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Arsenal keeper news – Butland and Stekelenburg

One of the many positions that Arsenal are looking to strengthen is the one between the goalposts. Arsene Wenger believes that Wojciech Szczesny needs another quality keeper at the club to push him and get the best out of him. Wenger thinks he is a little too comfortable in his number one role, while also worrying that the reserve keepers are not quite good enough in case Szczesny picks up another injury.

There are reports in the papers today about two of the keepers supposedly interesting Wenger. The young England international, Jack Butland, has had his asking price reduced from £6 million to £3.5 million by Birmingham City, in order to bring some desperately needed cash into the club. He is highly prized by Birmingham, but they are in a tight spot, so Arsenal could take advantage. Butland has a great future ahead of him, but Wenger may be looking for somebody with more experience.

A keeper who fits that description is Maarten Stekelenburg from Roma. The 30-year old Dutch international has 54 caps, and is thought to be available from the Serie A club. He has been linked with a number of Premier league clubs, but his agent has revealed that no firm offer has yet been forthcoming. The only problem with Stekelenburg is that he may not want to sit on the bench, but that sense of competition is exactly what Wenger wants.

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38 thoughts on “Arsenal keeper news – Butland and Stekelenburg

  1. Big Gun

    Why get Stekelenburg? The guy is 30 years old, has 2-3 years max left in him. When he’s gone, we will then need to find another keeper to challenge Sczces. It’s a no brainer. Get Butland, he is young, full of energy and wanting to make an impact and prove his worth even more. He would definitely keep Sczces on his toes and the best would be brought out of both keepers. HEALTHY COMPETITION and he would cost less than Stekelenberg. We know Butland is a sure bet as he already made the English squad. But first and foremost, Wenger please sign a hard working DM and a WC striker.

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  2. kelvin muthami

    COYG you are forgetting Vito. He should be given enough play. let’s talk of DM an striking that’s our main. problem

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  3. goooner

    take butland more hunger to get into the squad and also will need to impress to get in the england team. he played well in the olympics aswell

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  4. Antares1786

    Butland would be more appropriate and cheaper. Moreover, he’s perfectly fits into Briton’s players core – the concept of future Arsenal.

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  5. craig2500

    This article backs up what i have been stating that Usmanov could get better commercial deals. We have stagnated in revenue due to not winning trophies and poor commercial deals and clubs around us like Man City will soon overtake us in the money generated stakes unless we make changes. Just Arsenal should also look at this information and report on it.

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  6. QiwjeHdjfkfl

    @big gun rob green made the English team and he can’t even get a game for qpr
    I understand butland looks much better but he has been a bit error prone in the championship
    Plus, steklenbergsa goili so he should be able to play at a good level to age 35 and by then well have Martinez and others ready. steklenbergsa is great n the ball but also a bit error prone.

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  7. Arsene Wenger

    Goalkeeper – Stekelenburg
    Midfielder – Isco & Wanyama
    Forward – Villa / Jovetic

    Very critical about Sczeny but to get the best out of him we need somebody like Stekelenburg. Sczeny has a great future but he has a lot more to learn.

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  8. Joe

    Arsenal to make a second bid of 19.5m for jovetic in the coming days. Fiorentina in talks with Juventus to sign Matri or Quagriella.

    Looks promising.

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  9. Spence

    If it is true that Jack Butland is available for 3.5m then its an absolute no brainer, the future England no 1 for that price, get a move on Wenger!

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  10. Rodger

    Why not bring in Stoke City’s Begovic? He could solve our goalkeeping problems than any of the above players. The only dark spot is, he may cost us a lot of gold.

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  11. green gunner

    Still on a high from last night. Our fifth goal reminded me of the old arsenal. Classic counter attack:

    W.Ham on the attack. Poor shot on goal by Cole.
    Szezney throws it quick to Wilshire.
    Jacks control and turn of pace takes it the middle third of the pitch with intent.
    Podolski gathers on the left, sprints, good low cross to Giroud.
    Giroud was waiting on the WH defenders line, moving well and not getting caught off side. His pace and movement and strength at the end held off a defender with a deft touch to score at the near post.

    This is our arsenal and I want to see more and more of them.

