Arsenal keeping all players – What about Signing Some?

Arsenal have already released a couple of players on loan deals during this transfer window, with Marouane Chamakh off to West Ham for the rest of the season and Johan Djourou joining Hannover in the German Dundesliga. There have been expectations that Squaillachi and Arshavin might also be on their way out of the Emirates, but Arsene Wenger has said that Arsenal are not looking to offload any more players at the minute.

“At the moment, no.

“We have a good squad, a balanced one. At the moment, nobody can go out unless we buy somebody. At the moment our focus is to keep everybody. In every position we have two players. Three is two many and one is not enough.”

I am sure that I am not alone to have felt the icy fingers of fear clutch around my heart when I read that. Surely Wenger cannot think that the Squid is a good enough squad player. The manager should not have to focus on keeping him, he should be doing everything he can to get a new defender in to the club. A quality player like Yanga-Mbiwa who might actually play for us.

The sane goes for Arshavin. Many Arsenal fans think we should keep the Russian, but only if Wenger is going to play him sometimes. If not, there are clubs who want him, and we could replace him with a real class act like Arda Turan. Does this also mean that Wenger is happy for Andre Santos to be cover for Gibbs? He says that the two players were allowed to leave in order to get games, but does that not apply to Squid, Andrey and Santos?

“They don’t play here and they need games. A player who never plays loses his quality and his confidence. It’s important that they get a chance to play somewhere.”

Don’t do this to us Arsene. You are scaring us now.

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62 thoughts on “Arsenal keeping all players – What about Signing Some?

  1. Alex

    Unforunately we won’t be buying anyone good because we are a club with no notion and have been for some time. Please leave wenger and as for the board could you kindly f*** off you greedy dogs

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  2. Gunnerineverylife

    “In every position we have two players. Three is two many and one is not enough.”-indirect way of saying we wont be buying anyone.

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  3. solhorizonte

    this is one of those situations where i would have loved to be wrong, unfortunately, i wasn’t, read my comment to another post pre arsene interview

    solhorizonte says:
    January 10, 2013 at 9:27 pm

    Basically arsene is securing walcott and then waiting to see how many points we get in the next 2 weeks (against city, west ham, chelsea, liverpool & swansea)

    he really believes he has a strong team and the only missing piece is diaby, He took a gamble on him at the start of the season, and it seems he is ready to do it again.

    all the inquiries he has done are backups in case we blow it and he needs to make some buys at the end of the month depending on how close we are to the top 4

    sad but true

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  4. Graham

    Let everybody calm down. I believe we will sign a couple of players. The problem with many of you on this site is that you want the club to sign the players you want when you want. It is not going to happen. Signing players can sometimes take time. Only £29m has been spent so far and £20m of that was on two players. There is much more to come and we will sign players.

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  5. Invincibles49

    I know for a fact what has happened :

    Santa : Son, what do you want this year?
    Wenger : Could you please shift the calender forward by one month like real quick?
    Santa: Sorry dude cant do that. But i promise to bring you some really nice 16 year old football kids when coming back from the trip at the end of January.
    Wenger : hmmmm ok. thanks that will do.

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  6. Gunned

    Wenger wll buy atleast 1 or may be 2 nd i think they wont be dat cheap coz der r many players on cheap transfer fee bt wenger has’nt got anyone. So,its clear he is in the market nd wll buy bt jst after the signing of walcott nd he’ll look at the team performance after man c nd swansea.
    Hope is alive yet

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  7. Adam Harvey

    Calm down people. We are obviously going to sign a couple of players. It makes sense to get rid of a couple that we dont want and then buy a couple. If we got rid of everyone before buying, clubs would know our situation and hold out for more money. Lets just see at the end of January what has happened. If we have not signed anyone I will be the first to shout about it.

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  8. Clive Belcher

    Well he says 2 for all positions ,well he needs 2 more for right back Sagna and Jenkins are the worst we have had to replace Lauren CB

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  9. Sox

    If Wenger doesn’t buy anyone we will be doomed, we are being left behind even by the smaller clubs!!!!! He says we have 2 players for each position but are any of them any good to play for Arsenal? If we finish the season 4th with this squad then Wenger is a magician a very lucky on at that!!!!! (But I very much doubt it)

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  10. giroud fan

    heard that negredo is having medical today and expecting to sign later this evening…hahahaha…..april fool

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  11. giroud fan

    cant wait till sunday to watch giroud hitting the net behind joe hart,….in gunners we love… players we believe….

