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Arsenal Injury Update ahead of Wigan: All great news!

This must be the shortest injury update for Arsenal in the last five years! Arsene Wenger has reported that their are NO new injuries this week, and with nearly all the longterm injuries back on the training field in could mean that Wenger’s has the biggest squad available ahead of tomorrows game againt Wigan.

Theo Walcott has been missed recently but came back with a goal against Reading and will certainly improve Arsenal’s attacking options. It has been reported that Wenger will give him one more game in the centre-forward position in the hope of getting him to Sign Da Bloody Timg!

So the ONLY players on the official Arsenal injury list are: Abou Diaby (no surprise there), Andre Santos (who cares?) and Lukasz Fabianski (Not needed at present). One player that is still not being mentioned is Johan Djourou, who seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth ahead of his projected sale in January.

With so many players available it is a shame that the West Ham game has been called off on New Years Day, but at least it means that those who do play should be reasonably rested, although Wenger would rather not have to play the rearranged game in late January. Wenger said: “Ideally I would have loved to play,”

“I always prefer to play the game. The authorities decided to cancel the game so we have to accept it and play that game at another moment of the season. I would have preferred to play.

“We will practice on Boxing Day for sure. Christmas Day I have not decided yet.”

Hmm I am not so sure its a good idea to give the players Xmas Day off, as you just know they will eat too much turkey and have a few tiplles. Buckle them all down Wenger Wenger and make sure the full squad is superfit for the second half of the season!


Extra – I have seen two provisional Arsenal squads for tomorrow, and neither of them have got Giroud listed. Is he being rested?

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41 thoughts on “Arsenal Injury Update ahead of Wigan: All great news!

  1. ButtFlaps

    Give them the XMas breaks Mr Wengers. And to keep Walshot to strikers. Now Arsenal go all the ways to top top league and to beat Bayen Municks

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  2. ARSHA

    Following Malaga’s ban from europe, swoop isco up for a cheap fee like we did for cazorla. Gives us more depth in the cam region. Sign a really talented forward like el sharaawry to compliment giroud, don’t get llorente and such as in my opinion, we need pace upfront to play well like we had last weekend with walcott. Lastly, buy a cdm, fellaini is probably out of reach, so I would say someone like strootman, even though he will not be very cheap

    In: Isco, el sha, strootman (look at that young talent), huntelaar perhaps if we can get him really cheap
    Get the contract sorted with walcott, promote eisfeld
    Out: Santos, squillaci, ramsey (loan), clear up the wage bill

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  3. lbc

    i thought walcott had a “decent” game up front against reading and i look forward to seeing what he can do against wigan … hopefully he got those jitters out of the way and can have a huge game

    after this game, we can get him signed and put this crap behind us!!!

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  4. Rob


    Don’t censor @Leo.

    One of the reasons I come to this site is to get all the local transfer gossip.

    I can go to other blogs and, if you only want me to read and comment on articles.

    Just a request.

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  5. h-gonner

    Lets just smash wigan tomorow and we will worry about west ham when we get there. Come on u gunners..

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  6. leo

    @admin i didn’t abuse anyone only when some started irritating me i responded …….
    @rob thank u dude

    (ADMIN COMMENT – Leo I have told you many times to stick to the subject and stop hijacking the post with your irritating transfer rumours. Until I see you responding properley and not abusing people, your comments will be moderated….)

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  7. Gunner

    How often has this team not shown up before heading into games with most of the aces?
    I am the biggest Arsenal fan in history, that’s why I don’t trust this outfit for a minute, especially when they seem to be favorites!!!! Yikes, banana skins beware!!!

    There is simply no excuse here, the opposition are struggling, have injury issues, and have been losing matches.
    Arsenal have received good news on injuries, and are coming off a good performance.

    This should be a demolition job, Arsenal should go in there and jump all over them early on???

    Will they do that? With this team you just dont know. If it is MU then yes! But Arsenal are very creative at shooting themselves in the foot?

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  8. ArsenalsF

    We havn’t played convincingly since the injury to Diaby (our first loss was to Chelsea, the game he went off injured). Either fix him or replace him.

