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Arsenal Debate: Would you prefer David Villa, Ba or Huntelaar?

Are Arsenal in for David Villa? by KJ

It’s no secret that Arsenal are in desperate need for a striker. Giroud by all accounts has struggled to adapt and his goal scoring form is non-existent. There have been vague rumours that Arsenal are interested in the likes of Huntelaar and Ba. Huntelaar personally is an average striker at best and will be found out if we sign him. His goal scoring form although admirable should be credited to the rest of his team mates. They have to carry him as he does nothing throughout a match before netting one here or there. That’s good enough for a team that wants top 4 but not for a team that wants to contend for the title. Ba on the other hand just doesn’t really excite me. Nothing about him makes me feel “he’s a brilliant player and I’d love him at Arsenal”.

However, quite a few of the reliable people on Twitter are saying that Arsenal are interested in David Villa. Yeah that’s right, the player who’s won a Euros, a world cup, La Liga and the Champions League. He’s only just turned 31 and I feel he’s similar to Di Natale meaning he can still go for another 3 years.

What I like about Villa is that it screams ambition. He’s one of the best strikers in the world and isn’t as injury prone as people like to make out. His only real notable injury was a leg break but he’s got over that and has proved that he still has the knack for scoring this season.

Apparently Barca want to get rid of him as quickly as possible as they pave way the move of Neymar next summer. Wenger seems to be interested in him as he’ll be available for a cut price of £15m.

I’d love him at Arsenal, what about you?

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134 thoughts on “Arsenal Debate: Would you prefer David Villa, Ba or Huntelaar?

  1. Bigsix

    I would get Nani to play as a winger and move Walcott in the centre position. I am sure he ( Walcott ) can be a lethal striker if he can time both his runs (with the ball)and final passes.

    Villa is a sharp shooter but will be expensive. Ba is also good with a good scoring record in the premier.

    Lorriente might end up in ARSENAL colours due to Santi’s influence.

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  2. Dano

    1stly, why sign cup tied players? We still need to try compete in CL, so villa and huntelaar dont help. The best course of action is to keep Walcott and bring in Zaha. Increase the British contingent. At least we know Walcott, the rest will be a gamble with 5 months to go. Walcott has developed into a good striker, he still has time to improve, Zaha can play on the wing too. Keeping Walcott is NB!

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  3. AJMI

    Huntelaar is not coming obviously.. Ba is world class.. and even if villa is 31… arsene changed his transfer policy… cazorla came to arsenal at age 27…llorente is not that type of player who gets to be one of the contenders to be players of the season. Ba and villa could dominate the attack in arsenal… if we sign both, stoppila, nani, daniel alves , and zaha. this is what our formation will look like…


    verminator mrtesacker
    daniel alves gibbs



    zaha cazorla



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  4. sen

    All we need is Stevan Jovetic. He is very similar to RVP but with better dribbling quality. And try and keep Walcott. I think we already signed Stopilla Sunzu so the CB/CDM area is covered. Jovetic and Sunzu can be a difference in our season this year. COYG

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  5. elstone

    BA, BA , or Falcao this are the perfect striker that can bring result to us …

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  6. Aussie Gooner

    ba or villa for sure, Llorente and hunteaar are too similar to giroud and hence wouldn’t be a good ‘game changer’

    Whoever we get they have to be different to giroud

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  7. APC

    demba ba for me i think. can play left side if giroud plays. and hes proven prem. hes not injury prone but there is a fear his knees will go one day . who knows when tho

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  8. emma

    is arsenal desperate to get a top striker? then sign FALCAO, but in case any huntelaar or Ba will do. Giroud z flop, flop, flop if he does not show up in the next 3 matches. GOONER 4 LIFE

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  9. Super kurt

    Why is there no point in signin cup tied players? It is the prem that we are struggling in, we all know we ain’t winnin champs league, I say get the best players that we can get into top4 and make the key signins in the summer

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  10. Awesome Gunners


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  11. Okey

    I am 100% sure that Wenger is neither signing Huntlaar nor Villa because their prices and ages does not conform to Arsenal’s princeples, we are desciplined and focused. Ba and Loriente has ages on their sides and affordable.

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  12. saras

    i cant se giroud in same picture of llorente or huntler in form of tactical and speed with te ball,there 70% better than giroud who cant even turn orund with the ball. believ or not giroud is a third devison player who is capebel of missing one by one chances i have watched him carefully and his not born for arsenal. BA is flowing in PL and i thing his ambition for arsenal is enough to sign him.. villa is another Diaby no need….sharawy is axeptional and i think he can easly adapt to plml…

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  13. Monodeep

    I think Villa would be a great addition. Just can’t wait to see Villa and Giroud playing upfront..they r 2 different kinds of CFs and will surely benefit The Gunners..

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  14. Fezzo

    Right balls to huntalier forget BA looks like a gold digger llorente is the same player as giroud . Invest !!! In young striker jovetic or el shawhatshisface and tie Walcott down for 5 years play him ST give him the chance if he flops then he can whined him neck in and stay winger . All we need is a top striker and a DM . COME ON ARSENAL !!!

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  15. Scottro

    I think Villa is the best choice in the short term. Like the next 2 years. He is scoring this year at a rate of one goal per 88 minutes played and on 30% of shots taken. That is better than nearly any other teams top striker. So Villa’s form is great I just think Barca have decided to move him along because Messi will not play with him. In fact the last 2 games they played together Messi never passed to him although Villa gave Messi a beautiful ball for a tap in when Villa was subbed in late.

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  16. AdamJM

    Huntelaar is a no,y wud we want him.Villa wud be good,but his age goes against him.Ba is proven in the prem,makin him(IMO)the best option.Get Walcott to sign n play them to upfront together(classic,big physical and little pacey forwards combo).Maybe get some midfielders/wingers in like Belhanda and Holtby.As for Alves,id rather keep Sagna,besides his wages are likely to be to much for us,

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  17. elcid

    I am dutch and I read on a Dutch site that Huntelaar is not coming. He is apparently extending his contract at Schalke since he wants to play for the Dutch Squad at the WC 2014, and our coach Louis van Gaal demands that the players are in the starting line up of their club.

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  18. Jarhusanthegunner

    I’d say that David villa is the right man for Arsenal but if we get Huntelaar it’ll also be great. We need more midfielders like Isco

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  19. kunal

    4-4-2 wif giroud nd walcott/villa or ba up front nd poldi/gerv on d left nd Ox on d right…….Den Arsenal will be back to d Invincibles

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  20. Top Gunner

    No one of the above mentioned fit the bill. Villa and Klaas are around 30. Ba is not a world class striker.
    Get someone like Pato and Christian Tello

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  21. synsix

    I feel more or less the same about Ba/he might be good but he doesn’t excite me at all/he doesn’t have the Thing to be a Gunner/Huntelaar again is a poacher and I’m quite sure he wouldn’t miss as much as OG does and I think our support stuff is good enough to provide him quality assists/although i like OG 12 and think he still is a very good bet/ Villa is the one I’d go for, any given day but it’s nearly impossible to see him in London Red n Whites due to Le Proff’s transfer choices

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  22. ISH

    Wenger just try and get Villa for the 16 million that Barca apparently want, and spend the money needed to get El Shaarawy and maybe a defensive mid.
    I would consider getting rid of That fat forehead motherf###er, YES! GERVINHO! HE CAN’T EVEN FINISH HIS HAIRLINE SO HOW COULD HE FINISH A GOAL!

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