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Arsenal fans should just face reality – we are not a top club any more


Look, obviously there has been a lot said since the Liverpool game and I know many fans will probably react furiously to the disloyal traitors who want to sack Arsene at the first since of trouble. But this was always gonna be the case !!

When the Board snuck a 2 year contract in during the FA Cup celebrations, they all must have known that as soon as things went wrong, the whole fiasco would erupt again. What did they do about it? Nothing.

I think this is what drives me and other fans absolutely berserk, the club does nothing. It says nothing. It changes nothing.

If they had come out and said to the fans; “Look, we are sorry. We don’t think we have achieved enough and we have listened to you. We are now going to give Wenger a new 2 year contract and we are going to go all out to achieve success but we need you to back us up all the way, even if it gets tough. We are seriously going to try, and if we fail it won’t be for want of trying”. 100% of the fans, including me would support them.

Look I am actually very sad. I really thought this year would be different. I thought the whole club would focus on the Title and finally show something. I could go on and on about players performance and attitude, team selection, tactics and so on – but one simple fact has actually dawned on me to make me feel genuinely sad……

We are simply not a good enough club anymore. We are top 6 at best and our position in that 6 is very likely to be depressing. I said many years ago that we risked ending up like Liverpool. We have now ended up like Liverpool.

Let’s face reality.

No wonder several other teams laugh at us. We are like the ordinary looking girl at school hoping to become a Supermodel. Look we have won several FA Cups, especially last year against top opposition. We should be delighted. It should be enough. Have Spurs or Liverpool won anything? We have fooled ourselves into thinking that we are a top club who deserve more. All the Stadium move BS, and the Champions League qualification is about income generation and nothing to do with success.

We have allowed Wenger and the media to make us feel as if we are capable of more. We are not. We have never won the Champions League. We have not won the League for 12 (?) years.

We are not good enough.

The players are not good enough. The manager is not good enough. The coaching staff are not good enough. The Board is not good enough.

We need to accept that we are now second tier, and should be focusing on where that level is at. If we can win one trophy this year we should be delighted. A League Cup great, an FA Cup fantastic and a Europa Cup absolutely magic.

Forget the League. For the first time in a decade, I agree that we should be desperately trying hard for fourth spot.

It is sad that it has come to this , but it has not been overnight. It’s been coming now for a decade and we have just been sleepwalking into mediocrity.

The International break is here and afterwards we will thump Bournemouth and probably beat Chelsea ( definitely Wenger is Conte’s bogeyman ). In Europa it will be a long slog and we will get through to, probably, the last 8 but are never gonna win it.

Let’s push of for some sort of Cup and a top four spot and get behind the team. There comes a time when no matter how hard you try you realize your son/daughter is not gonna be top of the class/first team/player of the year whatever but you still support them nonetheless.


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40 thoughts on “Arsenal fans should just face reality – we are not a top club any more

      1. Marty

        Sanchez is not the answer to our problems, his performances over the last 6 months have been just as bad as everyone elses, just cos he runs around a lot doesn’t mean he can’t be criticised….

    1. Kostafi

      We cannot be under Wenger. For all he has achieved for us, he has become a dark cloud hanging over the club. The club needs a long overdue reboot. While AW deserved to lead us out of the recession we endured due to his loyalty during that period, it is clear he has done all he can for Arsenal.

    2. dwaine

      Dont worry gooners , we are still tryin to rebuild to become a big club again but you have start from somewhere. Always had much respect for the Arsenal, probably would have supported them if not LFC. For what its worth looking from the outside all i would say is I think Wenger maybe needs to be changed, from what i heard (dont know if this is the truth) but he never confronted the players after the game. Can you imagine Conte, Klopp or Moaner not saying anything to the team after a poor performance. These type of confrontational managers can sometimes have a short shelf life but often get the most achieved.
      Good luck, you will be back soon.

  1. ozil10

    Hahahahahahahaha…. Bear in mind beggars can’t be choosers… Fans were saying, “Not Evans ffs!”…
    Apparently he has mugged us off by rejecting us ?
    We are far from being a top club
    We are ARSEnal JOKE FC
    PS – Why would West Brom strengthen a direct rival by selling Evans to Ars… The same goes for Southampton

  2. AB

    Kieran, the difference between you and other fans who are disrespectfully calling traitors is that they want to be a top club. They all know we are not a top club at this time but are demanding change so that we can be a top club.
    Please provide you rationale for supporting wenger.

