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Arsenal fans need to get behind Wenger signings or not!

Is about time we get back to supporting Arsene?? by RC

As we reach the end of another tortuous January transfer window with little action, but as ever much hope, I appreciate everyone including myself feels frustrated. It is what it is to be a Gooner. Unfortunately, we live in the shadows of several billionaire bank rolled clubs whose transfer budgets exceed that of small countries!

Clearly there is a universal view that we need some further talent. A top quality defensive midfielder with real power and grit would be great. A clinical striker come winger that could play across the front line, giving us more versatility as to how we play Giroud, Theo, Gervinho, the Ox and Podolski would not be missed. Will it happen?..It’s anyone’s guess, but we all live in hope. Not a wholesale overhaul, nor average players to appease the fans, just a couple of top quality signings to once again try to push right back to the very top.

However in the past few weeks I notice that everyone is getting increasingly angry with Arsene. I just don’t think it is right. Now I know this goes against either popular opinion (or the vocal minority – hard to tell which). Fan pressure is great. Continuing to let the club know we want results and trophies, not champions league qualification is good. No one improves without pressure to do so.

But let’s not forget who we are. We are Arsenal. We are one the biggest professional football clubs in the world. Our financial performance and fan base is consistently growing. Look at the stats, we consistently perform in the top 10 or better in Europe, in terms of shots on goal, passes, passing accuracy, possession….all the beautiful things. We are the only team to have ever taken on every team in the premier league and not been beaten. We are amongst an elite few in Europe, to consistently make it to the champions league. We have a stadium that is the envy of most other European teams, let alone premier league clubs. We have youth that is now turning into top top quality. Is there another team that make this claim without having a oligarch benefactor? Can any other team be spoken about in the same breath as Barcelona in terms of playing style? Not one.

These are truly immense achievements. This week, articles are arising saying Arsene is wanted by Perez at Real Madrid to replace Mourinho. PSG are making similar noises. He is recognised as top top quality. Arsene is not perfect. He may at times have too much sentiment towards players who don’t quite reach the potential he believes they have. He may not spend as we would like. He may follow a philosophy that at times would probably benefit from some outside coaching advice (omg I hate zonal marking!) and he may not communicate with us about his plans in a way many of us would like.

But he is responsible for so many truly great things about our club that I personally think, unless we really want to push the guy out (and there will be many takers), want to risk being left with someone who doesn’t have the ability to actually take us any further forward without a billionaire’s cheque book, or want to dismantle this potentially great team, we need to draw a line under our own frustrations and get back to the resounding sound of ‘c’mon Arsenal!’ and ‘there’s only one Arsene Wenger’ ringing out loud around the Emirates! The team will benefit, the opposition will suffer and all those who would love to see Arsene go (and I mean our opposition and their preferred hacks in the press, not our own frustrated fans) would be silenced. Come on guys get behind Arsene and the team and stop undermining it! It may just give us the edge we need!

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138 thoughts on “Arsenal fans need to get behind Wenger signings or not!

  1. Mike

    Santos (unheard of to most fans at time of signing)£6M,Diame (screaming for a move to Arsenal) £3.5M and he is already a good premier league player…why do we waste amounts of money on unknown players and not sign players who are already at premier league level,f*ck knows what Arsenal’s scouts are doing these days.

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  2. JustARealSupporter

    The CLOWNS i see posting always banging on about wenger lying to us during the transfer market.



    All that will achieve is our targets going to a club with bottomless pockets.

    Its bad enough as it is without holding up a sign for them.

    f**k sort out your comments. CLOWNS.

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  3. Praxis76

    What a load of crap! It is inexcusable that Wenger hasn’t strengthened the squad. It should have been done soon as the winow opened and any new players would now have had four weeks to train and adjust to their new surroundings. Now anyone that comes on is a PANIC buy and will likely turn out to be another of Wenger’s mid season additions that fails to pan out. The bottom line is there were several quality players available that would have been positive additions to a team languishing in sixth place with three teams below us by just three points. Say goodbye to champions league next season.

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  4. stevO

    Mike i bet its easy to sign perfect players every time, want the job?

    its even easier when all of your best players keep getting sold which means the squad needs a huge amount of strengthening in a short space of time with only the money you get from the sale.


