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Arsenal hit Newcastle for seven – Happy New Year!

Arsenal 7 -3 Newcastle, who would’ve thought it? by KJ

What a game. I was there today at the Emirates and I just count myself lucky that I was there to witness another rollicking at the hands of the Arsenal. It was a very tense game until the 70th minute where Theo was the star!

The match started very tentatively which is a common feature now for any Arsenal game. The passes were sloppy and the overall understanding between the players wasn’t there.

However, the players eventually got their act together and it was none other than the controversial Theo Walcott who’d net the first goal. It was a beauty as well. He peeled off their high line and was through one on one with Krul. However, he was on the left side of the pitch and it was going to be something special to beat Krul from there and it was. A peach of curler reminiscent of the Henry era separated the two sides. 1-0.

But it was only a matter of time before we gave away the lead. A free kick was given away by Sagna in a very dangerous position for Newcastle. Ba stepped up to take it (a player heavily linked with a move to Arsenal) and the ball ended up in the back of the net. However, it wasn’t a good free kick, it was deflected off Jack’s head (I still don’t understand what he was doing there). 1-1.

We start the second pretty well and manage to get our second of the day with another Englishman, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. It was a brilliant across the goal strike from the 18 year old. Such class for someone so young. It was good for him to get a goal as he hasn’t scored one for absolute ages. 2-1.

Again, we didn’t make it easy and almost immediately Marveaux equalised for the Magpies. Obertan skinned Sagna (yes, Obertan) and crossed it low to a completely unmarked Marveaux at the far post who just tapped it in. There were massive questions defensively over both Sagna and Gibbs. 2-2.

Then we scored again but this time with Podolski. He was really putting in a shift defensively because of Gibb’s lapses and was finally able to do something a bit more familiar when he scored. Wilshere ran through Newcastle’s team with ease (not even a surprise anymore with this kid) before effortlessly dinking it over to Walcott on the by-line who hits the post before Podolski bundles it in. 3-2.

Are we starting to see a pattern here? I am. We conceded again from the far post as Sagna failed to prevent the cross before Gibbs failed to mark Ba who smashed it in at the near post (from his angle) giving Newcastle fans something to cheer about. 3-3.

I was nervous as there was no telling how this game would end.

Luckily Theo went on to produce a master class that put away any doubts I had. He scored a brilliant goal from a Gibbs cross capitalising on Podolski’s miss hit. It was cool, composed and ruthless. 4-3.

He then assisted Giroud as the Frenchman hammered in the cross with his head. 5-3.

Then Giroud again scored thanks to a mazy run by Theo. He ran through Newcastle’s defence before being fouled where advantage was given and Giroud scored a near post goal with his right foot. That should do his confidence some good. 6-3.

We wasn’t done there do as Theo wanted to get his hat trick. He was hungry for it. Theo started a mazy run from the left where he took out two Newcastle players before being fouled inside the box for a penalty but he slid on the grass, stood back up taking out another 2 Newcastle players (literally) before delectibally dinking it over Krul for his well-deserved hat trick. 7-3.

Giroud had a chance at the death to get himself a hat trick which would’ve been some feat considering he’d only been on the pitch for 10 minutes. However, his shoot hit the bar and I was gutted for him.

All in all it was a great match for the Arsenal that had many positives. But Wenger will need to put Gibbs and Sagna in line as they were diabolical for the majority of the match and were at fault for 2 goals collectively whilst Sagna alone was at fault for the first.

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42 thoughts on “Arsenal hit Newcastle for seven – Happy New Year!

  1. brian

    Well said fantastic game,giroud should have scored a hattrick,sign the walcott(wenger this man is 23 not 29,no excuses)

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  2. LT

    What a great game. Its just what the team needed to get their confidence going again. We will go into the new year on a high and hopefully we can sustain the momentum for the second half of the season.

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  3. Sunnyside1

    Is there anyone who still doubts demba ba’s ability & quality after the initial scare at the emirate which was engineered by ba.get him wenger to enhance a healthy competition for that top striking position

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  4. LT

    I get the feeling that Wenger and Theo are on the same page but what i dont understand is why its taking so long to sort out his contract. There must be other forces at play which are delaying the negotiations. Theo has proved that he has potential (remember he is only 23), so why is it soooo difficult to agree a long term deal with him? He is excellent and can only get better, i have even forgotten about that robin van payslip guy.

    We need Theo and its obvious he wants to stay.

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  5. jiiith

    Great win…
    Ony worry is that since we are scoring goals at will and with diaby back,wenger will be out in transfer market for only top top player just like the start of this season.

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  6. Chief keef

    Lets be real, walcott looked alot more deadly in front of goal and is starting to look like henry. Far from it but i can see glimpses an tiny specs of henry in him. Hopefully he will learn a lot more from henry over the next month or two. As for everyone else jack and theo were the standout players along with podolski and the ox. They all did extremely well. Excited for the southampton game on tuesday to see the fifth game in a row won. Walcott should have the strikers starting role now, he was on fire today.