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  9. Maverick

    slightly off topic, BUT maybe Wenger truly DOES KNOW!! Everyone was saying FFP what a farce it will not be enforced etc. But Malaga has been the first team for the chop even if they make it to the CL spots they will not be allowed in and if they don’t sort themselves out they will be fined on top of it. I would be all for ISCO coming and he might do also because we have the money to give them in advance not like other clubs that would pay in installments because they dont have the liquid assets that is no use for a club in need like Malaga……….so we COULD get Isco on the cheap too because he has made it known he loves playing with Cazorla.

    It remains to be seen whether or not UEFA will have the balls to do the same to the likes of Manu, Real and Barca if they do not comply but fair do’s it seems they are not messing around so far with the FFP situation and they are stopping teams being able to play in europe…………since they seemingly like the English sides it doesn’t bode well for Chelsea and Mancity!!

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  10. Ad1994

    few more goals from theo 2mo please! the guys doing everything right at the moment so he deserves the centre forward roll over giroud! COYG!

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  11. r1j021d98o5w

    what?! It should be illegal to do anything BUT eat and drink on Christmas day! Plus I’d love to see the horrific pub-team football being played by the world’s best!!

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  12. ArsenalBrasil

    Giroud…. , i don’t think he is good enough to be in Arsenal starting XI , the fans continue to sing his song but nobody like him ,thats for sure. You can give negative votes to this comment but the fans only make those things to forget about van pershit ,you know that Giroud is not a great striker.

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  13. dee

    REally I see Arshavin on practice but why Wenger is not using him? I guess that is his last 2 weeks in Arsenal. Sad!!!

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  14. Mudah

    I was so scared while reading this article, I tot you will say that diaby is back which will mean a blockage to signing a new midfielder in jan. And then go back to injury in febuary

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  15. KickuPtheArsene

    @Leo … He’s the new @paul. Full of hearsay and bovine feces. If you listen to his transfer gossip, you may as well take your own stabs in the dark. If you want transfer gossip, there are plenty of Arsenal based rumour sites on the net. Please use those. Lets keep this site on relevant topics (as Admin has asked for).

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  16. Invincibles nice (1)

    Upset that we miss the game, with Carroll and Diame missing it would have been a good time to play them, knowing our luck theyl be back for the rearranged, Carroll will prob get on the score sheet and Diame will be wanting/itching to prove his worth to the Gunners.

    The other side of the coin is we may have a few recruits raring to go. And if we give our players a rare christmas break, we could have a rejuvinated team compared to others who play.

    This will all count for nothing if we dont get the points from Wigan, i am hoping to see the same attacking poise/purpose that we seen at Reading but not the same complacency which we seen, in especially Gibbs.

    I hope to see the same starting lineup as mondays, if Gervinho or Ramsey get a start it will certainly be a head scratcher, you must earn your way into a team in the way mondays starters must surely deserve. I know in training that some might show more promise working there way into Arsenes thoughts, but when it matters should be priority.

    Does anyone know when Sunzu is set to arrive, i dont understand why his travelling were expected weeks before jan and why they let it be common knowledge. Unless it were a loan i thought you couldnt sign anything besides a loan or pre agreement. Would like to know alot more on this, would also like a full article about Sunzu and wether its in fact happening. I really believe he sounds like one of those Wenger buys we have become accustomed to expecting and who every other club wished there manager possessed, the skill/art not the player.

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  17. Invincibles nice (1)

    @ Maverick, i believe the FFP rules will work to a certain extent. the g14 are made up of all the biggest clubs throughout history, it is this group that euafa fear, they are the voice of football who could destroy euafa.

    It is these knew billionaire clubs and future ones that the rules and g14 will want to stop. If clubs were right now to start from scratch basically just working within there means from fan base funds, merchandice monies, adverising/sponsership assets, i believe that these g14 clubs would be the big spenders of football. As long as all g14 work reasonably towards lowering there debts they will be fine, whereas the mancs che psgs malas will have trouble, maybe not for a year or two such was there spending but they will be working more towards less than an even playing field

    If nothing else, stopping any more of these mega spender clubs from starting up will be a priority. Im a little sick that our own league has seen two arrive adding to a manu who where always the stand out over spenders, who were always said to have bought there championships, no one cared/cares as all people remember are the huge number of titles fergie enjoys

    I would have been interested to see one or two mancs arriving in Spain then outspending Madrid, this would surely have made Madrid angry then maybe hypocritically i might add suggest that all clubs should work towards functioning like an Arsenal, within its means. They (madrid) will still be onside rest of g14 so to protect there title (mega spender of spain)

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  18. mohawk35

    Things are looking up. Good squad selection vs. Reading, great team play, good injury news, and January Transfer possibilities.

