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Arsenal fans backlash against ‘scum’ owner Kroenke

Arsenal fans are raging at the latest news which reports that Stan Kroenke is launching a channel dedicated to the trophy hunting of animals.

The Gunners have been growing more frustrated with the ideology of Kroenke in recent years, with many growing frustrated with his attitude to spending, and some very frustrated with his persistence to stick with Arsene Wenger, but the latest reports have increased anger tenfold.

The American business owner has now opened a new channel dedicated to the hunting and killing of animals, albeit so called ‘legal hunting’, and many Arsenal fans, and non-fans alike, are completely disgusted by the promotion of killing and hunting.

Prime ministerial candidate and hardened Arsenal fan Jeremy Corbyn was one of those to speak out on the subject, slamming the owner and his channel.

“I’m appalled at the glorification of killing wild and rare animals on this TV channel.

“As an Arsenal fan I’m disgusted that Stan Kroenke is involved in such a brutal, unethical and unnecessary activity,” Corbyn said.

“This is not sport. Kroenke should stick to football if he wants to be involved sport. ‘Blood sport’ is a contradiction and there should be no place on television or anywhere else for it.”

A spokesperson for the channel has already moved to defend it’s activities, with Simon Barr insisting: ‘MOTV will present ethical, fair chase hunting and as long as it’s legal it will be on there. If you like hunting elephants, there will be legal elephant hunts, ethical elephant hunts, shown in that context.’

If we needed more reason to protest his stay at the club than we certainly have one now, with many not wanting to fund this disgusting channel, or be in any way a part of it.

Is Kroenke’s actions the last straw?

Pat J

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32 thoughts on “Arsenal fans backlash against ‘scum’ owner Kroenke

    1. Kostafi

      What has this got to do with football?

      The media love swinging a stick at Arsenal every opportunity (no matter how remote) they get. The Sun led with a headline after the London Bridge attacks that one of the attackers wore an Arsenal shirt. What did that have to do with the atrocities except some mud thrown from Fleet Street to the Emirates.

      Kroenke has this channel in the US for a while. They fish, they hunt, they generally do Bear Grylls stuff and probably cross the line more than occasionally. It’s come over here now and suddenly he’s a monster? Was he less of a monster when it aired in the US?

      I honestly couldn’t care less which TV or Radio station he acquires 67% of unless it in anyway impacts Arsenal’s ability to perform on the pitch.

      1. Coldzero

        Well said and you hit the nail on the head although I fear you will get a negative reaction on here.

        It has nothing to do with football and nothing to do with Arsenal football club- especially in regards to trying to use it as another stick to bash Arsenal with.

        1. ZA_Gunner

          It shows Stan Kroenke has other commitments, distractions and too many side hobbies besides football, more precisely Arsenal. He does not invest in Arsenal, he sees us as an opportunity like his new killing show.

          1. gmv8

            It also shows a complete lack of any morals whatsoever, totally different from the club itself. The FA should demand a certain standard to become the owner of any club, and he falls far short

        2. Kostafi

          If anyone bothered to read the original article, they would find the board of a company he already owns doing something they already do, agreed to continue doing it elsewhere. It is only a headline because he owns controlling shares in the company as well as in Arsenal. As for Jez Corbyn, he is a politician. Saying what’s right with a strong message is a part of winning votes.

          Yes hunting is vile, but it has nothing to do with football or Arsenal at the moment. Let’s focus on supporting the team with what looks to be an under strength Gunners for the Community shield.

      2. ZA_Gunner

        Are you trying to imply the rest of the world should behave like Americans and think like Americans? Seems like you glorify America a bit too much.

        1. Kostafi

          Not in the slightest mate. Just pointing out this has nothing to do with Arsenal. I’m sure if you dug properly, you’d find all kinds of vile things Kroenke gets up to. But I honestly dont give a crap unless it affects my team. Kroenke is here today, he will be gone tomorrow. AFC will still be here. Would we still care what he or his companies get up to? You think Liverpool fans care about what Hicks and Gillette are up to now?

          1. Mo

            It has to do with the Arsenal when major sponsors are threatening to pull the plug. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing if it gets Kronke out because the value of the club will plummet and all he’s interested in, as this episode shows, is money.

