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Arsenal linked with a bid for another Celtic star

As Arsenal finally secured the signing of Santi Cazorla from Malaga yesterday, many pundits have been predicting that Wenger’s next target is Nuri Sahin from Real Madrid or the Celtic defender/midfielder Victor Wanyama, but today it has been revealed by the Daily Mail that the Chief Arsenal scout Steve Rowley is recommending that Wenger moves for Wanyama’s midfield team-mate at Celtic, Ki Sung-yeung.

The South Korean has been extremely impressive at the Olympics and scored the final penalty that knocked out Team GB in the penalty shoot-out, but had already come to the attention of many top Premiership clubs for his excellent form at Celtic in the last couple of years.

He cost the Scottish giants just 2million GBP when he arrived from Seoul in 2009 at just 20 years of age, and has progressed so much since then that he is now valued at around 9million GBP. His size and strength makes him look like he would easily be able to handle the rigours of the Premier League if given the chance to step up.

Last season he improved his confidence going forward and contributed six goals in 30 league appearances for the Hoops and is highly experienced in the Korean international side as well, having played for them 45 times already over the last 4 years.

Wenger may be a little wary of bringing in another South Korean after the failed experiment with Chung-You Park, but at least Ki has extensive experience of British football.

Who thinks that Ki would be a good signing for Arsenal?

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46 thoughts on “Arsenal linked with a bid for another Celtic star

  1. Goona

    To be honest good as this player is i’d rather Wanyama or Sahin.

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    I think this is just a Gossip I don’t think wenger will buy
    Another midfilder he will probably go 4 a striker and DM or ryt back, COYG,

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  3. wordi1

    Question: how many midfielders do u want at arsenal?…or do u think we are buying players for fun? Lets be a little reasonable, okay?

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  4. maddy

    I would still love to see sahin at arsenal rather than him with an option to buy him permanentaly depending on his performances..

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  5. Awesome Gunner

    I would like Wenger to sign defenders before he signs any one else.

    I dont think we gonna struggle to score goals this season but we will struggle to keep out goals as well if we dont strengthen our defence.

    A CD and a RB should be ok or even just one of them.

    Great transfer work so far Wenger. Very happy that you are our coach.

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  6. Tamkin

    Too Risky …. who needs an unexperienced CM anyways ???? We got Ramsey, Arteta, Diaby, Song, Wishere and many others ….

    I just Hope we sign either Sahin or M’Villa

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  7. stuffler

    call them Daily fail

    plz dont right any article refering to daily mail news
    Its a waste of time

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  8. Afc

    Theres a limit to how many players we can enter into the league and regardless just last week wenger said he would no longer be in the market for a player that matches m’vilas description. We do not need anymore midfielders and we need young prospects like eisfeld to get the chances they deserve or it will be like Fran Merida, a talented youngster at arsenal who left for another club due to lack of playing time as a result of a packed midfield. We just need to strengthen our defense, and possibly 1 more signing would make our squad complete. Sell squillaci to accommodate him

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  9. Arsenal Diehard

    Please, another Korean and after Park was not given enough chance to prove himself.
    Did anybody remember the Japanese Imnamoto, he’s never play a single game for Arsenal.
    Please, Arsene Wenger don’t believe asian players can excel in an Arsenal shirt.
    Enough is enough

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  10. elvis

    The only midfielder we can consider is Sahin; if we cannot get Sahin I think we do not need another midfielder as we already have enough. We should focus on Defenders across the line becos if we can keep it tigh at the back we will surely score goals.

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  11. wordi1

    Afobe just hit a hat-trick for Bolton yesternight in their 3-1 win over Tranmere! The youngsters are really promising & i am beginning to admire Owen Coyle! Mutualism is the game! U scratch my back and i scratch yours! Who knew we will develop a cordial relationship with our past nemesis?!

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  12. Arsenal Diehard

    Maybe for marketing purposes, Arsenal will buy him other than that it’s no use for him to come to Arsenal.
    This Ryo guy I do not know when he will be install in the first team, or he will get a chance to play for Arsenal.
    He done his part at Bolton, we will see whether Arsene let him play for Arsenal or let him go for another loan.