    Although I have been critical, I am very much pulling for Wenger to regain mojo and make another good squad selection this week – basic but essential.

    If AW starts a certain pretty, young Welshman I will lose my @#$@^% mind.

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  19. ripple

    About FFP. It seems clear from the transfer activities of many clubs that that the FFP rules will, effectively, not be so tight as some claim. I believe that Arsenal does not even come close to any spending pattern that will violate FFP in the end. Arsenal clearly have a lot of room to play with before any worries about effective FFP sanctions.

    I actually support reasonable, but not ridiculous, thrift in spending habits. But I think the Arsenal admin have used the threat of FFP to excuse and rationalize some ridiculous extremes in transfer spending thrift.

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  20. PaddyGooner

    Why is everybody talking about the Reading game like we were playing Barcelona. Reading are shit, worst team in the league. We should be beating them easily, but tell the truth, who wasn’t nervous when it went to 4-2.

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  21. GDL

    I liked d combination of pod Walcott ox because they can all rotate i say do d same thing again n see if if works again

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  22. ripple

    @ArsenalBrasil I understand what you are saying about Giroud – he is not RVP. But that does not mean he will not valuable to the team. I think he will contribute much but he may not be worthy of being the #1 or #2 striker on a top team – closer to #3 range? And top teams probably need 3 or 4 “good” strikers.

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  23. mohawk35

    I have read some comments discounting the import of the Reading victory. True, Reading is not a great team.

    But the importance of the Reading victory was the great positive change for Arsenal. Good Squad selection. Great teamwork and attacking flow to the game. Players stayed true to their assigned positions and yet found ways to rotate and switch roles as needed. Finishing.

    Sure, Reading was only one game. Yet, considering some of Wenger’s ridiculous decisions this season and some of the Gunners’ shaky performances, the Reading game was important for the positive change it provided.

    And it was great to see Arsenal football again!

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  24. Young gun

    Uhhhhhh We were little bit jaded (legendy wenger quote when the players are overplayed)

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  25. David

    1. Huntelaar, Demba Ba or Llorente.
    2. Stopilla Sunzu as a new Song
    3. Zaha to promote the english core.
    4. A substiute of André Santos and an other for Johan Djorou.
    5. Vorm to be a scond option as a Gkeeper

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  26. alvin

    it hurts to see that we are still gambling with center forward, this is not afc, as if no strikers,

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  27. RT

    ARSHA you got it spot on mate!
    Definitely GREAT news on Malaga’s ban/fine/further financial problem and the fact we have Santi COULD mean Isco more likely to head to the Emirates. We must capitalise right away though he could become a great player here can’t let Man Sheikh/Chelski wave the wonga at him!

    I say he’s the priority but El Shaarawy & Walcott’s contract would be one hell of a Christmas for us Gunners! Come on Santi clause deliver! COYG!!!!

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  28. jjedwards92

    i jus so wish i was watching the invinceables again what a team best team to grace this earth full stop… privilge t grow up wiv the arsenal will never change gunners tjrough an through love them till the day i die COYG……… Ps best team we will never see an invincables agine so glad it eas my boiis TH14 an co…..

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  29. Jeff


    Only 3 teams have beat reading at home. Us, man u & totenham. Do not discount that victory. We used to put teams like Middlesbrough to the sword 5/6-0 so it’s good to pound the last place team for once. Better than last year where we lost to Blackburn…

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  30. Wendel

    I like what Arsha says about Eisfeld. Seen the boy play only a few times and he looks like the real deal to me. One more thing, I know this might not make me a popular gooner but how the hell does Aaron Ramsey get a 5 year contract…

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  31. elkieno

    @Paddygooner: last night city just snuck away with the win in 90min injury time goal, at home!
    As pointed out above, they lost only 3 times at home this season.
    So it was a good victory abc the perfect tonic. Last nights win just qualifies the reading game.
    I know some ‘fans’ want us to lose and lose so AW and/or board go, but that is not being a fan at all.
    Onwards and upwards, COYG!

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