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  5. md31

    the one thing that we will never forgive for wenger is that selling our players to our rivals we can forgive all the other things please mr wenger change your policy of transfer market keeping our best players signing top players that can benefit the team or leave as all of you gasadiz and co

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  6. kemp

    Proving the fans re wrong with his philosophies is the only trophy wenger wants to win , and thats a trophy he will never win , because he is wrong,,, arsenal is not growing , its world wide fanbase aint growing , its reducing by the minutes , all fed up with stupid excuses for the past eight years ,but he dosen’t care as long he gets his 7 mil a year. wining trophies bring money too,like mancity and chelsea, but the board just want to seat back and swindle the fans ,,, and someone has the nerve to urge me to support wenger ,,,, No way!
    F**k wenger

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  7. NIKK

    Don’t worry…there are thousand of gooners out there who would love to get behind Arsene and kick his stubborn arse, signing or not!!!

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  8. Richard

    We will always be in this position while the present regime runs AFC, AW has his philosophy which may have worked 10 years ago but now needs serious updating, is he going to do it or stand up to the board and defend the club from the long term damage that is being done and which will probabbly take many many millions to put right and a long time to not even get back to where we were 10 years ago.
    Sad that were being screwed by the Yanks and nobody is standing up to them. Silently screwed I may add.

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  9. snakeoil

    Wenger’s many successes buy him a lot of good will and loyalty. But it is not unlimited.

    How many stupid decisions or how long can Wenger’s willingness to protect his massive salary at the expense of the fans and great football – how much is too much? Where is the limit?

    Even the most hardcore fan would admit there is some behavior or event that would force them to defect from Wenger.

    It seems we are just having a difference of opinion as to how far downward the team must fall or how much stupidity from Wenger pushes each fan over the edge to desire promote a change in management (Wenger’s departure).

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  10. jp

    There seems to be alot of misinformed people that comment on this site or they just choose to believe what they think.

    How many of you really believe that Wenger was responsible for V.Persie going to utd?
    I’m sure Wenger would have preferred he went to Juventus.
    (And don’t talk about money because 150k a week plus 5 million up front and V.Persie still said no because he wanted even more money.)
    Did none of you see the press conference after V.Persie was sold?
    Wenger didn’t seem happy and even said it would have been better if V.Persie went abroad.

    Also you all do know that Wenger bought Podolski, Giroud and Carzola while V.Persie was still at Arsenal and he still chose to leave.
    Those players were bought because V.persie asked for good players to stay, he got them and then left for Utd.

    If most people read their comments they would realise how stupid they sound.

    Most of you assume Wenger would want to sell his best players, the players he made, he is fine with getting rid of.

    Now think….

    If you were a football manager and you nurtured some players and they became really good, would you want to sell them?

    The answer is no,
    so why do most of you seem to think our manager is different?

    It seems a little ludicrous.

    Plus isn’t part of the reason why we Boo players such as Adebayor, Nasri, Cole, V.Persie, etc
    is because if they stayed we might have won something?!

    Everytime this happens Wenger has to rebuild and with only the money he has used to sell. (boards fault)

    Now some of you say we should of paid them more wages to stay, well at the time I would moan too and would agree but after these players have left they have all disrespected our club and I would not welcome any of them back.

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  11. matthewAFC

    It will be funny to see when Wenger goes to Real Madrid or PSG and signs players like Cavani, Falcao, etc. Then every one will realize that it was never Wenger, but the board that was holding Arsenal back. He will then proceed to turn whatever club he goes to into a world class power house and who knows, maybe he’ll even win the Champions League.

    All I’m saying is that maybe too much of this blame falls directly on the manager. I believe that Arsene Wenger is the best manager in the Premier League. Yes, even better that Sir Alex. The only difference is that Sir Alex is like a spoiled child who always gets who he wants, while Wenger is forced to build up younger talents (which he is brilliant at).

    As Arsenal fans we need to get behind Wenger right now.As much as no one wants to believe it, Wenger will be greatly missed when he leaves. Lets prove our loyalty and soon it will be rewarded.