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  7. Samson clam

    I had doubts about theo but now i dont he can make it as a c.f n wenger can have headaches choosing who to play up front which is a good thing the game was thrilling but we conceded silly goals we tighten it up a little happy new year gooners, is any team ready for a fired up arsenal bring em on.

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  8. mauri

    Im ina cruise… did not go to Cancun
    ( Yes I am that 13 year old kid that lives in Mexico )
    and u know what… i am not disappointed of paying those 20 dollar

    I don’t think Newcastle should have ”virgin” on their shirt,if you know what I mean 😉

    What a KRUL way t end Newcastle´s year

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  9. Pat Rice MBE

    Now I believe we need just
    a cdm (strootman)
    a lb (luke shaw)
    and a wing/mid (arda turan)

    Coz our striking department seems ok

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  10. nikhil

    A muted celebration by Demba Ba at the emirates…are we sensing something here guys???

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  11. Sank

    Get ba.
    he had just 4 shots, 3 on target and 2 goals. a real poacher. he realy terrified our defence. imagine walcott, ba and giroud together with walcott can play on wings.
    i think we should get a dm and luke shaw to cover gibbs. and may be a creative player.

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  12. Goon-Tah

    Olivier Mu’fukin’ Giroud (OMG) & Theo Walcott were very Krul to Newcastle!

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  13. pudoski

    And who said he was gonna b anoda flop?
    I guess u so f**kng right inversly! He is now a flop at missing goal!and master at scoring! Giroud!!!! D flying french man! And walcotinoh u re supablicious

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  14. koolio

    The only reason people do not want Ba is because he is from a smaller club, if he was from Real Madrid, they would go Gaga over him. I would welcome him with open arms. However, I will not let the scoreline fool me, the performance was very lethargic and there was very little creativity in midfield, we got past them due to their tiredness and still conceded three. This must be worked on! Lets just enjoy the win until Tuesday. And to the person thats going to call for Wenger’s head if Theo doesnt sign, Wenger does not have a magic wand to keep players, he and the entire club has to deal with finances and negotiations, its ultimately up to Theo, what do you mean no excuses?

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  15. James

    Where is Adam Kemp……is it only when bad things happen? I am married to Arsenal..for better or worse !!!

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  16. tyno

    Not sensing anything with that no. 14 jersey? It tells all about how well Walcot wil do.

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  17. WalnutCreek Gunner

    Where are those who only last week were saying Theo is not center forward material? Theo has potential to become a great striker, all he needs is to work on his composure and a bit of decision making when racing towards the goal.

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  18. abbey

    Despite his hat-trick, walcott still still needs to a lot more work to do(i mean A LOT) ‘cos we could have killed the game earlier and not find ourselves struggle to earn a win(which was well-deserved). He missed a one-on-one with krul(which he could have simply rounded him and slot the ball into the net…many other situations occur when we could have capitalised on the counter-attack leaving podi and santi frustrated(since he had a better option of passing to either of the two). Anyway, its just the begining of good things for walcott and the team and at 23 i think he still has alot to offer ‘cos he will improve for the best.

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  19. TKC

    We don’t need another striker… We have three quality players in that position, in Walcott, Giroud and Podolski, and I’d much rather we use the money on a big, strong defensive midfielder or a winger with a good cross.

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  20. Uche Edochie

    It normally takes a player months and possibly years of playing in a certain position to perfect playing in that position. Look at the great players all the world over and you will see that they all required a formative period. The same goes for walcot. Imagine what he can do when he has played in this position for one or two seasons. The boy will be an absolute legend. I think that this is a teachable moment for all arsenal fans. Patience is important in a game of football involving a lot of young players. Not very long ago, the great denis berkamp was criticising wenger, claiming that van persie was not a central striker. Do you guys remember? It was just at the beginning of last season that berkamp leveled that criticism. And then rvp finished his year with 37 goals in all competitions and the best striker in europe. And yet, he missed a lot of scoring chances and failed to score in some games.

    My point is that going forward, whether theo scores a goal, a hat trick or just an assist that gets us to win the game, we should support him. Theo is young and thrives on confidence. He is a very courageous boy and once he bangs in one or two, he starts scoring for fun. Injuries have always hampered his progress whenver he goes on a scoring spree but i pray that he remains healthy and continues to be given more opportunities through the centre. As we can see, once we create chances with theo up front, he will score or assist someone else to score. Gervinho has not been that effective for us and neither has Giroud when theo is not playing. Happy holiday gunners. Let us hope that the transfer window will deliver more presents from santa.

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  21. goonertron

    I think Ba is going to sign with us. Kisses the Emirates ground after both his goals. I would love to have him. Look how many strikers Man U and Man City have seems to work for them.

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  22. Simon Kinywa

    I wrote yesterday that we do not need another striker if Walcott stays and I got very poor rating.

    Let us use the Newcastle game and you would see that instead we need to strengthen our midfield. What we need is like another Carzola to complement him,another Diaby (holding) and a quality defensive midfielder.

    If Walcott goes I would not mind BA who I initially thought cannot fit in our systems.

