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Arsenal eyeing top-class striker for January transfer window

There are reports this morning that Arsene Wenger has instructed his Arsenal scouts to identify a top-class striker to be brought in during the January transfer window, with Fernando Llorente, Adrián López, Robert Lewandowski and Stevan Jovetic reported to be top of his wish-list.

Although Wenger has been experimenting with different players in the centre-forward role, the Frenchman has realised that only having Olivier Giroud as his only out-and-out hitman could be a negative in the second half of the season if Arsenal are going to aim to challenge on all fronts against the much deeper squads of Chelsea and the two Manchester clubs.

This report was published in the Mail and if that was the only one I may not have taken it seriously, but as the reliable Jeremy Wilson has also reported it in the Telegraph then I am assured that he has contacts within the Arsenal camp.

As the games start to come thick and fast from December, even if Giroud finally becomes a regular scorer for the team there is simply no way that he can be played in every single game and further risk the danger of injury or burnout from his first season in the Premiership, so it only logical that Wenger understands he will need a top class back-up striker (or even to supplant Giroud as first-choice starter.)

But whoever Arsenal bring in (and I think I would prefer Llorente from the above list) there is always the danger that ANY new arrival may also need time to bed in, so personally I would prefer to steal a proven Premiership scorer from one of our rivals. For me that would point me to Demba Ba, who is still vulnerable to his buy-out clause in January.

Who would you choose if you were Wenger?

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64 thoughts on “Arsenal eyeing top-class striker for January transfer window

  1. Paul

    I don’t want Demba Ba! His knee is waiting explode. Knowing our luck it would right after we sign him. I want to see Jovetic in an Arsenal shirt. He can play Carzola’s role as well. He’s young and waiting to prove himself on a bigger stage. Plus I’m sick with him on FIFA 13.

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  2. ButtFlaps

    Llorents would cost top top monies. I do not think Mr Wengers will be want to. By January Giros and Walshot will be top top top strikers and we will no need.

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  3. Coyg

    No need for a striker when we have Walcott. What we are failing to see is that if we were to buy a top rated striker we will miss out on the opportunity to see Walcott evolve into a player he has always destined to be. Some of us goners argue that he is inconsistent but you try playing, aguero, Tevez, Rooney, Ian wright, Owen, balotelli on the wing and see what kind of results they get.

    Since Walcott has been here year on year he has improved like no other winger/stiker at his age has. Just look at his stats. They don’t lie.

    What you guys will regret, if he does leave, is that he will be a world class striker and he will rub salt in our wounds when he does get the chance to play up front.

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  4. Coyg

    Support Walcott !!!! Like if you want Walcott to play up front and arsene to buy a natural winger.

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  5. leo

    so after falcao the media today have linked us with llorente,adrian lopez,robert lewandowski along with stevan jovetic,pablo hernandez & back up gk in vorm of swansea amazing

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  6. leo

    lewandowski is unlikely to leave in jan same for adrian lopez i guess llorente is most likely along with huntelaar considering their contract ends in summer

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  7. leo

    peter hillwood says wenger has enough money available to spend ie around 35-40m sure but only after the transfer window closes funny how hillwood says there is a wage cap for players but not for ceo’s & other board members gazdis got a 24% pay rise earnin 40k a week ie 2m a year only city pay that kind of money for it’s ceo

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  8. artillary

    by the way, i dnt thnk we vl sign any 1… Did Wenger said he vl buy???
    all rumours!

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  9. artillary

    What Wenger sees no 1 else can see, for a moment if v think, Our Players Like RVP n Nasri remain sincered ok nt Nasri only RVP , who was piece of shit n Wenger Believe in him, give him 7 years at top club wid Injuries n whn he reach his peak, he showd Wenger his Fuckn ass….
    no Fault of Wenger, he was also offerd great offers bt he never left, He is really sincere, just imagine, RVP as he shoul b loyal, stayed wid club, thn where we stand in table today….?? at TOP!
    Fabregas was loyal n sincere , still loves club, he lft for his home town n we can say very much emotionally black mailed by his Barca Friends….
    What Ever Wenger is brilliant, as if player had remain sincere, We have Won many trophies….
    Wenger is Best ever coach, Who build his Own , never relied on Market…. By the way, we are in very good position n stiil our Key Players Like Wishere, Rosicky n Sagna have to come!!!
    Thn U vl see real Wenger Force!

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  10. Kenneth Jenkinson

    Can’t belive anything frm arsenal until I see it. The truth is dat arsenal board ar too selfish

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  11. Kenneth

    I don’t see arsene buyin any of these players cum january. He mentiond it earlier dat for a playa to come in, some one has to go out. Let’s give walcot a chance, i’m sure he can deliver

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  12. Mr Michael

    Stevan Jovetic  all day long or persist and sign Reus who would be my 1st choice… btw, with the way things are going for Cesc, wouldn’t it be great to see Stevan Jovetic  + Cesc in Jan!!!!