    There is never a bad day to be a GOONER!

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  12. NIcky


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  13. Gary Co

    Why should fans get behind Wenger or the current structure who claim to be ‘running’ the club when the fans are treated to the same statements, results and mismanagement season after season.

    Fact 1: Wenger is more interested in making himself and shareholders money than challenging for trophies and enhancing his once admirable record.

    Fact 2: Wenger has dropped his standards in player judgement, has proven to be tactically poor, cant motivate players and is stubborn beyond the pale. He brought the club as far as he can 5 seasons ago. Those who think he will change course are deluded………

    Fact 3: Wenger and the board will always hide behind Man City & Chelsea’s spending as a reason not to invest on quality signings and pay market rate in line with clubs with similar turnover.

    Last week it was shown Arsenal had the 4th or 5th highest turnover for a football club in Europe. Notwithstanding stadium loan repayments, wages and operating costs Arsenal still have been accruing healthy surpluses each season and purchase substandard signings on high wages.

    Why should fans put up with such regular mediocrity every season. Yes Wenger is responsible for all that is great about Arsenal but I dont know of any other company who would put up with such under performance each year- but then again as long as kroenke and gazidis admire the balance sheet why would be held to account….. I digress

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  14. vinie2000

    Enough is Enough..tomorrow before and during the game let’s shout SIGNS,SIGNS,SIGNS or NOT CL excuses 48 hours to go and we all know whats needed to go further A DM and ST so let’s the dead ears hear our dignify anger and bring us our ARSENAL BACK..2 SIGNINGS,JUST 2 NEEDED AND WHAT HE’S WAITING FOR? i really have nto been in a game this year even though i got the season ticket and i will not go until a ghange is renewal at all..i need my arsena back.

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  15. bob77leo

    Wenger will sign somone on the last day, like he has in the past…I remember he signing some little Germany boy

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    This article must be a serious joke. I hope the writer is just feeling the pulse of the fans.How can we get behind Wenger to break our hearts with so many terrible performances yet to come? We know a good manager when we see one. His business is always to fortify a team in areas of deficiencies. Tell me if you have such a manager at Arsenal?

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  17. Jchimbelu

    Well put, also why would real and other top clubs want wenger if he is crap. Do we all have the right to be frustrated because of lack of trophies! Sure. However lets not become delusional.

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  18. sebbster

    Why should we get behind him? We gave Walcott his contract two weeks ago. We have been linked with Ba,mbiwa, and god knows who else. He needs to go. the club is worth 17 billion or 10 pounds to usmarov PLEASE BUY THE CLUB

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  19. base billy

    @nicky – totally agree mate. There are lots of fools who don’t know what they’re talking about.

    If so many want him out who do we replace him with? 6 months ago bods were saying Owen Coyle. F***ing hell.

    If you complainers don’t stop this nonsense, you’ll actually get what you’re looking for an we’ll go into rapid decline.

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  20. GP

    I have never disagreed with an article more.
    Rather than getting behind Wenger, this galvanizes my opinion against him even more.
    you can only judge a manager on results and his willingness to improve his team and those results.
    This window gave him the opportunity to do just that and yet he has refused so far as he has many times before.
    wenger will remain after this window closes but not even he should expect his doubters to get behind him.
    He already knows what to expect but he just does NOT care what we think.

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  21. George

    The person that wrote this article is the most clueless Arsenal fan i have met. Writting about other clubs owned by billionares and have unlimited funds. Well if you look into AFC they guy that owns 28.8% of Arsenal can buyout Roman Abromovic in a second and still have plenty of cash left over and has offered Arsenal cash to buy decent quality players to bring them back to the top…. The board needs to go, they are all about increasing there own wealth and are not doing anything to help the club. QPR are more ambitious than us. Wenger is top class, but he is stubborn and the squad he has doesn’t compare to the team he had 8 years ago, we use to be entertaining, teams use to be scared to rock up and play us, we use to have world class youth that would take us to the semi finals of the FA Cup, now we can even get that far with out first team. I will stop here because it is so sad if i continue.

