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Arsenal fans should be POSITIVE for next season!

Can Arsenal win the Premier League this season? by RM

Arsenal have hit form at exactly the right time and, after victory over Newcastle in their last encounter, currently sit third in the Premier League. That is just one point behind Manchester City and a further seven behind leaders Chelsea, who have a game in hand. Arsene Wenger has already dismissed any talk of a last-gasp push for top-flight glory, but supporters remain excited about a dramatic title challenge. Here, we take a brief look at this Arsenal side and whether they could go on to win the title this year.

Of course they can, but it would require Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea to slip up. If Chelsea are to slip up, you can keep up to date with all the tips and news with blue square. The Blues are on course to win their first league title since 2010 and it would be difficult to argue against that. Conversely, with the form that Arsenal are currently in, and the fixtures that both sides have left to play, nothing is impossible. It would be foolish to write off Wenger’s side just yet.

Unfortunately for Gunners supporters, they are probably not going to win the title this year. However, fans should be in a positive mood when heading into next season. Arsenal have some confident players and others, including Olivier Giroud, have exceptional strength in character and can bounce back after poor performances.

Despite a ‘disappointing’ campaign, the Gunners are in the FA Cup semi-finals and are just one point off second in the Premier League. If Wenger’s side can improve next year to a level deemed ‘good’, then they will secure silverware of some kind. After their recent Champions League defeat to Monaco, they may target a good run in that competition next year.

If the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil continue their recent good form, then anything is possible. However, the most important thing for the Gunners this year is finishing in the top four and retaining the FA Cup. All in all, that would certainly be a successful year and then Wenger’s side can plan ahead for a title challenge next season.

by Ronnie Macdonald

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13 thoughts on “Arsenal fans should be POSITIVE for next season!

    1. RSH

      its the blessing & curse of having AW. He’s guaranteed 3rd-4th place, which a lot of teams die for, but thats about the extent of his abilities now. And there aren’t a lot of managers who could do better at the moment, unless the club wanted to take a risk, which they obviously don’t want to. It’ll be the same thing next season. Could be better, but could be worse :/. Arsenal are simply stagnant at the moment.

  1. WembleyMay71

    Forget next season.

    I’m excited about this season. I think we’re on course to get into second position, and maybe even clipping on Chelsea’s heels. Arsenal can finally challenge for the title this season.

    We’re doing a lot of things right at the moment. We’ve been to most successful team in the EPL this year (2015). I think we currently have the formula to gain the title.

  2. butters

    Our goal this season should be:
    – finish 2nd or 3rd spot
    – retain the FA cup
    – avoid injuries
    – sign Walcott contract
    – avoid loss or draws to the remaining fixtures

    As for transfers, trophies goals, that should be reserved for the summer break.

    1. juhislihis

      100% agreed.

      Maybe even sign someone on a precontract waaaay before July? Show that we mean business!

    1. RSH

      Reus rumours are fabricated, we’ve been linked with him for years & we never buy players who we are linked with for that long. Arsenal don’t exactly need a winger, even if Theo leaves. We still don’t have a decent striker besides for Giroud, Coquelin is still our only good CDM, and we might lose Cazorla to Atletico still… I really hope Theo just signs da thing. I’d rather not follow this story all summer.

    2. Budd

      Why would you people want Theo out? I am not one being pleased with his contract stalling negociations but a fit Theo is a deadly machine. And he plays here since he was like what, 17 yrs old? I hope they will reach an agreement rather than see Theo leaving.


    Ronnie, I like the comment of WemblyMay71 who had commented in the manner of a Gooner that has a belief and believe his belief will come to pass. If the opportunity presents itself this season for the Gunners to win the Barclays Premier League title, the Gunners MUST seize that opportunity with the full strength of their hands to realise a 10 years elusive title. Next season campaign fortune is not in the hands of the Gunners. The boss can only plan for it and try out his plan to see if it will work out successfully. Of course success can be relative to what level of success has been achieved. To win any of the 6 available titles is a success on it’s own. But there is a success bigger than a success. Let me say this again as I have said it many times. The Gunners will become this season BPL Champions by winning all their remaining 8 Barclays Premier League games.

  4. sanchez17

    Samuel good to see your optimism my friend. U are a true gooner. To many fans on here have no faith. If Wenger wins the f.a cup this year again that will be 2 trophies in the last 3 seasonsand hopefully 2nd place minimum. Again that will be an improvement. So our club has only had cash flow for the last 3 seasons and in 2 out of the 3 seasons we have won something. We have also improved our performance drastically in the league this season. If things keep goin the way they are goin arsene Wenger will win the bpl again before his contract runs out. That shld keep Maureen and a few of his arsenal supporter mercenaries quiet

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