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Arsenal fans need to step up the protests after this shambles

What now, after the Ox is going? by Konstantin Mitov

Hello people, I’m back and I read a very decent comment stating that the writer didn’t like my articles, because I always point out problems without giving solutions, so this post will be dedicated to ideas on how to improve the situation.

Step one to is acknowledging the problem. Sadly there are multiple major issues to address with Arsene being by far the biggest one, but since I’ve talked enough about him, I’ll only mention the fact we played the Ox and moved Bellerin as a LWB, when we do have Kolasinac, and we knew the Ox was leaving.

But anyway other major issues include the attitude of the players and the fact we’re playing too many people with an uncertain future. From this perspective I agree with selling the Ox, because his body language is so wrong and the same goes for Alexis Sanchez and Ozil who seem to be having a laugh here. Arsene talks about values… How about some pride in wearing the shirt? Not to mention the board, who must take a huge part of the blame for letting Arsene get a new deal.

So now we know the issues what we must do is put the club’s interest first and get rid of both Wenger and the players who don’t care. We need rebuilding from the ground up with fresh ideas. I believe some of the board members wanted change, but either didn’t have the balls to put it through or were overrun by the owner.

Step two in the process is to think of possible solutions and here are a few – change the manager, change the entire squad, change the board, change the owner. Out of all those things, only one hasn’t changed through the years of failure. But how can we deal with this? We have to address the people sitting on top of Arsene in our food chain.

Guess what, there are none, but we should demand that Gazidis forces change or resigns. We had to introduce a Director of football as a must condition when offering Wenger a new deal. If we want to voice an opinion non-stop publicity is the way to go. And I felt there was a major improvement last season, because I finally saw people take action like peaceful marches against Wenger before the game, planes flying over the pitch and (yes it may be blatant but) Banners. They are so simple, yet their message is so clear.

Step 3 is to analyze why this failed last season and how it can improve so that we eventually succeed in our task. The answer is pretty simple consistency and determination. A lot of fans bend the knee to Arsene for delivering 9/10 wins against beach squads and winning the FA cup, completely neglecting the real issue which is now so apparent once again.

It may take protests for 38 games for him to go, but if that is the price, we must do it, because the pressure will snowball out of Arsenes control and he has proven time and time again he doesn’t have the managerial ability in him to turn it around constantly. There will be occasional wins like the FA cup final, but in general we are a disgrace.

I firmly believe, that if we continued our marches till the end of the season, even after winning a cup, he would’ve left. It would’ve signaled out that it’s no longer about the top 4 or a trophy. It’s much bigger than this. It’s about our pride, our status as a big club, and Arsenal is huge. You’d be amazed by the number of fans in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and Australia alone that Arsenal has.

We can make live streams before the games and voice the concern from around the world that Arsenal fans feel, because there are a lot of people ready to give anything they have for Arsenal, even though they are not based in the UK. I also think that the empty seats of last season spoke volumes and if we can get the Emirates empty it will be the biggest slap in the face that Wenger has to take.

I’ve seen fans in Germany do it. Put big, clear messages that cannot be ignored. And I see a much bigger connection between fans, players and the board at Dortmund and Bayern. Here it’s so disconnected – which is the final point. We must demand unity. We must unite against the common enemy, which is Wenger and if you think differently I truly am sorry for you.

We must demand that players greet the fans before and after every game, and not walk into their safe tunnel of shame. We must demand performances of 110 percent every game. It’s a 5 hour drive to Liverpool and I feel so sorry for every fan that witnessed this humiliation.

So in the end a football club is it’s fans. Right now, Arsenal fans are behaving exactly like Wenger. We blame him, the players, the board and I must say rightfully so, but we also have a part to play in this, Whether it’s debating here, at the game or on social media we have to be living and breathing the idea that Wenger is gone and express it in every way possible every game.

Why at the games? Because it’s when it’ll be noticed. It’ll be in Arsene’s and the Board’s face. We must march again, pull out the banners, attack the media and be consistent and grow in numbers. Arsenal is followed by hundreds of millions of fans around the world. If we unite, Wenger will be gone sooner rather than later.


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  1. justforlaugh

    Watching arsenal is like watching the same movie over and over again. The horror movie is no longer scary anymore. The feeling now is numbness and helplessness.