    Artheta, Wiltshire
    Cesc, Carzola, Poldolski

    With the rotation options of Diaby, Rosicky, Walcot, The Ox, Gervino, Giroud, Ramsey, Frimpong… we could rule Europe for the next 7 years

    I’d leave my wife for this squad!!!


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  13. Horlawaley

    I will go for lewandowski, because am sure arsenal is not up to buy llorente because of his rate in his recent club and other italian giant who want to go for him can surely break arsenal bid of him. And also instead of wasting time for the man Wenger should base his target on Lewandowski which am sure he will like to come to North london.

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  14. Big Gun

    35m to spend in January? You know where most of that money is coming from? The sale of Walcott. Don’t be surprised if he leaves as we should be used to the snake like behavior of the board by now.

    I personally would play Walcott up front, he has proven recently he is more than just speed. We also have the Ox who is more than capable of being a striker. He is strong, agile, tricky and can shoot with both feet.

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  15. Travis Bickle

    @Buttflaps (Never thought I would type that out in my life) LOL

    Llorente is out of contract next summer, and has refused to sign a new deal. He has had 2 “bust ups” with the Atletico Bilbao manager, which has seen him land on the bench for much of this season. The fans are also not pleased with Llorente, who they see him doing a van Persie.

    All in all, a striker who could be valued at around 20mil, is now being quoted at a price of 10mil. With his wages being large for a small club like Bolbao and a failing raport with both Manager and fans it seems likely that Bilbao would prefer offloading the striker.

    Caution to the wind: Juventus are very keen to take Llorente. They are also very keen to sign Jovetic. There will be competition….

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  16. shady

    Llorente and jovetic are great,but will be far more expensive since many teams are battling for them.also another option is Huntelaar.he may not be a long term replacement buy he is a goal scoring machine.and would be available for around 5 mil.not bad of a deal.what say ?

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  17. 49Unbeaten

    Jovetic is a pure class talent. I’d buy him to add to Giroud and Walcott. There you have it. Three top drawer strikers that each offer something different. Walcott would be versatile too becasue if we had an injury on the flanks he could fill in. If Cazorla got injured then Jovetic could drop back and do a job there. Keeping Theo and buying Jovetic would give us unbelievble depth in options and attacking styles.

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  18. matthew

    In my own opinion I would rather prefer Ba to any stricker come january, reason becos at the moment he play in the EPL he understand the league very well, bringing any striker from other league can never b like Ba.

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  19. Ade Odebode

    Waicott is a natural striker who should be given a front role. Losing hhim will be pathetic foe arsenal. Club management should think and think over Walcott. You cannot be losing your leading lights else you become a training ground to produce stars who will be culled by more serious clubs who will use the to win trophies. In that wise, arsenal will continue to be building without winning. Arsenal management should think. If you don’t win trophies the new hot players you’ve just bought will seek greener pastures and clubs that are able to manage the players to win. Can you imagine the combination of RvP, Song with the new purchases? The ability of a team to retain its stars is the measure of its seriousness to win trophies. The opposite is frustrating to players and fans. A time for Arsenal board and managers to think!

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  20. Henryesk

    I really want Wildried Zaha, he is comfortable on the right or left and can score goals from that position.. Add that he’s 19, won’t be too expensive and is English.. Just think we could have Chamberlain, Walcott, Wilshere, Gibbs, Jenkinson and Zaha as our English talent… And they say we don’t buy English prffft!! Plus that would set Theo free to play up top.. God I hope we don’t sell him.

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  21. xyz

    What idiot feels the need to scout Falcao, might as well scout messi and ronaldo

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  22. gunnerd

    falcao 35mill. messi ronaldo 100mill plus, how is that the same thing??????? lol

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  23. Kobi

    Wenger will never spend 35 mil on one single player.
    Otherwise we would have gone for Benzema years ago.

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  24. amol

    Llorenete is the most likely player to join
    coz of his contract situation
    but still why would a striker of Llorenete’s quality would warm bench at arsenal

    coz giroud is some what settled now
    even if not
    Llorenete will take time to adapt to arsenal team play…

    N juventes r desperate to sign him coz he’s available cheap n need him in their first team…

    So Llorenete will probably end up at juventes….

    Jovetic is what arsenal need coz arsenal still lack creativity in the final third….

    Cazorla is the only creative source after diaby went out…
    N its quite easy n predictable to cancel arsenal attacks

    coz wings are dead…

    A player of jovetic

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  25. KickuPtheArsene


    Good to see that we base our wish list players based on FIFA13 …. Not. Real life is a little different mate.