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  22. WC

    Wasn’t blindly supporting Wenger what got us into this mess in the first place? Secondly, Wenger obviously can’t take us further as the past 8 years have shown so it would seem he is one of those someones that can’t get us further without a billionaire cheque book

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  23. donal de burca.

    how dare you demand that we get behind wenger , he is a traitor and a cheat and he is blind and deaf , he tells untruths all of the time and he strings us fans along all of the time . his time here is soon coming to an end , there are thousands of managers who could do a better job than him at this very time . the team are no longer playing for him , he has lost the dressing room , despite what wilshire might say . and seeing as wenger is wilsheres boss jack is hardly going to poop on his own doorstep now, is he ?.before this wenger guy goes he will bring us down so far that it will take years for us to recover , his mission in life is to sink us gunners , just keep watching .

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  24. Goonerpath

    This article/thread only demonstrates how divided we are…I’m tired of the Wenger/Kronke era, was tired a long time ago. Wenger is a man who cares more about his 7mil than Arsenal FC. If he truly had some balls and cared as much as he makes out he would tell the truth about what’s going on behind the scenes but 7mil a year, to leave that and expose this board!? No he is not that stubborn.
    This is the worst Arsenal side I’ve seen for as long as I can remember. Devoid of quality (bar jack and Santi). You think Wenger actually believes he will the league with this formula???
    We used to strike fear into our opponents with Henry, Bergkamp, Llunberg, Overmars, Pires, Viera tearing up the prem. Wenger would need a huge amount to replicate that, the talent we had got sold to our rivals (Nasri,fabregas, clichy, cole, RVP, Song) Wenger sold our BEST PLAYERS and didnt fight their corner….WHERE IS THAT MONEY???
    Wenger failed to adapt to modern day football (influx of oil money), SAF had no problem adapting now there’s a great manager. Wenger is happy to remain a puppet on a string, he is a manager an economist but not a die hard Arsenal fan, he won’t ever leave or be fired so rest assured Pro Wenger heads.

    Kroenke is the worst thing to ever happen to Arsenal FC and the sad truth is while he is here nothing will change. Even if Wenger won the FA cup an the CL I would say it again, He Needs to go. Too many mistakes, too much dishonesty and mind games with us Fans…
    Dont be deluded, The gap between The top 3 and The rest is growing bigger and bigger this season is a taste of things to come under this board/management.

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  25. Mayor

    bck him or nt the guy knows the board got his back and his 7mil is guaranteed trophy or not and he aint going to get the sack. so no thank you aint gon back or support him.

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  26. globalsafeaus


    As you say in your article our financial performance.

    Mate, this is a football club and the fans are supporting and proud of a football team NOT a financial performance team!

    Most expensive tickets, highest manager payment for 7 years – and counting – for what? Failure and excuses and an empty cabinet, loss of pride, players are less inclined to chose Arsenal, outdated tactics, pretty average players and team and some supporters who are totally blind folded.

    Stuck in the past while other clubs with less finances are passing us, lack of consistency, socialist payment for failures and losers what we just can not offload.

    Mid table position, best hope that we may do well in the FA Cup – sorry but MU and MC are still there – and lots of whining and BS.

    This is what you are asking the supporters to get behind. In a private REAL job, he already would have been sacked. If the board what is the problem and he just can not get his point through why he does not resign on that basis? Oh, yeah I forgot 7 million FINANCIAL reasons behind it.

    He is either totally incompetent or gutless, but either way he should go. The board and that american idiot? They should go as well.

    At that time with Usmanov and a new more prudent board and manager the club has a hope to regain its glory.

    With this lot. Just sit back and be happy that we beat WHU and and a championship mid table team and call it an outstanding result. When Bayern will come then will be wake up time.

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  27. Mayor

    not single trophies in 8 yrs selling our best players. not replacing them, content to finish 4th each season, no ambition whatsoever. no no i cnt support him.

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  28. Chris

    Er,, no! we are Arsenal fans not Wenger fans or any Footballer either. Yes we have our favourites but no footballer or manager is Arsenal football club and as such if i’m not happy with how it’s being run or who’s playing for us then I will choose to show it.

