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Arsenal fans expected to flock to Australia next summer

The Gunners are off to Australia in pre-season, with Arsenal set to play both big Sydney A-League sides, Sydney FC and the Western Sydney Wanderers in July. Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis started the promotional buildup when he said: “Our pre-season matches enable the squad to complete final preparations ahead of a new campaign, and Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers will provide a strong test for the team. The trip also gives our travelling squad a wonderful opportunity to see our loyal supporters in a country so passionate about football; it’s set to be a truly special trip and everyone at Arsenal Football Club is already looking forward to it.”

Sol Campbell is going to be the mentor for trip and will be liaising with the local organisers in Sydney, and he is also looking forward to his role. “It’s really an honour to be travelling to Sydney on behalf of Arsenal, and building up the excitement ahead of the first team’s pre-season tour this northern summer,” Campbell said.

“I know there’s a huge crowd of people working hard to get everything ready for the two games and a large number of really passionate fans counting down the days to the games.

“The Arsenal in Sydney Tour games will be important for the Arsenal Football Club on many levels. I’m really excited to be visiting Sydney. I’ve never been to the city, or indeed Australia before, and I’m looking forward to meeting people and seeing the landscape, which looks beautiful from everything I’ve seen.”

Well it sounds like a great excuse for a jolly to me!

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9 thoughts on “Arsenal fans expected to flock to Australia next summer

    1. ozgunner

      What a load of crap Sydney the home of Australian Football???? Thugby maybe, come to the MCG and get 100,000 at the gates

  1. atid

    Not seen hardly any promotion for the USA tours in July???? Don’t they want us there or will ir be more of a reserve squad thing what with the euros?

    Though at the current rate of Arsenal players involved with the competing countries that won’t be many. I’m already concerned about losing 2 of our best players elneny and iwobi next season to the ACON, and others to the Olympics, I wonder if wenger will use that as an excuse at some point????

    1. atid

      Just read that Nigeria have already been eliminated from the ACON? Can anyone confirm that? But Egypt have already qualified?

    2. SoOpa AeoN

      “Ready made excuses”

      and seeing as he knows we already know his future plans on using that as an excuse, He will try and fine tune it!


    3. SoOpa AeoN

      In response to ATID’s question on Nigeria’s qualification credentials:

      In a twist of fate that could yet bring succour to Nigeria and Tanzania, the Chadian Football Federation has rescinded its decision to withdraw from the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers if Caf would
      accept it back.

      The Chadians announced this news via their official website on Thursday evening, four days after they threw Group G into disarray
      with their decision to drop out of qualifying due to financial constraints.

      Looking at the financial implications of withdrawing which has attracted a $20,000
      fine from Caf, the Chad federation said it thought it wise to remain in the competition rather than spend the money on a fine.

      “We will return to qualifying and we regret any logistics problems that this might have caused Caf, our fellow group opponents and
      our fans,” a statement from the general secretary of the Chadian Football Federation,Amadou Keita Chaibou, read.
      “It is our hope that this return will help us avoid more sanctions seeing that our poor country cannot afford to pay $20,000 when we claim not to have money for flights and accommodation.
      “We also hope that it would not affect our plans to qualify for the World Cup in 2018 so we have returned like prodigal sons wishing that Caf will accept our plea.”
      However, the decision on whether to accept Chad back to the competition would be
      made by the Caf Competitions Board in the next few hours.
      It is good news for Nigeria and Tanzania who had given up on qualifying for Gabon 2017 due to the soar away success of the resurgent Egyptians.
      Now, any one of the two sides could still garner enough points to finish in second place and with points high enough to see
      them through to Afcon 2017 as one of two best second-placed sides.
      Dated : April 2016

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  2. SoOpa AeoN

    Dear Arsenal fans, If u are a hardworker and value Hard earned money…….. Don’t spend it on buying merchandise or Arsenal preseason games circumventing the entire Australian landscape…wasting travelling expenses

    Preseason games are nothing like UCL or EPL

    and good enough it [preseason] starts while the window’s still wide open…..u would love to see what their ambitions are before throwing away your money


    1. atid

      But nothing wrong with visiting new south Wales. I loved every minute of my 6 months down under, had some truly awesome times and am still in touch with great pals I made back then. Though I haven’t been back there we often meet up in south East Asia. But I am pretty certain I will be down under and take in these two games. Put it this way watching arsenal in places like Singapore, Indonesia, China, Japan etc is a lot better than going to Barcelona which I have done at least.4 times. With prices of flights to Thailand and Hong Kong at around £400 direct then onward flights to Australia and other far east, south East Asian destinations being as cheap as £60 return why would anyone take their holidays in the khazi that is Europe???

  3. ArseOverTit

    Enjoy the Oz, but don’t waste your money on an arsenal pre-season.

    Imagine Arsenal tiki taka without the pressure of a 4th place under threat. On the other hand they may actually play minus the pressure.

    Funny Gazidis doesn’t mention why the need to play against some obscure team on the other side of the world before the season starts…maybe spreading the brand that keeps growing and changes nothing for results on the field?

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