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Arsenal fans think Mourinho doth protest too much

If you do not understand the reference, I do not blame you as it comes from the great English playwright William Shakespeare and football fans, even in England, are not usually big fans of old Billy boy. It basically means when someone keeps saying something it is clear that they are trying to convince people of something but actually manage the exact opposite.

Just what Jose Mourinho was doing yesterday in essence. As reported by Sky Sports, the Portuguese manager of our great friends and Premier League rivals Chelsea has come up with another gem. I am starting to wonder if he actually believes the things he says or is just doing it all to confuse people.

After a few diamonds from him this week about other clubs trying to buy the title (wow) and Arsenal outspending Chelsea (double wow) and Eden Hazard being better than Ronaldo (I´m running out of wows) he has been talking about the upcoming meeting between Arsenal and Chelsea, or more specifically between him and Arsene Wenger.

Strangely enough Jose has suggested that it means nothing to him that Wenger has never beaten him. I am sure I remember some serious gloating down the years but maybe I am wrong. Anyway, he says that it will be a trifling matter if Wenger and Arsenal end that run at Wembley on Sunday.

He claimed, “I just want my teams, my clubs to try to get the best possible results. That’s the only thing that matters.

“Doesn’t matter Arsenal, doesn’t matter the manager. In football you can win or lose or draw. In this case you have to be ready for everything.

“I never made my victories over Arsenal an explosion of happiness or special pride. I will not make a drama if one day we lose.

“But we always try to play for a result and the Community Shield has a motivation, obviously different than just a friendly or just a summer tournament. I would say it’s the start of the competition.”

Yeah right Jose! Pull the other one it´s got bells on it. This is the man that was so determined to win the Spanish version of this against Barcelona he sent his team out with seriously violent intent and himself snuck up behind the Barca boss Tito Vilanova and gouged him in the eye with a finger.

Believe me, losing the game on Sunday would be like a dagger in Mourinho´s heart, if he had one that is.

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17 thoughts on “Arsenal fans think Mourinho doth protest too much

  1. Greg

    Would love it for us to beat chelsea! Just to see the dejected look on mourinho’s face would be priceless!

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    1. Just_Trolling

      Want to beat them, dont care about look on his face

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  2. davidnz

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  3. Just_Trolling

    Wow just wow, yet another Mou article.

    Infatuation or what?

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    1. Goonsquad8

      dude i know stop writing damn articles about this snake weasel f*ck

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    1. Just_Trolling

      Master of victory i.e. Winning trophies (major trophies), not tjis micky mouse sh%t

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  4. inapropriatetelletubbie

    Mourinho loves to talk… We get it, honestly i dont think we should be concerned with what he does or engage in his mind games. Chelsea at the end of the day are team like any other who have the sole intention of winning.. so he can make a few fat jokes, why waste the effort working on comebacks when we should be focusing on our own tactics.

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  5. deejay1952

    all i can say is…
    1) the birds fly upside down over maureen because there’s nothing worth shi**ing on.
    2) if there was a dog in the middle of a narrow road and maureen was alongside…. I’d swerve to miss the dog
    3) over 50 years since the chavs last won the title before they were taken over by the russian independent republic.. now thats a failure.
    4) the russian independent republic V UAE city.. should be played at a nuetral venue

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    1. Goonsquad8

      I know mourinho literally sounds so f*cking stupid, is he so dense that he doesn’t remember how much money he’s spent at EVERY club he’s been? He spent 27 million pounds on cuadrado who played maybe 100 minutes of premier league football. He bought felipe luis for 19 million pounds as a BACK UP then sold him 1 year later.

      I think I hate mourinho more than any other human being on the planet

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  6. leo

    cazorla deal £7.3m over 2 years plus bonuses with view to add extra year so 2+1

    Chuba Akpom going on loan to Hull. is interesting development surely a striker must be coming

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    1. davidnz

      Leo a striker is coming bro.
      Just saw it on Sky sport
      “Top La Liga goal scorer
      set to join Arsenal”.
      Its also on BBC
      “Done deal super star in London now”.
      Lord Harris was right.
      “25 goal striker confirmed for Gunners”
      It’s on
      “Arsenal land the big one”
      “Wenger delighted”
      “Fans ecstatic”
      “Players welcome Champ”
      “This a game changer”
      Sanchez back in training on Monday 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  7. Hafiz Rahman

    We should have sign Abdul Rahman……hes quality….

    The House of Rahman and its representatives is very disappointed with the manager and the board for not challenging Chelsea for the player…….

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