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Arsenal face battle with Everton for Wigan’s McCarthy!

Reports this week have suggested that Arsene Wenger has identified the player he wants to add to the Arsenal midfield as James McCarthy from Wigan Athletic. The transfer might not be as easy as Wenger first hoped, however, as Everton may also soon be chasing the 22-year old Irish international as a replacement for Marouane Fellaini, according to the Daily Star.

David Moyes does not want to sell his Belgian midfielder, but the Toffees’ financial situation means that they cannot afford to turn down big money for their players. Plus, there is a release clause of over £25 million in Fellaini’s contract and if a club offers that to Everton, then Moyes would be helpless.

If it is Arsenal who trigger that clause, then there is no problem, but the chances of the Arsenal board sanctioning the offer are slimmer than a a supermodel on a diet. Moyes has insisted that he under no pressure to sell either Fellaini or his other big star Leighton Baines, and the players are not pushing for a move.

Things can happen quickly in the transfer market, however, so if Wenger is serious about McCarthy, he should move fast before somebody else pushes the price up. McCarthy has a long term contract at Wigan and is valued at around £8 million.

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How About Some TOTTENHAM JOKES for Arsenal fans?!

37 thoughts on “Arsenal face battle with Everton for Wigan’s McCarthy!

  1. ivan gazidis

    ooo wenger you seem so tired……………dull

    lets go disco with isco!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Vish

    McCarthy at 8 million. Kidding?
    Get M’villa for 8 million damn.
    what the hell is happening?

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  3. YK

    I think we said we don’t want McCarthy! the same way we said we don’t want BA, look at him in Chelsea today, he is doing well, I can’t see any similarity to Giroud in him….Arsenal fans!!!

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  4. obi

    All our top targets have already been signed up in wenger’s face.plz stop writing rumours, lets just wait and see.

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  5. kevin

    i hope we get completely destroyed on sunday!!! a huge loss to man city should hopefully smack some sense into wenger, and make him buy some quality for once!!!! ITS SO SAD HAT WE MUST SEEK A LOST TO GET THROUGH TO WENGER! 🙁

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  6. pursuit of happiness

    arsenal face everton hehe, Are we big club? we face everton, how could we face top clubs.

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  7. Gooner Cape Town

    Just pay the money for Fellaini, he will be a huge star at Arsenal. FFS something must happen this week, Wenger!!!!

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  8. realgooner10 AFC

    Poor bit of buisness!!!!! And to top it off, it seems like zaha will be going man utd!!!!!

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  9. Don Ndubuka

    Arsene Wenger, wont sign any new player in January transfer window. He believes Abou Diaby will strengthen the middle of the pack for his team. Again, considering the fact the Theo, Polduski, Girould and Carzola have scored reasonable number of goals, his team does not require another top striker. But, can’t he strengthen a defense that let in goals with reckless abandon? ……l guess Arsene needs prayers and we can export Prayer Warriors from Africa to Emirate Stadium at a short notice

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  10. vanlev

    iv always supported wenger but if he does not bring quality in this window wen we need it the most….this is the worst r teams been since hes bin manager….ivan g as evan dropped him in it buy saying thers plenty to spend……….so for my he must leave or sign quality…….id rather spend 22 million on a fellaini than 22 million on two gervinhos..its not like wer askin for millions every year…..just one time to crazy …4 world class players then build from ther adding one ,two players a season

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  11. Greg

    Let everton go ahead!we don’t need him!there are better quality players for us outthere to sign!

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  12. craig2500

    If we have to battle with Everton for transfers what is the point in having a 60,000 seater stadium and being in the champions league surely that alone makes us the better choice. But no Everton players take a wage cut to come to Arsenal and Everton have more chance than us winning a cup this year. Joke

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  14. artillery1

    no buys 😛

    Wenger Wont Buy 😛

    I hate such bad articles, We have so much Wingers n again we will go for Winger??? Stupid Admin!

    i hope all deadwoods will b sold!

    Well, What Wenger Will say at the End Of Transfer…..