      Before u move for Wenger, first think of the club ownership and the owner’s motives.
      Call for Stan K’s sell of his shares to Usmanov who is ready to smash cash on big name player signings than Stan who only always looks at cash reserve and abnormal profits made for him by Wenger’s economic policy at the club. We normally focus on Wenger who is a mere employee at the club and we forget that the employer is the biggest problem for the collapse of the club b’se for him is happy of the way Wenger manages the system to generate a lot of revenue into the accounts of the club rather than uplifting the club’s status.
      Let’s copy what Man U fans did to the Glazer family when they were trying to copy Arsenal’s economic policy. They simply turned against the owner and not Sir Alex F. And even prompted to form a new Man U. fans’ club, which the Glazer family immediately realised that it was a great danger to the club’s collapse and started releasing big chunks of money for buying players and for their reasonable wages.
      Hope we all buy the idea for a better ARSENAL the PEOPLES’ club.

      1. maxi pimpi

        Somehow I don’t agree with you. Arsene and Stan have always been on the same page.if you consider the man utd case you will find Sir A F was not really spending. He was using average players to accomplish great things. Which wenger has completely failed to do. Again, clubs that spend heavily spend what they have and mostly borrow…and when u dnt spend what u have,u get more cash reserves for the owners to withdraw …BTW 2007 and 2012,the Glazers cashed out £900m from united…nw dey dnt have sir and they’ve spent close to £600m in four yrs! Since they r spending,dey aren’t stocking cash reserves which in turn made d glazer family family to sell a 2% stake of united this summer. Arsenal has one of the largest cash reserves in Europe. If you were stan, won’t you five Wenger a new contract? have you ever heared wenger complain about the board not providing money for him. It’s the opposite we hear every summer. Wenger has his crazy ideals of how a football club should be run which I think is outdated. Secondly he practices too much favouritism with players. Wenger is the major problem!!!

    2. Shortboygooner

      They are all done. The lot of them kreonke the board wenger. They are all cowards as said by the Liverpool pundit and henry. Get rid of all of them. The whole of them

    1. John Legend

      He is stubborn. He has lost all he took years to build. He probably has never heard anything like “leaving the stage/podium when noise/hailing is loudest”.(I am not so sure I got the words right)

      I pity his legacy. I should not pity really because he is just greedy. If things do not turn around, he might leave before the season ends.

  2. Joe

    Pressure for change comes from the fans and it has to consistent. Thats what happened to man united, it was a journey for them and a painful one until they got tge right manager for job, as arsenal fans we should prepare for that and put fear of failure a side, we already failed 10 years ago. Teams fire managers for winning an FA cup only while arsenal rejoice and give a manager new contract and he has never won the league for the last 13 years. Even managers who have won champions league are shown the door.
    Arsenal fans wake up, and stop complaining be part of the change you want to see, empty stadiums and negative noise will force the board to act. Peligri was shown the door and he was a good manager for man city.

    1. ZA_Gunner

      I agree with you completely and it doesn’t matter where you are or what situation you are in, we can all protest in our own suitable way. People who have money use the money on crowd funding; people with spare time use that time contributing to protests; people with power use that power to influence in a way; people with creativity use the creativity to create slogans and banners, point is everyone can contribute no matter how big or small, it all adds up and matters!

  3. Quantic Dream

    If last season can be taken as any indicator I don’t think any level of protests will force Wenger out. He himself believes to have a divine right to manage Arsenal and quite honestly that’s the only explanation you can give for him to have stayed on year after year with 5-1, 6-0, 8-2, 6-3 thumpings being handed out to us on a shockingly regular basis. All we can do at this point is hope for a new owner. In other news, I don’t quite understand how fans are having no trouble signing up for tickets on the Ozil hate train yet are falling on each other jumping on the Mahrez fan bandwagon. Ozil and Mahrez are clones of each other. Lazy clones that do not intercept passes, track back, tackle players, press opposition players, make clearances, block crosses, block shots or put in any defending whatsoever. Some may ask why should a creative player defend when his job is to attack? I in turn ask them what is the point of a player creating 3 goals if he makes us concede 3?

  4. Sean

    100% agreed. The Protests last season were a joke, hopefully more than 200 people show up! We need to show that we are serious about getting Wenger, Ivan, Dick & Kronke OUT NOW! Usmanov would buy Arsenal in a heartbeat so why cant the fan groups who have contact with Arsenal make contact with a certain Russians entourage to encourage another bid with all the protests in favour of him taking over.

