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Arsenal interest in Joey Barton confirmed

There is a massive divide amongst Arsenal fans as to whether Arsene Wenger should sign Joey Barton from Newcastle and I have rarely seen an issue cause so much anger on these pages with 88 comments so far!

Well today the ex-Newcastle star Micky Quinn has confirmed that Arsenal have indeed made an inquiry for Barton. Quinn said: “I know through a third party that Arsenal have enquired about Joey Barton.

“What I’m gutted about as an ex-Newcastle player is that the spine of the team, the personality of the team is going to be gone.

“Why are they letting players like Joey Barton go if they have any ambition, but it’s only going to Arsenal’s gain.

“He’ll put a bit of steel into that Arsenal team, he goes forward, he was made captain, he’s grown up and he said himself that he’s making up for lost time for stupidity and injury, he wants to get to the top.

“I think Joey has settled down a lot now, we know he’s a bit of a hot-head, we know he’s paid on and off the pitch for his stupidity but he’s settled down.”

The price of around £1.5m will certainly please Wenger, but it seems that quite a lot of Arsenal fans aren’t keen on the idea……

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76 thoughts on “Arsenal interest in Joey Barton confirmed

  1. bilzo

    there will always be a divide.. my only worry is that he will not get on with the rest of the squad, and that may lead to players like fabregas and nasri wanting to leave even more! Its a risk that wenger has to decide whether to make,

    and we are forgetting that barton has got to agree to come arsenal, and i dont think he likes us very much.

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    He was a “thug”, a “brute” and above all stupid. But that most important word here is “WAS”.

    During that 4-4 draw with Newcastle, I think I’d would have preferred Barton’s stupidity to Diaby’s.

    I don’t mind seeing Joey Barton in red and white of Arsenal as despite what they call him, I have never seen him put Newcastle to shame ever since he joined them, he has actually been a Leader in the team, something that at Arsenal, other than Thomas Vermaelen, the other players can only dream of being.

    He (as a player not as a person) is exactly what Arsenal needs and I don’t think his personality is the worst that has ever been seen anyway.

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  3. Stoker16

    Any arsenal fans that think we need Scott Parker must think this is great! Joey is so much better than Scott in every area!. Full on passion weres his heart on his sleeve and can ping a pass or two. Would not be a bad asset to any side!

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  4. tyler

    i love to see joey barton playing for arsenal. he is the kind of person arsernal need. a true leader and no nonsense man. my concern will be is behaviour to the teams.

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  5. bilhazia

    he said it himself that he wants tn compensate for the lost cause and time, he’s 28,, this the age where footballers realise they are not getting any younger,,, Barton has realised that and he is putting that energy in the right and channeling it well!!
    He can become the engine for the arsenal team, that die hard attitude is what we need,, whether arsenal fans prefer Parker to Barton,,, we need that attitude in the team- I believe Barton if given the chance to play for top 4 team he can channel that energy to inspire us to success!! that 4 – 0 come back speaks volume of his attitude and character!! He literally had the whole of Newcastle on his shoulders(the players and the fans together)

    I as an arsenal fan wouldn’t mind having him in the team despite of his past!!
    Go for him even if it’s for 5mil

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  6. sam marklew

    Well i think it would be a signing that would be good. he would give us something in the dressing room like back in the old days of viera and keown. If you noticed Nasri is actually friends with Barton. In every game between Newcastle and Arsenal he has talked to him whilst leading onto the pitch with a smile. Whether Diaby has got over the incident last season with he is another matter. But at a price of 1.5m im saying do it Wenger we need leaders. With Barton and Samba your getting them.

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  7. French fries

    is this how deep wenger has fallen? if he wants to maintain his starplayers he shhould stop making these horrorbids ,,i mean arsenal is class and elegance and quilaty i mean we cant show his face against champions league sides

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  8. GunnerforLife

    I think Barton despite his past is exactly what we need, a bit of toughness in the middle of the park. It also seems less mentioned that his range of passing and also his set pieces are very good (we hardly scored from any corners or free kicks last season) However I would also buy Parker to keep his fellow Englishman level headed. With these two plus Gervinho, Samba and a left back I think we can finally win something next year!

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  9. lee

    yea great just what we need aye…….wenger should go if this is true swear….Joey Barton OMG i have supported arsenal my hole life and wenger has played a big part in what ive loved about arsenal but this is just plain stupid.Good price tag on barton at 1.5m just its not worth it we know what type of football will be played when he is on the pitch and id prefer it played else were rather than at arsenal u know we lose fabregas and nasri and we gain joey barton makes me sick

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  10. tj

    @ french fries…. This is precisely the reason arsenal won nout for too long being too classy… We need little steel like when we had petit, vieira and parlour arsenal is currently packed with technical and attractive footballers but we miss some steel which would help beat the likes of stoke, blackburn on the cold rainy/windy nights… Barton not my ideal guy either but we get him and samba might be the compliment that makes us a little harder to beat….