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  12. tobi

    i agree with you.every arsenal fan just want Wenger to buy his own choice of player and want that done immediately..Wenger is right not to sell until he buys and that i really support.If he had bought Cesc and Nasri replacement before they left,it would have been a different case last season but he paid so he bought Lukas before letting van persie leave so i think if he has to let Arshavin go , then he has to buy the replacement first so that it doesn’t backfire

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  13. Alex

    I’m sorry giroud fan but if you believe giroud will be banging them in you have something wrong with you. He is an average striker at best and will never be a top top striker

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  14. Mudah

    I can’t understand is that: didn’t wenger know the right thing to or he is not willing to do right thing?? Because he is not doing it at the moment

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  15. 7

    There is no need to buy anyone.We have a good squad enough to make Top 10.As for Squillaci,he is a good player,he still has a very good reputation in France,I believe he has just been a bit slow to adjust but he’s ok for a backup player.

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  16. Steve H

    AW is really doing my head in!what squad is he looking at dare i say.!manmoneycity.points we will get if no 1 comes in.City (h)no points
    west ham (h)1 point
    chelsea (a)no points
    Liverpoll(h)1 point
    Swansea (h)1 point

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  17. giroud fan

    @tobi @ graham….agreed with both of you…they just want Wenger to buy their own choice of players and want that done immediately. they never think how their player will suit and adapt well in arsenal shirt..for me i rather develop than spending $$$$$$ like shity…….eg u take balotelli as example….hes arrogant and never respect mancini … harmony in the team….

    @ alex….u just wait and see this sunday….

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  18. Graham

    @ Steve H

    You are a real fan. When did the FA start awarding points for cup matches?

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  19. LOL

    COYG!!!! Mertersacker is right there is enough quality in the squad to achieve great things its about time we fans got behind our players. Seriously.

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  20. mark simpson

    Why is it that even Spurs are beating us in transfer market. Is Wenger had enough and just trying to get fired

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  21. Gooner Cape Town

    Can’t wait for last week of transfer to see how we have fared as all the decent players who are available will be snapped up by Chelski, Spuds, Man Shitty and Ushited even Liverfool….
    I don’t want to follow window any longer it is so frustrating being a Gooner. Even opposition supporters are questioning why Wenger is not adding to squad.
    We have cover for each position but a signed squad member who warms the bench or doesn’t play at all and draws a huge weekly salary is not COVER!!
    Insufficient depth, insufficient true playmakers and poor defence.We have scored goals this season but continue to leak goals at the back!!
    Doesn’t that say it all.

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  22. Yemmy Akinleye

    Wenger has definately lost it. Its now so sure that he has lost it. Fø̲̣̣я̅ crying out loud, how many of our present players will qualify τ̲̅ȍ play for Barcelona? Squllachi? Santos? Ramsey? Asharvin? Gervinho? Is Podolski a natural left winger?
    The man said we have two players in every department, but, imagine Arteta+Wilshere+Cazorla missing in d midfield, who will play? Remove Podolski+Giroud+Walcott up front & tell me d three other players that will play. Remove our first four players at d back & Wђã† else do we have.
    This is a team without depth. Its a shame.

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  23. boom boom POW ...wankerz

    This man called wenger is digging his own grave….u aint got legs to stand on nomore, buy quality players now when u have the chance n our money sitting in the bank or bury yourself…it aint your private property.I use like u a lot, now I’m starting to hate u more…Sturborn man

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  24. Gooner always

    Wenger is a fool. You are making the goners suffer. Sign someone please!

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  25. Uche Edochie

    At the very worst, we will not sign anybody and then we will drop out of the top four. Maybe that will actually benefit arsenal in the long term.

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  26. Mbk Ibn Isa Abk

    As if Wenger is not witnessing what is going on in EPL. Almost every player in the transfer market was and are link with with Arsenal. But not any arrive yet. May we don’t have the cash to splash and get any.

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  27. Graham

    I believe we will sign a couple of players, but who ever we sign is never going to be good enough for many on this site. You will complain and say rubbish like ‘why did we buy him when no one else was bidding for him….blah blah. The club just can’t please some of you no matter what it does.

