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Arsenal is Perfect for Podolski

When Arsenal signed Lukas Podolski early in the summer, it was a great boost for fans of the club, mainly due to the German striker’s reputation and international record, but there were some doubts about his time at Bayern Munich and whether he could adapt to playing at the top level in the English Premier league.

The 27-year old striker settled quickly into the Arsenal team and has scored and assisted some good goals for the Gunners, but the pace of the English game and the amount of games seemed to take it’s toll on him and he struggled to have the same effect in a few games. A bit of a rest has re-invigorated him and Gooners should see him get better and better from now on.

“I am in a new country, I am learning a new mentality. I am with a top club, and am pleased with how professional this club is run. Everything has changed for the better.

“I have only been here for half a year, so it might be too early to take stock. I did understand people questioning that I never made it at Bayern and was relegated with Cologne. But I proved my qualities before the transfer. I was, and am, convinced that I will come out on top here.

Podolski only had one season at Bayern when he was 21-years old. He started well, but picked up an injury. Then the club signed a new striker and his opportunities became limited. That obviously knocked his confidence, but he is determined to prove himself at the top level at Arsenal. Podolski would love to help Arsenal to knock the German giants out of the Champions league and show them how good he really is. He could be a key player when we meet in the next round.

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36 thoughts on “Arsenal is Perfect for Podolski

  1. leo

    Wenger: “I always tell you the truth. I do not always give you the complete truth!” ClassicArsène

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  2. Somtee

    Podolski show them who you are especially against Bayern because you are not third most clinical striker in europe last season for nothing,even Messi,Ronaldo,Rooney and our Ulmighty RVP of last season didn’t come before you.

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  3. Mowember

    @leo u were right sniejder is not going to spuddies. But i wouldnt want to see him playing for us. He is too arrogant too high salary and can destroy the cohesion of the team. I think wenger might have a suprise for us i have that feeling.

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  4. juhislihis

    Actually Podolski’s been very good, playing on the wing. 17 games, 5 goals, 5 assist in the halfway of the season he can finish with 10+ goals. And let’s not forget that wingers don’t score huge amount of goals (except Pires) so I’m pleased for his contribution.

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  5. AOB

    Plzzzzzzz AW prove us fans wrong by giving a maquette signing this Jan. The team need some re-enforcement in some positions. Lb, rb, cf at thevminimum.

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  6. Fish

    January shoppping list:


    All realistic targets.

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  7. Dom

    I only have one question. Why are we not trying to sign Wesley Sneijder. He’s only 28, one the world’s best and could be available for around 12-15M. Yes, his wages would be skyhigh, but that would show REAL ambition, and with a fee rather low, I guess we could give him the wages pretty close to what he wants.

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  8. landi


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  9. Eugene Danso

    Can’t shoot at goal; needs more improvement. Just an ordinary player.

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  10. leo

    @Mowember yeah but snjeider would be class if he takes a pay cut then wenger should sign him + we need a cdm despite diaby’s return why can’t arsenal dump him look at manure what they did to heargreaves only 2 season same for milan in pato’s case he was unfit last 3 seasons & diaby 6 years & counting Arsenal have been offered cut price deal for Yann M’Vila. Rennes willing to sell as cheap & kevin strootman is also avalable for 6-8m how much lower a price can get for such quality players i prefer kevin strootman his playing style looks like van bommel/roy keane

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  11. BPAix

    very slow player for winker. can;t use right foot at all. Selfish in many occasions. He maybe a good player but he is not top class. I like his attitude though and he so much better than gervinho. If Turan comes i think he will loose his position and will have to fight for the CF role wich might prove good choice.

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  12. leo

    Spanish media claim that Sevilla want £14m for Negredo in January. 27-year old has 53 goals in 117 La Liga games for the club get him wenger + llorente for free in summer

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  13. owens

    Eugene ur a fr:ck!!..wenger just get us a top striker and a DM..hence ribery,robben,gomez, pizarro etc etc, are going to disgrace us..pls

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  14. landi

    we wont buy a lot because of jon toral,meade,eisfield,gnarby,miyachi,miquel,aneke,afobe,apkom, martinez and alot of other players from the academy. i belive that we can build a super team just if we dont sell them when they reach their peak……
    but for now get turan!

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  15. landi

    how do you guys think isco,götze and el sharawy got so great? because their team played them and didn’t buy other players ! if we belive in eisfield,gnarby and aneke we can get our own fabregas, iniesta and yaya !

