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Arsenal line-up confirmed for NLD clash with Spurs

Arsenal have finally released their confirmed XI to take on noisy neighbours Tottenham Hotspur today, with our star striker FINALLY getting the nod to start against a top rival.

Alexandre Lacazette has been overlooked in big games versus Man City and Liverpool already this term, so it is a relief to see his name on the team-sheet for today’s encounter.

Shkodran Mustafi is also back in after suffering injury earlier in the campaign, and his inclusion is also a huge boost.

Is this our best possible XI to take on our rivals? Will this selection have what it takes to put Spurs in their place? Predictions?

Pat J

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68 thoughts on “Arsenal line-up confirmed for NLD clash with Spurs

    1. kev

      Do you guys know that in ghe two games Maitland -Niles started as a CM for Arsenal he looked far far better than Xhaka.It’s a shame pdople won’t see it and will calk me deluded but Maitland Niles will be do good if he started weeXhaka’s a player who’ll only look good when we’re dominating.It’s a shame Maitland-Niles and Wilshere have to put up with this.People will ”Maitland Niles is 18 and wasn’t signed for £35” while for Wilshere they’ll say ”He just came back from injury and Xhaka has more steel”.I just don’t get it anymofe.What are we looking fof at all in our midfield combo.It’s funny how Wilshere with unrealised pofential is a level abo e Ramsey ability and talent wise and twice the player Xhaka already.It’s not even debatable unless of course if you love Xhaka and Ramsey too much that you won’t fell the truth.

  1. redmau5

    good line up.
    my worry granit xhaka.
    always my bloody worry

    this is it.

    admit it lads u feel excited…!!

  2. Alkali

    I hope Xhaka and Ramsey show up, i believe the battle will be won and lost in the middle of the pack.
    Alexis and ozil also need to stop sulking, they are being payed for Gods sake…

    1. Goonerboy

      It is hard to think our ‘light’ midfield will dominate these power packed tenacious Spurs midfield.

      Honestly, the only hope I have comes from the fact that we are playing at home…

  3. oba arsenal of lagos

    Would have loved wilshere in place of ozil but Regardless of the scoreline just bring in wilshere in the second half.hope lacazette scores and kolasinac bullys nd get a goal.I have no much hope on Sanchez and ozil as I wish they are both out of our team already.all in all I hope they prove me wrong and turn up.3-1 to the arsenal. C.O.Y.G

  4. Ivan

    This is Wenger’s top side. If he has his tactics right we should get a result.
    If we win all credit to him. If we lose he should do the decent thing and resign.

    1. Quantic Dream

      Lol! You expect Wenger to resign after 1 game? The man dug in his heels after 3 consecutive 5-1 maulings from Bayern…why would 1 game change his mind now. I expect him to continue regardless of the result. Only death or sickness will get Wenger out of Arsenal.

      1. Ivan

        Well in fairness we have won so credit to him. Let’s enjoy our first win against spuds in a few years. COYG

    1. Mitch Connor

      Alexis on a daily LOL 2-0
      I’m beginning to think that we could possibly finish top 4. Even if we don’t let’s still win today. Let’s get some pride back.

  5. redmau5





    1. Mertinho

      Lacazette’s runs in the first half have been the reason why we are having joy in our attack today. Hate to say it but if Giroud was on i think it would still be 0-0.

    1. Ackshay

      Bullshit its fa propaganda against wenger comments vs m city. In both goals the hand of the player was offside. Fa rule was offside is:

      Offside position
      A player is in an offside position if:
      any part of the head, body or feet is in the opponents’ half (excluding the halfway line) and
      any part of the head, body or feet is nearer to the opponents’ goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent
      The hands and arms of all players, including the goalkeepers, are not considered.

      Arms don’t count for offside. All commentators seems to conveniently forget.

    2. lcebox

      Well its not like we havnt been done in by these type goals so its time the luck went out way for a change.

  6. Eat Pie

    I just think we need to get xhaka off, we don’t need a clumsy mistake costing us.

    Kos has been WC today, best by a bit I think.

  7. ADoseOfReality

    Got downvoted into oblivion for suggesting the fact we have outpeformed Spurs/Poch in recent years by way of finishing above them 3/4 and winning 3 FA cups to their nothing suggested that maybe the hyperbole that exists is just perception fueled by the media/fans suggesting Arsenal/Wenger are past it but backed by no actual fair evidence for the 4th richest club. Been proved right yet again and of course Klopps Liverpool will remain behind us but yeah Wenger is past it right? Kloop/Poch new breed of quality and yeah in our finacial position we’d ever get Pep/Mou? lol Pep chose city for a reason! But you know the substantially richer clubs keep doing better (surprise) or worse (MU.) Sound argument there clearly based inreality! No doubt perception will rule and the enviatable NLD win the 8th home game against Spurs undefeated will mean nothing. They clearly have the better team/modern manager!

  8. Eat Pie

    If it remains 2-0 either Kos or Mustafi are MOTM, they played like they did at the start of last season when they were unbeatable!

  9. Charlie-Nick

    Alan Sugar, Gary Lineker, Harry Rednapp, Paul Hawksby, Michael McIntyre, Jamie Rednapp…
    …Your boys took a hell of a beating today

  10. Mertinho

    It honestly felt like we had 11 diehard Arsenal fans on the pitch today… Why can’t the team show this commitment every single week for f*ck sake.

    I loved watching the team play today, heres to hoping this energy and passion remains for the remainder of the season but I will certainly not be getting my hopes up. Us fans are let down too often to do so.

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