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Arsenal get Premier League title boost as Man City struggle

Because of Arsenal being the only one of the top four clubs in the Premier League to be still involved in the FA cup as well, this was always going to be an interesting weekend, with three of the four clubs left with a realistic chance of being crowned champions of England in May having a chance to put some pressure on and distance between them and the Gunners.

This weekend had the potential to be a very painful one for Arsenal, as Arsene Wenger and the players could have found themselves 11 points off the top, six behind Tottenham and even back in fourth spot with Man City a point ahead. Well it is so far so good after Man City were held to a no score draw away to struggling Man City.

Not only is this good news as it keeps Arsenal in third with City a point adrift, it shows one again that anything can happen in this division and we can only hope that Aston Villa and Newcastle put up similar sort of determined and defensively strong displays against the spuds and the Foxes.

You might think it unlikely, especially with the doomed Villa, but Spurs have just hit a bit of a wall with no wins in three and fresh off the back of that possibly damaging drubbing in Dortmund. And there is the possible Benitez effect for Newcastle who travel to Leicester on Monday.

Without us even playing, could this weekend be a massive boost for our title hopes?

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26 thoughts on “Arsenal get Premier League title boost as Man City struggle

  1. Twig

    Arsenal is NOT winning the league, get over it πŸ™‚

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    1. Dee@ease

      Very true sad but true and Barcelona have just dismantled Getafe and they will do the same to us to keep showing us we don’t deserve to be in the champions league we are not competitive!

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  2. seancali

    Leicester will win it…I can’t believe I’m saying this

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    1. jonm

      I agree, and I cannot believe I am saying it either.

      I said some time ago that tottenham were our biggest threat, based on their consistency and that Leicester could not maintain their form. Well I got that wrong, Leicester just keep going, unlike us bottlers, lets hope we finish exceptionally well fron now and save some pride, hopefully overtake tottenham. Cannot see us catching Leicester, unless they have injuries to their key players (and i am not wishing for that).

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  3. Ugabooga

    Possibly, I looked at all fixtures and we have easily the easiest run in to season end.
    Leicester have spurs, United, chelsea
    Spurs have united, Leicester, Chelsea and pool if not mistaken
    We have city

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  4. Ugabooga

    If we stay close enough, wr might get lucky, but it out of our hands. We need good run to add pressure

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    1. Dee@ease

      Opportunity?how is a team who are behind us on the log drawing a title boost?

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  5. Davros

    Barcelona are having a goal fest
    6-0 and it’s only 58 minutes on the clock
    I think they may end 10-0

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Calm down dudes. It’s against Getafe. They’re 16th in LaLiga table…

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      1. sevenitti

        Not only are they 16th, theyre also under rules that make goal difference worthless, therefore giving up and playing no risk football. That’s pretty much the only reason why RM and Barca win with huge numbers alot more often than any equally big team in any league where goal difference matters.

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  6. Ks-Gunner

    I wonder if we by chance we would win the leuage, would you guys feel proud about it or rather feel relief and a little bit of shame?

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  7. Ks-Gunner

    Against barca we should throw our youngsters in the deep waters and force them to learn to swim.

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    1. Twig

      That’s wicked mate! Some might have their confidence so much shattered at the Nou Camp they’ll not dare look at a ball for the rest of their lives πŸ˜€

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    1. kamn288

      Man i wish we were leading the tie 2-1 than losing 2-0, this team is just good that they buried Real in their own camp 4-0 with a 100% accuracy it would have 8-0. Barca is doing it right at the moment. This match will make or brake the team with a thumping so therefore the Barca match is the most important match in Arsenal’s season.

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    2. sevenitti

      just pass and lose on walkover. I’ll take that! Let the players rest and focus on the more important matches

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  8. ButtFlaps

    You crazy, it done! Leicester Cheese times, not Arsenal Bottles!!!

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  9. Bigvalbowski

    Watching the replay of the NLD and how in the “F” did Dyer not get sent off for that blatant tug on OG, his second of the half?

    I think Oliver is a good official but him missing that call was absolutely reprehensible and the dude should be suspended.

    Francis o Francis

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    1. jonm

      You’re watcing the replay, no doubt with multiple angles and slow motion, much harder for ref in reality. Should officials be suspended every time they make a mistake or just when it disadvantages Arsenal?

      But I agree, Dyer should have been sent off

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  10. Fatboy Gooney

    So Once again, Destiny shows her beautiful self!!
    With Man city dropping two points and Chelsea getting dumped out of the Fa cup! πŸ˜‰

    In Football terminology,
    We can Compare destiny to Ozil, who has been constantly assisting us with the opportunities to succeed but the likes of Giroud, who is comparable to Fate…. Keeps rearing its ugly head with the constant missed opportunities!

    In All the while that the opportunities keeps presenting itself,
    We have the right to believe that we can still win the league!

    Just sit your doom and gloom asses on the sofa and give it a rest for a couple of weeks! πŸ˜‚ and watch the unpredictables imitate the unbeatables πŸ˜‰
    Some of you fan’s seem like the type that would cut their own noses off to spite their own face! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ chill out!

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