    1. Trudeau

      Well my father always said the key to his long, happy marriage was low expectations… poor mom.

  3. Crushed grape

    Food for thought, Arsene Wenger is seething that he’s gone from being MR Arsenal to a “stop gap” manager? Only getting a two year contract must wrangle with him. Hence the disharmony amongst the players and odd team selections.

    Personally speaking I think the club have a new manager in mind and waiting for them to end their current commitment’s. Two years of heart ache I guess?

    1. Vish

      Knowing the Arsenal board , they will bring in a yes man who is Wenger 2.0 .

      We need someone with fire who will inspire the team to greater levels like Klopp or a master tactician like Mourinho. In 2 years will Arsenal be an attractive destination for the elite managers or players ???

      1. Ranjan Das

        I get the feeling that Wenger will be sacked before Christmas- and we will get a new manager – the team will rally around the new manager but it will be a little too late.

        How I wish the noises that were coming out of the emirates at the end of April were True – if we could somehow get Allegri – we would be on the up; I don’t know if we sack Wenger who is out there who can arrest this slide

        1. Ranjan Das

          Something strikes me as very odd – we say Arsenal don’t have tactics but did we not park the bus and beat Man city a couple of years ago – again we beat Chelsea in the FA cup final ; we knew what Liverpool are all about. You just defend deep and don’t give him any space to Salah and Mane to run into. How difficult is that; how many players do they have who can score from a cross but sadly we don’t want to accept reality – we want to go toe to toe with the opposition when in all truthfulness we don’t have the team to do that.

          Why can the coach not order Ramsey to sit next to Xhaka and ask Bellerin and Kolasnicac/Monreal to defend first and if possible attack. We have enough quality in the attack to score goals but the lack of balance is killing our offensive balance. If we cannot provide the balance then there is no point keeping players like Ozil who cannot defend. It is absolutely baffling why we did not sell Mustafi earlier if his not in the plans – sell early and find a replacement. We make it far tougher than it really is – After so many years we have not been able to build a solid spine – Koscielney even with his waning powers is still the best defender in our team by a distance and this tells a lot about our recruiting process – absolutely shitty.

  4. Sue

    It pains me to say this but I agree with you ? but on a lighter note we’ll ALWAYS be a bigger club than those dirty spuds ?

  5. Chris Doyle

    “Arsenal fans should just face reality – we are not a top club any more”

    This simple line sums up all the ridiculous discussions we see for ARSENAL Football Club for the past couple of years. ARSENAL under WENGER is a Money Making Machine, and it will continue to do so. It will continue to meet with its financial targets regardless what FANS think, and where ever the club goes in terms of Football legacy. WENGER philosophy is quite simple, just grab 4th spot and earn what ever you can.

    I mean look at the players attitude also in high intensity match again Liverpool, they were simply jogging like it is a training ground session. So the philosophy reflects in players as well. There is no hunger or desire to do well and fight for it. It was really disgraceful.

    Guys Sorry!!!!!!!!!!,

    Disgruntled Arsenal Fan


  6. Bur

    Look we have been poor for the past 10 years. Why? Cos of the man at the helm. It’s time for a new era. Get rid of weegon! We do not want to end up like liverdung and not win another league title for 20 years.

  7. Bakri

    Thanks to Arsene Weger for that Arsenal are no more a top club. Wenger is getting £8m/year for doing nothing on the field and off the field. Wenger failed in twenty years to build a balanced winning team and squad. Wenger allowed 10 Arsenal players to reach the last year of their contracts and that resulted in Arsenall losing their best player either for very little money or allowing them to go free in 11 moth time. wenger failed to return the championship for 12 successive years . Wenger failed to make any progress in the champion league for 19 years. Wenger is now pacifically destroying Arsenal by selling our best players, Sanchez , Chamberlain , Mustafi , Ozil and insisting that he is not buying any new player this transfer window. The members of the board and the main Shareholder extended Wenger’s contract by two years and now passively watching him destroy the team and not acting.

    1. Trudeau

      Wow. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good winge. The poor man has made a right hash of things without blaming him for not making a serious challenge to the Champions Leave in 19 years (hint – Google Champions League final 2006)

  8. shambala

    The time Wenger leaves Arsenal it would be at mid table fighting the drop into relegation zone.The guy can’t deferentiate between quality & average players. Man city are mocking Arsenal by wanting Sanchez swap with Sterling. Sterling is a good player but not a prolific goal scorer & Sanchez is . The best is to have Aguero & if not then no deal. The whole defense & midfield needs reconstruction .Wenger has kept dead wood earning a fortune ( Walcott – 140 000 pounds per week) & now he is finding it difficult to offload him . We need Van Dyk & Cavalho or Grotzeka . Xhaka, Ramsey, Colquen, El neny are a disaster.