    We will get bought out by Dagote from Nigera when finishes his projects but that could be a few years yet & we need change immediatly. 1st Kronke & his staff (Ivan, Dick etc…) then 2nd, Wenger & his backroom staff, coaches gone. Bring back the old guard of true Arsenal greats who want to be there, have knoledge of the game & Arsenal but Wenger kept them away as they are not YES MEN. Get them in.

    Players – whoever wants to go then just bloody sell them, get the money in along with a new manager & start being serious in a rebuild as we have the resources & fantastic stadum… which we have never heard rock once as its been a horrible last 10yrs for Arsenal under these muppets.

  5. BuddReloaded

    Stop giving stupid advice to the people from your computer in Bulgaria. The seats will always be filled with tourist supporters and stewards will ride your back the second you pull out a meaningful banner out. An A4 is not a banner and it is not seen from the bench unless the TV is zooming on it. Planes do not work either and protesting for 38 games will get us relegated as no player will want to play there. Besides, fans are protesting for years now and nothing happened because we know Kroenke is backing Wenger and Gazidis is a pu$$y.
    Best thing to do is simply not to come to the games in large number (that will mean that whoever is having a season ticket will not try to monetize on it by selling it on ticket exchange) and stop entering the Armory or online shops. The last ones will probably have higher effect because the tourists supporters are not really attached to the club and they usually buy merchandise for the club du jour (Chelsea, Citeh, Liverpool etc). Dry the revenue so that Kroenke realizes situation is bad. And if you can’t really live without an Arsenal kit, go on aliexpress and buy one there. Quality is extremely similar and you know you will not line up Kroenke’s pockets like this.

    1. Valentine

      You could actually have given your alternative opinion without getting vulgar. You agreed with him, only giving an alternative option to what you think will be a better way of being heard.

      Let’s learn how to respect other people’s opinions, and even when we disagree, we disagree politely.

      Nice opinion though.

  6. gmv8

    Ox move makes less sense for him than for Arsenal, looks like he’s been brainwashed by his agent. He won’t get playing time as Chelsea have far better players than him in central midfield and he’ll get all the grief joining a rival club. Mismanagement and misjudgement by AW as he trusted him, and was clearly in his favourites, but he stabbed him in the back. He won’t get a more supportive manager than AW was to him, so life will be a lot tougher for him. Lets hope the money is used quickly for an upgrade – Draxler or Mahrez, so the bitterness won’t linger – but knowing AW, I’m not holding my breath

    1. John

      Maybe that’s what the Ox needs…… unfamiliar and competitive environment……….look players are human beings too……..they have to look out for their interests as well……..the main problem at Arsenal is Wenger and Stan……….,

    2. maxi pimpi

      How many stabs in the back will Wenger get for him to come out of player favouritism/romance. I think this is his major problem. That’s why he won’t sign players so his favourites will always have spot to play. They get multiple bad seasons, but he stays loyal to them. They get half or one blast of a season, suddenly their ambition changes. It’s such a shame and Wenger never learns. And when we don’t learn from history, it repeats itself. I am tired of hoping. Wenger out!!

  7. satanK

    I suggest verbal abuse directed towards the fraud. Really offensive, c word sorta verbal abuse.
    He deserves nothing less, and possibly deserves more. Only an idiot benches two new signings that have proven to be an upgrade to our squad and plays the same midfielder that made more assists for the opposition than he did for his club, while having a superb player crying for the central midfielder position, a position in which he shone before.
    It’s only his fault for being a gutless old man, who can’t call something for what it is. If his players play sh*****t, he must point a finger. Otherwise nobody cares if they perform or not, nobody’s in danger, nobody puts in an effort in return.

  8. Atid

    It’s not about the fans, it’s about the supporters and as long as people support the club the coin will keep the owner happy.

    So many people blame wenger, but they simply do not understand or want to believe the truth. I am a shareholder of the club and I completely understand it. Stan Kroenke has dollar signs for pupils, he wants to make arsenal a cash rich part of his portfolio, so that it becomes an even more tempting magnet for would be buyers.