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  12. Superkurt

    @apc what are u smoking? Most keepers don’t peak till there 30’s they don’t need to worry abt the pace going, keepers can play into there 40’s at the top

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  13. synsix

    @Big Gun
    Mate unlike strikers and wingers, Keepers get better wit age/just check EPL or la liga or any other leagues/we do not want someone to replace Szczesny/he is as good as anyone in English shores/we want some one who can fill in for non league matches or give Szczesny a rest/Butland wouldnt fit the bill as he is young and would want play every game, which would’nt b a healthy competition for both the team and him/and moreover we do not want a future prospect here, we already have 2 or 3 of them/we want an experienced and reliable guy, and Stekelenburg is more like it

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  14. mr lean

    priority is not a gk,e need a dm and cf ready for the stoke game come on arsene do your job

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  15. Big Gun

    @Superkurt If Stekelenburg came in, do you really think he would be put as no 2 keeper? With far more experience than Szczes, he would undoubtedly be made no 1. This would have a negative effect on Szczesny’s confidence. I think Szczes is past the stage where he needs someone to mentor him and look up to. Szczez needs young blood to keep him on his toes but at the same time not discourage him. Because I see Szczes as one of the best keepers in the world.

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  16. Big Gun

    @sysnix Well we can agree to disagree…if you say keepers only reach their prime in their 30’s, why should they want to be only backup to any squad? Surely in their prime they are at their best and should be no 1? No logic to what you are saying.

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  17. craig2500

    If you look at our remaining games we only have Spurs,Everton,Liverpool and Utd to worry about, the rest a very winnable. Not saying that we can win the league but if the team can finally use last nights game to get moving then it could be safe to assume we CAN get in the top 4.

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  18. Henry

    @ mr lean…i have to agree with you. The GK is not a priority as there are other areas in the squad that need to be strengthened first, however i would prefer them to be purchased for the Liverpool game on wed!

    Having said all this Butland at £3.5mil would be a great bit of business!

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  19. mac11gooner

    Man utd put a bid in last night for victor W(Celtic).. It got rejected… They’re already planning for next season!! So I doubt we will be getting him… I really hope that we are in for jovetic!! Class little player… First time I ever seen him play was when he ripped liverpool to pieces… And I said to myself “I’d love to see him at Arsenal”.

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  20. mr lean

    @ henry buy butland and then load him back for rest of the season,this time next week i hope we have got our signings sorted so can a stress free thursday

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    get them both but loan butlund back to birmingham for a while so he carries on playing and keeps his my opinion you cannot put a young goalkeeper into a team that has not got its defence salted out properly.
    well done for yesterday great result.a special well done to you jack.brilliant totally dominated the mid field from start to finish.just one more thing there were lots of empty seats yesterday…

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  22. Arsene Wenger






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  23. lambgoona

    OFF TOPIC: Lukas Podolski is now leading the premier league in terms of assists with 9 altogether now. Great stuff from big pod. Just what we need from him out on the left wing (as well as his thunderbolt goals obviously)

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  24. Henry

    @ mr lean…I would be very happy with that. Cant wait until all this speculation is over though! Bring on the 1st Feb!

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  25. Joe


    Thats stats even more impressive when you take into account that he has not started all games and he does not take set pieces which is what most people get assists from.

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  26. Gautham

    IMO Szczesny has been poor this season. He is being helped by the reputation of our previous keepers. Many Arsenal fans now see every save made by the keeper as a bonus. The reality is that Szczesny has one of the lowest saves/shots ratio in the league.

    Maybe he has gotten too comfortable as an undisputed starter. Compare the current Szczesny and the one that made his debut against Manchester. Ask yourself, how much has he improved during these past years? What has he added to his game? I think he needs to lose his starting spot to get better.

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  27. Aaron

    I really am gobsmacked that we didnt buy Lloris! 8mil for the 3rd best keeper in the world!!???
    Spurs always get bargains even though they arent even in Europe.
    In my opinion Wojiech isnt good enough and we should bring a new keeper.
    Marchetti of Lazio? Tbh that is the only one i can think of, we let our chance slip away.
    We could have built a great team around Lloris, with the likes of Wilshere, Walcott, Cazorla and maybe a few more signings we could have had a title contending team. Szesney makes mistakes that people dont realise, for example Collison’s and Mata’s goals probably would have been saved by Lloris.

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  28. APC

    butland is not in form. seen him play alot this year and hes been struggling. butland will never be a top keeper

    if i have my choice Marc-André ter Stegen would be signed

    Superkurt says:
    January 24, 2013 at 11:33 am

    @apc what are u smoking?

    i dont think butland is any better then Szczesny. both will never be top top class/ i dont think Stekelenburg is either

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  29. One AW

    would love to see jack butland at arsenal looks a top quality keeper and understudy to joe hart for england .. BoB i find it very amusing how u link our football club with nearly e4very player under the sun and not just that mostly top class very expensive players which you may not have noticed but arsenal dont spend 20 plus on a player like it or not. Absolute nonsense speculation coming from you and if its not unrealistic speculation its just depressin bore off !

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