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Arsenal fans CAN be Optimistic again

Arsenal Have a Bright Future! by Ryan

Optimistic Arsenal Fan:
After every good performance, we Arsenal fans find ourselves singing on the rooftops and are ready to take the league by storm. We are the most extreme fans in the football world, but we’re proud of that, right?

Though Arsenal are having a terribly unconvincing season, I am still very optimistic about the club’s future. Aside from Walcott and Sagna, Arsenal are not at risk of losing any players. We have the stadium pretty much paid off, and are bringing in nothing but profits. We are finally being handed the type of money the board has been promising us for years.

We don’t have to fear losing a Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri, Song etc. We have a solid group of good players. All that’s left to do is add the players that we need. We can only go up from here! Even if Walcott and Sagna leave, they play in positions that are arguably easy to replace. I do think they will both sign new contracts though. I believe that when Henry comes in January (Loan or for training) he will convince Walcott to sign a new deal.

Our team is obviously not as strong as it once was, but with a few good additions I firmly believe we can be at the top of the league again. We arguably have the best midfield in the premiership, and that’s with Arteta playing out of position. Our defense is shaky and low in confidence, but good results will change that. Our front line needs improving, but I’m sure we can all quickly create a list of players that would improve our attack.

It’s hard times to be an Arsenal fan, but lets not be close-minded. We are not in as bad as a situation as it seems. We are 5th in the Premier League. We are still one of the most prestigious teams in the world. We certainly have the quality to finish in the top 4, especially if we strengthen in January. I am confident we will finish in the top 4, with substantial funds to strengthen in the summer. This can be the first summer transfer window that we can buy players without worrying about losing our stars. We will shop for quality additions, NOT replacements.

Have faith my friends. All is not doom and gloom in North London. Lets get behind our beloved Arsenal and cheer them on to victory! COYG

– Bankers Gooner

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28 thoughts on “Arsenal fans CAN be Optimistic again

  1. Rick Rocket

    I am always optimistic, that’s what being a football fan is all about.


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  2. haywill

    “We don’t have to fear losing a Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri, Song etc.”…

    surely course we don’t have to fear. we’ve lost them already…

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  3. PatLloyd

    Good article, just hope that if we do string some results together before the new year that will convince wenger that the squad he already has is strong enough. hope for a LB (shaw) a CDM (Capoue) and a ST (Huntelaar) at the least in january. Ba or el shraaway will be welcome to, but get Sagna and Walcott to sign up first!

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  4. tom

    Funny how this is posted after Defeating bottom team Reading but not after Bradford, a somewhat roller coaster of belief.

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  5. No more excuses

    So we’ve no worries bout losein any1 cos theyr all gone ? Thers logic in that somewhere lol . What bout jack ? Was great to get a win last night but at the same time it would be nice to go back to the days when beating reading didn’t get a mention !

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  6. Gunerineverylife

    Will probably lose Walcott and Sagna in January,even if we buy good replacements they will probably take a long time to settle down especially if they are bought from other leagues,hardly optimistic.

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  7. Rick Rocket

    You are right doubters, optimism is wrong, and no good to a football fan.

    It’s all doom and gloom, and will never get better.

    (thanks for the dislikes guys to my previous comment)

    Lesson learnt, relegation here we come!!

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  8. Gunerineverylife

    Wenger says no more financial restrictions at Arsenal,I hope its not a lie,come on Wenger pull out some magic from your hat again.

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  9. tom

    This website is constantly posting articles by amateurs and swamped with noisy adverts. Try posting more quality than quantity.
    You have a big audience here because they want to read proper articles. try give it to them before another Arsenal fan site comes and does it.
    For a start “When Henry comes” you dont know that! lol if you want to be good say “If” very easy. I could trail back through hundreds of posts that say this and that is 100% but it rarely is.

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  10. judge

    Tom could u imagine what people like you would say in response if this article was written after the bradford game?
    Maybe he just simply thought of this now.
    Or do u expect him to have a time machine as well as being a perfect supporter that you clearly are….

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  11. tom

    I wrote nothing after the Bradford game. I’m simply saying if this is his opinion then where was it after the Bradford game? it was only a weeks difference, make your mind up and then stick with it.
    Its good we beat Reading but im not jumping on the happy bus every time we win a game and then back off of it when we lose. Pro Wenger then Pro Pep every other week.

    “Arsenal fans CAN be optimistic again” lol the title alone seems to some up what im trying to say.

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  12. leo

    i get the gut feeling wenger will spend big atleast on 1 player maybe eriksen,stephan el shaarawy + llorente & a cdm even david villa i think villa is a replacment for gervinho & that henry isn’t considered for this exact reason

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  13. tom

    to illustrate my point @judge

    “Bob” wrote an article yesterday saying

    “Arsenal and Wenger need help in January but it won’t come from Henry”


    “I believe that when Henry comes in January (Loan or for training) he will convince Walcott to sign a new deal.”

    Its like he’s copying and pasting from The Sun.

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  14. Arsenal 007

    Can Arsenal Fans be optimistic again?