    (ADMIN COMMENT – Ryo is going to play for Wigan next season)

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  13. Naija Gooner

    We don’t need another midfielder. We should rather focus on keeping Song

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  14. Pao

    I think Wenger should go for Wanyama as he can be a cover for Song in Midfield and also play in Defence – Utility player!!!

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  15. Peter

    Right back..go for Douglas Maicon,he has a ship load of experience and can score goals.Add more height to our back four.

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  16. gooooner

    Let’s just focus on keeping the players we have got, sign Sahin on loan, and offload a few more players (chamakh?, park, bendtner, arshavin?, squillaci)

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  17. Admiral Barry Barbah

    I don’t think they should move for him, it’s one thing performing for Celtic in a very weak league where players that have moved from the npower championship and stood out to performing in the premiership, i dare say that he may have performed well at the Olympics too but again i do not believe the standard of football there is anywhere near that of the premiership. I think Arsenal should give him a miss especially at £9 million, i’m sure there would be better options out there that Wenger is aware of.

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  18. Aussie Jack

    With all due respects a jump from Celtic to Arsenal at any time is one big leap but a jump to an Arsenal seriously planning to challenge for honours is awesome.

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  19. SeansterB

    Not sure either Korean player has the quality too be honest for Arsenal, certainly no more than the likes of Coquelin so why bother if they won’t improve the squad unless it is to increase our profile in the far east with the departure of Park. Is this good enough reason to sign either one though? perhaps ecomomically but it would not improve the team

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  20. jk

    This will never happen how is this guy any better than diaby?? Daily fail dishing out crap again. we should be adding depth to defense now cazorla is in anyway!

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  21. Johny

    On my own opinion i think that the board and the coach know the best, so we should allow them to do what they think is right

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  22. Paulligar Akuom

    who is linking us with every player in d whole wide world.pls let wengar try 2 bring sahin on loan,with a defensive midfielder and a versatile defender.i think that all what we need for now

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  23. Patrickfoo08

    Ah dont know why AW just cant buy defender until it too late like last season

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  24. stephen187

    9M for a guy playing in SPL or 15M for a guy starting in french team at euro’s…lets not get roped into a false economy..when u buy quality u only have to buy once.

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  25. Omi

    When are we going to off load or ship out all the dead wood? we need to free some pounds to accommodate the new signing. Note, we have to strenghten the defence too. Gunner 4 life.

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  26. Aaron

    We need a scary blick defensive midfielder guys. Especially if Song leaves. But most of all we need someone who can play RB but is versatile aswell so he can fill in other spots when sagan comes back. Someone like Maggio or Isla. Maggio wont come but we need someone like him so he can fill midfield or even left back instead.
    I would like M’vila/Capoue and/or A player who is a versatile RB, or maybe a lond term RB for when sagna is too old? So if this guy is like 25, he will replace sagna then jenkinson (hopefully) will be able to replace him

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  27. Malik

    @Admin was miyachi loaned to wigan, if so when???

    (ADMIN – It is not confirmed yet but Wigan are setting up the loan for Miyaichi IF Victor Moses goes to Chelsea as expected)

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  28. Gunnerineverylife

    Just wait for few year folks,when the finance comes crashing down we will be at the top in football world because of our policy.

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  29. Mike Dellar

    I would think we need now focus on quality defensive players( a priority area for the Arsenal Board due to a high rate of injuries over past seasons) after we have offloaded the reject players!…I don’t care which countries players we target as long as the defensive player is quality and can gel quickly into the team…agreed?…Anyone find Usain Bolts desire to play for Man Utd ludicrous(they must be getting really desparate if they want him)?

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  30. Kobi

    This is getting ridicoulous, we are being linked with
    Every emerging midfielder. I think Arsene will probably
    Have 2-3 on his list not 15.
    What happened to Capoue???

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  31. elvi

    my only wish is to see new goalkeeper, hugo llorris could ne good for us as our no.1 wojo boy is not good enough.
    don’t get me wrong guys. he’s ball judgement sucks.

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  32. Jmust@naija

    I don’t thing we need any mildfielder any more,what we really need now is 1 experence ryt back 2 cover up our defence.

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  33. Patrick Edache

    up guners: wenger has tried alot, but i think after sahin is enough in d m/field we only need one defender then one goal keeper dat’s all.

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