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Arsenal legend insists the Ox must consider his future

Ian Wright has claimed that if he was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, he would be considering whether staying at Arsenal was best for his career.

The 24 year-old joined from Southampton back in 2011 in a reported £15 Million deal, and has been in-and-out of the first-team ever since.

The Ox started out as a winger, but has since been used in numerous other positions, and finds himself predominantly used as a wing-back since impressing in the role during last season.

The young England international is believed to favour a central midfield role however, and with only one year on his contract, he may well become disillusioned with life if his ideas are not met by the club.

Arsenal legend Ian Wright insists that although he doesn’t want to see him leave the club, he would be thinking about a move if he was in his position.

“I wouldn’t want Oxlade-Chamberlain to leave,” Wright said.

“But if I’m the Ox, then you’ve got to be thinking about it – he’s been there five years now.

“He’s still not got to where he should be.

“We still don’t know what his best position should be.

“He’s a talented player and he’s got to start kicking on in his career.”

Chamberlain is enjoying his longest run of regular football in the first-team since joining the club thanks to him impressive displays in the new role, although with Sead Kolasinac also impressing since him move from Schalke, along with the return of key defenders, the Ox could well find himself back on the bench in the near future.

I would hate to see him leave, having watched him slowly meet his potential over the years, and truly believe he is now progressing at a rate which would see him emerge as a regular first-team player for England as well as us.

Do you think the Ox would be better suited elsewhere? Can he meet his full potential with Arsenal? Where is his best position?

Pat J

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39 thoughts on “Arsenal legend insists the Ox must consider his future

  1. John0711

    who gives flying F anymore. The club is being raped by the manager and its owners. Ive never been so ashamed of the club. Some of the fans are just as bad for excusing this with a number of different excuses

    1. Frank

      Yep. Since Wenger signed on for another 2 years, notice how none of the players with a year left on their contract have signed extensions.
      This year will be even more toxic than last year. He papered over the cracks with a FA Cup trophy but the tension is still there. Arsenal is about to implode.

  2. Danny_bliss

    I believe AW is just playing him by all means because he wants to leave thereby confusing him the more by playing him in RWB and LWB if he chooses not sign then sell him even Sanchez too if he doesn’t sign and a big over comes knocking sell he said he want to play in the champions league . The problem still lies with wenger I won’t allow any player distabilizes the dressing room just because we are forcing him stay at the club

  3. Shortboygooner

    The thing with the ox is he is just not that good. From his point of view he believes he is and probably wants to win trophies. That is more likely with Chelsea. However, he is unlikely to get the playing time he has enjoyed at arsenal as players like Moses William and hazard will keep him out of the starting squad. For me I am not to bothered if he leaves I think he will find him self at a lesser club in the next 2 or 3 years if he leaves us. I would love to see him in no10 roll instead of ozil. Simply and he is a good dribbler and could cause the defence problems through the middle. It may also allow him to get a few more goals as his goal tally Is not great.

    1. ClassyGunner

      No 10 role??? You haven’t seen his passes or crosses in the box, simply because they don’t exist.

      1. Shortboygooner


        You are most likely correct. But the man can dribble. He is one of the few players that in the final third don’t just pass sideways. You have to agree right. I reckon his passes may come if he is dribbling into the box and taking 2 defenders with him and freeing up lacca ? The rest surely you agree with right ?

        1. Ranjan Das

          Completely agree – he is a good player but not that good that we lose sleep over him. If he doesn’t sign – sell him for 30-40 M. My only questions is why we have started negotiations with his team so late? doesn’t leave us any time to buy a replacement- I say so because I always considered him as aback up midfield option when injury crisis hits

    2. Shortboygooner

      Also I would love Wenger to be ruthless and stick it to anyone who wants to leave and rebuild the squad . There were talks of a 200m war chest let’s use it. By ox 40m bye Sanchez70m bye ozil50m. Hello lemar 65m hello draxler 35m hello defensive midfielder and or CB. Let’s get some players who want to play for us and respect the club. I love ox Sanchez and ozil but I don’t feel any of them love or respect the club.

      1. Tas

        The word on the street of Barca and real is that Messie and Ronaldo are ready to leave Messie will fit right in to Arsenal with ticki taka and we know where Ronaldo would go

        1. Tas

          And that 200 Million war chest is been around for the past three years now but we are still looking to find the keys to open it

          1. Tas

            It’s funny how it pops up around the same time as renewal of season tickets then never spoken about it until next year at the same time

  4. ClassyGunner

    Great Striker, immature pundit.
    Its Arsenal that should let him go if he doesn’t accept what is offered to him. He has hardly progressed, the same high and wide crosses, aimless final passes, neither passes nor shoots and loosing the ball in dangerous areas when played centrally.
    Pace, power, dribble and no final result.

