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Arsenal fans must enjoy good luck while it lasts!

Whether you believe in fortune or just think that it is a coincidence when things go for or against you or your football club, it has to be said that Arsenal have been on the wrong end of it in recent years. Even in the first half of this season everything seemed to be going against the Gunners, but that all seems to have changed, at least for the moment.

Following another tough Champions League group draw, Arsenal then got the pick of the knockout phase, with the French Ligue 1 club Monaco exactly who we would have chosen. In fact we even got a better draw than Borussia Dortmund even though the German club finished top of our group. It would have been more typical of our recent luck for us to have topped the group and drawn the Italian champions Juventus.

And whereas the Gunners had almost exclusively hard games on route to winning the FA cup last year, with Liverpool, Tottenham and Everton along the way, we have had it relatively easy so far this time, while a lot of the other big clubs have been knocked out.

So if you believe in luck this might be a good time to get your money on Arsenal. Or if you don´t trust our luck to last that long, maybe you should save your money for a few weeks and bet on the Cheltenham Festival 2015 – top horses and jockeys! At least you know that even outsiders can win races there! But if you are going to stick with the football, then I would say that our FA cup odds are not great to be honest, as we are slight favourites over Man United at around 5/2. But if you are feeling lucky then the 20/1 on us to win the Champions League might be a better bet. Or how about a whopping 40/1 to win the Premier League? Unlikely yes, but with luck on your side you never know.

If you do not believe me about our luck, just look back at all the injury problems that Arsene Wenger has had to cope with for YEARS. We have all seen the reports showing that Arsenal have lost so many more playing days due to various injuries over the last 10 years. The figures are incredible and have led to questions about the medical staff at the club and Wenger bringing in more experts, but when you look at a lot of the problems, they have been impact injuries; like Wilshere´s ankle or Giroud´s tibia or Debuchy´s ankle – and there is simply nothing you can do about them.

But all of a sudden the Arsenal treatment room is becoming a lonely place to be and players are even coming back sooner than expected. So fingers crossed Gooners and let´s see how long this run of good luck can last.

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6 thoughts on “Arsenal fans must enjoy good luck while it lasts!

  1. ArseneIsYourDaddy

    Luck my left butt cheek.
    Wenger has been trying to build a squad. It the years when we had no cash and shiiiiters leaving it was hard. In two seasons with money he has put a decent team together. Like all the fantasy fans know that we are one player away from greatness.
    Arsenal’s style of play means very busy midfielders; our opposition pay close and hard attention to our midfielders. Hence we always have a couple midfielders out injured.
    Our American physio seems to have a positive change on the time it takes players to return. They do a lot of core support work. Take a look at the squad, all rippling six packs, that is hours on building up your core.
    Muscular guys like Wellback will have long term thigh injuries – just ask Sturridge. I don’t think luck, I think we have 8 midfielders, a good physio and a team putting in a lot more gym work that you know.

    1. Champagne Charlie

      Some first class nonsense right there.

      Muscular guys leads to injuries? six-pac means core strength? 1 player from greatness? Terrible knowledge of strength and conditioning, and I’m not going to analyze the last decade (keeping the mood positive as it should be right now), but to suggest Wenger couldn’t have done better regardless of the apparent ‘no cash’ is complete rubbish.

      Also, why can’t people simply be excited at our potential and just hope we continue to progress, instead of this hyperbolic crap every time we spank a team? It’s the same old story, we win a few in good fashion and it’s rainbows and unicorns like this post – saying we’re 1 player away from ‘greatness’ or ‘domination’. We’re 11 points off our domestic leaders, we’ll hopefully bring in a class DM & ST in the summer whilst continuing to progress as a unit; to expect greatness is just setting us up to fail.

      Next season a sustained title challenge is the goal, let’s walk before we can run. Be excited, but don’t be ignorant.

  2. Mick The Gooner

    ‘Luck’? What do you mean luck? This is Arsenal we’re talking about, not Manchester United.

  3. SoOpa AeoN

    really, what’s the significance of this post?……. I thought sometimes, we put in a decent shift against opposition teams and the players are at the top of their game… I would only call us “Lucky” if we somehow managed to escape at a hair’s breath when things don’t go in our favour…Beep!

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