    Haven’t we always been? For seven years now…

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  15. AJ

    ‘I believe that when Henry comes in January (Loan or for training) he will convince Walcott to sign a new deal.’

    What was that?

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  16. diamonddave

    this article makes me laugh, total trash and full of crap, because we won against a reading team defensively was not existent and because we won 5 to 2 certain supporters think it is the jubilee !!! wow lets party !!! total crap, if anybody was at that match last night will know when reading changed their tactics at half time defensively we were shown up, when we had alex song in their a least we were not as bad defensively, but since his exit we look second raters some of those players would not make a championship team, we will be knocked out of the champions league next round and we will not finish fourth, and when you sell your best players and bring in placements not even of the same quality you pay for what you get and the performances have proved that, Against WBA we had to cheat to get a penalty, against reading a team themselves lacking confidence and defensive frailties just like arsenal it was not top class team we were playing but the bottom of the table team other teams have shown this season we are not good enough and when i hear these arsenal supporters it makes me laugh yer okay 2 pts from chelsea and tottenham it means nothing in football end of season will tell the true story and i think we will finish between 10th or 14th posistion so sorry kid your story and fantasy cause we won total toilet paper

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  17. RT

    I believe it’s not our fault as fans that we feel so up and down about our feelings on performance. It is because our team is so inconsistent!
    How one week we deservedly draw to the league champs then get completely outplayed by manure or even a league 2 side..
    WE SHOULD STICK TOGETHER NOT PICK AT EACHOTHER! WE’RE ALL GUNNERS!! We just want our Arsenal back that would strike fear into teams, would be reaching CL final etc.. Are we not allowed that?

    I understand your optimism – as we are only a few transfers away from what I’d call a title contending side (removing deadwood – BRINGING IN BETTER QUALITY not near quality).
    But I also understand everyone saying don’t be optimistic because if we know our board – like the past few years – transfer windows have been a shambles.

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  18. Tina

    What a load of rubbish . It is a win against Reading . Arsenal being a club of its stature should be winning those games .

    There is a serious problem in the club and the win last night should not blind people from that FACT .

    There is serious work needed to be done
    1.Change the board’s attitude towards investment in the squad
    2.Change the players and mentality of the players as a squad .

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  19. Joe

    Maybe some of you Arsenal fans that have commented negative views should take a look at yourself’s. We’ve had a really hard start to the season and some of the performances have been unacceptable but the players have realized that. We’ve responded with winning two games in PL on the bounce and its taken us to 2 points from 3rd place.

    This article isn’t saying where going to win the league now but its is saying we can be optimistic i mean we can’t play worse then we have since the start of the season the fact were still so close to chelsea and spurs shows we have more talent and a better team even if it hasn’t clicked yet.

    Lets try getting behind the team, the next four games we should win and that will most likely put us into 3/4 position by the end of the year.

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  20. Gooner4LIFE

    All we need is Walcott and Sagna to sign…play Walcott upfront and get another winger in. Zaha would be good but we need someone who is proven already…someone like El Shaarway who is young and already proving his worth is what we need. My biggest wish is Fellaini, the guy is amazing and with him sitting behind Cazorla and next to Wilshire what do we need to worry about. Defense has been shocking on the best of days but its all confidence…get a few clean sheets and possibally Luke Shaw as well then we will a SQUAD and not just a TEAM to fear.

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  21. philthompsonsnose

    This article makes me wonder if Mighty Arsenal or Mighty gunners or the invincibles… whatever we are/were known as has just made me realise our fall from grace is bigger than I thought…
    Defence shaky…??
    Front needs improving…?
    Midfield the best…??

    Come on… does the spuds defence look shaky or thier attack need improving.. Midfield is arguably as strong if not better than ours..Lennon Bale Dembele etc…
    Everton.. ? Nowrich…?
    We are nowhere near a top 4 side when it comes to quality.. ok we have some (some) very good players..However the average mediocre players are causing me worry..
    Giroud will NEVER be a great Arsenal Player he will end up Like Chamakh.
    Gervinho… say no more!!
    Santos!!! Arteta!!! Vermalen ( needs a strong commanding partner or Koscienly to get his confidence back ASAP)mertesacker??!!!
    Let us not get carried away with 5-2 win against relegated Reading
    I know you can only beat what’s put out in front of you and we did it in style but I still feel we are a bit brittle… Anyone agree??
    We desperately need another striker… a DM and a commanding CH possibly a right back if Sagna leaves and cover for Gibbs..
    I’m optimistic.. but we need 3-4 signings before i start believing again..

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    Striker-Demba Ba (proven and has only £7.5m release clause)
    DCM-Diame (proven and has only £4m release clause)

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  23. Ricardo

    Finishing 4th is not a good result.
    Finishing 1st is a good result.

    I think everyone involved in the club needs to start thinking and acting like winners , manager and fans included !!!

    Forget 4th… Wenger its time for you to pull your finger out your arsne and make some serious signings !! We want 1st.

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  24. Gunblast

    Against Reading that nothing to shout about…We give two goal that showed something…pls dont be so cheery…Gutsy and still more commitment are fews new signing…consistent winning and beat the team top of us… only that is the way to convince us.

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