    1. jon fox

      Classy Gooner, Though I quibble at your calling Ox a striker, and he clearly is many things but never a striker, I do so agree with your comments on Ox. At 24 and even though he has always looked talented, I would ask myself , were I Wenger, what exactly does he produce for the team. Hardly any goals, few assists, poor concentration and often loses the ball and in dangerous positions too. His is not a hard worker either and rarely tracks back. Conclusion: Dribbling ability and an ablity to twist and turn is no use unless it produces actual results, which he so rarely does even though he is still a good squad player overall and versatile, to a degee. His heart seems not to be at Arsenal any more, if it ever was and personally I would not be sad if he left, even to Chelsea. We need to ship out all non-committed players, starting with Walcott( preferably a decade ago),Ozil and any more who will not fight ferociously in every game.

  5. Tidan2

    The fact he hasn’t gotten where he should be is completely on him, not because of Arsenal. He has immense skill and potential, but he needs to apply himself more to the parts of the game he doesn’t like. His positioning and defensive effort need work. His final ball needs work. He needs to learn when to take on opponent players, sometimes it’s just pointless and actually dangerous if he loses the ball at that point. He has a decent shot but only resorts to it when there is a limited chance of success.

    All this will translate into good play EVERY match, instead of having one good match and then one bad match.

    His move to wingback has been great, though. The guy can cross, has immense pace and strength, and good dribbling. Perfect for that position.

  6. Elliot

    Even the media had stopped making rumors about afc. We need a cb, cm and a right forward imo. How can this team compete? Why can every fan see this but wenger can’t? What happened to our 150m “war chest” that was open to wenger, just another fan pleaser? I’m not looking forward to Sunday at all.

    1. Shortboygooner

      This time next week the window will be more sleds closed. We and Wenger have a short time to react. I say banners at the ready. #kreonkeout #WENGEROUT #wengerbeaspender

      1. JJPawn

        “I would love to see him in no10 roll instead of ozil.”

        And, YOU want Wenger out?

        I worry about all those wanting Wenger out… the man has delivered in a tough, tough market that is changing beyond Arsenal reach rapidly.

        1. Shortboygooner

          No it’s not beyond arsenals reach. It’s beyond kreonke and Wenger reach. Arsenal set a real benchmark for football in the last 90s and early 2000s this is where our fan base has come from. If you look around now slowly London has the ed blue and more and more kids are becoming Chelsea and city fans. Utd have always been there and Fergie stepped down at the right time. Wenger always has been and always will be good. But we need exceptional and invincible. We could be one of the best bit we are slowly dwindling. Check the top 10 most fans over the past 20 years. We are slipping. Check the money that we are making over the past 10 years it’s slowly getting less. Wenger was great but no longer.

          1. JJPawn

            You are stuck in an English mentality… lost, I would say, as you cannot see the world has changed. The world is changing rapidly, that is why you have Brexit, etc., in a defensive mode. What England has is lower taxes and a brand, both of which can only work so far without money.

            One example of a recent change: PSG can compete for the CL. PSG is backed by a government that needs PR to survive politically in the M.E. “Soft power” using sports is old, from during the Iron Curtain days and even before. Now, in this is new nationalist climate, football has become a tool. China will buy everything next… most poor Brazilian kids are looking at the money, and once the Chinese league become the place to be with 300/wk salaries, more players will go there.

            If you want Arsenal to compete, do get Wenger a transfer budget that is similar to Man U, or the oil funded teams of Chelsea and ManCity. This can be done by its wealthy fan base with donations to raise the money needed–but I suspect no one love Arsenal that much to dish-out cash… well, maybe there is kleptocrat somewhere, who just might!

            You all need to understand that this is not about football anymore, it is about power: politics and economics.

            Face it, Arsenal have been spoiled by an innovative Wenger to take on the might of Man U. Since then others have copied Wenger, but with much more money. I would not be surprised if the new owners at Everton lead the club to be above Arsenal next season, while those in Southhamton also might do the same.

            Wenger has one play left: Arsenal’s own reputation built on Wenger’s reputation. He can bring in players, but even he cannot get the best without money. So she is hoping to compete on salaries without the transfer fees. That is what this season is about, raising money, trimming the squad, and paying the best players the most money in England. If Sanchez bites, then others will follow to Arsenal. But, it looks like Sanchez knows that process will take at least 2 years, by which time his time would be gone. That means cashing in on him now, for say 70-100 million, and then buying two genuine wingers that can match the quality of Sanchez.