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  11. lee

    as a arsenal fan i demand more Big names Willian,benzima,tarrabt,gervinho

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  12. Kochi Tuskers kerala

    He is a good player. I like him playing in Arsenal colours. His die hard attitude is what arsenal is lacking. He is better than Parker and definitely be a great signing for arsenal.

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  13. gooner 14

    Barton will be good for Arsenal. He will certainly build up the character of the team and will demonstrate the stronger mentality to the rest of the team. We all know afterlast seasons collapse that the team has phsycological issues and i for one agree with Wenger for attmpting to try and sign a player with a different style and attitude.

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  14. matt

    french fries, arsenal is also in the epl. The qualities barton has are necessary to be successful in this league. It wouldn’t be a horror bid at all, and could prove to be a very wise one

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  15. realistic tony

    yes it would be a good capture. Barton would give us the steel in midfield….help close games out and stop teams intimidating us. He is a very good player as well. I think players around him will be inspired not scared. Barton will also raise his skill factor playing with nasri arshavin etc. If handled correctly the arrangement could prove very successful.

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  16. CARL

    Exactly what we need. English steel in the centre of the park. I am for sure fed up with fancy footed poofs prancing about in the centre with 1/2 of them having no balls. Yes Joey was a P***K when younger but give the man chance. I honestly think he will make a massive difference to us next year.

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  17. steve.


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  18. S.H

    Who cares what he brings to the game! He’s NO world class player and that’s what Arsenal needs right now. Not a cheap “has been” big league wannabe Barton. I’d rather Diaby play then buy this dick!

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  19. gunnerfromblood

    @kai – you sure you’re an arsenal fan ? He’ll play alongside song as a DM with frimpong as back up !

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  20. wally forbes

    Joey Barton is EXACTLY the kind of player we need,i hope this isn’t a rumour.He would do wonders for our Team,rarely injured,relentless in the Tackle,never say die attitude,good team player,and will stick up for his Team Mates on the pitch.What on earth are we waiting for,GO AND GET HIM,SOON.

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  21. P.P

    the guy is a thug! He’s had confrontations with Nasri, Wilshire and Chamakh before! Plus, he’s on a mega salary at Newcastle, that we cant afford. And if we can afford it, then its a waste! Im sorry, but i hate this dude, he’s as big of a jackass as his brother, who went to prison for murder might i add.

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  22. ken

    Wenger shopping at Primark again while other teams shop at Harrods.Well in to June and still no sign of quality what ambition does this show? what message does this put out to Cesc and Nasri who could blame then if they left

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  23. AFC by Birth

    These “Fans” that dont want him are probably the same ones who moan that we dont buy experience, moan that we dont win any trophies, moan about wenger, moan about the season tiket prices, moan about how quite the stadium is, moan that we dont have enough english players, moan that we bring out a new shirt every season, moan that we buy too many africans, moan that we buy too many french players, moan that we lack passion and fight and moan that the beer in the ground is flat. Now the last one, i can understand. But all these moaners should be asked, when callinmg Joey Barton a thug, have they ever sworn at ref’s? have they got a criminal record? have they ever punched a stranger? or had an fight with a team mate, in training?

    Joey Barton would give us everything that Song, Denilson, Diaby and Eastmond do not. He would be the perfect foil for the likes of Wilshire, Ramsey, Nasri, Fabreags, Lansbury. He would cewrtainly keep Song on his toes and would show Frimpong and Coquelin a different side to their game. People are saying we should go for Parker or even Vieira instead. I say bollocks to it go for all 3 Barton, Vieira and Parker then sell Denilson, Diaby and Eastmond. Vieira could double up as a coach, whilst the money raised for those 3 sales will probably cover the purchases. Before people say Vieira and Parker are past it. Parker played more matches than all 3 put together last season and Vieira also played more matches than all of them.

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  24. AFC by Birth

    apparantly £8m-plus Traore will secure Barton and Enrique i say go for it.

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  25. umair

    I don’t like Joey barton’s irritating and in your face attitude.But that’s precisely what is lacking in arsenal players.I always wanted someone hard tackling player in arsenal and gotta admit despite his past problems I would anytime prefer him at emirates.

