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Arsenal given huge Premier League boost by West Ham

Remember a few weeks ago, Arsenal fans, when the new manager of West Ham issued us with a stark warning that we would find his team an impossible nut to crack when they turned up at the Emirates stadium next Sunday for our opening game of the new Premier League season?

I wonder if Slaven Bilic was regretting his rash boasting at Upton Park on Thursday night. He was sent off near the end of a Europa League qualifying game that went just about as badly as possible for the Hammers and made his earlier assertion that these extra games would be brilliant for his players and would have them poised to rip into Arsenal when we meet next week.

Instead they have to travel to Romania next Thursday, just a few days before coming to north London, in danger of being knocked out following the 2-2 draw this week. Having had their centre back James Collins sent off will make their job harder although he will be available for our league game.

Their main striker Enner Valencia will not though, as he picked up a serious injury in the first half of their European game. They also won’t be able to play our on loan right back Carl Jenkinson, so now how much is Bilic looking forward to the game next weekend?

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21 thoughts on “Arsenal given huge Premier League boost by West Ham

  1. mohawk

    With some of the vile hatred I read about Wenger on this site, combined with consistently glowing admiration for Josey Mourinho offered in some comments on this site……..

    Perhaps some of these commenters would do better to support Chelsea considering the devotion they show for all things Chelsea and the vile they spew for all things Arsenal. I wonder if these are Arsenal fans at all? Probably cross-town infiltrators.

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    1. inapropriatetelletubbie

      Thank you! A man wins 2 Fa cups a Community shield, spending a fraction of what united did in the two seasons he is a moron? And he needs to go? Van gal in one season spends 140 millions tarnishes the reputation of two of the most dominant players in world football, scrapes into 4th place is held as the second comming because he signed bastian schiewnstieger get your priorities right!!

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      1. davidnz

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        1. k-ool

          hahaha…me sentiments exactly. Its a f*cking pendulum. It swings both ways.

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        2. inapropriatetelletubbie

          Yes and spending £290 million in 2 seasons and winning f#ck all crashing out of Europa league is a statement of intent… nice to know. Its people like you who criticise the notion of buying a title… yet want to do the same thing. We finished 4th and won the FA Cup 2013/14 season, 2014/15 we won the Comunity Shield, Fa Cup and finished 3rd, So we’ve already done better than the previous season, were progressing sure at a slow rate but its better than spending and doing nothing. United, Liverpool and Tottenham are kind of like a fat kid at sports day who turns up in Addidas runwear a fit bit and looks like a professional athlete but finishes dead last, but oh well at least he spent the money looked good!! Anyone in the top 7 can spend 100 million on players but correct me if im wrong in the Half a billion spent in 3 years by Tottenham, United, Liverpool how many trophies or top four finishes have they amassed between them add the total up and tell me if ypu still think Wenger is dumb.

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        3. jaweant

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          1. inapropriatetelletubbie

            Last i recall we were in dire straits finanially in comparisson to those clubs following a huge move to the emirates. To break down what you just said so i can highlight the stupidity in what you just said 1) Cesc left for Barcelona…. enough said 2) Nasri wanted a bigger contract last i checked we didnt have middle eastern sugar daddy bank rolling the club wages, our door said emirates but there wernt a shiekh at the other end 3)RVP left a club which was in the process of rebuilding for a club, pretty much already there. And really Etien Capoue, i would have gone for Moussa sissokho or Chiekh Tiote far better players in my opinion.

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            1. jaweant

              It’s fine to bring up circumstance, but I didn’t say anything wrong. Just not favorable to a lot of fans. Capoue was the best thing around when in France. Let’s see what he does at Watford. People on this site love excuses. Teams lose players all the time and still are competitive. I hope we can compete for more than fourth.

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          2. DennisTheMenace

            I recently watched a team called Barcelona. This guy Messi was amazing, we should go after him. Ditto for a player called Christiano Ronaldo. Surprised Wenger didn’t get both. Maybe he has better ideas?

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              1. jaweant

                I don’t know if I rate Stambouli and Capoue as high as Messi or Ronaldo for a DM position but hey what do I know?

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    2. DaveJay

      I believe this year Wenger is going to humble many w#nkers.

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    3. k-ool

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      1. trugun

        @k-ool, seen two of your posts on here, Wow you certainly like to lay waste to all, manager, players, supporters, in your favour I guess it could be said you’re even handed. Here’s the thing no one cares you don’t register as a gnat bite on an elephants arse where the manager and players are concerned. As for the supporters well I can only speak for myself but when I saw the eleven years but your prepared to wait another two, I kid you not I had tears of laughter, such arrogance, don’t let anyone burst that bubble your living in, reality would do you serious damage. Sixty years a gunner that’s me and with you in our ranks we can certainly say we cater for all.

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        1. k-ool

          yes…yes…no way…interesting….scintillating…
          mhmmm…alright…right…sorry…what were you saying?…I can’t hear you.
          Btw…Sugar pumpkin, do me a favour and make yourself useful…
          Who was Roy Keane talking about?
          Which of our players are more interested in taking selfies and care more about six packs rather than winning trophies?

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  2. inapropriatetelletubbie

    On to West Ham, they are a pain in the Arse for any side, Slaven Bilic is a very methodical man (he’s d#ck) but his tactics are well calculated, for those who followed his career should be aware he is the master of the ‘smash an grab’ especailly against opponents who are better than his own team. England fans should remember him he cost maclaren his job and made sure England weren’t in Euro 2008. I wouldn’t take this man lightly he has the team with the capability to play ‘smash and grab’ underestimate him its Swansea all over again we’ll be very dominant but loose because of counter attack. He is the kind of guy we all hate (if you play fifa) 1 shot 1 goal and he wins the match!

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    1. Mick The Gooner

      Smash and grab is what we play against most of the time. If we can’t beat West Ham at the Emirates on the first day of the season then we’re really in trouble…

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  3. Gigi2

    Slave n bill itch
    yeah ….guy is a rock and roller.
    Got blanc sent off in semis in 98 as a player

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  4. Gigi2

    Bender equalized and then scored the winning penalty vs Bayern.

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  5. tissiam

    i,ve got the feeling that west ham might regret getting rid of big sam!!all this because he was not popular with their fans,another warning to those who wants wenger out be careful what you wish for!

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