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Arsenal have ridden their luck – Now comes the real test against Spurs

We rode our luck against Leicester. The next game will be the reality check. by Konstantin Mitov

Alright, Arsenal won 2 league games in a row! Hurray, it’s been ages since that happened. The cup game finished a draw in regular time, but in extra time we nicked it, so you could say we won 2 and a half games in a row! Let’s be real here, we won against Middlesbrough and Leicester, not the best of oppositions in the league.

We didn’t create too much and we were rewarded with a lucky goal, because someone dared to shoot at their goal. Alexis dared in the first half and he hit the bar! I backed the Chilean to score the first goal, but lucky I only used the bookies money so I didn’t mind losing out so much. If you fancy a free bet get the very best around at But at least Sanchez was brave enough to shoot. Is Wenger instructing them to pass the ball into the net? When you shoot, you give yourself a chance!

I’m happy for Monreal though, because he is one of the few players who tries hard every game and the new formation is giving him more in terms of his offensive side of play. On the other side we took a gamble and rested the Ox for Spurs and the gamble of rotation didn’t fail us, but we didn’t create much chances either.

The new formation seems to have given us some defensive stability, but if you want real judgement, here are Tottenham and United with Mourinho in a row to prove something has changed. And I fear, we might just bottle it again.

How many times have you gotten excited about Arsenal, just to crash your dreams to the ground? I was excited about Bayern and look how that ended. Our season has been bad, and the FA cup final (not won yet) will not cover this. If we are to salvage any pride, we gotta beat Tottenham and there a few minor reasons, why we should try hard to do it.

One is that the top 4 is slightly possible if we win every game (I don’t believe it though), but apart from that it could ruin their little title charge and if you are an Arsenal player and you don’t get up for that, you may as well pack your bags. Also, there’s this head raising from Spurs fans thinking they are bigger.

Here’s a chance to remind them that just because we have a bad season, doesn’t mean they have moved away from being London’s third team behind and us and Chelsea. So if we go there and we don’t play with desire I’d be really disappointed. That said I’d try not to watch the game, because on current form and the season overall, they are better than us and they tend to fire up for this game.

For the line up, I’d unleash the Ox and Welbeck and sack Ozil. The German looked dead against Leicester and we need fighters for that game and putting Mesut would be like waiting for the perfect girl to arrive at your doorstep. On theory it might happen and she might’ve given a few hints here and there, but in truth it’s highly unlikely.

We have to sack the possession for that game and hit them on the break. If we try to dominate, they will hit us and it will hurt. I think we’ll stick with the new formation, but hopefully we’ll drop Ramsey who of late has been awful or just his usual self. I don’t know what happened to Elneny and why he doesn’t play, but If he’s fit I’d put him in.

I’d keep Holding, Kos and Gabriel as the back three since they’ve showed some sort of stability. The Ox, Alexis and Welbeck will be key in this game. We could throw in Giroud for set pieces as against Leicester we had quite a lot, but didn’t really make much of them.

In the end, there are lots of reasons to go there and try to give their old stadium a sending off that will remind them who’s the boss in North London. In reality though our performances have been poor of late, nothing can hide this and I don’t think we’ll turn up with the level of focus and intensity needed to win this game. A draw is not good enough. We’ve hardly ever needed that result more.


14 thoughts on “Arsenal have ridden their luck – Now comes the real test against Spurs

  1. Kedar Damle

    I think we have got good defensive shape in new system…. But spurs is in hotshot form.. Specially Dele, Kane, Erikson That trio.. Erikson last night also nicked important goal for Tottenham against Palace with beautiful strike… It will be interesting to see how game will take place because Tottenham always play on counter against Big teams.. They did it last year against City, they did this is year also against Chelsea… And Except City game Arsenal Enjoyed plenty of ball but no real end product…. I would start with AOC on RWB as Dele will on left hand side for Tottenham…. And I would certainly give opportunity for Iwobi instead of Ozil and Welbeck for Walcott… Walcott was certainly horrible last night.. He is one of the most fringe players in the squad…. Over the years no end product from him.. Though Tottenham has big chance of batter us but still I have some feeling that we will get something from game… We certainly need to Stop Dele, Kane and Most importantly Demebele from midfield because he is the one who produce base for Dele and Erikson and Xhaka need to on his toes for entire game..

  2. keith jones

    Me old mate, your’e a million miles behind Spurs at the moment. You know it to. With our fantastic new stadium on the way things ain’t gonna get any easier for your mob from south London.

    1. muff diver

      yeah yeah your hot stuff now, but when chelsea win the league
      you essentially have another trophy less season.

      delli ali and eriksen go to european clubs- what then big man?

      two seasons now u had real shot at title, some would say playing the best football it would be deserved but….yep thats right nothing lol

      oh well- 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Break-on-through

        Counter attacking teams don’t play the best football. It works but not best football, sure Bournemouth play better football ..fair play to that lot for being fearless. Tott one season in how long, and if we win the cup that is not really a claim you can make. AFC’s worst season position in over twenty years they still win the cup vs Tott best ever season in all that time, leave empty handed but get a chance to go out of Europe in record time …lol funny club hah hah hah.

        Ps, you lot forgot to thank us for everything you are striving to be these days.

    2. Bwetty sollocks

      Hahahahahah spurs fans actually think that they are a big boy club now, well done for finally finishing above us but you are just having a good year while we happen to be having our worst, within a year or two you will be nicely tucked away in our pocket where you belong ✌️

  3. muff diver

    Jenkinson, Debuchy, Mertesacker, gibbs, ramsey, wilshere , walcott,giroud

    how much is that in transfer fees ? 120 mill there
    wages freed? 700k a week

    a manager with real intentions and cutthroat winning mentality would have done this years ago

      1. Arsenal_Girl

        Thats a good point

        But how many homegrown players do we have?

        I think we need 8 homegrown players

    1. Jide

      Right on mate. Managing a football club is a little bit like cooking. You have to put the RIGHT ingredients at the RIGHT time in order to get the best taste out of your food.
      Arsene is very sentimental. If had be just a little bit ruthless and stop giving chances to overstep and underachieving players we would be on top of the league.

  4. mark

    Spurs are a better team than us this year, that much is obvious. Sad but true.

    We can still beat them on our day, but I suspect it will be a draw.


  5. JPS_AFCNo1

    Keith Jones, your new stadium looks like a toilet seat. You aint achieved shit yet and wait till you have to start selling players to pay for your stadium debt. You SPUDS are all the same 1 good season in the last 50 years and your talking like you arw hot shit. When was the last time you won the title 1964 or something like that. You Spuds need to wake up ans smell the roses you will always be in our shadow and you know it. Pochettino will move on to a big club in the not to distant future and you guus will go back to your usual managment merry go round for another 20 years before you finaly challenge again.

  6. Fatboy Gooney

    It’s official, we need better wallpaper glue,the cracks are on show again, just like Cartmans ↗️

  7. Janssen

    All the pressure is on Spurs, they are still playing for a trophy. That might favor our lads since they don’t seem to do well with pressure.

    Spurs are playing the better football but in a derby like this that means nothing.

    It will come down to who wants it more.

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