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Arsenal have a huge problem with Wages!

We hear alot about the wage structure at Arsenal and how it stops Arsene Wenger from competing with clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United when it comes to signing players. The Gunners apparently offered around £150,000 per week to Robin van Persie to get him to stay at the Emirates, but the two Manchester clubs were able to beat that easily.

It may surprise Arsenal fans to hear, then, that Arsenal’s weekly wage bill is about £1 million more than our North London rivals, Tottenham. That is around £50 million a year, which seems an incredible amount for a club that is well known for being financially prudent.

In the 2011-2012 season, Arsenal showed a 15 percent increase in wages, up to £143.4 million, whereas Spurs are about to announce their figures of around £91 million. Imagine how embarrassing it would have been if we hadn’t pipped them to the Champions League spot.

When we are spending so much money on wages, it is hard to understand why the board are reluctant to give Theo Walcott the £100,000 per week that he wants, especially when you consider that Squillachi, Santos and Chamakh get about £150,000 per week between them. Arsenal seem to have got it wrong. By paying large amounts to players before they have proven their worth is tying Wenger’s hands behind his back when he wants to keep a player that has proved his worth to the team. It needs sorting, quickly.

Sagna and Oxlade-Chamberlain are being offered new contracts, but are unhappy with their wage offers, apparently. I don’t care how young the Ox is, he’s much more useful to Arsenal than most of the squad players on more money than him. Sagna is one of the best right backs in the world, so we want to keep him, surely. Wenger is unlikely to be able to sell his deadwood players, but Arsenal need to stop the situation happening again. Maybe a good bonus scheme linked to appearances would help, but something has to change.

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46 thoughts on “Arsenal have a huge problem with Wages!

  1. jimbo

    a big problem with wages? ,i hope this is not a way of telling us there will be no new signings in jauary. a new sponsorship deal, already money in the bank,dear tickets with loyal fans there each game,how sucure do we need to be to spend som money.sell the dead wood even at a loss bring i some new players

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  2. hamid

    Arsenal’s wage structure helps the three pigs above Wenger to ensure that good players will leave, so that they can make a profit out of it. As long as we have the three pigs Arsenal will continue it’s downard spiral season after season. Death to the pigs!

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  3. jamesmaynard

    And yet Gazides earns about £50k a week. What a joke!
    How much of the new sponsorship money will be spent on players and wages? From 2014 we will have an additional £50m cash per season with the new Sky TV deal also kicking in. Only time will tell and the board will have nowhere to hide if they continue to say that we don’t have the money.

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  4. COYG malaysia

    F*** off please ESPECIALLY squidlaci. You really dont deserve a penny from our team. SERIOUSLY. playing 2 games a season and he gets as much as Van Persie last season? dafuq ?!

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  5. henrychan

    Fully agree..
    I discuss it in other blogs.. and I comparing Walcott with Podolski.. here is my statement :

    “Theo is just an ordinary man.. and all man has his own pride.. Although money do not automaticly equal to that pride.. but in this bussiness (football is an industry..) the more money you get means the more qualified you are..
    And as you think you are good enough.. then you also think about howmuch the clubs will pay you.. it just normal and very human..

    The problem is in our structure of wages.. we don’t pay for his ability but for his ages.. hehehe.. LOL..
    For me Walcott is better than Podolski.. and just not make any sense for me why his salary is only 60.000 and Podolski is 90.000/week.. (cmiiw about the number..)
    So currently he want to get more than Podolski.. he wish for 100.000/week.. and for me is just fair.. If I am the boss (board).. I will give him at least 90.000/week..than only 75.000/week offered..

    If the clubs really don’t have enough money to give.. The question is why we paid Podolski that big..?? hehehe.. Something weird happened.. Podolski is not a big star from a big clubs.. FC Koln..?? what is that.. hehehe.. (sound very sarcastic.. hehehe..) He is just Muenchen trown away player.. why must we pay him that big..?? and why don’t we do it for Arteta or Cozorla and Walcott..?? Rick Price said.. Only Heaven Knows.. hahahaha..”

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  6. vp

    How a manager can get paid 7mill a year and then complain about the world becoming ”spending crazy ” baffles me it really does. The club is full of hypocrites, charging the fans extra season ticket prices in order to ensure that the people up top receive consistent pay rises. The increase in our Ceo’s wage package is absolutely unforgivable.

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  7. Aussie gooner

    100% correct, this is our real problem.