    “we got Walcot as new STRIKER, so we dont need any Striker, We have Giroud n Podolski too!
    For DMF, FRIMPONG n COQUELIN will play Next year n DIABY is back….n We didnt find any Exceptional player 😛 😀 ”

    DREAM DREAM DREAM u stupid Fans! 😛
    Wenger Wont Buy!

    Now, Importance of Window!
    Look AT SPUDS CHELSHIT still spending Money cox thy want to add more n more Quality, M sorry to say But Now SPUDS have better squad than Us 🙁
    n Worst night mare may come true, Spuds over Arsenal 🙁

    So every team is spending Money to build it self Strong!

    joke 😛

    n Relying On Mediocres 😀

    U dont want to change MANAGER, Dont want to shout for players who deserves to play, SO WHAT ARE U COMPLAINING FORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR???????

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  15. MattGooner

    It’s honestly a real shame that we keep losing player after player and that we are hardly competitive in the transfer market! Things are going down hill for Arsenal if the only decent news we have is Diaby is back for a few games till he gets injured again and if we are half lucky Walcott might stay, who really isn’t that good, but has scored more goals than the rest of the shit bunch we have as a team these days.

    It’s becoming harder and harder to watch Arsenal every 6 months, really embarrassing and pathetic effort by what is meant to be one of the top clubs in Europe, highest ticket prices to watch a B grade team run around!


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  16. Polite_Gunner

    Same old Wenger, will never tell who he is buying until the transaction is done. Keeping my fingers crossed to see any new quality signings added in Jan, 3 weeks to gooo..

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  17. Sagie

    Pardon me.., bt isn’t dis Wigan guy jst average??!! We have more than enough average players @ d club already. We definitely do not need another one. I hope AW goes for quality players in this window.

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  18. LoCkAy

    How much is McCarthy release clause ?

    £25 millions for Fellaini, so we can forget about him… That’s just over our budget 🙂


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  19. Neil

    Trust me on this. I’ve seem the lad play a few times and Martinez rates him as the best player he’s ever worked with.

    He can play almost anywhere on the field and is a natural leader. If you watch Wigan, they always look for him and he is always looking to get on the ball. He’s only a kid but he seems like the leader of the side already.

    I actually think Wigan won’t want to sell as they are in a relegation fight.

    I think he’ll move in the summer.

    Tbh, we need some big names but this kid looks good to me.

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  20. S.H

    Why don’t we just buy every supposed British talent in the country just like liverpool and see how we go. Signing Ramsey on an extension is bad enough! Gosh! Get over it already!

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  21. alan b'stard M P

    as usual Wenger misses available players for transfer. Intentionally

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  22. apc

    just buy fellani 25mil or whatever its cheap for him.
    wengers last chance this window. buy cheap and hes finished

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  23. Uche

    Why do I get the feeling that no matter who we sign, wenger will manage to find a way to make the team under perform by fielding Ramsey, sticking with predictable formations/tactics and playing these guys out of position? I mean, look at the match between chelsea and swansea? Compare 50 million pound torres to 2 million pound Michu. Swansea ruled that game inspite of chelsea’s possession. This just goes to show that big money buys are not always the answer. I have not really studied this marcathy guy but if he is anything like Koscielny, another cheap and relatively unknown player who has come on in leaps and bounds, then that’s fine with me.

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  24. Invincibles nice (1)

    I dont know if its a worry or if its crazy to think players are choosing spu eve over the Arsenal, either they have no faith in there ability or cant see themselves progressing there game in any decent way. Never thought id see the day.

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  25. machiavelli

    The cream of the crop of good player’s in EPL are being snatched up by Chelsea and City while Arsenal are bidding for the leftover’s, this is a shame. We are not even contender’s for Fellaini hes good but he’s no Ronaldo and Messi if we can’t afford a player like him then i fail to see how we will keep our place in top four this season or the years to come. Things are looking grim for Arsenal’s future.

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  26. roth

    Hold up hold up,lemme get this right,we’re facing a battle with Everton to sign a player from Wigan.what have we become???

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  27. Pro Football Store

    I can’t see Arsenalgoing after McCarthy. He’s an average player and I don’t believe he’ll improve the Gunners midfield! But Wenger does need to bring some players in, I hope he doesn’t just waste money again!

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