  1. Uzi Ozil

    Seems like the fans are more ambitious than the owners. I am tired, we are tired of top 4/top 5 finish. Get the players we need and Lets challenge for trophies. We may not win the title this season but what we ask for is some fight, good tactics, play to players strength and getting the needed players.

  2. Sparkles

    Stan is a uninterested in arsenal. He just cares about the huge income coming his way from the club. As much as I don’t like Dangote, I still hope that he one day, buys up arsenal from kronke. Only then can we enjoy true success. He’s an arsenal fan and a multi billionaire just like Stan.

    1. Sir Muda of Arsenal

      I am not sure if Dangote taking over will be the best of ideas, the man is from my home city (kano) , and I know really well how much he loves money, a purely business man. I am all for Usmanov (a sportsman ).

  3. waal2waal

    As far as activities beyond the realms of football – close inspection kroenke and abramovich will be found to be much the same. Both are no stranger to “controversy”. All part of being a billionaire.

  4. Muff d

    Holy sh##
    We have a super villain owner

    Just needs a midget sidekick
    How tall is chips keswick anyway?

  5. stubill

    Absolutely disgusting.

    There is no justification for killing animals for “sport”, he’s already dragging Arsenal down, and now he’s proving what an unethical piece of scum he is.

    I’d like to see him released into the Serengeti, stark bollock naked and told to run, fifteen minutes later a few hunters are sent after him with high powered rifles with scopes, to rid us of this scum.

  6. Coldzero

    All I care about is Arsenal- I am not sure what this fools despicable pursuits have to do with out actual club? Also I couldn’t care less what the loony Corbyn thinks and wish he wasn’t associated with Arsenal either!

    Kroenkes hunting rubbish and Corbyns loony views on other matters have nothing to do with Arsenal football club in my opinion as are entirely separate.

    If they both got lost and were never seen again it would be better for our club, but by the same token it’s not a reflection on Arsenal that they are associated with it.

  7. Arsenal_Girl

    Apparently there are hunting of Bears on the channel too. Hunting any animals unless you are poor and requires you to eat, is wrong but hunting BEARS. That’s quite dispicable. I would not want or be friends who has a bear or dear head over his fireplace

    Also Rick Ellis blamed Kroenke for his suicide in his suicide note for taking his home.

    Kroenke is not only a bad and heartless owner of Arsenal but a bad person too

  8. GB

    As the owner it tarnishes our club!
    Bad press will follow and protests in and around our great club.

  9. Arsenal_Girl

    I wish Usmanov had 21% more shares in Arsenal

    He would be an awesome owner
    Even the Malcolm Glazer is better than Kroenke

    1. Arsenal_Girl

      I guess you are referring to Eleney and Niles in the CB role

      Wenger has two major problems
      1. Going back to his cheap ways
      2. Not letting go of players who aren’t good enough or upgrading players

      1. Arsenal_Girl

        Either use the Defenders we have ie Koscielny, Mustafi, Kolsanic, Mertsacker, Holding, Chambers, Gabriel


        Sign a top defender

        Using Eleney is ridiculous

  10. achaks

    Kroenke is never a lover of football and the earlier arsenal is delivered from his ownership the better… We will continue with our protest this season till Wenger, gazidis, and kroenke leave the club…just imaging Manchester buying lukaku, lindelof and matic …. And we DAT needed serious strengthening are buying lacazette… Dats all. There is problem ooo

    1. Incarnate

      There’s an even better way to get ’em all out…become a billionaire and buy the club

  11. Raj

    He is the same guy who the board thinks is better than Alisher Usmanova because Usmanova got his money from oil.

  12. Didcotmassive

    How much lower can this vile, pathetic, excuse of a bell-end stoop? No doubt our spineless board will rally around the scumbag.

    Hate everything he stands for……..#kroenkeout

  13. gmv8

    A ‘fair chase’ – a mile away behind a telescopic sight? What planet are these idiots on? Someone with a catapult, trying to fight someone with an Uzi would be fairer. It is pointless, unnecessary savagery, inflicting pain and suffering on animals that most people would feel privileged to see in their natural habitat. People say it has nothing to do with Arsenal, but this idiot takes funds out of AFC, that means our money, however small an amount could be used to fund this perverted savagery. I won’t have that. In any shape or form.

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