    As someone pointed out correctly only Vermaelen is that kinda player.Imagine back four consisting Samba,Vermaelen,Barton and Sagna.That would be one defence dat wud be difficult to break.

    All said and done no doubt about it that AW shud buy him.
    I get the feeling it’ll only boost barton’s confidence and we’ll end up getting a very gud typical tough english player

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  26. Jgooner

    The real question should be: who would you rather see next season denilson or Barton?

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  27. demsas

    Yeh let’s get Barton, Parker and Bolton’s Davis and play like Stoke; we might manage to break a leg or two. What has English steel won in the world stage since 1966? Sign the thug, and I won’t blame CF, RVP, SN, and AA for wanting to leave.

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  28. austin chibueze

    F**k what he has done out of the pitch buh i’m interested in wat he has done on the pitch
    going by that i’d say wenger pls bring him in to grow those babies….GUNNERS 4 LIFE

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  29. anjar

    Love him make it happen WENGER! Too many soft cocks character in our team, need more guts and strong character for next season. Yes he had a bad history, but so does our great MR ARSENAL : TONY ADAMS, did his time, and the rest were history, life goes on. Barton is a mature man now, the time is right for us to get him, watching him making hard core tackles against rooney etc… CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO HAPPEN!

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  30. ak47

    lol i read to third party. my second cousin from my step dads side has a sister from the usa who use to date maradonnas third cousin on his moms side has a magical octopus that predicted we would be signing messi this year. nob.

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  31. alex

    we need him … to ad spine to the current squad. Arsenal nice boys will always lose without someone like him. He is a red card collector … so what? So was viera!

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  32. HashGun

    If we sign Joey Barton, we may as well hire Vinnie Jones as defence coach! This Barton one must surely be over the top!

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    I am an Arsenal fan and I hate when I hear people talk about Arsenal needing to sign big names, It shows how poorly they understand Arsenal.

    Arsenal HAVE some of the biggest names in their side, what they need is GARBAGE COLLECTORS or rather ball winners, i.e a ball winner in the Centre of the park, An aerial ball winner in both defense and attack and Arsenal is SET.

    I can’t believe anybody can compare Barton’s talent to Taarabt’s, God?, Barton is miles away despite his hot head!.

    I love the names Benzema, Hazard, Higuain, Falcao e.t.c among the big names linked with us and I’d really love to see any of them at the Emirates, but is that what we really need?, No! since we have players who can do what they can do.

    It is players like Samba, Barton, Moussa Sissoko and all those other thuggish but effective defenders and defensive midfielders who will stop teams from intimidation our nice and thoroughly talented players like Nasri, Walcott e.t.c.

    We need players who can stand up to a physical challenge and sustain it and unfortunately, very few of those are as polished as we may like.

    So JOEY BARTON, definitely if he is available, I’d get him myself and I know he will make sure what we always see of opposition players running with the ball from their end to our end uninterrupted and scoring easy goals comes to an end.

    I am not one of his biggest fans and the reason for that hate I have for him is the reason I want him at Arsenal, He is rough and I am tired of Arsenal recoiling like girls every time the game gets rough, it is time to get even!.

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  34. Gooner amuakwa

    I honestly think Barton will be an interesting addition to our squad. With him around, we will see out teams like Rovers, Stoke, and Wigan with a bit of ease.
    I will plead with all Gooners to give the guy a chance. For all you know, he could well be the missing link in our team.

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  35. Pavlos Pavlidis

    Indeed I’d like him wearing our colours. If there’s another team I like in the League it’s Newcastle(although not so much the last season). I like Newcastle’s players and I’d like to see Barton joining us especially for that price tag. I just hope his discipline is ok, and adds the grunt we need as a team. If he eventually comes, I hope he feels at Arsenal like he felt at St. James Park and becomes a faithful team player.

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  36. Ankit,India

    I still don’t when last time i saw fabregas playing in that passion for Arsenal as Barton plays for Newcastle !!!
    I believe he would be an awesome buy and would give the team that killer instinct which has been missing since ages !!!

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  37. The_Truth

    He’s the kind of rotten scumbag we need! He isn’t half bad at football either. 1.5m is a steal…

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  38. Mike

    I rather we bought no one this summer if Barton was the only alternative. He is divisive, he is a thug, and he can ruin this team. He is not trust worthy. He is anti Arsenal.