    1. Average Joe

      The only decent player in the squad is Petr Cech. Bellerin got taken apart at the weekend. Ok, he has no midfield to help, but they are the only two starters that would have had a chance to get in Liverpool’s side this weekend. Face it. Would you rather have Ozil or Sanchez walking about or Mane, Salah or Firminho ripping you a new one?

    2. Ranjan Das

      I do not rate Elneny and I don’t know why we bought him but when he plays he plays for the team – he gives his best. Contrast that to Ramsey (make no mistake I am a huge Ramsey fan) – what is he doing up the pitch leaving Xhaka dead. Xhaka does not have the pace to stop counter attacks and cannot (& should not ) tackle. If ramsey doesn’t have that sense how can he be playing for Arsenal – I don’t care what Ramsey’s game is ; if he cannot give us what we need, we have to find someone else and this has been the story all along. The players need to be told in no uncertain terms what they need to do – protect the back 4 at all costs and when you win the ball pass it to Ozil / Sanchez and let them do the rest. It is so simple and yet we find new ways to screw up every time.

    3. ZA_Gunner

      Truth be told in our current state we would be lucky to have Sterling. He didn’t join us before he went to City, what is the likelihood he’ll join us now?

  9. Arsenal4Life

    Maybe Arsenal is not a topclub anymore but it won’t take much to be one again! Change manager (board) and buy a few players. At this moment sell all of the player who want to leave and the players who are not Arsenal quality.
    I would go for (after this transferwindow) for 4231: Ospina, Bellerin, vDijk, Koscielny, Kolasinac, Coquelin, Wilshere, Draxler, Ozil, Sterling and Lacazette. Sub: Cech, Monreal, Chambers, Mertesacker, Ramsey, Xhaka, Iwobi, Reis, Welbeck and Giroud (Cambell)

  10. Badenglish

    Why Real Madrid sold Mesut Özil? Because he was not good enough! Why he still plays for Arsenal? Because he is not good enough for the real Top-Teams. Why he played at the world cup legt einher? Because he cant defend. He is no worldclass player

  11. Badenglish

    Correcion: why he played left winger for Germany in Worldcup? Because he can’t defend. It’s hard to defend for his teammates because they must thinking for Özil.

  12. Ignasi M

    Anyone up for making an online petition that calls for Mr DT (of AFCTV fame) to be the next manager of Arsenal?

    He’s spot on about everything (tactics, players, board) and has been ‘Wenger out’ since 2010.

    1. iGooner

      DT, Arsenal new manager? What da frack??? I am glad you’re not the owner of Arsenal FC. Running a football team in real life is a lot different from Football Manager…

      I am all for cascading changes at Arsenal FC, and I mean top to bottom, no stone unturned…

  13. Ignasi M

    Hang on. What?

    ‘beat Chelsea?’

    No. Not this time. Unlike the FA cup final, chelsea will not be on the beach this time and we won’t have the advantage of a player being sent off.

  14. KaTs

    Arsenal has been mediocre in the premier league since many years. No wonder, Wenger´s premiere target has always been “to finish top four”, not to win the title.

    We lost 2/3 of the first games and Wenger tells us “we should not panic, the season is long…”. He is right, he is aiming to finish nr 4 so losing 2 or 5 games is ok

    So yes, I beleive we will se ourself in 5-10 place during Wenger and a couple of years after Wenger. But by then, I have already stopped being fan of Arsenal

  15. Antony Douglas

    Arsenal is a top team. Leicester won the premier league with less quality players than Arsenal. Arsenal players want a reality check they need to be hungrier for success. Wenger should let the younger footballers in the first team.

  16. Arsenal_Girl

    At the moment we are a top mid table team.
    Top 4 is a top of the table. We finished 5th place.

    Also our first couple of matches shows that we are still not a top 4 team. Doesn’t matter that we have Alexis. Last season Everton had Lukaku and they finished even below us.