    They say wes brown was on only about £20k a week when he was at united, but he took it cause he knew he was at a big club, chance to win the league ad maybe a big money move elsewhere. Meantime we are paying mugs like squillachi and djourou around £60k.

    I work in a place that has a similar wage structure, and I can guarantee all it does is reward the mediocre to continue to be mediocre and encourage the high achievers and talented ones to move elsewhere for the coin. Sound familiar…

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  8. jack

    we are paying fortunes out every week on players that don’t even play WTF on high wages wenger gave them these deals he says who he wants to buy now we have a load of shite that nobody wants terminate their contracts it would in the long run save a bloody fortune each week,maybe then we could get 3 or 4 decent players.

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  9. Bouba

    We all know the problem regarding our wages bill.
    Who’s fault is it?

    This is what’s confusing… On one side they are talking about how sound we are financially and on the other, we have the biggest cock up in regards to wages.

    A huge amount of players, who should be somewhere else, are getting salaries, ridiculous salaries when we should cut our losses.

    A simple example, is Abou Diaby… The boy has played 88 games in 7 years… If it is profitable to the club ( sportively and financially ) can someone explain that to me !!!!

    Later you will have to add the likes of Squillaci, Chamakh and so on…


    Gazidis seems to portrait himself as a smart and reliable individual, so I had him check out… He left the MLS organisation with a deep hole of £9.5 millions. You have to realise that the MLS is not even near the financial power of the Premiership and he got hired by Arsenal ( supposedly in contention of the Kroenke arrival ) as it was going to be fired by the MLS organisation.

    He is on a £2.6millions package at Arsenal ( we are suckers really and clueless idiots ) and was rewarded a substantial bonus last year ( £600.000 )… Based on what? again, we won fu.. all !!!

    Anyway, the so inefficient shareholders, are not in the fans side because they are sweetening themselves at the end of the financial year…

    The fact is, while talking about the Abramovich Chelsea, I totally understand why we would be outraged by his handling of the club structure ( well, where were the British billionaire when Chelsea needed them, same case at Arsenal ), but Chelsea has won 10 trophies ( including the most important of all, the CL ) in the last 7 years when we did ZERO.

    The only positive, I guess, is that we were putting our affairs in order,so we could be self sustainable later in the future.

    It is a small consolation unless we get the benefits in the future, which I really doubt.

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  10. ynk1307

    Chamakh never got a chance to prove himself. Even after his 2 goals against reading in the capital one cup he even wasn’t on the bench..he started his carreer well at arsenal before being benched with rvp return..its fact and nobody can deny this..he is still a good backup striker who would take his chance if he had more game minutes you saw that against reading..he has good technic and good in the air

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  11. Bouba

    We have to of the worse defenders ( Squillaci and Djourou ) in the league on £60.000 a week…


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  13. Arsene Gunner 4 Life

    I do agree on that one!
    Lower Base Wage and Bonuses for appearances Goals and assists!

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  14. tom

    We essentially pay everybody 50 to 60 k/week. With couple getting little more and some of the young players getting less. Very strange approach. That’s how communism used to work. Plumbers were making pretty much same money as doctors.(Nothing against plumbers btw)
    Djourou getting same money as Kocielny, TV5 and Sagna even though he is younger than all of them oh and never plays. Ridicules!! How does the board justify that?? Is that your sustainable model you always talk about Mr Gazidis??

    The more i think about this the less I understand it.
    Even though I think Nasri is a piece of sh**, the reason we lost him was because he was asking 20k/week more than the board was offering to him and they refused.

    I better stop because im getting sick to my stomach just thinking about this.

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  15. leo

    nothing seems 2 be going right for arsenal at this point of time the fans must raise their voice against the board stop going 2 matches that will teach them a lesson until then can’t see anything changing

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  16. leo

    i hope wenger doesn’t just stop at huntelaar & henry we need more players like fellaini & a lb + sell these overpaid players

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  17. chris from Cambridge

    Very few of the above comments display understanding of the flat wage structure. Danny Fiszman sold this to the Board on behalf of Wenger. The other Directors needed a lot of convincing. At Gazidis’ recent meeting with the Aresenal Supporters Trust he again said (though it was before his time) the flat wage structure was to suit the Manager (!)

    It has been a complete disaster. It means we cannot shift Wenger’s failed players because other clubs will not pay them (say) £50 – 60 K per week. Meanwhile we have not been able to pay sky high wages to keep (say) Nasri and RVP nor attract any world beaters.