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  26. villa123

    for once i want wenger to buy a player which cost 40+ million(RADAMEL FALCAO) and if he fails to score as we expect from him.. i will never question wenger’s philosophy again!!!!!!!

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  27. estin

    RADAMEL FALCAO has to be on arsenals list of players there looking at.. Llorenete is not that good and no different than giroud… if we have 35 million we should spend it on him and if he fails to score as we expect him to score, and if he doesnt we should never question wenger’s philosophy …. but i dont think wenger will buy him….

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  28. GunnerG

    f.o Paul u killed my summer with your BS. didn’t u say that this site is shite and u’re never coming back? then keep your promise and piss off.

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  29. **** Set Gunner ****

    I would go for Stevan Jovetic. He would cost between 18 and 22 mil pounds (which would be a bit too expensive for AW’s standards). He is a great dribbler, fast, and would suit our style of play. For me he would be the perfect January signing.

    The other player i would go for is Maroune Fellaini. He is a versatile midfielder and can play as a CDM, CM and CAM. He is tall and strong and would give us a better chance against more physical teams in the middle of the park.

    I don’t think we need a defender right now but in the next summer we need to get a CB like Ogbonna and replace Djourou.

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  30. true gooner

    Walcott must be kept. He deserves the pay rise. Its time the following players be paid above 100K per week: Vermealen, Arteta, Walcott, Cazorla and Podoski. You need to keep ur best players and send out the message that we are here for the long haul. Wenger earns more than Fergusson. The game against Westham, immediately Walcott was played thru, I was 100% sure he would score. FYI, he is a better finisher than Gervinho.Walcott does not loose a one on one. All these Hillwood talk are rubbish. We don’t need another striker. We rather need to promote Eisfield and if possible sign Mvilla. Retaining and playing Walcott through the middle is key to us achieving things this season.its up to Wenger and the board.

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  31. David

    Common guys, these are smoke bombs. AFC will not splash 30M£ for anyone. Adrian Lopez however costs 14M£, but I think Liverpool maybe his destination.

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  32. Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t get people that say there’s no need we have Walcott dont get me wrong im all for Walcott as a striker he could be deadly if the money’s there why not get a striker man city have 4, Madrid have 2 world class, utd have 3, even Liverpool have 2 out and out forwards and they’re pants Lorentz hadn’t signed a contract yet I believe another bargain is there to be had

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  33. Laurentkboi

    What I want is for felaini to be bought and Walcott to be a striker PERIOD!!!!

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  34. AmericanGooner

    I absolutely love Jovetic so if we got him, I would be beyond thrilled.

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  35. Simon (Love Arsenal) Williams

    Is Walcott really a natural striker? I;ll admit he is composed in-front of goal, and that’s a huge thing, but if you’re playing in the middle you gonna need to have a few tricks to steal a yard, to get the shot away- and I don’t think he has that in his ‘bag’.

    And simply doesn’t have the strength to be a hold-it-up front man. I just do not think he can do that role. My guess is Wenger thinks the same, he knows what he can do more than all of us, and has seen what he can do in that position in training- so there’s a reason he doesn’t get that role in the 1st team.

    I’d rather keep Walcott, but at the price, he is sell-able. His a dumb arse if he doesn’t take Arsenals deal!

    If we sold Walcott, and got Falcau – that be a very good exchange dont you think?

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  36. landmind111

    Walcott aint bothered about being the central guy, he wants 100k, plain and simple, he does play up front, coz we play a front three, he plays the right side, up front, he’s come off the bench and scored a few goals, and somehow this proves he should play upfront? If anything it proves he shud be a impact sub, who plays on the right! But he aint gonna get 100k and that’s that, he has to take less, or get sold. If he loves playing for us, he’d take it.

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  37. Joe

    If Wengers planning on playing Walcott up front then i want us to try and get gotze and let him play on the wings or in drift inside he’s nearly as good as Cazorla and he’s only 19/20.

    If not then Lewondowski would be my first choice but it was reported then chelsea had an offer of 25m rejected last transfer window. I dont think Jovetic would suit our system he likes to drop deep and link up play, with the way we play we need the striker to be on the last man making runs and finishing of moves like RVP did.

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  38. mo

    Stevan Jovetic all day long

    diaby/Artheta, Wiltshire
    ox/gervinio, Carzola, Poldolski

    rotate or sub. wallcot, ramsy, risiscky,frimpoong.

    i would love to see jovetic he is jus like rvp but jevetic has moore skills too. his only 23 can hold rvp place.

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  39. KickuPtheArsene


    Does anyone know if the @paul (first post on the article) is the one and same as @paul who said (and I quote) “M’Vila is a done deal. Arsenal will announce it straight after the Euros”. Because if it is the one and same @paul, please ban him. He stated that if he was wrong about M’Vila, he d gladly never post anything on this site again.