            There is no money to the CL. Take Messi. If Arsenal promise Messi a team of his choice, he would play in England. The brand of Arsenal is alluring, but can Arsenal pay 500/wk? No. Can Arsenal compete for any of the top ten players in the world? No.

            If all the Wenger haters are so confident, please show us a team that Arsenal can buy, say with Ancelloti as coach. The truth is there is not enough money.

            You all really, really need to pay attention to developments outside football to understand how the EPL is affected. Wenger understood all of that, that is how there are several titles, and even more FA Cups. Wenger can see the future, but he is stuck as there is no money to pay players of Sanchez’s quality.

  7. Mobella

    These ex players talk s***t. why can’t he think about it when he was constantly injured and get paid for doing nothing. l don’t have any sympathy for Wenger. He deserves what is getting from all this ingrate he kept faith with why the club, himself and the fans suffering for there mediocrity. who’s next.

  8. Waal2waal

    judging by the way wenger been playing suare pegs into round holes ox chambo is shaping up to be our next goalie – we do anything accept whats required and a CM is whats required. if Ox continues with afc he’l have to put aside his ambition to play as did his hero s.gerrard. the chance he craves to be an ACM will not materialise for him under wenger.

  9. ThirdManJW

    It’s not just the Ox, I think a lot of Arsenal players are considering their futures. Clearly nothing is changing at Arsenal, and until Wenger is gone, nothing will for at least another two, possibly even four years (Wenger said he’d like to carry on for at least another four years).

    It’s funny because all the AKB’s want to keep Wenger regardless, and they keep banging on about his legacy as for a reason to extend his stay. But what they don’t realise, is that the longer he stays, the more damage he does to his legacy. We’re already at the stage where the majority of Arsenal fans want him gone, a lot actually hate him, and all of our rival fans are singing about how much they want him to stay. I dread to think what’ll be left of his legacy in 2/4 years time.

    Unlike the AKB’s, I would like to preserve what’s left of Wenger’s legacy, and we need him gone for that to happen. Sadly, I think major protests will be needed again, but even bigger, and better ones than last season.

    1. jon fox

      Third Man JW, spot on about Wenger. I have wanted this stubborn and wilfully blind manager out since 2007. I predict wholesale hostility to make last seasons protests look like a tea party and I say “Bring it on and more besides.” All other talk of a player in here, a weakness there is beside the main point. Wenger is incapable of motivating players to give their all and every game too. Observe Pochettino and how Spurs work tirelessly. Conte too and Mourinho. If their players shirk they are out the team, even the club. But Wenger is like a kindly grandfather, spoiling little children, weak and helpless, like Walcott(above anyone else, a decade ago I would have sacked Walcott) and other bone idle players like Ozil, despite his huge talents when he decides to work, very occasionally. Ox too is hardly a non stop warrior like SANCHEZ either. Wenger constantly plays players out of position and always has done, which totally demotivates players. Until this way behind the times 20th century manager is gone , we are fighting just to stay anywhere near the top six and have not a hope in hell of seriously challenging for the title. Let the Wenger hostilities and protests begin , IN EARNEST!

      1. JJPawn

        “Observe Pochettino and how Spurs work tirelessly.”

        Really? We know how they want to be paid well, and the players are not happy! They just lost to Chelski, that is itself disorganized.

        Besides, Spuds have been lucky to have a number of top English players come through the ranks. If they cannot win the EPL this year, that group will want to be paid else where, including at Arsenal, which now can afford to do so.

        ManU have outspent everyone and assembled the next power squad. Can Arsenal buy Pogba? No. Lukaku? No. You can keep going down that order, and see that money is what allow “big” coaches to win.

  10. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine

    I am not bothered to look at it from the player’s viewpoint.
    From the club’s viewpoint, I say the OX has got excellent potential -“Potential” being the keyword. However, unlike Alexis, his production rate is easier to replace with the transfer market. Move the player on, and sign on a stable replacement. Haven’t the club got better things to do than to burden itself with this situation?

    Ox wants to play CM. Arsene wants to play him as a sub RWB. FFS decided which is most important to you Arsene, and get on with it.

  11. Raoh

    What is baffling to me is that Arsenal as a club is not making shape shifting moves that shakes up the squad in a serious way.
    Happy that we are slowly getting rid of the deadwood. But isn’t it a bit to late? Why did we take so long with all the ressources?
    For a club complaining about prices what do they think is going to happen with 10 days left if you want to snatch away a prime target and leave little to no time for a selling club to buy a replacement.
    In an ideal end to the window we loan Gibbs if we can’t sell with an option to make the deal permanent, Perez seems to have 1 and half foot out the door. Maitland-Niles seems like an ideal candidate to go on loan, Chambers dunno if we’ll see him in an Arsenal shirt and either of Walcott or Welbeck with a 28m-30m pounds offer.
    On the incoming side: get Lemar you’ve been chasing all summer it is embarassing. Get a midfielder and ideally a defender.
    None of that is going to happen I know but let me dream a little :'(

    1. JJPawn

      The best players often come at the last moment, when the competition is more or less gone.