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  39. zdzis

    one thing: Quinn said that this weekend. Delete the voicemail, chrissake!
    two thing: if Barton goes for 5 mil or less, it’s surely a bargain, but
    a) his mentality is way out of this league (we want killers, but the likes that play the BALL);
    b) our defensive midfield looks quite comfortable with Wilshere, Song, Ramsey, Diaby and Frimpong. Even if two of those guys leave (Diaby and Frimpong on loan), we should rather look for a more versatile player, not a card collector. Unless you want to see the rivals pay it back on Cesc, Nasri or Van Persie.

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  40. richie

    he can put diaby in his place, i would rather have Barton than a f*cking spud supporter.

    Also, this guy was the force that got the 4 goals for newcastle while diaby showed why he is a spud and blew the whole match. This guy meanwhile took the opportunity deservely. I think the guy has matured and also is eager to win some trophies plus he is english and knows how to deal with referees. For 1,5 or 3 mill is quite the bargain!

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  41. Jrock

    This is what PIERS MORGEN said on twitter about JOEY BARTON

    PIERS: Oddly, @Joey7Barton may not be such a bad idea for the #Arsenal dressing room. Just need to find a muzzle.

    Barton: @piersmorgan am going to take that as a compliment coming from you Mr Morgan but don’t believe what you read in the papers #usuallywronghaha

    It’s looks Likes Barton is happy to be linked to the Great Arsenal

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  42. Gary

    This is total bull-shit. How can you try and add credibility to such utter rubbish. Next we are going to read that Barton has snubbed us to sign a new extension and we have turned our attention to Karl Henry. FFS. I thought you were a serious Arsenal blog.

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  43. Doc

    An ex star player hearing about it through a third party is hardly confirmation.
    If it is true, which I doubt, 1.5 million is certainly a steal.

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  44. fred

    am surprised,totally surprised by these arsenal can u judge a player by his past behaviours?can someone pls tell me who b2n barton,song & rvp is most indisciplined.i think this guy is gd hence cheap.As 4 disciplinary issues,i think vermaelen is the most disciplined at arsenal if not the only one.

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  45. mikey

    If this is true, its a value buy. We do not need to overpay for “big names”. We need to acquire talent at value. Usually, this means young talent. But it also means talent with “baggage”. Wenger gets this. (See Peter Taylor for example of effectiveness.)

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  46. realistic tony

    im getting upbeat with a vision of a snarling barton harassing shawcross,cashley,ferdinand and evra…..with just enough venom to keep away from a red card!!!

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  47. gunster

    Well, Arsenal really needs some BRITISH STEEL in the middle of the park. Current players in the middle are soft – apart from Wilshere: Diaby is a tortoise and stupidly blur (viz Newcastle game 4-4), Song is another tortoise who will always commit and give away free kicks, Cesc is not an enforcer, neither is Nasri, not Ramsey too.

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  48. Beasty gooner

    The problem is that Joey Barton SUCKS. He isn’t even a great footballer and there are many BETTER players that can also give our team some steel. I.E. SCOTT PARKER.

    Barton is average at best, if it’s experience and strength that we need we should go for someone like Scott Parker who actually fits into or brilliant football system.
    This move would be the equivalent of putting a wrestler in midfield just because he can move his weight around.

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  49. max power

    NO NO NO X 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    Barton this has to be a joke then again our cheap Manager
    would insult the fans by doing something like this.
    BUY some Quality players so we can keep Fabregas and Nasri.

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  50. goonerbart

    Its very interesting that the theme seems to be from a lot of you that we should buy quality players, really I would say we probably have a fair bit of quality in the side and wouldnt disagree that maybe a little bit more would be welcome. it is however apparant that what we need is more steel(well some steel really). Forget footballers for now we have loads, lets get some nasty ugly f**kers, Samba and yeah Barton, dont get me wrong i hate the mug, he could just be the missing link. Forget all this crap that he hates Arsenal he hates every other team he plays against, at the sort of money being quoted he has got to be worth a punt, why not? Remember Peter Storey real choirboy he was wasnt he?

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  51. walter

    why don’t we sign Shawcross also…..??

    The only reason we should sign Barton is to make sure he doesn’t brake the legs of our players in games.
    Buy him and then put him not on he 25 players list so he can’t play at all…

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  52. walter

    oh and the moment Barton would wear an Arsenal shirt he will get more red cards in one season than anyone has even had before.
    Refs will not let him get away with what he did against us when he plays for us.

    Cant you see this???? Dont you now this???

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  53. Seth

    Although Barton pissed off many times, i prefer to have him 100 times more than someone who uncommitted and no passion but received high wages every week like Diaby and Denilson. Barton plays like a soldier who has to defend his barracks. I have rather slash Diaby and Denilson wages for Barton and 1.5 k is a real bargain price.