    After almost 5 years now of non support I can almost see light at the the end of the tunnel. I honestly believe the end of kroenke is approaching, but even if it doesn’t my share price continues to grow until it happens. It sounds mercenary but I originally bought my shares when the club genuinely needed support. I sold my car to support the club, I bought shares and bonds to fund the redevelopment of the old Highbury when the club was skint. Some people do not realise how close Arsenal Football Club was to going into liquidation, if it wasn’t for the supporters buying bonds back then, the club would have had to do a Leeds and tumble down the ladder.
    Anyway, my point in all this is, it’s not about wenger, he is simply a copper applying the law, Stan Kroenke ‘s law. Silent Stan employs Wenger,he is the one offering Wenger new contracts, because, where else is he going to get another mug to do his dirty work. Even if he employed Henry, Wright or Merson, they would have to do it Stans way or fcuk off and for £8.6m a year they would do it Stans way. Regardless of protests from fans, Stan will look at the books before the next AGM and see a huge increase in revenue, through support, sponsorship, TV revenue, etc. He will then say well there was 5 trophies to win in 2017 (champions league, premier league, Fa Cup, League Cup, Community Shield) and Arsenal won 2 of them, plus we are closer to becoming debt free, where is the crisis?

    1. AB

      Agreed that kroenke is a big part of the problem but did he select the team against Liverpool dropping lacazette and kolasinac.
      Moreover, I am still not sure what your solution is. If we perform poorly doesn’t the sponsor money get impacted, can the fans not stop buying merchandise…

    2. maxi pimpi

      I don’t completely agree with you. We have seen managers achieving success without spending a fortune. Sir A F did it in his later years at man utd. What about Dortmund, athletico Madrid, even leceister. Wenger has lost the ploy tactically and technically. He is short of ideas to manage players on the pitch. Look at our thumping by Liverpool. Was it kronke that instructed him to keep German league’s best left back on the bench and play a confused out of form right back at left wing back? Everybody with brains knew the selection was a disaster waiting to happen. I tell you a good manager will deliver trophies with this squad without spending a dime.

  9. Patrick

    AW has totally lost it! Who would ever leave their striker on the bench in a big game after forking out 53 million on him? Only AW! Who would leave their in form left wing back on the bench and field a right wing back on the left? Only AW!

    Lets get him out soonest possible before our beloved club ‘dies’ an instant death from the premier league!

    1. maxi pimpi

      Spot on mate!!! Some people think our problem is signings. Give Wenger messi and neymar. He will still mess things up with his deluded ideas.

  10. antiwenger

    Wenger lives in his own world where fans opinions don’t count. You could have the whole stadium protest against him but he would still say it’s only a minority that want him out. He even shamelessly blames the fans for his team’s failures on the pitch.
    I honestly think it would take more than fans protests to get him out. Empty seats won’t work too because Emirates is more of a tourist attraction site than a proper football ground.
    I believe it is only the players that can save us, the way Chelsea players did with Mourinho and Leicester with Ranieri. Surely they must also be fed up of his shocking decisions, squad selection, lack of tactics, substitutions and lack of ambition in transfer window

  11. Arsenal_Girl

    If Liverpool, Chelsea, united, west ham get these players Lemar, Van Dijk, Seri, Mahrez, Draxler, Carvalho and we get zilch or a very average player like Brozovic then it will be the ultimate humiliation and disgrace

    We spent the whole summer trying to get Lemar. Lemar was eager to come to us. We agreed personal terms and we STILL failed to get him. Because Wenger was dithering and dithering and was too cheap as usual by haggling for every penny

    To save us we need at least 2-3 top players.
    Welbeck, Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil have been playing very average football. We need better quality players to push them. Henry was right. Arsenal players are far too comfortable here

    1. Spectrum

      When are people like you finally going to get it ? Does our recent history not tell you anything, or are you just too thick to see what is before your eyes ? Players ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. The team are a reflection of the manager and his decisions. Teams and players that have been built and rebuilt by Wenger over the last thirteen years have all been guilty of the same familiar habits and poor form. The only factor that has been constant in all that time, and to this very day, is the manager.

