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Arsenal given boost ahead of FA Cup defence against Sunderland

Arsenal have come through the gruelling Christmas schedule with flying colours and have moved to the top of the Premier League, but it is also important that we now concentrate on our next game which is the first in our defence of our FA Cup trophy. Our players are set for a weeks rest before facing Sunderland but will have a tough League game against Liverpool just a few days later.

Obviously Wenger doesn’t want to risk getting knocked out at the first hurdle, but he will certainly be using some rotation to give our top players some extra R&R, and now he has been given the green light to make changes from our opponents manager Sam Allardyce.

Big Sam’s biggest target is to keep the Black Cats in the Premier League so considers the FA Cup to be a distraction and has made it clear he will be making big changes. Allardyce told the Guardian: “Of course I’m going to make changes for our Cup tie at Arsenal on Saturday,”

“If the Premier League decides to put a stupid fixture midweek when they don’t bloody need to, then I haven’t got much choice.

“It’s diabolical. We’re flogging the lads. There are more and more injuries every year but it’s completely ignored by the Premier League. It’s unbelievable. If you want us to respect the FA Cup, don’t put Premier League fixtures in the midweek just after new year. Don’t give me stick when I change the side at Arsenal. Give the Premier League stick, not the managers.”

As Arsenal have so many injuries, Wenger risked burning out some of our players over the festive period, so this will now mean that a lot of them can now have a ten day rest before facing Liverpool, while our reserves can go out and destroy the Sunderland reserves!

Is this Spanish beauty the reason for Bellerin’s drop in form?

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17 thoughts on “Arsenal given boost ahead of FA Cup defence against Sunderland

  1. Fatboy Gooney

    Maybe Fat Sam was just blagging about making changes,
    Typical mind games with added Banana peels,
    A win against Arsenal would be a moral booster for them,
    Even if it is against our so called reserves!
    So Don’t be surprised if he rolls out with his best 11 ?

    I wouldn’t be so cocky about winning this game either!
    I’m willing to chuck in some Bacon to go with those Eggs on your Boat race if we lose this one! ??

  2. French

    Big Sam honestly has a point there. It’s pretty ridiculous the way the league conducts it’s scheduling. Germany gives their players 5 weeks off mid season! I’m not saying it has to be that drastic but a break is needed. It’s too much strain on the players.
    Seemingly every team in the league is dealing with injury problems in one form or another. Why the league doesn’t try to address that, I don’t know? You would think they would take any step possible to keep the leagues stars on the pitch instead of the trainers table.

  3. Robin Vanpayslip

    Somebody is grumpy because he is going to have to record the mid week episode of eastenders and watch it later

  4. SoOpa AeoN

    the many faces of rumours

    pierre-emerick aubameyang => sofiane boufal => troy deeney

    all in 24hrs….

  5. SoOpa AeoN

    if in anyway, Auba is available and Liverpool manages to splash d cash and snap him up over arsenal

    it won’t be down to the fact that he wants champions league football or that he wants the best team in england or that he wants to work under the best manager in the league

    but it will be down to “Conviction”!

  6. Fatboy Gooney

    Now that Zidane has taken over at Madrid and he isn’t too keen on Bale lol

    Who would swap Sanchez for Bale? ?

    I know I would ?

    1. 007

      Sanchez for Bale, hell no.

      Remember Bale is a former spurs player I doubt he would jump at the prospect of joining us plus he can easily earn double what we would offer him at City, Chelsea or Man U. Besides I love our little Chilean I wouldn’t want us to lose his work rate, attitude, goals and personality from our team.

      British boys come with a lot of garbage, hype and the media would go nuts adding pressure on the boy (look what that sh!t did to Bellarihno, Carol, Ox, Wilshere, Theo, Henderson, etc).

      On the flip side I would like to edge Wenger to use his French connection with Zizo to lure some players our way, loan or permanent deals. Madrid has so many good players even in there academy that are way better than some of our players. Wenger should invite Zizo home and ask Titi, Pirez and Wiltod to come along, Wenger should just remember to put down the poster of Zizo’s head butt in the finale.

      1. Fatboy Gooney

        Your forgetting that Bale and Ramsey are Welsh buddies,
        As well as Mates with Walcott from their Southampton days.

        Bale actually upset the spuds by wanting Arsenal to qualify for the next round of the champions league!

        He also upset the spuds by demanding to leave them,
        So your excuse doesn’t look legit from here mate!

        It’s not as if we have never signed a Spud player before lol
        I can go as far back as Pat Jennings.

        No one can doubt that Bale is a better player than Sanchez,
        Unless you have your bias head up your own….. ?

        Anyways it would be great to have Bale, Ozil and Sanchez in the same team ?? How’s that for compromising?

  7. cheeterspotter

    Off topic.
    If Arsene Wenger fails to win the Pl after not making a significant stellar player signing I believe he should go.Waiting for injured players to return in February and the time it takes to get match fit is a month plus to long.Its not as though we haven’t the funds.At least make the effort.

  8. Trevor

    We have to take advantage of this opportunity in resting our players, no two ways about it. I’d keep Cech in goal though because he could prove vital. Ospina is asking for move, if that is the case well then just play Cech, if he wants to stay then I’d give him the gloves.


    Bench -Cech-Koscielny-Bellerin-Monreal-Ramsey-Ozil-Giroud/Walcott

  9. edbryt

    Lol you people still believe fat Sam. The guy loves playing us.he would have a go at us .we should be at our best otherwise its gonna be bloody

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      To be honest… I am in a Vampire Zombie mode ??
      noooo sleep man ??… Worring about Troy Deeney lol

  10. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Arsenal should not gamble with their FA Cup 3rd Round winning chance by fielding a 2nd rate team against Sunderland @ the Ems on Saturday. The Boss should play it safe by playing his strongest possible starts of the day, so as not to play to the hand of Big Sam. If Sam Allarydice decided to field a weak black cats side against the Gunners, it’s his own business. Arsenal business is to win that match. And that exactly what the Gunners should do.

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