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  23. Wilshere

    Arsenal shud sign henry to coaching department..theo trained with henry and see what happend..wenger shud pls sign ba n 1 dm……giroud waz h.a.m too tho..wat a nice win to end d year..coyg

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  24. S.H

    Great time for Walcott to get his stock price up for Arsenal to sell him. He did well to score a hattrick but I still refuse to be fooled. He messed up a lot of chances last night too. I guess everyone quickly forgets about these errors just because he should some flash. If Walcott was clinical, he would have scored 5 last night and the team could of had a 10-3 result instead. If we set out to win the league each year, this is how critical we should be. A good game every so often isn’t good enough. Sell him already! We will forget him trust me when we get a technically gifted winger/striker. It’s always harder to view things with foresight, so don’t say I never told you so!

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  25. Mai Arsenal

    Very happy for Walcot performance but still believe he is not a traditional No9. All his goals were through running from wings to center and cannot hold the ball up for his teammate to join him upfront. I believe the team can benefit if he is play along with big man Goriud upfront.

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  26. gunner

    mate shut your mouth, firstly walcott has only played as striker 3 times in the past 7 years, secondly, every striker misses chances, in fact even some of the best strikrs in the world miss more than they score.
    but here is a fact from bbc sport.

    ‘Theo Walcott, who has scored 10 goals in his last 10 appearances for Arsenal in all competitions, has scored with 35.8% of his shots this season in the Premier League – the best ratio of any player to have scored five or more goals’

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  27. Simon Kinywa


    If every striker was to score in every chance created then we would be ending with goals such as 20 in every game played.

    What you should be counting is the percentage of conversion. walcott had 5 chances and converted 3 which is 60% and assisted 2 goals of the remaining 4 which is 50%.

    The 60% is not an easy task as 20% would have been accepted (1 goal of 5 chances). Furthermore the 5 five chances came because Walcott himself positioned himself in such a way to create the chances but the chances did not just come to him.

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  28. king kima

    All I can say is, Walcott did good, the ox was relieved to have scored a goal he has wanted for so long. I think Giroud is quality and with time he will be a beast poaching goals. Walcott is building his confidence as cf which is good for him but I still think we need a solid 9, a clinically and technically proven player who scores goals for fun so Mr. Prof needs to spend the money in his piggy bank.
    Carzola didn’t play his A-game last night and I think we seriously need a good DM and a left back to make Gibbs work harder.
    Up gooners, a goal against Newcastle ain’t easy but 7 IS JUST SOMETHING ELSE.
    Happy new years Gooners COYG

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  29. Sammie

    Yes the score line was fantastic but to b honest our mid field was awful. A nature dm is lacking , Alan pardew made it easy for us when he replaced his key players with strikers and genus wenger took advantage and brought in ramsey and lecoq to close up the mid field.

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  30. Ergs

    Walcott has better stats then bale over the last 3 seasons goals and assists fact.
    @ s.h agree to a certain extend on what your saying i still think Walcott up top against certain teams doesn’t work because he’s poor with his back to goal.
    but I’d also point another fact out for you.
    Michael Owen had 3 exceptional attributes and similarly built to Walcott,
    1 unbelievable pace
    2 intelligent movement of the last mans shoulder
    3 good finisher.
    He had nothing else to his game really Walcott neither.
    didn’t stop Owen winning European player off the year!

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  31. Mike Dellar

    Any doubts about Walcott playing striker and emulating Henry should now be put to rest. Sign him to a new contract! We could have a Henry2 legend(a.k.a. Theo Walcott)in the making.

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  32. Jarlath

    Theo Walcott was brilliant but I also thought podolski had a great game he was a big part of the first 4 goals until he came off thought he was great and very unlucky giroud didn’t get his hat trick would of been the fastest premier league hat trick there’s been

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  33. Greg

    Thank you gunners for giving me an early new year present!we shipped 7 passed the toon courtesy the theo walcott and Olivier giroud stop for the theo walcott and Olivier giroud show St marys Southampton!coyg!!!

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  34. Frank

    The 3 goals we conceded was as a result of when we stopped pressing the opposition and was ball watching while letting them pass the ball around. I Hope we have learned something from this….that we play better when we press the opposition and make them make mistakes. Arsenal is not a defending team…we are suppose to be the Barcelona of England. No team should be able to pass the ball better than The Arsenal. And did anybody noticed Giroud has got a chocolate foot too……what a strike from a left footed striker. If he uses his right foot more often to compliment his left foot, he will bang a lot of goals. Up Gunners!

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  35. Midas touch

    The old lady in Arsenal was rejuvenated and unleashed against the ‘Toons’ on Saturday. Continuing in this consistent pattern, who says we can’t challenge for the league? A gunner till the day the devil repents!

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  36. Leonard

    My fears! The good professor may use the win as an excuse not to sign anybody. Great display by the Ginners led by Walcott. Wenger will sign him if pay is not one of the issues delaying the process. Remember what offers could be there for him out there. Wenger has to be realistic and offer what the market price. We can challenge for trophies with additional qualities players to reinforce the weak areas.

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