      The realists among us have known this for years, and only now is it finally starting to dawn on the A.K.B.’s and neutrals that what we have been pointing out is correct. What has took you so long ? Fiascos like the Liverpool match are not a rare event, they have been happening season after season. It is all SO PREDICTABLE. Yet all the WOB’s ( Wenger Out Brigade ) were ridiculed for saying what is now common sense reality. The board is weak, aimless and only interested in revenue, not on field success. This is epitomised by the farce of renewing Wenger’s contract – not once – but, to further spit in the face of the fans – TWICE !

      We are a club in decline. Those with insight saw this coming. Now even the most ignorant and short sighted can see it. The answer is in the supporters’ hands. Those that fought to get Wenger out last season were given little support from the majority who were too apathetic to join them. So you who moan now, deserve what you are now getting.

      I have suspended my support for Arsenal until this parasite leaves our club. If he ever does.

      1. maxi pimpi

        Bravo!! Sober reflections….. Food for thought from a wise man. We just need to keep pushing him with every means necessary until he leaves my beloved club. Wenger out!!!

  12. Jonm

    Lots of criticism on here of Kroenke and how he should sell up. We need to be careful of what we wish for. We could get an owner who buys the club using borrowed money with security for the loan being the club. In other words we get saddled with a huge debt and the interest payments which go with it. At the monent interest rates are low but when they increase our payments could increase. A new owner could be just in it for their own glory and not care about the long term. I have criticised Kroenke in the past but there are a lot worse out there. Assuming a change of ownership would be good is not necessarily the case.

    1. WengerOUT

      Please! We are sick and tired of “be careful what we wish for”! There are better owners than this Kroneke! Look at how Man City and even Everton is looking more ambitious than us! Every season we repeat the same old mistakes by not taking players early enough before the kickoff of the new season. Most of the fans just want to see Arsenal compete in all competitions especially the Premiership! All fans should unite and boycott every single things related to Arsenal FC till the club show the ambitious again! Such a disgrace club!

  13. chris

    Protest will have nil impact on Kroenke. He will stay nice and safe – checking the cash flow – in USA.

    1. Spectrum

      Protests will have an effect IF ENOUGH PEOPLE GET OFF THEIR ARSES AND MAKE THEIR FEELINGS KNOWN. So far that hasn’t happened. At any other club that has pride in itself it would have.

  14. Vish

    ( I wouldn’t be surprised if Arsenal Football Club is a social experiment to see how long an individual can support a club without killing themselves. )
    A meme sent to me by my Man Utd friends .

    The only way to incite change at Arsenal is by hunting the pockets of the board and Kroenke . Protests don’t work as we saw last season . A total blackout from ALL SUPPORTERS ACROSS THE WORLD , NO merchandise bought and no Arsenal fans at the stadium would then make these money mongers sit up and take notice

  15. Chuks

    All this people saying get rig of d board first,I dis agree wit them.
    yes d board is part of d problem,but Wenger is d major problem.he buys d players he does d selection he is absolutely in charge of every thing.he was against director of sports.d board is not ambitious yes! but a manager that knows what he is doing will resign if d board is not supporting him.
    Wenger should leave if he truely love this club,but he will not bcos he is shameless.he has lost has left him,he should leave football.
    like Konstantin said d only way to force him out is to stop going to matches.if d Emirate is empty 3 to 4times I bet u d board will hv a rethink and fire him.
    am tired I don’t even know what to say again bcos d problems ar much.
    Wenger has succeeded in destroying my beloved Arsenal.
    my heart bleeds.

  16. Wolfgang

    I doubt the fm can win the epl this season. The trouble is his passing frenzy and reluctance to
    soot from outside the box make it easy for teams to park the bus and hit on the counter.
    You may have a thousand shots at goal but if you cant score and the other team with one shot scores,you lose.
    I think he has lost the plot not this season but years ago. While other managers play to win,he is stuck with his pretty soccer obsession.He shd have left last season .

  17. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    Protests including banners inside and outside the ground, posts on appropriate websites, empty seats and non purchases of merchandise may not have a direct impact on Kroenke, but it will draw the attention of media and damage the brands associated with Arsenal. Pressure from sponsors will have the greatest effect on Kroenke.

  18. Henry Nwachukwu

    Konstantin is on point. Let the the stadium be emptied. The joy of football is the fans, that is why football has become a very lucrative business. I hear people say Wenger don’t give a damn about the fans. We shall see about that. Roll out the protest banners from our very next game and lets see who have have something, definitely not the fans, Wenger and his gang of weak and sore losers are in for the story of their life.