    It will take longer yet for this huge error to wash out of the system and we may get no money in at all for Wenger’s dross – as they may see their contracts right out before accepting a big wage cut.

    The idea that it is to line the pockets of Kroenke and Gazidis is nonsense. They weren’t even in charge at that time and Hillwood was only non exectutive Chairman. The latter is paid £67,000 a year and no longer owns any shares.

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  18. Meks

    Business is built on greed. When you own a company you look after yourself as much as possible, sad but true. Most of these owners don’t buy football clubs because they love the club, it’s because they think the club will make them $$$. I wish we had an owner like QPR where he actually loves the club and now promoted to the premiership injects copious amounts of cash to make sure they have the quality to keep them there. That’s a fkn top notch owner.

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  19. WillyG

    As long as Wenger is around, we will never win anything. He is way over the hill and in the valley.

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  20. tom

    @ chris from Cambridge

    I have never heard that it was done to suit the manager (Wenger)
    I have heard Wenger say it was done to be able to compete with less money available based on the principle of having bunch of very good players but not necessarily super stars with high wages.

    Also, Gazidis has been here for 4 years so he has had plenty of time to change it.

    Based on the quality of the team, our wage bill should be substantially lower.

    Im pretty sure that all the loaned players are still counted towards our bill though. So the real figure is actually lower.

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  21. bc

    the facts need to looked at here.

    firstly, for the size of the clubs turnover the salary paid to the CEO is abpout right. Any CEO would receive that sort of figure for the turnover and profit he is responsible for.

    secondly, arsenal holdings plc employ far more employees than Tottenham Hotspur Plc, so why wouldnt the wage bill be far higher? just in professional players alone arsenal employ 67 compared to spurs 52. arsenal have more training centres, a larger scouting network and require far more staff to operate a stadium holding 60,000+ supporters and much bigger fanbase. Shite Hart Lane only holds 36,230 fans so it is obvious that our operating costs are going to be higher than theirs.

    What needs to be looked at here is average wage per employee vs turnover vs profit. What the hell league position has to do with it i just dont know, but seeing as the higher up the league you are the more “winnings” you get, i suppose there is a relevance. but lets not forget, you also get more “winnings” for being in the champions league and for every round you progress in each of the 3 cup competitions by virtue of tv & radio rights.

    Comparing 2 football clubs by the size of the wage bill is ludicrous. a far better way of comparing 2 teams is this

    Tottenham league titles 2 v 13 Arsenal league titles

    Tottenham FA Cup wins 8 v 10 Arsenal FA Cup wins

    Tottenham other “Major” Cup wins 11 v 15 Arsenal other “major” cup wins

    “major” = league cup, uefa cup/fairs cup, cup winners cup, outright charity shield victories

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  22. bc

    another couple of ways to compare arsenal and spurs

    spurs have finished above arsenal on 30 occassions
    arsenal have finished above spurs on 62 occassions

    arsene wenger has never finished below spurs or any of their 14 managers during his reign.

    arsene wenger has won 11 pieces of silverware (including 3 league titles and 4 fa cups during his reign, whilst tottenhgam have won just 2 during his reign (both league cups)

    it is 17 seasons and counting since arsenal last finished below spurs

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  23. vp

    @ BC

    How can you defend the CEO’s remuneration. Your annalysis links it to evrything other then perfromance reltaed- which is the most important factor when deciding whether to issue a pay rise. It’s the first thing that every FTSE 100

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  24. ripple

    It is obvious where some of the wage problem is. The club defends Squillachi earning 60,000 a week but won’t offer a future star like Ox even the same amount. Arsenal need to pay players according to their overall value to the team, not their age or experience or whatever.

    If Arsenal would just plain give away the dead wood players – forget transfer fees – to any club that would take them for free – they could find other unattached footballers and pay them far less. This would save money in the long run. If you are bent on having crappy backups/reserves, then at least pay them accordingly.

    I know of other footballers who are unattached who can play better than squillachi. What good is it to keep a player who cannot be used in a game? Send him home. Even his presence on the training ground is a liability. Please.

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  25. ken


    Thanks for actual relevant facts.
    Your comparision with S***s is really something special and I hope this sinks into the skulls of pratts like Chrissy from Cambridge and Adrian Kempo.
    They are always on about us being a “big club” that should win things, but when the facts come out regarding running costs they dont want to know…why?… because it doesnt fit in with their arguments and pure hatred of Arsene.
    Please keep ramming these kind of statistics down their throats mate..the CEO comments are absolutely 100% accurate. Thanks again you true Gooner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  26. ken


    please give your analysis of a CEO and what he is supposed to do in his role.
    Then do the same for the board, owner and manager and you should have clear distinctions.
    Looking forward to you reply.