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  54. Irfan

    We have to realize that wenger can’t just buy the so called “big names” whenever he wants to. We don’t have the resources available to ManCity and the likes. I’m sorry but, NOT EVERY PLAYER COMING TO EMIRATES THIS YEAR CAN BE A BIG NAME. I feel like this is exactly the type of player we need in our squad. We have lost too many games in the past few seasons due to a lack of personality (and experience) within the squad. Sol Campell has said a few days ago that the squad lacks players who says what needs to be said, something that we had plenty off during the times of the “invincibles”. I feel like Joey Barton would be able to fill that gap.

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  55. kingmuzzie

    Joey Barton at arsenal your having a laugh i mean we want to win the premier league and go far in europe and joey bartons the answer ? Yeah right he’s a thug who will disrupt everything wengers built at arsenal.I honestly think if he comes top players will want to leave he’s a muppet at the end of day Scott parker over barton any day

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  56. Ricqy Ultra

    Just because he was ruthless against us does not mean he isn’t good. We need physical and brutal strenght in the DM. He is going to be a good combination with either Song or Wilshere. For 1.2,its a good buy.

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  57. slightlylessannoyedgooner

    hes good but he will probably get into a fight with the rest of the team. dont buy,



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  58. Dec

    It’s not April 1st is it?
    If signing a muppet like Barton is the height of our ambition Cesc, Samir and the rest of the quality players we currently have may as well pack their bags now.
    I hope I wake up soon and discover this was all just a silly bad dream.

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  59. George2011

    At first I was taken aback, but for all those criticizing – you need to educate yourselves a bit before making snap judgements. He is exactly the metal we’re looking for. He has succeeded in turning over a leaf in his life, and given his background this has been admirable – Arsenal by enquiring have recognized this fact.

    He’s a proven leader and if anyone in the current squad have a problem, it’ll be a way of spotting the perennial losers who are holding the team back.

    Samba and Verminator will act as balances to any potential problems with his temperament.

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  60. jermpapa the rolling stone

    i think signing joey barton will bring a lot of forcing and fighting in our dressing room, why because he is a quick tempered and he is capable of doing any thing to provoke his coleagues. arsene wenger should not waste our money on him but rurther go for more experience players who can help us win trophies next coming season.

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  61. Andy Neely

    Not a big Barton fan by any margin, but i have been saying for months that i would love to see him in an Arsenal shirt, he is the “Viera” we have been missing.

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  62. Goonerboy

    I don’t understand all these negative comments about Barton this guy is just what the doctor ordered. He will add a real competitive and a much needed aggressive side to the team. I want my defensive midfielders to be aggressive and get stuck in with some crunching tackles not pussy foot around trying to nick the ball off the toe of the opposition like song diaby denilson. This year we don’t want the next potential Henry or another nasri. What we need is proven premier league, battle hardened players to complement the fantastic talent we already have. So please arsene sign joey barton!

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  63. Adam

    Would be good signing has the attitude that strangely arsenal need..he would be an England regular if he wasn’t as controversial like he is but he could be a great driving force in our midfield

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  64. Vinay

    Joke of the season so far, so joey barton will bring in that steel to the team???? Let him first make sure he stays on the pitch for 90 minutes, he will more often thatn not get sent off or even may end up having a showdown with his own team mate, just because he puts in a effort doesnt mean he is an Arsenal player. I am highly doubtful that Wenger would want to buy a holding midfielder untill and unless even Diaby along with denilson is leaving, diaby is among wenger’s favorite so he wont. Joey will be a joke, if we really want a holding midfielder buy Scott parker.

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  65. Jaysixx

    fu*k him… we dont need his racist a**… he’s brother is in jail for killing a man because of his color, Joey probably wouldn’t even want to join us….

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  66. Grimandi

    I hate Joey Barton but I cant help but think this would be a decent buy. Ok he has had his off field troubles but you cant deny he has exactly what we are lacking at the moment; balls, outspoken, good in the tacle, PL experiance. People say he might upset the dressing room but he strikes me as the kind of player you would rather be playing with than against.

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  67. Elfpower

    Goodbye Denilson…, Hello Barton. One of the finer crossers of the ball in the premiership. Samba is worth 12 million to us…Barton cross to Samba header. Buy now.

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  68. David Finch

    Joey Barton has got exactly what we need to win the Premier league. Every team needs a Scholes or a player that can mix it a bit. Barton has a good engine. He can take a good freekick and can pass. He has grown up a lot as we all saw last season. We havent won anything for donkeys now and we need to change something. Lets do it. I say get him.

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