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Arsenal in danger of dropping out of EPL title race?

The pressure is really on Arsenal at the minute, because a combination of our own slow start to the new Premier League season and the strong start from our EPL rivals, as well as the way that the fixture list has worked out this weekend means that even at this early stage the Gunners are in real danger of being dropped from the title race.

They may have been narrow wins but both Tottenham and Man United got all three points yesterday, while Man City and Chelsea blew away their opponents and stretched their lead over Arsenal.

Anything less than all three points at home to West Brom on Monday evening will leave us way behind the pace setters and that will bring more frustration and dissent from the Arsenal fans, more questions about Arsene Wenger and his ability to take the team forwards and more doubts about the quality of our players.

No doubt Tony Pulis will be well aware of this and will attempt to use it to his advantage, so I expect the Baggies to be determined not to give Arsenal anything to lift our spirits and get the home crowd going. The longer we go without a goal on Monday the more the pressure and tension will build and the Arsenal fans are already feeling pretty pessimistic about our chances.

What Wenger and everyone concerned with Arsenal would give for an early goal against West Brom. Get that and it could turn out to be a morale boosting evening, but the way things have been going for us recently, who is feeling confident of that?


18 thoughts on “Arsenal in danger of dropping out of EPL title race?

  1. alexis out plz

    we r not in epl race.we need to spend around 300mil to be in race with top teams.
    through 100mil for leroy sane he is better than lemar

  2. citrenoogeht

    I have to agree with the main sentiments of this article that yesterday’s results, with all our main rivals winning, made horrible reading for true Arsenal fans. Unfortunately, this is a sign of things to come i.e. potentially playing catch – up after our Thursday / Sunday exploits. This will undoubtedly be a test of our resolve.

    To use a well trotted out cliche, on paper Arsenal should have three points in the bag at home to West Brom but unfortunately football isn’t played on paper! Lol. COYG.

  3. Gooner4ever

    3 point is very important on Monday evening but I don’t think we can catch both team at the top anymore. I believe in our team tho but we are not a premier league contender

    1. Joey Mack

      Yes, Spuds, Pool & Manure got their 3 points, but they all looked a little shaky. This race is not over by a longshot but still we HAVE to get 3 points tomorrow night. COYG!!

    2. neil

      if we were to beat both manchester teams then we would catch them.. if we dont then they are likely to win.. same as in every season !

  4. Sue

    What I’d give for Arsenal to win 5-0, 6-0, 5-0!!
    Our gd won’t be as good as City’s
    Every game is turning into a must win for us!
    West Brom won’t be easy but we have to go for it COYG!!!

    1. neil

      i think this is one of the biggest issues in that the big clubs keep winning by 4 or 5 and we dont seem to be able to do that anymore… its too pretty trying to walk the ball in… the hope with Laca was that he would get the tap ins we need

  5. Nothing changed

    This has got to be a joke, no? We never were in the PL title race. We are in a race for 4th and it is too early to tell if we can somehow fight our way back to 4th but it is hard to be optimistic since all the signs are that nothing has changed for the good at the club.

    It seems to me if you had to gamble this early in the season that there is now a big 3 made up of City, Man U and Chelsea who have the winners DNA we had 15 years ago. Amongst them, they have 12 of the past 13 PL titles with Leicester taking the other.

    Then there are 4 teams that follow, Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool, and Everton. Those 4 teams will fight for 4th place IMO and they all have their weaknesses. Spurs suffer at the moment at home, Liverpool seem to be understaffed defensively after failing to sign VVD, Everton is really trying to integrate a lot of new players and have some old players in key positions, and we are Arsenal.

    So to speak of a title challenge is a joke. Best we can hope for is 4th.

  6. ramterta

    Its a race for 6th now.
    We have dropped to everton’s level.
    No way are we catching the current big five of the premier league.
    Tottenham manu man city Chelsea and Liverpool are too good for us.
    With better managers and better teams

  7. ramterta

    how we celebrated the 0 0 draw at Chelsea speaks volumes of how far behind we have fallen. To celebrate a performance is for wanna be achievers and not true champions. We should always want a win against our rivals and go for it at any cost.
    But just being able to win away games only at bottom ten clubs isn’t really a great showing on our part as so called ‘title challengers’

  8. Bond 007

    I was almost over the moon after the 0-0 draw with Chelsea.
    I however thought about it, and realised how far we have fallen as a team. This never used to be the case in the days of Adams, Henry, Pires…etc.
    Believe it or not, there’s been a decline in the Arsenal.
    I don’t know if we’re ready to do anything about it yet…or if we even know something is wrong.
    Sad days.

  9. Jeremy

    The board’s goal is to reach 4th place only, year after year.

    Since when they wanted the title?

    Only money talks for Kroenke and gang. Nothing else matters.


    Arsenal were Never in the race after Wenger failed to buy the players they needed to compete with the big clubs.

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