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Arsenal injury problems continue with NO players back

So the Arsenal boss gave another of his many positive injury predictions before the current international break, and I seem to recall the Frenchman saying that at least two of the first team players currently on the Arsenal injury list would be back in action after the break and I am pretty sure the word definitely was used.

Imagine my shock and surprise, then, to see an report today in which Arsene Wenger spills the beans on the players coming back, or not as it turns out. Not a single extra first team player is available to the boss for the Premier League clash with Watford on Saturday.

He said, “Wilshere and Rosicky are back in full training. Basically they are all progressing well.

“[Wilshere won’t play for the under 21s] yet, no, we have not decided that yet. It is his first week back in full training and we’ll see how he responds to that, but the first signs are quite good. We’ll assess our options next week.

“Cech is going back to normal training. It’s too early to say if he will be available for the weekend. He might be a bit short to be competitive.

“Ramsey will not be available for this weekend, but hopefully next weekend.

“Santi Cazorla is running again outside so it should be three to four weeks more training for Santi.

“Flamini is short for this weekend but could be available next weekend.

“Oxlade-Chamberlain is progressing well.”

Now I am not saying that there are not some positive news there, but I seem to think that Wenger is always giving us positive injury updates. The problem is that they rarely come true. Was Cazorla not supposed to be available for the Champions League games against Barcelona? And I cannot help but think about the Welbeck saga which dragged on from the end of last season.

We never hear much about setback’s but the return dates of the players just keep moving and it never seems to be forward. So do we really expect to see Ramsey, Cech or anyone else back next week? And will we really see the likes of Wilshere, Rosicky and Santi again this season?

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13 thoughts on “Arsenal injury problems continue with NO players back

  1. Arsenal_Girl

    As long as we have Coquelin and Eleney, then we can cope without Ramsey and Flamini for one match.

    Ospina will be fine this weekend.

    Cazorla and Wilshere have been long time absentees anyway.

    Something like this:
    Coquelin /Eleney

    1. HA559

      That is the best front 4 players for Arsenal, and the ones I would start in as many games as possible. All 4 players can make things happen more often than not.

  2. Uzi Ozil

    I believe in Miracles but I doubt we’ll win the league… I think Leicester will win it..

    Let’s enjoy our remaining matches. I believe some fans (maybe most) are feeling weary on how the season has panned out. We started well but now hoping for Leicester and spurs to drop points. I believe they would drop some points. Like I said, I believe in miracles but doubt we’ll win the league.

    1. pubgooner

      Leicester will not win the title. Too much money tied up. Huge payouts at stakes. Bookies will not let this happen!

      1. NY_Gunner

        Would be effin sad if this were true…LC has done theirs and own the right to be where they are. As long as they can take it home, outside forces should not be able to influence the outcome…

      2. jonm

        The bookies odds reflect the bets placed so that the bookies make money no matter who wins. Think of all the punters in the early part of the season who placed bets on manc and chelsea to win, there would be very few placing bets on Leicester, it would have seemed like throwing money away. I expect the bookies now want leicester to win

    2. Arsenal1Again

      @Uzi Ozil …. You’ve totally missed out the vital mission of not finishing below Spurs regardless of Leicester winning the leagur or not. Finishing below Spurs will be very bad, finishing below Spurs with them the Champions is unthinkable in the easiest Season Wenger has ever had. ALL main rivals have been out of sight below us for most of the season, it doesn’t get any easier … yet now we are 6pts behind Spurs and 9pts behind Leicester despite being just 2 points from the league leaders at Christmas – with 8 games to go. That’s in front of us.

      Then we have behind us Man City being allowed to come within 4tps below us with 8 games to go …. with ManYOO and the Hammers now within 5pts of us with 8 games to go.

      So we have the very real risk of finishing below Spurs, the possible nightmare of Spurs winning the league and a big chance of fnishing outside the top 4.

      And you say “Let’s just enjoy our final games” ?????????????????????

      Get with the programme mate.

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