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Arsenal given stark warning by Man City at Napoli

Arsenal fans can only hope that Manchester City will not be in quite such good form on Sunday, when Arsene Wenger takes the Gunners to the Etihad stadium for a Premier League match, as they were in Italy last night, but I think we have to assume that they will be and that is going to make it extremely hard for the Gunners to get anything at all from this crucial away tie.

Perhaps the fact that City had to go to Napoli for this Champions League match and the fact that the situation in their qualifying group meant that Pep Guardiola had to select his strongest starting line-up could help Arsenal at the weekend, as our players should be fresher as the manager rests his key players and rotates heavily for the visit of Red Star Belgrade in the Europa League tonight.

Man City’s De Bruyne said: “It is a very important one again.

“We have Arsenal and United have Chelsea, so there are a lot of things that can happen again.

“If we win that game, it means that somebody else is also going to lose points with Arsenal.

“So it puts pressure on the rest, it gives us a good advantage and it is always handy to have more points and to put pressure on the other people.”

Tiring Man City legs in the latter stages on Sunday will not matter, however, if Arsenal do not work out a way to negate the pace, power, precision and finishing of Guardiola’s men, who put four past an excellent Napoli on their own turf with a dazzling display.

This result was a stark warning to Wenger and his players but will they be able to heed it and do anything about it?


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10 thoughts on “Arsenal given stark warning by Man City at Napoli

  1. Marlon


    i dont wana get tooooo ahead of myself…but what if Spurs wins the CL before we do? not any reference to the madrid game..but their team is pretty strong..haha

    look lets first take care of belgrade, but our 2 league encounters for me defines the season, of where we are at the minute.

    Im sorry…im not looking for a draw in either spurs or city encounters..we arsenal for Christ sake…then again..realistically we underdogs and alot will depend how we approach the games. I dont like this “ahh lets go for a draw”..sure it will be good if we on the brink of losing..but lets go for the win.

    ozil..laca..alexis..please have that hunger and terrorise city. Wilshere actually good for these typa games. Xhaka will probably need to have the game of his season..or else we cooked.

    hoping for a good 2 weeks..cherio gooners

  2. Sue

    We really have got to be on top of our game, otherwise we’ll get annihilated, which I really don’t want. Then we’ve got to hope that everyone comes back from the international break unscathed otherwise we can kiss goodbye to a win over the spuds

  3. tom selleck

    we have the advantage – first team rested .
    theres still coming back from italy

    but bluntly put spuds and city are alot better than us
    all this we are arsenal talk is null and void

    if we turn up in both we can grab max 4 points … im expecting a point from the two games.

  4. Ignasi

    We are going to get absolutely humiliated at the Etihad. Mainly because of our terrible defenders, and weak/undisciplined/complacent midfield. Remember people, our only convincing performance in the EPL this season was against Everton: a team that is piss poor and not playing for their manager. Struggled against everyone else.

    City are on a completely different level to us. Don’t start me on spurs.

    City 5-1 Arsenal (with Sanchez)

    City 8-0 Arsenal (without Sanchez)

  5. Sarmmie

    one thing I’ve noticed in our meetings against city, their present form haven’t always been displayed in the final results. going by that, anything can happen but on current form, they’ll definitely beat us, it’ll only be a question of how much. but for us to get something out of it, everyone esp xhaka will need to be at their best

  6. John

    Im a blue and i think you are being way too hard on yourselves.
    We pin teams back, and if they cant attack, its just been keepball and attack v defence.
    You can attack, so will present us with a much bigger problem.
    The only games (on paper (we are not THAT arrogant)) we should worry about are against you, chelsea, the spuds and liverpool, teams that will come and have a go at us.
    As long as we dont pin you back, itll be a closer game than you imagine.

  7. Turbo

    City are seriously formidable. It doesn’t really matter what has happened recently in other comps. They’ll bring their A game. And they are more talented and solid at most positions than we are. All we can do if fight hard, use good strategy, and hope for the best.

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