Rahman

    No….that will send a bad signal to the rest

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  3. Gunner

    If he starts who’s place does he take???
    he should start from bench – AW should access game and then see where he fits in..

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  4. zhord49

    He shouldn’t start, no. AW would probably bring him on with 10-20mins left…that’s if we’re ahead. I hope Walcott gets some minutes too.

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  5. Dee@ease

    No he doesn’t deserve to start,Ramsey all day everyday ahead of Wilshere!

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  6. galen

    jack is quality and only a player like him can miss 5 month of football and glide pass premier league players. Fans who think he should be sold to city are absolutely mental. Its good to have him in the squad and at the disposal of the manager. But he is not ready to start. Teams are picked based on form. Except if rambo had a bad injury which am hoping is not the case. To be honest the tackle by hoddelston looked really bad. I was really surprised Rambo played on.

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  7. Skandalouz

    I think Cazorla needs 1 or 2 games rest if we want him at 100% at the FA Cup. Sure, give Jack a go against Swansea he’ll do fine against them.

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    1. Gunner

      11 May – Swansea City (h)
      17 May – Arsenal (a)
      20 May – Sunderland (h)
      24 May – West Brom (a)
      30 May – FA Cup Aston Villa
      Wilshere should start the Sunderland game and give Carzola rest there.

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      1. Skandalouz

        Fair enough, I just thought Swansea at home is a ‘safer’ game to rotate than vs relegation battling Sunderland, but that’ll do aswell. If we win the Sunderland game I would love Wenger to optimalise starting XI fitness for the WBA game, which will be about peanuts for us hopefully

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        1. Gunner

          Just chose Sunderland game, cause of rest time in-between games…Quite a few players might require some rest with us playing 3 games in 8 days before the FA cup final.

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      2. josh37

        It’s not just Cazorla who needs a rest. Sanchez, Ramsey and Coquelin have been playing a lot of games too. We need players to be fresh for United and the cup game. Big chance to beat United twice at Old Trafford in one season. That would be huge

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  8. butters

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  9. davidnz

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    1. josh37

      who cares?? is it your money?? why do you even support sports at all if you have the time free to add up players wages? You’re aware we can only field 11 players at one time yeah?

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  10. Ozymandias

    Swansea are a decent outfit and should prove a good test. We need to keep this great run going so I would not make many changes but agree that some lesser used players need more game time either as starters or subs. Personally I would like to see both Jack and Theo get some decent time on the pitch.

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  11. false9

    Why fix it if its not broken… I would rather we play same starting lineUp until 2nd place is stamped.
    Meanwhile, Jack can only come in for Ramsey out right flank and not for Santi who is simply undroppable in his new found sexy box2box role where he dictates play from deep..a role Jack who runs/dribbles straight onto oppositions cant play.

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  12. Invincibles49

    NO! That would be blatant favoritism. If he starts, it will be at Ramsey’s cost and with one goal and on assist in the last game Ramsey deserves to keep playing. Otherwise it will hurt his morale. Sorry Jack, i have nothing against you. But you have to earn your place through the chances that you get in the future.

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  13. davidnz

    Players can not fight for
    a place from the bench.
    We don’t lose much playing
    de buchy or Gibbs or Gabriel
    or Wallcot or Wilshere.

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    MUST the Boss take any unecessary gamble that may turnout to be a mistake on the day? Was only Wilshere that impressed with his bustling runs at the KC Stadium? So too was Walcott with a bustling runs down the center of the park with Sanchez in a 2 against 2 in the very few minutes that Walcott came on. I wonder what would have happened had Sanchez released the ball in time to Walcott’s feet in the Tigers’ box, instead of his shooting the ball and missed low to the left. Maybe the net might have shook at the foot shot of Walcott. Nevertheless, those runs by Wilshere and Walcott does confirmed the two are okay to play for Arsenal. And the boss could start both for the visit of the Swans to Emirates Stadium to battle against the Gunners. But would the boss be prepared to make changes to his starting XI that have won 9 and drawn 1 in their last 10 outings, when the stake for a 2nd place finish in the table is still high? Swansea should not be underestimated. They are safe in the table, but could be spoilers as Garry Monk’s Game App Data Plan is showing as: SAVED, BUT SPOILERS SWANS STARTS. Garry Monk will be bringing his Swans outfit to the Emirates Stadium with no fears of any relegation threats in his mind. And therefore his mind is relaxed. But has a plan to inflict a damage to Arsenal quest to pick the League winners runner’s up ticket by forcing the Gunners to an unwanted draw game. The Boss and the Gunners must thus be careful of secret leaker – Fabianski, who has leaked all the secrets of the Gunners to the Swans to exploit. And they should also put a stop to the excesses of free kicks taking of Gylfi Sigurdsson and the incursions of Bafetimbi Gomis if he is now fit to play. The Boss MUST undoubtedly counter Garry Monk’s attempt to wreck a havoc at the Emirates Stadium against the Gunners by defusing Garry Mock’s Game App Data Plan with his own counter Game App Data Plan of: DESTROYING SPOILERS PLAN GUNNERS STARTS.

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  15. Uche Edochie

    Wilshere has to earn his place. Walcot, Ramsey and Rosicky have been on the bench for months now and they cannot get games. Suddenly, Wilshere comes back and he becomes an automatic starter based on what? Because he ran from one end of the pitch to the other and lost the ball as always? This kind of thinking is precisely why arsenal struggles when we shouldn’t. Field players on merit not favouritism. Wilshere is our least experienced midfielder and does not deserve to start before Ozil, Carzola, Rosicky and Ramsey.

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