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  29. OzGooner

    I don’t see us signing anyone not even Diame but I am not fussed. Some people are freaking out saying things like at best we are now a mid table side & if we don’t qualify for CL the same thing will happen to us as did Leeds… Rubbish rubbish & rubbish I wouldn’t even spit on. Firstly in 92-93 Arsenal finished 10th in the league, in the following season they climbed back up to 4th so we’ve been through this before but also let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves WE ARE ONLY 4 POINTS BEHIND SPURS!!! That’s not an impossible gap to close. Secondly Arsenal have clearly stated that if they failed to secure CL qualification they could still cope financially unlike Leeds who borrowed money to purchase players and relied on the CL qualification money to pay their debts. Now apparently we have £38mil available to spend & the clubs debt has dropped below £100mil. We are nearly debt free. This is what we should be getting exited about not purchasing some player right now. Arsenal have just sold the Queensland Rd development project for £26mil. Add that to the £38mil now add the £20mil from CL qualification plus whatever we profit for this year we will have nearly £100mil. We don’t need to spend money on a player that can’t guarantee us CL qualification because if we don’t qualify we lose money & increase our wage bill for nothing. Arsenal are listed as the 4th wealthiest football club in the world. We built a brand new stadium during a recession the transition period has been bumpy but in the 7 trophy less years we have still finished top 4 & been able to watch some fantastic football too. Our fans should be proud of our achievement to stand independent amongst the elite. We will now start to see more disposable cash becoming available for transfers. Selling our best players provided income & stability for the club it was a means to an end and its served its purpose. The transition is almost over & the future is ours. We need to back this squad so they can finish strong our squad is full & we are in a fantastic position to challenge for top 4. GP you are blinded by the present & not looking at the long term benefits at hand. AW has protected the club stop looking on the pitch you won’t find your answers there. We have so much to look forward to. The evidence is there. Arsenal don’t need Usmanovs cash or anybody’s they have £600mil in collateral with the stadium sitting there if need be. Wake up!!!

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  30. Fletch

    Bob finally something I agree with.

    I often wonder where Arsenal would be had he not take over way back when.

    Incredible to have achieved both successfully and financially what he has. I don’t believe any other manager could have done this.

    All supporters should back Wenger, Club, Players etc. Less Santos 🙂

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  31. globalsafeaus


    I am not sure whether you are aware that the stadium sponsoring amount depends on the CL qualification. It could be a considerably lesser amount if we do not qualify. Also sponsors will not be so keen to for out large money or advertisers to advertise at premium for an also run team. Also there will be substantial revenue losses form the lack of championship game TV rights.

    Add al this up and it might just turn out to be that it is financially a much better option to purchase players and qualify and preferably go as far as we can.

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    Best article yet from ya bob! im all 4 supporting the prof and the team whole heartedly! stop hating and more appreciating!

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  33. **** Set Gunner ****


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  34. Mark

    Wot a load of crap! Wenger and The Arsenal are disrespecting their fans. Just don’t bother going to the games that might actually make them listen, the best Arsenal players must be getting fed up with the lack of new faces to support them

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  35. elcid

    Even if the whole financial thing situation is not the fault of Wenger but of the board (Wenger and the board told us a few months back that there is money to spend), we should still not be losing from lower end teams as much as we do with the team we have at the moment. We have played SO MANY terrible games, more then good games. How can you support a coach who has not won ANYTHING with a team like Arsenal for 8 years. If it does not work out anymore (and it does not, looking to this season and the other 7 before), please, what harm is it to give the opportunity to a new coach? Look at van Marwijk at Holland at euro 2012. He was in the wc final 2 years earlier, but performed abysmal on euro 12, thus he has been let go. WHY IS EVERYBODY ALWAYS SCREAMING FOR THE HEADS OF PLAYERS WHEN THEY ARE UNDERPERFORMING, BUT WHEN WENGER HAS FAILED TO MOTIVATE HIS TEAM, MAKES POOR TACTICAL DECISIONS AND SHOWS NO AMBITION WHATSOEVER (THUS UNDERPERFORMING), there is always an excuse! This has been going on for 8 years. Wake up people, let Wenger go now before he loses his entire legacy. Wenger and board out.

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