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  27. vp

    How can you defend the CEO’s remuneration. You say that he’s wage is right if we consider the profit levels!! You do understand that the club has in actual fact made an operating loss, and only because of player sales there’s a profit in the first place. CEO’s don not get remunerated on disposals and gains made from assets. The bottom line is, that he should not have got a pay rise based on the club’s operating performance. If this happened to a FTSE 100 company -there’d be outrage. First as most important rule in business- never reward failure, you’ll be punished by the market for doing so. Performance related pay is the most important aspect of arriving at executive remuneration.
    Giving him a Bonus is indefensible.

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  28. Joe


    Dont you think the people at Arsenal know that? There all astute businessmen that wouldn’t part with money for no reason. Ivan was obviously given certain targets to achieve last year or maybe that targets where set when he was hired and he’s obviously accomplished what he was asked to do hence why he’s got a bonus.

    Im very annoyed by the way things are going at Arsenal but i realize it needs to happen and that were taking big steps by cementing the future of the club and without people like Ivan or Wenger we would be alot further behind then we are now. Ten years down the line people will be looking back and praising the people who are working there ass off for the club, its a shame that people can’t appreciate the work there doing.

    I understand its annoying and we haven’t won anything for a while but this is all for the benefit of the club. Things are all ready looking promising with the new commercial deals which may elevate us to compete more with the other big clubs in terms of spending power. Also more commercial deals are expected in the next two years which will bring in more money and to be fair they said this would happen.

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  29. vp

    Role of CEO

    CEO has executive repsonsibilties (runs company):

    take responsibility for the performance of the company, as determined by board strategy and manage financial physical resources, safeguard company assets (internal controls) just to mention a few. The operating performance of the company is his responsibility, i.e. if company makes a loss- the buck stops with him. He works closely with other execs-i.e. finance and marketing directors, but the final decision is his, and his only.

    Chairman runs board(ceo runs company)

    board (combiantion of non execs (fixed salary- No bonuse!) and execs. (the non-execs determine the pay of execs). Role of the board is to devise company strategy.

    Role of shareholders varies, but usually they do not run the company-rarely get involved and intervene only when they have to i.e deteriorating performance etc.. They own resources and hand control of these resources to the directors.

    There is a code call corp governance (code of best practice) which all company’s are required to follow to comply with stock exchange requirements. Rewarding our CEO like we have done would be labeled as bad corporate governance. Remuneration is one of the key instruments in achieving company strategy, and rewarding failure goes against best code of practice. Bottom line is – our CEO has not performed well enough to justify an increase in his remuneration, and if we were a proper ftse 100 company right now this would be a serious concern, serious enough for shareholders to intervene. This is why, most people are of the opinion, not just me but journalists and investors alike that the remuneration given to our under performing CEO is indefensible.

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  30. david

    Yeah but what you have failed to see is that our revenue is so much greater than the spuds that we still use a smaller percentage than they do on wages so are in a much healthier position. Also they have yet to renegotiate a lot of players contracts. Yes they have a good negotiator but we have more money for once we can afford to splash some cash and we will be chucking some big wage packets out the door next summer which will be about 20 million saved so we can sign some better players. I do agree however that there are some players at arsenal on hugely inflated wages and someone needs to be bought in who can actually negotiate a deal. I still dream of the days when we had Dein.

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  31. Sunny

    … Wage structure should be changed asap ..
    The biggest prblm of our team is CDM position we must must need a viera type figure .. A black man . Cannot rely on diaby and i only critisize wenger for selling song and dont replace him ….

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  32. ken

    thanks for the reply:
    Performance of the company: Have we not just recorded increased profits?
    We have also just signed a new deal with The Emirates equating to £40million a year.
    We are paying our debts (The stadium)as agreed by the banks. Therefore he has safeguarded the companies assetsWe do not know what the board strategies are, but if they have rewarded him then one assumes he did his job.
    The “company” has not made a loss so how is that bad managment?
    VP I do not know as much as you about this subject, but isnt the “company” in a stronger position since he joined?
    Take all the Dein factor out of it and if he supports ManShitty, isn’t that the case?
    A good debate for all gooners to get involved in dont you think?

