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Arsenal fans hoping Conte does a Mourinho at Chelsea

There has never been what you would call a warm relationship between Arsenal and our London rivals, but when they started throwing the Russian Oligarch’s ill gotten gains around to buy the Premier League the rivalry ratcheted up a notch and then the clear enmity and regular baiting between Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger escalated things further.

So of courser it was painful to see Chelsea take the EPL trophy again last season and we can only hope that, just like the last time they won it during the second spell with Mourinho as the manager, they followed it up with a huge flop.

That might not seem all that likely but the way things are going this summer I can see some cracks appearing and the outspoken Italian is in danger of doing exactly what his predecessor did at Stamford Bridge. At the minute Conte is the blue eyed boy who can do no wrong, or at least he was after leading them to the title in his first season in English football.

However, there have already been issues like the one with Diego Costa and there are signs that the fans are starting to question some of his actions, like selling Matic to a direct rival in Man United or playing the new summer striker signing Alvaro Morata out on the wing in their last pre-season friendly.

What happened to Maureen just nine months after he lifted the trophy is clearly in the thoughts of Conte because he spoke last week about making sure that did not happen, but was that a big mistake? When you are working at a club well known for changing managers at the drop of a hat and you may not have the full backing of the dressing room, is it really a good idea to remind them how they got rid of the last one who was a club legend?

Can you see cracks forming at Chelsea? Can Arsenal fans hope that Conte does do a Mourinho this season?

Sam P.

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26 thoughts on “Arsenal fans hoping Conte does a Mourinho at Chelsea

  1. GB

    Pathetic article. This site is called ‘Just Arsenal’, the clue is in the name, so why do writers spend so much time writing about other clubs?

    1. kenyanfan

      its very discouraging how the teams that finished ahead of us last season are strengthening up and making promising purchases while we stuck here watching and persuing unmaterializing deals. so sad indeed

      1. sniper

        worry about terrorism,corruption,poverty and cold blood murder that is happening in your poor country, before you spew negativity about arsenal ambitions

        1. Dashing Rino

          @sniper dat comment was so uncalled for it dosnt evn relate to d article. U r such sorry pathetic excuse of life nd a repulsive Son of a bitch. Bloody racist.

    2. henry

      I concur. This article is the clear proof that we have nothing to celebrate at Arsenal. Shame we wait to celebrate our rival’s failure.

  2. Remember Resource?

    OT: guys don’t worry about Lemar, Monaco have to secure their signing of that diakhaby guy. Similar to Lacazette signing when the Lyon president came out and said deal is not happening. So don’t worry about Lemar, he is a gunner. Arsenal are monitoring Seri closely, but no formal approach made. What we fans should be worried about is our pathetic owner Kroenke..
    And alexis sanchez.. two things we need to worry about, alexis and kroenke..

    1. sniper

      who asked you! we have Nelson, Sanchez, Walcott, ox all who can play at the wing,lemar is not a priority maybe you can link us to good cm you attention seeker, stop this lemar love affair are gay!

      1. kev

        It’s a shame we’ll be spending that kind of money on Lemar.Everyday potential potential potential.If people watched a lot of football they’ll know there are cheaper and players just around his age who are as talented or even have more potential.One guy is Amine Harit(remember the name) who’s also French.
        I’m sorry to say it’s a done deal but Monaco must sign Diakhaby to sell him which they’re alomst done with.

      2. kev

        A lot of people won’t see it but I believe if Maitland -Niles was given his chance at CM(which is his proper position) he’d do better than those who play there.It’s just Wenger who has misued the guy.Out of all our youngsters I saw him as the one close to being world class due to the maturity he shows on the ball.He’s a player who is very ready for the Arsenal team and I believe he should be given his chance at CM no matter who comes.He’s very good but shame it’ll take us a long time to realise this when it’s too late.

        1. French

          I don’t think he’s close to world class in any way but he is one of the two most promising youngsters ready to make the jump to the 1st team with Reis Nelson. However, I think it’s not so much a case of not playing him in his best position but Wenger putting him in a position to learn a certain aspect of the game. He does it all the time with putting attacking players on the wings he’s doing it with Niles but as a CB instead.

  3. LL_cool_gunner

    Lol.. I think we should focus on arsenal and stop worrying about other clubs, they are in a better shape to challenge than us..

  4. sniper

    OT ..Mugabe is 93 was president since 1980,now he is rather frail and sick but he can’t let power go,he wants to participate in an election. That’s how kreonke will behave at arsenal he has many hobbies like hunting trophies and killing animals, now there’s a petition to force him out of arsenal support it we are using every opportunity to avoid a Mugabe situation,

    1. Adam Criniti

      Worried about a club that has a hands on billionaire owner and won more EPL titles than Wenger can count over the past decade.

      Meanwhile our beloved owner is off slaughtering animals in Southern Africa and The 8 million dollar man is yet again dithering in the market and struggling to sell deadwoods that are unwilling to take a pay cut.

      Wonder what happened to that $150M transfer kitty there Ivan?

      Yeah poor ol Chelsea fans. LOL

  5. Adajim

    Soo pathetic. Why should we be bothered about that. What if he does a mouriho? He get sacked, they get another coach and win EPL again while our super untouchable coach merry-go-round.
    I pity myself being a fan of arsenal. The board and every executive of this club are jokers. At the beginning of summer we buy one big name to appease the fans and then the rest is speculation here and there till August 31st.
    Arsenal started bid for Lemar before man city started buying, now man city has bought like 4, man u, Chelsea even Liverpool while arsenal are still trying to buy Lemar. My question is this, is Lemar the only player we can buy to improve us in this whole wide world?
    I believe all those bids are just gimmick to lure fans into buying season ticket again. In next few weeks now we will start to hear Lord wenger saying : we are open to signing players that will improve us, we are confident of buying, every player wants to come bla, bla, black.
    At Sept the story will be: we try signing but we couldn’t get the right player, or negotiation is between 3parties, it’s not as supermarket. Is it supermarket when man city and the rest are buying now?
    Jerome, Gazidis, Wenger and the rest are corn artist who is just playing on our emotions and intelligence

  6. Mr pat

    Who cares about conte I’m looking forward to Sunday not worrying about some Chelsea palava, I think lamar might be a smokescreen for another player or yanking our chains as usual with wenger

  7. Waal2waal

    arsenal interest is in getting our own house in order im certain chelski – as well as other rival teams are focused on the same. Sam (Editor) your perception of “just Arsenal” needs to be in line with the readers. Your award is a “red card” for an error of judgement.

  8. Arsenal_Girl

    We should build a Premier League winning quality team and not worry about other teams.

    Seriously articles like this makes me angry. Have we fallen so low that we rely on other teams to fail. Even Spurs finished above us

    We need to sign Top players to compete and keep the top players we have

    We made a good start with Lacazette and Kolsanic. Sign Lemar and a Top CM and we will challenge. Anything less is unlikely to make us challengers.

  9. achaks

    Lemar scored 14 goals and 17 assist playing on d flank in approx. 42 app. Walcot scored 19 goals and 6 assist playing from d same flank in 31 app. But here is Mr. Wenger begging to dash Monaco 50 m pounds. Chelsea just sold magic to Manchester as Mr. Wenger was just looking as if Cocqlain, elnany, xhaka are d best… He should have buy magic. Then at least buy a defender like van dijk. We don’t need wingers. We already have chamberlain, iwobi, welback, Walcott, reuse nelson.

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