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  16. ks-gunner

    landi this is off topic but are u albanien by chance….we dont have any kind of yaya product on our side…and to be fair arsenal aint giving to much chances to the young these days besides ramsey ….and that bec he is british and bec he had a huge reputation to become a class act just like wilsher is..but the truth is that after the injurie he became usesless to us…spending the right time and the right money on the young is crucial…i would love to take ryo miaychi back as a player he is he does have huge potencial but he is kinda wasted at wigan…and injuries are not doing him any good also….a rather want to see an in experienced speed monster on the wings compared to an busted player wo has zero talent as a winger without any crossing ability or speed whatsoever…

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  17. CRABBY

    I believe Gnabry, Eisfield and miyaichi have a very bright future and feel that these 3 players should be involved in the team next season as these guys will be better than Gervinho and Ramsey. Gnabry reminds me of the Ox, Eisfield reminds me of fabregas and Miyaichi reminds me of pires now if they can be anywhere near as good then that would be great but these little gems need to be played and from what I have seen of Eisfield he will be ready next season!
    So COYG,

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  18. landi

    ks-gunner yes i am, and i belive that aneke can become something like yaya for sure.
    our younger players that i belive in is ryo,eisfield,toral,gnarby,meade,frimpong,coquelin,apkom,campbell,miquel. I hope these players show ous right, and just like all other talents, one inch to fast or to slow they wont make it, we all hope them to become great as wilshere but that is rare, hopefully they can, because they have the talent, but timing is important

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  19. ks-gunner

    what makes u think that turan is the right player for us….is it bec he is a former galata player ….just by ur name and seing u praising turan so much i culd deff tell that u are albanien probably from pz heheh em i right or not :DD…….lukas is polish by the way but choosed to play for germany

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  20. vyash

    their is an exeptional player he is a winger and also a great finisher
    he is whale………gareth bale
    go 4 him wenger because he can score and give ball to giroud
    for january bring bale and m’villa plz

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  21. Thala

    i have no idea why Poldi is playing in Left wing…. he should be playing in Middle. He is an awesome finisher . Wenger should get a Proper Winger and play poldi in Middle. So poldi can be direct replacement for RIP.
    We need a CDM and LB. Problem with Arsenal is most of the players r not played in proper position .

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  22. landi

    why i belive that turan would be great for us is because he is a natural WINGER, something we need, he got great crosses/passes and have a good vision, and also great 1vs1.
    Also this would force podolski to the cf, which i think is were he belongs.
    btw are you albanian too ?

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  23. ks-gunner

    he is average at best….i rather would have liked to buy a dm (or use vermaelen as an dm lol ) ….play arteta on his natural poz and put cazorla on the wings ( inesta a like game play)…turan lacks so many things aint that better then the young lads …so why wasting the money on him when a striker and dm priorety… …yea shqipe that i am lol

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  24. Rasta

    @ks gunner.
    what does he lack. you cannot just label him average and poison fans without backing it up. explain it to me how he is average. crossing? shooting?

    he has 4 goals and 7 assists in 19 league games. makes him good in my book for a winger. But id like to hear what u think

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  25. T2T

    Whatever AW is planning, I just hope it’ll be done early.

    Fish, why do we need another RBI? Unless Sagna leaves, we have the best RB pair in the PL. In addition, both Coquelin and Yennaris did excellent when Sagna and Jenkinson were out.

    AW, buy what you think we need, even if it means paying 5-10m over the “right” price. ManU paid 24m for a 29 year old RvP and look at the difference. He’s banging them in. Take RvP’s goals away from ManU adding Giroud’s and they would’ve been a mid-table team. Add RvP’s goals to Arsenal taking away Giroud’s and we would have been top of the League.

    A strike force of Podolski, RvP and Walcott in front of Cazorla, Wilshere and Arteta…

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  26. ks-gunner

    He is an Rosincky a like player with good vision ,passing and shooting ability thats it……injurie prone,short,fragile,and lacks the impulsivity to take player 1 vs 1…..he may started good this year but the past ones where pretty poor …so dont get ur self all hyped up rasta …i could be wrong about him…but i could swear that the lone reason why we are after him is coz of his low price and not bec of his talent…put 4 more million into the budged and and we could get a genius like Isco …watch the next game against levante and learn the difference in the meaning of average and class Isco/turan

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