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  33. vp

    @ ken

    I’ve laid down the basic job criteria for a CEO for a profit maxmising entity whose underpinning goal is to make a profit just and to provide a general template to what is expected from a CEO in this context (profit making entity). It depends which way you want to play it, but in substance a football club is a non-profit organization even though in the legal sense it isn’t and his job requirement as a football ceo is to make as much as profit as possible, without causing detremental effects to the club’s abilty to operate effectively (i.e the ‘on the pitch’ performance of the team).It’s a balancing act. If the CEO goes onto make a profit DIRECTLY because he’s sold the best assets of the club then this not only effects current and future performance of the company to operate in a sound manner but also compromises market share, particularly if the asset your selling is to a direct competitor (RVP MAN UTD)-This profit has come at too much of a cost, and furthermore he can not take the credit for this-its a company asset. He should be judged strictly on the profit he makes in relation to the company’s operating performance (money generated from merchandising, sponshorships etc) while still preserving the company’s performance on the pitch (performance on the field). Anyone could become CEO and sell their best players and make the club a profit -do you see where i’m coming from. His job is to make a profit no doubt, but the other side to it (not at the expense deteriorating the team’s ability to perform on the field). If you look at our accounts for the last year end, if these players had not been sold then we would have made a worrying loss.

    I’ll give you an example if you had lets say a factory, producing clothes. The factory makes a £10 mill loss from selling on the clothes. However, one of your best machines is sold during the year for 14 mill and so you make a 4mill profit at the year end. Would you give your manager a bonus?

    So, you see even we judge his performance on in the context of a strictly profit maximizing entity – he falls short. You rightly point out that he’s achieved all the roles of CEO (safeguarding company assets and etc) but that is his job description. You can’t issue pay rises to individuals for fulfilling their mandotory duties in that role, pay rises are performance related instruments-Rewards, if you like. And yes we are in a stronger position Now, but that’s because the money that we’ve been made from players sales, not because of an increase in operating performance. If he was given a pay rise this season because of the increase in our recent sponshorship then that would be a different story and people could understand this.

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  34. james

    30m a year spent on fabianski denilson djourou squilachi santos diaby ramsey arshavin park chamakh bentener. thats the problem.

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  35. Richard

    The wrong direction from the board once again, we are more pprofitable when we are unsuccessful as the best players are limited by the money wasted on those who should not be even signed by the club.




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  36. Richard


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  37. alec

    You raise a VERY good point. The problem, as it has been for some time, is how to get rid of them? So we have o soldier on whilst we have our hands tied back. To be fair Chamack came on a free (and although he is really not a good player) he did score a few when he got here… so that was worth it, but not offering him away that summer was a mistake, becasue he knew that his wages were too high, the only reason for them was his transfer status (FREE), and the only way to make a good deal is to sell players who come on a free the following year!

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  38. gooner

    All the people talking here about the profits we are making!!! but don’t forget its juz because we sold RVP and song…we need to sell before we can buy….every year we are selling our top players to pay the wages of average ones…shit management….
    i know wat wenger tried to do…making wages even for all would create a team and less ego amongst the players but he forgot that not all the players will carry the same abilities on the field…so less performing guys were enjoying their paycheck while guys who worked their asses off got same as their lazy teammates…so in that case they decided to jump for more money that anyone would do…its the mantra today…for getting a better hike u need to jump ships…thats wat nasri did thats wat rvp did and songo too..he got more than what he was getting at arsenal…

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  39. ERG

    If you look at how much money Arsneal pay their young players even compared to man utd chelsea and man city aswell there lies why our wage bill is so high!
    I guarantee our under 21 team are payed more then any other team we’v bin doing this for years now the logic is that if we pay 10k+ a week or more to a 17 year old we save that money on buying that player who potentionaly could become worlclass in the future how else to you think we got players like vela fabregas and bendtner at the age off 16 we wernt the only ones who wanted them.
    FERGIE doesnt pay his youngsters no where near as much until they prove them selves in the 1st team.
    Its good logic if the young player develops well or on the flip side becomes Johan djourou phillip senderos or jermain pennant!.

