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Arsenal have turned into England’s saviours?

Wenger now the toast of England by CR

Less than a decade ago Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger fielded a squad that did not contain an English player, yet now, his team is full of promising players that are eligible to play in current England boss Roy Hodgson’s side.
Wenger was criticised for the team he selected for that 5-1 win against Crystal Palace in February 2005, although it has to be said that it was something of an aberration as Ashley Cole was ill, Sol Campbell and Justin Hoyte were injured, and Jermaine Pennant was on loan at Birmingham City.

At the time Wenger said he was not even aware there were no English stars in his squad insisting he picked his side on their quality and attitude and not because of their passports.

The 16-man squad against Palace featured six Frenchmen, three Spaniards, two Dutchmen, one German, one Brazilian, one Swiss star, one Ivory Coast international and one Cameroon international – but that is in sharp contrast to the players Wenger currently has at his disposal.

Arsene Toast

Kieran Gibbs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jack Wilshere, Danny Welbeck and Calum Chambers all started the recent north London derby against Tottenham, while Welsh star Aaron Ramsey also featured before picking up an injury, thus joining England regular Theo Walcott, who remains side-lined.

It is quite a transformation for the Gunners with now roughly half of their regular first-team starters from the UK, and does make you wonder whether Wenger had a change of policy after he was slammed for that team selection against Palace.

The England team is arguably weaker than it was a decade ago, but maybe Wenger’s policy of buying promising youngsters – usually from Southampton where Oxlade-Chamberlain, Chambers and Walcott all flourished before moving to the Emirates Stadium – is starting to bear fruit.

Wenger has also paid big money for Danny Welbeck recently, who, according to, has all the potential to become an integral member of both the Gunners squad and the England international setup.

Arsenal’s squad now regularly has more English players in it than the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, Everton and Manchester City, and long may that situation continue.

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27 thoughts on “Arsenal have turned into England’s saviours?

  1. Budd

    He won’t become England’s savior if FA will keep delegate Dean on our games. His last deed was ruining a nice derby between City and Chelsea. I hope we don’t get him on Sunday.

    1. ArnSam

      i feel for the english, but english players are always sold expensively to rivals and then talk about the technical ability….we lost flair majorly because of too many of ’em.

      1. Budd

        When I think Atkinson I see two things : the penalty which he moved outside the box against Monaco and the game against Chelsea in 2013 when he whistled everything against us and nothing against Chelsea. We lost that game 2-1 and none of their goals shoulda standed.

  2. Dee@ease

    Arsenal are going to be to the England national team what Bayern Munich are to the German national team

  3. Jazlon

    remember my last comment? Welbeck will turn into beast, as pogba has…. il say again time and patience and you’ll see. Guys note ox is a monster with his pace and directness at the moment.

    What happens if walcot comes back and is fully fit? his more deadlier and pacier than ox. We have a “worlclass quartet in welbeck walcot sanchez and bale.

    we have to be fully focused on Chelsea and be disciplined id like nothing more than a 3:1 victory. its either wilshere/flame or cazorla/flame il lean towards the wilsh/flame pairing, as wilshere is just abit more feistier and aint afraid to put in a tackle. while santi is more clever and technical, but with matic eisshh its a big ask.

    to think ramsey, arteta, dubutchy, monreal, giroud, walcot are injured and we can still field a super effective team. a win at Chelsea and I reckon we have a sniff at the title when everyone retains to full fitness.

    wenger don’t mess this up.


    1. jermaineBryan

      Cazorla has a higher duels won rate than both flamini and wilshire so he wouldn’t be a liability if he is chosen I would have Love to see chambers at dm but we loaned out Karl

  4. Enygma

    That’s why we are an average team.English players are always average and never seem to improve. A lot of potential that never really materializes!And injury prone.

  5. ahappygunner

    All I can say is that we are lucky Giroud got injured- Arsene was not going to sign a sticker otherwise- then Ramsey arterta injured forcing wenger to play the team last night.
    Let’s hope wenger injuries keep picking his best team for him till the end of the season

    1. Mistamonn

      The selection of the front four was the difference. Ozil in the hole behind a pacy striker flanked by two fast wingers. The rest of the team pretty much picked itself.

  6. dboy

    Chelsea unbeaten in the league thus far. Wouldn’t it be great if we can bring them down to earth with a win like last night infect a six nil drubbing would be sweet revenge. Dreaming, dreaming. COYG!!

  7. 007

    As long as there good enough to wear the red and white jersey then its fine to play any player from any country. Arsenal is a global brand though been an English club I guess its justified trying to help build the national team.

    Just don’t get our players injured while on international duty, I could see Hudson with a small smile on his face last night at the Emirates saying I will overplay your players during the international break (in dark Verda’s voice).

    Maybe England can finally win something with our good crop of players if used wisely. Even Zambia has more silver wear than England our former colonial masters in recent years. Take That!!!

  8. 61 never again

    Forget about pele wen we have wele COYG hopefully we have a bit of confidence going into Sunday against the plastics

        1. 007

          @ Wonder brotherman I meant our young guns the under 21 team. They whooped Gala 5 : 1 last night too.

  9. Chima

    The policy had to change because the foreign players usually don’t stay. We loose them every season as soon as they had one season performance, they look elsewhere for the big pay. Nasri, Van Pussy, adebayor, all had injuries and some even where rejected by the national teams (Nasri) and as soon they are well and had a good season, they suddenly realise that Arsenal cant pay them enough. This seriously distorts plans and development and gelling. Theo, Chambo, Gibbs, Wlshere have all been in the club for long and are still very much around.

  10. 007

    OT: For all Football and sports lovers that was a disgusting display by Gala fans.

    Pradeli is a modest fela and his players (bar Felipe Melo, cough cough) are good guys too and they embarrassed them. Hope we whoop them 3 : 0 away and show them this was no flook.

    UEFA should surely charge them for that. How dare they try to destroy our perfect pitch, gosh I can only imagine what they left in the toilet, on our seats and walls at the Emirates if on camera they can be so unruly.

    Our game and our goals were fail and clean. The Ref did a good job too.

  11. 007

    OT: Eissssssh, we dodged a bullet with Baloteli huh.

    I know its too early but even in his best form I cant see how he can fit into our system. I know I was one of the people calling for his signing and therefore I eat humble pie and apologize because I made a dodo there. He just looks so lazy and disinterested to play. The pool funs are frustrated with him there already and his already cathching negative articles about him in the media.

    Wenger was right, ON THIS 1!!!

    Glad we signed Welbeck on a long term contract rather than a loan move, I feel he will come good, now imagine Man U calling him back in January and cancel it. That would be murder and knowing there sticky habits they would have done it.

    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy

      Eat PIE ! very humbly !

      Glad you admit that the Boss knows more than us. Balotelli is NOT an Arsenal type player. Arsenal is a team, a family, Balo is in independent pouty petulant child.

      Welbeck was just about to bloom, and we picked him in the right time.

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