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Arsenal need two strikers – Giroud not going anywhere

Why Arsenal are sticking with Giroud by Sam P.

The final decision on the future of the Arsenal and France international centre forward Olivier Giroud does not lie with his agent, of course, but you would think that Michael Manuello would have a fairly good idea where things stand with his client and his role with Gunners.

And he seems to be pretty sure that Giroud will be playing for Arsenal once again next season, as a report by The Mirror explains, and the agent was totally dismissive of the recent Arsenal transfer rumours that suggested that the big Frenchman was going to be going in the opposite direction if Arsene Wenger could seal the deal to bring Gonzalo Higuain to the Premier League from Italy’s Serie A club Napoli.

Manuello said, “Everything I’ve read on the Giroud is not true. I personally have only said that if Arsenal want to sell him, then we will see.

“I do not know where [the Napoli story] came from.

“We never talked to them and there are no other people appointed over me that can do this. We need to clarify this.

“You always need two strikers, [injured Danny] Welbeck is out for nine months unfortunately. And it’s quite normal. If you play in a great team, it is natural that we could face strong competition.”

While it is not always a good idea to believe what a footballer’s agent says I think we can this time. Not only are his comments about a big club needing options up front very true, it is clear that our manager sees Giroud as an integral part of the Arsenal team and our style of play.

Arsenal fans may sometimes be down on our main striker, mainly due to his lack of pace and his missing of some good chances, but most of us can appreciate what he does for team on the whole. And if Wenger is determined to stick with his tactics of having a target man and a centre forward that can link the play and bring the likes of Ozil and Ramsey into play then it is hard to see why he would abandon Giroud.

We may think that different types of forwards like Griezmann and Higuain are better but who else is there we could get to do the same job that is better than Giroud?


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13 thoughts on “Arsenal need two strikers – Giroud not going anywhere

  1. funkyrith

    +1. We need 2 strikers, and dump Theo. I am convinced our board does not have the balls to offer 90m for anyone, and we dont want to send our stars to Napoli in a cash+swap deal, may be bit part players but why will Napoli take them? So as much we all like Higuain, he aint coming. So what are our next options for pure CF?Draxler is not one for that position immediately, he does not have the build. Lacazette is not that good. May be Gabigol? Milik? We dont need 18 year kids, but we dont get top strikers for 50M, which is what we can expect board will pay!!!

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  2. Robin Vanpayslip


    No wonder Wenger can’t find any strikers that can ‘improve’ the squad

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  3. SoOpa AeoN

    Counting the days until the transfer window’s shutdown for good [infact, i can’t wait]…………..

    & This is by far a much better Hobby compared to having high expectations for quality signings!

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  4. Harold

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    1. funkyrith

      Balotelli can be gr8 when he wants to, last year AC Milan vs Juve saw got him noticed again, was the best man on the pitch. But he has lost the hunger to play and prosper at the top level day in and day out. No way he is coming to Arsenal!

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      1. Harold

        With Olivier Giroud overall football rapidly deteriorating and Welbeck out for 9 months Arsenal need an immediate performer. That is, preferably someone with Premier league experience who is more than likely to have a good first season at Arsenal.

        In my opinion, Balotelli fit that description, he would be a much better buy than for instance Takuma Asano, a 22 year old, 5ft 6in flimsy frame Japanese who is not a quick as he appear to be, with limited arial ability and no presents in the box.

        Looking at the present striker situation at Arsenal, reguardless of how much Wenger pays for him if he does nothing at Arsenal this season, Takuma Asano would will count as a poor buy.

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        1. liangyu42087

          Giroud is still at his peak and given his play style he will still be at his peak for the next 2~3 seasons.

          No I dont want Balotelli in Arsenal squad, this is a team sport and the team spirit is important, I don’t want anyone that is unprofessional and undetermined regardless of how good he is, and tbh he is not that good anyway.

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  5. Arsenal_Girl

    So many forwards gone
    Gotze to Dortmund
    Hulk to Shanghai
    Ibrahimovic to United
    Janssen to spurs
    Mktharyan to United
    Batshuayi to Chelsea
    Nolito to City
    Morata staying @ Madrid
    Icardi staying at Inter

    Almost impossible: Greizmann, Lewandowski, Aubmeyang, Reus
    Possible if we fork over the money: Lukaku, Lacazette, Draxler or Mahrez
    Least acceptable: Turan, Kokorin, Barbosa, Bacca, Van persie

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    1. josh37

      Those four ‘possible’ names are pretty damn tasty though…

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  6. rkw

    a front line of draxler sanchez and mahrez would have most defences very nervous ..throw in giroud and iwobi from brench… and get ozil and cazorla to take more shooting risks …looks good to me and doable

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    1. josh37

      For 100mil ish doable… I’d take it, but would prefer lacazette/lukaku over one of them as they have experience in the striker posi which we need. Like… Now!

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