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  28. cosmos

    Except some die-hard deluded AKB’s, Every discerning minds can see from Wenger statements the man will do everything to avoid spending money at all. After all there is no player sale this time to finance new players. This man needs a reality check. Being stingy apart, he’s so arrogant to the point of self destruction just like all deluded and conceited egomaniacs. He doesn’t shock me any more. We have Mr.BEAN for a manager not even a coach any more. It is ARSENE FINANCIAL CLUB indeed. Where has the real AFC gone?

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  29. frisco

    To MR WENGER;if you don’t buy we never gonna be in top 4, if we don’t get the top 4 we never gonna attract good players, because they want to play in champions league,simple and we gonna loose money and a lot of money,beacase you always think about profit think again,not only that, but you gonna loose the most important thing you or arsenal got; THE FANS think again,you really want to play next season with empty stadium? think again MR WENGER.

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  30. Fucked off Gooner

    I suggest you all go on the Arsenal website, he will not buy any new players. Keeps on talking about Diaby and we all know he will be injured again. He needs to be sacked and fans need to start protesting as he will never be sacked!!Do you think he is f**king Diaby the man is a great player but will never be fit and needs to shelved

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  31. sinero

    Mr Admin. why all this silly question?, when the real person you should be directing this question to is arse ne wenger. it is not a spelling mistake “arse ne wenger”. i just think the man is now thinking from his

    The moron is doing this to prove we the fans wrong. hope he gets a kick in the arse on sunday. We the fans have now become laughing stock toother foothball fans. Now even shit fans like chelshit, and tothenless hotshit are all having a go at us. what a shame, what a big shame.

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  32. Neil

    Dangerous times for Wenger.

    If he doesn’t buy (I don’t think he will) he’ll be piling up the pressure on himself.

    Fans may ask ”Why isn’t he buying?”

    Four possible reasons.

    1) The board are not giving him any money.
    2) He genuinley believes the squad is good enough.
    3) He’s on an ego trip. How, you may ask? Well. I think if everyone said ”We don’t want any players” he would go out and buy a couple of players, just to prove that he is the boss and everyone else can sod off. He may be being stubborn to the point of insanity. I think they call it ‘cutting your nose off to spite your face.”
    4) Finding players but being too tight fisted. Very possible also.

    I’m not sure if which one is the reason, but option 3 is the scariest and most probable in my opinion.

    Option 2 is also scary. And although he could be correct…it’s as massive gamble he doesn’t need to take. Again…Arsene being too stubborn and trying to prove a point.

    Option 1: If this is the reason, Wenger needs to come out and tell fans. He will have my utmost sympathy and the fans will hound the greedy $%^@^^@^ board out of town. However, with Gazidis actually saying Wenger has loads of cash to spend and it’s up to him to spend it…he’s basically telling us that this is not the reason.

    But for me, Wenger has made two HUGE mistakes.

    1) Selling Fabregas: He had 4 years left on his contract. He signed a long term contract to get a higher salary. Wenger built a team AROUND Fabregas. Things were looking quite promising. Barca tapped him up (thanks UEFA for doing nothing)and he started sulking saying he wants to go. Wenger ‘talked’ to him to try and persuade him to stay.

    TALKED TO HIM? PERSUADE? FFS! Just tell him he’s under contract and to get on with his FFFFIN job. Yes, you don’t want unhappy players whose heads have been turned….but tell him to wait until you get replacements and BUILD ANOTHER F$%^@$%^ING team seeing as he wants to go, and the whole future of the club was to buy players to play around YOU (Cesc).

    2) RVP: Is there anything worse than seeing Man Utd walking to the title thanks to RVP? Seeing his smug celebrations every single week is unforgivable to Arsenal fans. It really hurts. FOOK the 22 million. We shoulda kept him for this season unless he moved to Spain/Italy/Germany/France and if he went on a free to Man Utd…so be it. We need to make a staement to our players that THEY WILL NOT BE SOLD to rivals whilst under contract. EVER! And if some rich club come in and offer to double their salary when they have 4 years left…TOUGH! Wait until we find someone as good (if we actually can) and be professional and get on with your job.

