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Arsenal face tough task to keep Spurs dominance going!

Don’t be under any illusions that Arsenal face a tough game on Saturday. Just because the Gunners owned our north London rivals last season, with three wins out of three including one on the way to an FA cup trophy, does not mean we should expect it to be easy on Saturday, even though we have the advantage of playing at home.

Records are there to fall and we will need to be on the ball from the start, especially after they got a morale boosting win in the Capital One Cup tonight. It looked like Nottingham Forest were going to do us a favour for a while, but it was not to be. Pochettino had played a strong side knowing that they needed a win to bring to the Emirates.

And I wonder how much that will tell after Arsene Wenger rang the changes four own League Cup clash. Hopefully the rest factor of our regular players will prove to be more valuable than a bit of momentum. But the spuds’ confidence is pretty fragile after a poor run of games for them before tonight. The new boss may already be feeling the pressure.

As long as Arsenal start well on Saturday and play to our strengths, with a fully fit team and the crowd in full effect, Wenger and the boys should be able to extend that run of wins in the NLD. What do you expect?

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18 thoughts on “Arsenal face tough task to keep Spurs dominance going!

    1. Young Gun_AFC

      If we had some world class HOLD UP PLAY we would never lose muff. Its power is frightening. Yet only one man possesses it…

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  1. Champagne Charlie

    St.Totteringham day shall be as it always is. Free 3 points and a hearty laugh.

    Thou shalt not rain on ones St.Totteringhams day parade.

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    1. RSH

      St. Totteringham day is when Spuds numerically cant finish above us in the table. It cant be celebrated early in the season.

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      1. Champagne Charlie

        Thanks for that….

        Wasn’t exactly being super serious about the whole thing. Do I need to be entirely factual in my mocking of our rivals? Wouldn’t expect a gooner to take the bait :/

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  2. Young Gun_AFC

    Guys, “wenger out” has got out of hand. At first it made a little sense after 9 years of nothing, but to say that after losing in the “captial one- not so much champions league cup” is ridiculous.

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    1. SaveArsenal

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  3. Young Gun_AFC

    I had a dream messi played for united against burnley. Dont know where it came from. The underdogs united still lost tho.

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    1. Hafiz Rahman

      hmmm…according to Neville, they are going to spend another 100m in Jan to strengthen…..

      it could be coming true

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  4. akthet

    As long as Wenger uses Ozil at middle we will be fine. Hope Remsey get back his form after taking a good rest. ** 3 points for sure **

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  5. Ronny331

    We need to out score spurs as our flaky defensive spine of arteta and per will be found out by townsend, lennon, lamela etc. All the while per will be strolling around at snails pace whilst tripping over his own fert!

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  6. alejandro1301

    Never an easy game against the scum, but we should come out with three points in the bag. We have a much better squad, if we lose the game it’ll be thanks to bad tactical reasoning throughout the game. In other words only arsene can lose this game, but if there’s something I’m sure about it’s that he knows how to beat the scum.

    What do you think of tottenham?

    What do you think of shit?

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