    1. Spectrum

      Bournemouth, our next opponents in the league, are struggling, and we will likely beat them. But don’t then get complacent and ease the pressure off. We need to keep venting our anger at the club for allowing this ongoing shambles to continue.

  19. Jeremy

    Just finished watching the video clip from Arsenal Tv.
    In the video, it’s loud and clear. The two idiots just need to go. It’s depressing.

    People, we need to show both AW and Kroenke the door. Zero hesitation, save Arsenal FC now.

  20. Vlad

    “…major issues to address with Arsene being by far the biggest one” – why are people, and Konstantin in particular are so blind? K R O E N K E – he is the main problem. Replace Wenger, and absolutely nothing will change, guaranteed. The owner and the board will just get another Yes man, and the objectives will stay the same. Get the top 4, balance the books, make some profit. End of story. Wake up, people!

    1. Spectrum

      Not so. There is only one Wenger – with his peculiar characteristics and many shortcomings. Virtually anyone would be an improvement, and so we need to be bold and make the change urgently. It should have been done at least eight years ago.

      The board have foolishly allowed him absolute control and power at the club. They would not be stupid enough to allow a new manager the same total influence over every aspect of the club’s operations as Wenger now has. And a new manager would have plenty of leeway to introduce new ideas and approaches. Something Wenger would never do either. We would probably get a Director Of Football to ease the workload for the new guy – something we’ve badly needed, and that control freak Wenger refused.

  21. Vlad

    Are you having a laugh, Konstantin, or are you really that delusional? You said you’re gonna offer some solutions to the problems, yet all I’ve heard was a bunch of “we must”, “we must”, “we must’ non-sense. Nothing that you proposed will work because there’s a line of people waiting to get their hands on season tickets. Every game will sell out whether you like it or not because there’s a huge global Arsenal following, and people come to London to see them play from all over the world. You’ve got no voice. You’re a nobody, Konstantin, and Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger and the rest of the board all know it. I’m tired of your whiny posts. All you do is complain day in and day out, and the regular reader has to suffer from your pointless articles that you can’t even support with facts and original ideas. Speaking of ideas, I’ve got one for you – how about for one day you put your hate for Wenger aside, and look at this whole thing from a different angle? Ding ding ding… is that a light bulb I see over your head? Arsenal is NOT a football club anymore. It’s a money making business for Kroenke, and the board. Until that continues to happen, NOTHING will change WITH or WITHOUT Wenger in charge.

    1. maxi pimpi

      So what is the solution?? Do you suggest we continue to keep mute?? Clubs make money from fan base. If the fans unit with one purpose then it will send some ripple effect upwards. If the pressure becomes insurmountable, I think something will change. You can’t tell me all fans watching our games at the stadium are tourist. Last season’s protest did not work because it was just a small section of fans that participated

  22. jamdownyouth

    I remember some months ago there was strong talk of a technical director of football being appointed. The name of Marc Overmars was even mentioned. I also remember a reporter asking Wenger about it and he (Wenger) got so ticked off at the idea he yelled “what does a technical director do”? The same question was posed to him at different times and you could see he wanted no part of it. Wenger has to have complete control as he does now which is why he has shunned several former players being dratted into coaching roles. He wants no one to question his decisions. Arsene is obsessed with doing things his way even when its failing. He abhors spending large sums of money on players as he believes he can find cheaper “no name’ players and turn them into stars which is why we end up with all these average players on long lucrative contracts and find it hard to get rid of them. Wenger is obsessed with proving people wrong which is why he holds onto players even when its clear they will never make the grade. On the other hand, Kronke couldn’t care less about Arsenal winning football matches as all he cares about is making money as is clearly evident by the sport franchises he owns here in the states. None of these teams are any good , in fact they are mediocre at best. So Kronke and Wenger have this symbiotic relationship. As long as Wenger keeps the books balance and Arsenal making money Wenger will have a position of absolute control. It was reported that Gazidis and other members were adamant on bringing in the technical director but Kronke overruled them simply because he wanted Wenger to remain in the position and hence ensure Arsenal continued to make money for him. I agree with most of the sentiments posted here as the only way Arsenal will become an elite club again is if we somehow get Kronke to relinquish his owners ship of the club.

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