    We will NOT finish in the top 4 with this team because Liverpool, Spurs Chelsea, United and City are still better than us and have improved

    Spurs haven’t signed anyone but I believe they are still better than us even with us purchasing Lacazette and Kolsanic. It’s because their central midfield is better with Ericksen, Dembele, Wanyama, Sissoko. Also defense is slightly better. They have a solid attack with Kane and Alli and may improve if they get Mahrez or Draxler

    Wenger relies on what we have which are essentially mostly average players who would not start in the top 5 clubs (“except maybe Koscielny, Alexis, and Lacazette). Even Ozil would not start over Ericksen, Mata, Fabregas, Debruyne, Silva, Coutinho and Lallana with his poor performances lately

    We need to rebuild. The only way to become a top club again is to start by getting rid of Kroenke and Wenger. I wish Usmanov could buy out Kroenke. Usmanov, like Abramovic, wants to win trophies

    1. iGooner

      We’re just a mid-table team, not top mid… and we’re still sliding with plenty of room to sink further down the pecking order… The moral in the Arsenal camp is very low at the moment with players losing confident in the Wenger dream, tired of the lack of ambition, and constant lies. A lot of players want to move on, leaving the very average players who are staying quiet… Even some of the most hardent Arsene Wenger fans are starting to turn on him or lose faith in this sickening nightmare which reoccurs twice a year.

      Spurs have already brought Davinson Sánchez and plan to try to get a few more players in before the transfer window closes.

      I know that transfers are not a walk in the park, but it seems that we always have problems with getting players in (I mean top top players), and the ones we do get seems to take long to close the deal. When Manu U., Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and other teams go for players they have a good go at it, but we seem to always encounter these fantasy hurdles and feed a whole load of Wenger tripe.

      By the way, I agree with most of your comments Arsenal_Girl

  17. HA559

    Ask for Yaya Toure and money for Sanchez. Then get Sakho from Liverpool. VVD want to go to Liverpool they will gladly take big offer for Sakho and use it for VVD.

    That would beef up this team physically, even though these player are somewhat towards the end of their careers.

  18. Vlad

    I swear, this site is full of whiners who are most likely Spu*s supporters posing as Arsenal fans. First Konstantin, then Sean, now Kieran. Are you guys related? Bunch of disgraceful, panic seeding moaners, and keyboard warriors who played too much FIFA Manager. I think I might just quit posting here all together, and go to Arseblog. At least those guys know their footy, are reasonable, and don’t complain every single day instead of supporting the club.

  19. Josh

    Selling ox? PlaNnin to sell sanchez, ozil, mustafi…. And welbz, walcott, coqelin, and other deadwoods stay? We’re really an absolute joke. Will conte really want ox if he’s not got potential? Why weren’t they biddin for walcott den? Oh, we’re also in for evans… Oops, evans said no to us… JOKE FC

  20. Imran

    Just in..Jovetic signs for as Monaco. May be because mbappe signs for PSG and also possibly lemar going to Liverpool. Stubborn and arrogant Wenger can’t even convince players to sign. I wonder saed and lacazette are kicking themselves as to why they came to afc. We are mid table fighters from this season . That’s for sure. Every mid table teams of the last season shown ambitions in transfer market. Look everton, Stoke, southampton , Leicester and others were able to sign quality players. This puppet is not even strengthening defense and midfielder. He can’t even buy a quality CB and CDM. How can’t you get players? He is number one fool. How can’t he give chance to legends of this club? He assumes he only cares and love and show self approved loyalty to this great club. What’s this foolishness for I don’t understand. One side he says this club has values and the other side he doesnt strengthen his squad. How hard it has been for last 12 yrs and plus 2 yrs will be if he stays. I have always supported him but it’s enough of him now. I really wants Viera and Henry to involve in AFC with interest and kick the waste material out of this club.

  21. arsenal-steve

    It is possible, even this late in the day to improve our team. It’s probable that Wenger will not buy anybody so as to get at the supporters he so despises. Riyad Mahrez, Jean Seri, William Carvalho and even Julian Draxler, or a swap for Sanchez, if he really wants to leave, could make us strong. My guess is Wenger will punish the fans vindictively and buy no one at all.

  22. Imran

    It’s the same for last 12 years. I don’t understand how the fans in North London trust the board and manager? Why don’t they boycott the matches and sit at home? I know all fans wants to be with team but empty seats will give a wake up call that no club is build without fans. I request all the supporters to boycott all the matches for next two weeks and see how it will shock the worthless and wasteful management. Feeling ashamed of the drubbing and still it hurts to see the managers came in past three has changed their respective clubs. This self approved loyal manager is still unable to address and build aggressive team.


    all arsenal fans should not show up to our next game completely no one to show our displeasure

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