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  33. realist

    I have been saying this all along. wenger wants 2 players for each position and that is what he has. in fa t in his first team squad he has 2 players us 3 spares (fabianski ,frimpong, arshavin)

    his 2 for each position are
    szcesney mannone
    sagna jenkinson
    mertesacker squillaci
    vermaelen koscielny
    gibbs santos
    arteta coquelin
    wilshire diaby
    walcott chamberlain
    cazorla rosicky
    podolski ramsey
    giroud gervinho

    i do however think he will look for 2 players a loan replacement for gervinho and another centre back. if he gets them in he might just allow squillaci to leave and seek another versatile player.

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  34. rob

    clearly wenger DOES NOT believe we have 2 good players for every position because he never rotates the left back, 3 CMs or walcott. Look at man u that is a tyrue squad they can play any combination of players from GK – CF and it looks like a genuine 1st team.

    If we play a team with squillaci, ramsey, santos, gervinho, arshavin, coquelin there is a BIG drop off from our 1st team. Basically we need players who wenger can trust to play with all these games coming up

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  35. Joseph

    Someone when i watch arsenal match i do regret why i was i gunner fan.we av lot of money but i dnt knw a kind of coach we av,keepin players ramsey,arshavin,gervinho,santos is actuall not good.i wil be very sad if wenger fails to replace Alex song with a player lyk wanyama,defendsive midfield is just our main problem nd wenger knws but he wnt just make any effort to buy dem.I Bet it wit u guyz Totteham wil be among d top 4 nd arsenal wil be no where.Negredo,lopez,baines are also a perfect player which wil only cost us much but wenger wont buy them.Believe me wenger wnt buy anyone.I REGREAT BEEN AN ARSENAL FAN.

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  36. palmer17

    Name me the quality players for every position please as i am struggling we need new players FACT

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  37. Marko

    Believ me my friends,Wenger is waiting to see how many points we are going to take in this next games during the january…if we beat m city,west ham,swansea,take a point from chelsea..then we wont sign enybody..if we loose 3 games he will sign 2-3 platers..mark my words!

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  38. ah

    Really glad to see that fans are really getting to know where are real problems are coming from “Wenger”

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  39. sollygunner

    /////// ???????????? didnt wender only last week say squid and arshaving would also be moving on ???????? hes driving me mad he cant keep up with his own lies whats happend to him ,,, he just says what ever he thinks people want to hear how about just being honest with your loyal wage paying fans //// ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  40. sollygunner

    @solhorizonte ,,,,, its hard to belive that a surposed very clever man can be so stupid but i think your right bad times ahead hopefully the team can find some fight and get stuck in to those games coyg

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  41. jp

    If Wenger says our squad needs a new CB and winger to replace Squid and Arshavin how will that make the players feel?
    There is a chance they might have to play for us this season if we cannot offload them so rather then make them lose confidence, make out they still have a chance if they play well.

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    Here’s the deal, AW won’t sign a striker until he has Theo signed, Theo won’t sign if AW brings in another striker – there you go, plain and simple. Comes down to Theo controlling the transfer activity. IF he really wanted to sign and be a team player, do what is asked of him, play where he is needed, he would have signed already. The sad truth is, baby-Theo is holding the cards and AW seems to think he HAS to keep him. BS!!! Sign a top (or 2) striker and make Theo make the decision to leave. JS, why is everyone soooo worried about Theo? Where are all the top clubs dying to sign him as a CS? Where? Nowhere . . . . If AW brings in 2 TOP players and Theo leaves, that’s a big plus!

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  43. KC

    Not signing Ba, at the price for which he was available, was yet another sign of the club’s decline.

    Steady as she goes…we lose our best players and we are unable to bring in the best players.

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  44. jack

    wenger was trying to buy M’Villa for around 20 mill last summer now he is only valued at around 8 mil and wenger is not even trying to buy him.He is a total tosser and a lier we will not make the top 4 be lucky to be about 8th this bloody moron needs to GTF ASAP

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  45. Roughchops

    Everybody wants us to sign someone. Some people just want ANY signing. I say think back to NURI SAHIN…everyone raving about him and what a disaster if Liverpool get him! Well they did and he turned into a disaster.

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  46. Cristian5

    Maybe if we don’t finish in top 4 will be better for arsenal in a long term, maybe FINALLY some CHANGES will be made
    I think wenger already finish his time with Arsenal. I respect him but it’s time to say bye

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  47. kyaw myo thu

    if so, why don’t u get trophies? No enough investment for team success but high ticket price. Why I loved this club?

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