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  40. greg

    arsenal should covert walcott into a cf so he can play off giroud,arsenal should get a winger(someone like navas) so that person can take his play on the winger,but arsenal do need a 2nd choice st(Lopez)

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  41. Joe

    I don’t really think wenger will move for another striker
    Think of this. Do you think chamack is back at the training ground sitting?I don’t think so. I think he’s working his butt off trying to get back in shape and if by February we’re still in all competitions and wenger intends to win everything, he will through in everything he has on to the pitch. With the level of inspiration in the camp, even chamack can do well. Why do you think wenger was much more keen to let park go out on loan but let chamack stay around “park and bendtner will be playing somewhere else next season “remember that statement towards the end of the transfer window? Wenger still belives in chamack therefore we have
    Chamack to rely on for goals not forgetting on a good day Andrei Arshavin
    Couple that with a collective midfield effort and we can go we can go we can float toe to toe. You better ask somebody!

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  42. Yung Alejandro

    I know its wishful thinking, but if we are to splash major cash, couldn’t we try and go allll out for neymar??

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  43. Banga

    If they are serious about winning bring in Falco. Maybe switch to a 4-4-2 to allow Walcott to play up front.

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  44. Invincibles nice (1)

    I would luv it to be Lewendowski!!!, i remember seeing him using his head, opted not to use his feet, in scoring a very difficult goal, from the edge of the box, when i said to myself, wow, that’s a player, who know’s exactly where the goalposts are…

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  45. Moses

    Llorente to me makes sense. Going to be good value as his contract expires next summer, and he is a very good player who seems like he’d fit the premiership well with his size and finishing ability.

    I think it’s good to have options like Gervinho, Podolski and Walcott to play up front in certain situations, but none of them are natural centre forward types who we’d be happy with playing them full time up top, so unless Wenger plans to give Chamakh another chance, then there would appear to be a slight need for another striker.

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  46. The Goodwin

    Messi…failing that Benzema or hop on my time machine to 1999 and we can buy that French guy who is sitting on the bench at Juve complaining he is playing as a winger when he is a natural centre forward… 😉

    Joking aside, Wenger seldom buys big name players, he makes them. More likely he will unleash another gem from from the French league.

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  47. KickuPtheArsene

    Just a thought –

    Just watched a YouTube clip of Llorente’s goals. Then watched athe same type of clip with Giroud’s goals. Had we signed Llorente in the summer instead of Giroud, & if Llorente had had a similar start to his Arsenal career as Giroud, I wonder how many fans would be saying how we should have bought Giroud instead. My point is, both Giroud and Llorente have done well at their clubs (Giroud – Montpellier before Arsenal). But it’s impossible to asserts in how they would settle into our squad, and whether they would be an immediate game changer. So why do we need Llorente? We have Giroud! (again if the whole basis of a players performance is based of their past success, how can we possibly assume Llorente would be a success at our club? He may be fantastic, or, a total failure). I guess that goes for any player, but if I were basing my decision on YouTube clips – as I guess most of us fans who post on this site do (really be honest with yourselves), then it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between Giroud and Llorente, and how well they would be at Araenal. To be honest, without knowing what we do now (that Giroud would score his first League goal 6(?) matches in, I would have said Giroud was the better buy in the summer for a striker. Also, they seem very similar type of players. Surely if we were after another forward, maybe a more technical striker, rather than the CF that Giroud is, would be a better buy.
    Like I said, Just a thought.

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  48. KickuPtheArsene

    **assertain not assets in
    ***Arsenal, not Araenal
    iPhone must be the sh!ttest possible thing to type into ever!

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  49. The Gooner

    We definitely need to make a couple signings in January. Santos shouldn’t really touch the field aside from maybe Capital Cup games, and if Gibbs gets injured, then we’re suddenly left extremely exposed on the left side. A back-up left back like M’Bengue would add necessary depth.

    Beyond that, we don’t need to buy a world class striker like Falcao who would cost us 40 mil (Wenger wouldn’t pay that much for one player anyway). A striker who can also play on the wing would be a welcome addition, especially since Gervinho will be leaving to AFCON and no one knows what will happen with Theo’s contract. Also, we have to have an alternative option to Giroud and he might also get injured. Adrian is probably the most affordable and versatile, while Jovetic also represents a good option as well but is more suited to a central role.

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  50. Holmesy

    we dont need another world class striker, once giroud puts on his shooting boots we will boss it!

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  51. Goonerguy

    Well,whoever Arsenal buys,I hope he helps Arsenal maintain their spot in the top four,I would probably die if I see Arsenal anywhere below Fourth Place!!

    Give the thumbs up if you have the same feeling too!

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