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Arsenal fans happy (at last) with West Ham in Carabao cup?

Arsenal will have the chance to show our north London rivals Tottenham the way it should be done when the next round of the Carabao Cup takes place in about two months from now, as the draw has put us up against another London club West Ham who rocked the Spuds and knocked them out after coming back from two goals down to win 3-2 this week.

Waiting for the teams to be drawn, though, was anything but a happy experience as some technical issues meant the EFL and some Twitter engineers kept having to delay the draw and in the end it was finally completed about two hours later than scheduled. Still I suppose it was worth the wait as Arsene Wenger and the Gunners will be pretty pleased with the outcome, as we avoided all of the really tough teams left in the competition, with favourites Man City going to Leicester, Man United going top the only non EPL club Bristol City and Chelsea playing host to Bournemouth. Arsenal are a very short-priced favourite to beat West Ham at home, and so if you like betting at sports events it may be worth a little flutter on the Gunners @ 6/1 (from Sportingbet) to win the competition for the first time under Wenger, as that price will drop considerably after the quarter-finals.

Just as important as our opponents was the fact that our quarter-final is going to be played at the Emirates Stadium, because the difference between our home form and away form so far this season has been nothing short of drastic. Whether the under pressure Slaven Bilic will still be the Hammers manager when we face then a few days before Christmas is anyone’s guess, but if Arsenal take this game seriously we should be heading for the semis and getting close to a second trophy of the season after winning the Community Shield. Arsenal are guaranteed to play a second string side, but so are our opponents and this season we seem to have much more strength in depth than usual so there is no reason why we cannot go all the way this time around. We are expecting to be one of the four top sides in the semis, but we are now renowned for being a very resilient Cup side as we showed in last year’s FA Cup.

Could there be another Wembley win over Chelsea coming up?


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13 thoughts on “Arsenal fans happy (at last) with West Ham in Carabao cup?

  1. Mitch Connor

    I wanted any of these teams: Bristol City, Bournemouth, Leicester or West Ham, rather than Chelsea, City, United.

    So yeah I’m happy with West Ham

    BUT West Ham are no push overs. They can beat us. Also, even if we beat them we will probably still play City, United or Chelsea later on

    But yes, I would have preferred Bristol City but at least we aren’t playing one of the top teams

  2. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Bolivia to become second manager to get sacked after playing Arsenal this season

  3. citrenoogeht

    Arsenal can definitely win this tie. However, IMO, a more experienced team (or at least bench) will be needed to be available to take care of business should the tie become difficult. From what I saw in our performance (pre the arrival of Eddie Nketiah), was very concerning. The fight that I saw in West Ham who were fighting for their manager and their personal pride, will still possibly be the case in a couple of months will be a massive incentive for the hammers.

    I hope Wenger takes this Cup seriously and as a consequence he will need to make the necessary changes at the time to make the Arsenal competitive on the night. Remember, pride goes before a fall.

    1. Kenny Rolfe

      Wenger will play more or less the same side as he played against Norwich, West Ham will bring 9000 fans, a strong side and support that will make more noise than our 50000. Hate to say it but I predict a West Ham win. Mickey Mouse cup anyway.

  4. ThirdManJW

    Wenger has to pick a stronger team, and just as important, put players in the correct positions for once! Norwich should have comfortably beaten us, and we were very lucky they spurned so many quality chances.

    OT – Just got in from work having read Kroenke’s interview in the tabloids, and hearing what happened at the AGM, and very sad to hear the death of Arsenal FC today. Painful to see my club go down the pan over the last decade, and feeling even worse now it’s been officially confirmed that the Kroenke family will definitely continue to drag the club into the abyss, and that Wenger has a job for life! Although most of us pretty much knew the plans of the evil Kroenke’s, it still stings when they tell you that they intend to completely f**k you over!

    So I do not want to ever see any more stupid articles along the lines of: “Wenger under pressure to win”, “Cup success to save job”, “Will Wenger walk”, because it has been confirmed (as if we didn’t already know), that Wenger has a job for life! Which means he doesn’t have to achieve anything from a sporting aspect. HE WILL NEVER BE UNDER ANY PRESSURE TO BE SUCCESSFUL!

    1. jon fox

      I so admire your fearless, true and shrewd regular comments but share your pain at the fools who dislike the written truth. Sad that so many who claim to be fans cannot stand the truth, so one eyed are they.

  5. Sue

    Depends what team Arsene plays as West ham will play a strong team & will be up for it. Hopefully we’ll win but Arsene doesn’t take it seriously so we’ll probably lose. But at least we got further than loserpool & the spuds!!

  6. jon fox

    TO THE ADMIN: YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A NEWS SITE YET CHOOSE TO IGNORE THE AGM SHAMBLES. Why? I trust you are not also in the pay of Kroenke, like all the board? This is the burning topic concerning Arsenal since yesterday but not a peep from you. A bit suss, methinks!

  7. jon fox

    The article writere Bob, actually regards the Community Shield as our first trophy this season. How sad that some , who you might have thought otherwise intelligent people, persist in fooling themselves that a glorified pre season friendly, though at Wembley, constitutes a real trophy, when all realistic fans everywhere know full well it is just the refuge of fans who know the team will not win a proper trophy; one that involves more that one match. How silly! Get real BOB!

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