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  40. sperez

    Wenger is to blame for this mess. I said many times he created this abysmal wage structure based on his utopian vision. This is not work of the board, Gazides or Satan Kroenke. In Wenger’s world, Messi should earn the same as Djourou and Ronaldo should not be rewarded much more than Chamakh. Is this for real ? We have a big selection of shite that Wenger brought to Arsenal and we cannot shift them because they earn exorbitant wages. This is by far the worst aspect of Wenger’s management. The wage bill alone is preventing us to buy and keep top class players because Wenger prefers to waste money overpaying shite like Squillaci, Djourou, Bendtner, Diaby, Denilson, Almunia, Chamakh or unproven kids. I said before, we have a wage bill of Bayern and the German club is able to buy and keep top class players. We sell our best players because they know it doesn’t matter how they perform they’ll still be rewarded as much as the deadwood. They know there are clubs out there with a more sensible wage structure to pay them what they are worth, so they leave. But Wenger is earning at least twice as much as anyone at the club. And that big steaming pile of hypocrisy still has the cheeks to say that his work at Arsenal it’s not about money.

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  41. S.H

    Great, now everyone all of a sudden is an accountant! The same people complaining about lack of transfer funds, not understanding such a simple fact as this article has illustrated about wages. What’s worse is the same people are now poorly analysing the little information they have presented with some figures, and they think they understand or know everything about how Arsenal should operate. I’m going to sit back and just laugh. There must be more intelligent people here and the executives at Arsenal who get paid hundreds of thousands per year, know nothing right? LMFAO! So many people in here have MUCH to learn.

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  42. S.H


    If there was an example of stupidity in the dictionary, your comment would slot perfectly in there. Wenger is the manager not the treasurer. Until you properly define the 2, then your brain can’t process any logic! It’s like me saying I employ you to be our admin clerk, but it’s completely your fault that we have an accounts problem. If you don’t get that then good-luck to you!

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  43. S.H


    Do you own your own business? Well I operate a global ecommerce business but I have distributors in US, Canada, Vietnam, China and Australia. So I guess you an say that I am a CEO and business owner together. I have 33 employees. Every business has a mission statement to make profits. If they didn’t, how would the club or business survive? Lets just drop and forget about “the substance of football as a non-profitable orgnaisation”. That’s only for people with their heads in the sky who like to go to the local park on Sundays and draw daffodils and butterflies!! Wake up. Every club should be looking at generating as much profit as possible. Why wouldn’t you? It’s about maximising opportunities and capitalising on them when the time arises. If my business operated in your line of thinking, I’d be broke and in major debt! You really need to reassess and rethink your thoughts about Gazidis. As an entrepreneur , I’d kill to speak to Gazidis about my business and how to improve it. Ignorance mixed with assumption is a recipe for failure!

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  44. FG

    I really dont understand all these complaints about Wenger being overpaid. As far as i can ascertain he gets around 100k per week, and to me that still seems a BARGAIN! I cant uderstand how a manager who is IN CHARGE OF THE WHOLE TEAM! And has a lot more to do than any player, works more hours than any player, has 100x the pressure of any player, does not have the job security of any player*,has been working for the club for 16 years and is pushing 30 years of managerial experience should be out-earned by any of the players!

    The manager of a club has much more effect on the teams results than any single player and it baffles me that managers are often out-earned by many of the people they manage!

    FFP is coming and i firmly believe that (If implimented successfully) this will lead to a big spike in the wages of managers. As reckless spending is replaced by inteligent spending and a the need for managers to get the most from their budget grows, the value of a manager who knows how to spend what he has effectively is going to increase. Mark my words.

    Im pretty sure if i out-earnt my boss he would lose his sh!t.


    *By “job security” i mean: of course a player can be dropped/sold by a club, but he will always find another club to take him on, not so secure for a manager.

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  45. vp

    @ sh

    i’m not suprised that you own businesses around the world as you say as you seem to be knowledgeable chap- However do you own a charity?. But your thinking as business man and not as a fan. The fact that you dismissed my comments about a football club being a non-profit organization in substance is at the heart of this. If someone asked Glazidis right now what the Number one goal on the club’s mission statement was -he’d say to deliver on the pitch-do you think he’d say its to profit maxmise? Profit although important is a means by which this can be achieved, but if you compromise profit for the former then it becomes self defeating. I am not criticism glazidis’s competence, i do not know enough about him to do so. I am merely pointing at he should not have received a bonus, at this sensitive point in time when remuneration is a big issue at the club, particularly when you judge the company on it’s operating performance and goes against the code of best practice (corp gov act) and that’s way people are so outraged. I get the distinct impression that you seem to think that we are there to serve the club, and not the other way round. Let me put it to you this way- Does the club allow us to exist or do we allow the club to exist? I would be interested to know why you think glazidis warrants this pay rise?

    Look forward to reading your reply

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