      Except, this year Wenger out foxed everyone for two world class players.

      If Wenger can get two more he is eying, then it will a decent squad for a top four finish, but winning the EPL means having to keep Sanchez.

  12. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine

    And please start playing Coquelin, Arsene. Xhaka and Ozil is enough creativity in midfield. You don’t need Aaron Ramsey to bomb forward every other minute to score a goal. Nonsense! I am fed up with this.

  13. wenger

    You know, I want to love Ox, off the pitch hes a good lad, energetic, but on the pitch, he reminds me of Arshavin, not in the “lazy” way, but we know hes got talent, but somehow never express that in his game. You dont get that moment of brilliance with him, he doesnt take 3-4 players then score like Sterling (realistic comparison). Hes very inconsistent, hes strong, but not aggresive on dribbling.

    Say what you want, hes not Sanchez after all. Anyone other than Sanchez for me is replaceable, even Ozil. I dont think we should worry if Ox wants to leave, I think Iwobi will cover much better.

  14. Me

    Wenger buys players, then plays them out of position and watches as the criticism of the player increases until the point that their confidence is totally shot to pieces.
    The only time this does not happen is when the player becomes fed up and wants to leave like we see with Sanchez.
    Wenger is the centre of everything that is bad about Arsenal and the cause of everything that is wrong, yet those who still reside in 2004 believe he is the one who can change things around because there is simply no one else on the entire planet who can manage Arsenal to a place higher than the lofty heights of fifth.
    Thirteen years of evidence suggests to me there are plenty out there who could bring something new and better to Arsenal than Arsene Wenger..

    1. JJPawn

      Thierry Daniel Henry
      Aleix Sanchez

      Both changed position, and both became world class players.

      If you mean the Ox being player in the wrong slot, what if Wenger is trying to get him to into the team somehow to sign him and also try to sell him.

      Back three: Wenger has Koz out, Per hurt, Mustafi just returning, Holding attacked by “fanz”… Gabriel hurt, and not sold.

      Wenger is looking to reinforce the back, but with the best players for the position, not another Gabriel for some 15 million, but maybe a great player for 30 million. Can Arsenal buy VanDijk for 30 million? Only the last day will tell. Arsenal can outbid Liverpool, but not Chelsea.

    2. Mobella

      Man i feel your pain and I’m in the same boat as you. let the truth be told, no coach can do half of what Wenger has done the kind of owner and board member we have at arsenal. Arsenal has being over achieving for awhile and we need to look at one man for that. I don’t know 13years of what you are counting but in the last 13years arsenal had played 6 finals, won for lost 2 and won 4 community shield. l want Wenger gone but i won’t insult him, disrespect him and hate him. He has his fault but i know who to blame.

  15. Kirvyn

    Chamberlain has never had a full season without him being injured. So, the blame of him not being played regularly isn’t anyone’s fault. Even when he was not injured, you could see the traves of immaturity in the way he plays.
    Now its glaring to all that he’s improving and that’s the only reason Wenger is using him not because his contract is almostt over.

  16. ruelando

    Ox, Ox, wants more money and wants the CM role.

    1. His skill set is a perfect match for a wide player, speed, power and a little trickery
    2. He is not a complete player, final ball, defensive duties and decision making needs to be improved.
    3. Most of the attributes mentioned in 1 and 2 is needed to be a quality CM
    4. In wide positions, you have more time for final ball and decision making, while in the central midfielder role only split seconds. I think ox still does not yet have the maturity in mind to do so.

    In Arsenal, he has more of an opportunity to be given chances in the Midfield while developing in the wide role at Arsenal.

    I also think who so ever is advising is doing a real stupid job and will only backfire in Ox face further down the road.

  17. JJPawn

    Superb comments on the Ox.

    But, it is impossible to tell him otherwise, so he may have to be sold. I hope they can get at least 40 million for him from a Chelski team desperate for an English player.

  18. Turbo

    Agree he should consider his future, but I don’t see how going to Chelsea is going to be a great move for him. Are they really going to let him play where he wants? Is he really going to get much regular field time in any position with that squad available to pick from? Is Conte really going to tolerate the kind of mixed performances from him that he often shows here or will he get sat down and shuffled back on the priority list?

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