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Arsenal fans happy to see Ozil transfer? As long as it’s not Man Utd?

I am an Arsenal fan who has stuck up for our Germany international many times since he signed for the Gunners from La Liga giants Real Madrid over four years ago. That Mesut Ozil transfer on deadline day of the 2013 summer window not only smashed the club’s transfer record, it gave a big lift to everyone connected with the Gunners.

I do not go in for the bandwagon theory of the German play maker being lazy or going missing in big games, and despite his poor return of goals I do think he has been a good player for us. Ozil arriving was never about goals anyway, or not about him scoring them anyway, although his goals per game ratio for us is actually better than it was for Madrid.

His class was clear from the start and he has bagged plenty of assists in Arsenal colours and would surely have broken the Premier League record for them set by our own Thierry Henry if the finishing of the Arsenal forwards had not been so wayward towards the end of the 2015-16 season.

Having said all that, I am not as bothered about his decision to reject a new Arsenal contract as I am about his team mate Alexis Sanchez doing the same, because Ozil does not have that same dynamic impact and that is what Arsenal need more of.

We have lots of talented and technically superb players but we do not have many players driven like the Chilean is. So to be honest, I will not be too unhappy to see Ozil transfer away from Arsenal, as long as it is not to sign for Manchester United, that is.

He is the sort of player that they need and I reckon he would thrive there under Mourinho, so should Arsene Wenger sell Ozil in January but make sure he signs for someone other than United?


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20 thoughts on “Arsenal fans happy to see Ozil transfer? As long as it’s not Man Utd?

    1. gotanidea

      No worries, I don’t think he can do much in Premier League, because of the league’s physicalities. Arsenal should get some of his transfer money back, to get a more talented and younger player.

      1. Tony

        idk about physicality but he will be a much better player under mourinho. he was world class at real madrid n he is still world class for germany. ozil+wenger just didnt work

  1. Goonerboy

    Let him go anywhere, i personally do not care….

    Most clubs only want him on a free transfer as they are not willing to pay for him.

  2. Arsenal_Girl

    Agree with first comment
    None of our rivals

    I can guarantee Abrahamovic and Mourinho were not happy selling us Cech but because of his loyalty and length of time Cech spent at Chelsea and the fact he wanted to stay in London for family reasons that was an exception. Otherwise, Chelsea would not sell a top player to us.

    Even Selling OX to Liverpool made me uncomfortable. He isn’t world class but he was one of our best squad players and having him on the bench will help any team

    So please don’t sell our top players to rivals
    We should be improving our own team not improving our rivals

  3. Vlad

    I’ve been Ozil’s biggest fan since 2010 World Cup. Followed his move to Real Madrid. Followed his career there, and was literally over the moon when we got him. In my opinion, he was, and still is our best creative player since the days of Bergkamp. Having said that, I feel that his talent is somewhat wasted at Arsenal. He’s not the type of player who’s gonna take the game by the scruff of the neck. He needs quality players to surround him, and that’s when he shines. He went from Ronaldo, Benzema, Di Maria type of players to Wilshere’s, Walcott’s, and Ramsey’s. Huge difference. He still gave it his all, and nearly broke the assist record had it not been for our strikers’ wastefulness. Personally, I hate to lose a player like that but he might be better off somewhere else. NOT ManU though. I despise Barca, but I’d rather see him in their colors than joining Mou again.

  4. Uzi Ozil

    Manchester united have got good defensive cover so I feel Ozil will strive there. Mourinho worked well with him in the past as well so for me, don’t sell to Manchester United.

    The last business with Manchester United handed them the trophy. I don’t want a repeat of that.

    Ozil will do well there because of players like Matic, Herrera, Pogba and to an extent Fellani

  5. Gunner4Life

    Ozil being sold to Man United worries me less than whom We are going to replace Him with….

  6. jon fox

    Ozil is the most gifted Arsenal player who has ALSO been among the laziest ever. More gifted players like HENRY, BERGKAMP and a very few others over the decades, ALSO had work ethic, fight and personal pride to do their best . Ozil, fatally, lacks these key qualities and should thus be sold in Jan. As I keep saying, no great side became so by carrying lazy players. Simple unbiased realism!

  7. Liam

    Are you living in 2013 still? We don’t have a techniquely gifted side anymore that’s why our style of play is struggling. We badly miss Santi in the middle of the park. Wilshere is another who can control a game just not on the same level but he’s benched for Ramsey who can run and. The days of Fabregas and co are over and I feel upping our tempo and playing More direct will suit the likes of Lacazetti Xhaka maybe playing Laca Giroud Sanchez as the front 3 see if he can replicate their France form with them two staying tight looking to play off him

  8. the barrel

    Ozilis just lazy even playing for Germany. Let the guy leave a win medals from the bench at United. Not even scared that Ozil will make an impact at United. Only scared of Sanchez joing EPL team. Ozil, Giroud, and Ramsey dont scare me if they join rival team.
    Walcott and Sanchez can hurt Arsenal badly if they join EPL teams

      1. GunnerJack

        Me too – would love to see Walcott join one of our main rivals. The tactic worked well with Chamberlain.

    1. GunnerJack

      Really wish Walcott and Ramsey would join other top EPL team(s). We managed to drag Liverpool into the depths with the Ox so just need to repeat the dose. Trouble is no one in the top six would want either of them as they have managers who see clearly how good/bad a player is. Only Wenger, with his ‘favourites’ mentality, gives those two the time of day.

  9. the barrel

    Let the guys lave, we finished 5th last, and these folks were always in starting. We were always in top 4 with a lean squad. Thanks to Ozil especially for not showing his “world class”, now we are playing Europa.
    Good players left Arsenal before like: Vieira, Petit, Overmars, Bergkamp, Henry, Asley Cole, RvP, and Anelka. We didnt cry this much. Let the guys leave. But if Ozil goes to a big club, he has to change his “dont care” attitude, otherwise he is gonna warm the bench

  10. stubill

    We may not have any choice where he goes if he decides to see out his contract, actually we don’t have any control over what he or Sanchez decide to do.

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