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Arsenal linked with Brazilian left back/winger

Michel Bastos is a Brazilian international who plays for French club Olympique Lyonnais on the left side of midfield. He is used by Brazil as a left back, so is obviously a skilful and versatile player.

Phillipe Auclair, who is a writer and English correspondent of FranceFootball has tweeted,

“There’s talk around Lyon of Michel Bastos going to Arsenal.”

There have been no reports in the mainstream press about this, but it would not be the first time that Arsene Wenger kept his dealings secret. Every time that Arsenal are linked to a player, they suddenly become the centre of attention for a host of other clubs, often Tottenham and Manchester City.

Bastos has impressed at Lyon, making 80 appearances and scoring 23 goals in his three seasons there. He moved to Lyon from Lille in order to further his international career, and a move to the Premier league would be another step up.  United Arab Emirates champions Al Ain have been negotiating with the French club, apparently but no deal has been done.

Bastos is a quality player, and scored a fantastic goal at the weekend (see the link below) but is he the player that Arsenal need? The main problem with our two current left backs Gibbs and Santos, according to many Gooners, is that they are too attacking and forget their defensive duties occasionally. I do not think that a player who usually plays in midfield would be any different.

With Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Santi Cazorla, Arsenal also seem to have the left side covered so I am not holding my breath about this particular rumour.

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58 thoughts on “Arsenal linked with Brazilian left back/winger

  1. Gooner Cape Town

    @leo mentioned his name. Why would we go for someone in this position? LB maybe but seems too attacking for me.

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  2. Tedy

    He is versatile. But I think Arsenal should sign Sahin, Mvilla, Lorente and a versatile who can play accross the back LB, RB and CB. Arsenal for life. GLORY TO ARSENAL!!!!

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  3. wordi

    I just can’t stop thinking about having Fellaini at arsenal, he was awesome yesternight! Arsene, can u please get that Fella in?

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  4. Briano

    Jaysus you wouldnt know what to believe with all these rumours!!!By the sounds of it we’ll be signing another 5or6 players!!!We’ll be lucky to get

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  5. Leavey

    I believe we should go in for a defensive midfielder an attacking midfielder and a versitile defender! If we dont i think we wil b too short in numbers again this season due to injuries and suspensions along the way!

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  6. k

    I’ve heard of him and apparently hes good, never watched him play ill be honest, but from what I have heard he is a great player.
    Loan Sahin
    Buy M’Vila
    Buy a versatile defender
    Buy another striker

    I don’t think we can win the league with these signings realistically, taking into account they need time to gel etc. But an FA Cup or Capital One Cup is definitely up for grabs. Only 10 days left Wenger, hurry!

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  7. gunnersssss

    we dont need him, we need a beast in our defence not a magician.

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  8. leo

    arsenal are indeed in talks with bastos not sure we need him but it as there going on since last 2-3 days

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  9. stephen187

    Why get another really attacking LB when we have gibbs and santos who alredy struggle to defend. Just need a solid fullback who can maybe play LB and R B. Felani is quality and a beast but 20M asking price

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  10. leo

    bastos can play in the l mf pos maybe beacuse of his versatility not sure still let’s see & rumors are that chammkh will loaned out if he doesn’t get sold + bendtner could be used as a part of deal for bilbao striker llorente should his ac milan move fail the next 2-3 days are going to be crazy

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  11. Robin Van Payslip

    Only reason I can think of wide player being signed is that Theo is also leaving.

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  12. Gooner Cape Town

    @leo anything more on M Vila, Sahin? Hope striker is Dempsey, would be perfect, EPL experience, good solid player who knows where net is and fairly reasonably priced although Wenger would squeeze anyone.

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  13. leo

    @gooner cape town some interesting new coming out is that cavani & jovetic are going to city,hulk,moses/andre schurrie will join chelsea adebayor,bent will join spuds then could llorente be joining arsenal don’t know will have to wait still deal is 50:50 at best as for sahin & m’vila deal is till on arsenal want to buy sahin on permanent deal at season end & m’vila talks are going on

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  14. Swing 4 Life

    Bastos is a good player but our MAIN areas of concern is not on the left side of our field,they’re in the centre of the field…..central Forward, central midfield and central defence (and right back)

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  15. shamsideen tauzan

    to god be d glory,pls let quickly go for bastos becouse he his not an injury prone,nd he is very fast nd agile,more so lets quickly move in for m:vila to support the likes of carsola nd arteta nd if sahin move inn to arsenal team will play like barcelona team all round midfilders game!up gunners

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  16. jermaine

    i have just mention this guy in a previous post 🙂 their are many positives to take inconsideration.

    >chamack or park could be part of the deal
    >not forgetting squillaci is an ex lyon player 😉
    >they could also move to get malouda back as his replacement weakening chelsea.

    our attack
    lfd = arshavin
    cf= podolski/giroud/bendner/chamack/park
    rfd= wallcott/gervinho/chamberlin
    >last season we were short on the left
    >dont you remember ramsey and benayoun being deployed their?
    >also wenger has loaned ryo,
    >watt and w.silva to inexperienced
    >chamberlin has been experimenting with the att mid role/gervinho striker role.
    this would also give us the chance to loan ramsey and move arshavin infield.
    >bastos is quality winger/wingback (starting 11 player)
    > it will contribute to a new arsenal attacking collection of players that are blessed with power,technique,dribbling shooting outside box, set pieces.
    power;(podolski, giroud,BASTOS?,)
    distance shooter; arteta, vermaelen, carzola, podolski, santos,rosicky,BASTOS)
    Set pieces;arteta,carzola,BASTOS,rosicky

    these show that arsenal attack is on the verge of evolving if teams want to sit back =shots outside the box,
    defense too high = speed on the counter
    accurate crossing=giroud chamack bendner are all great in the air
    in the premiership the player he resembles the most is valencia and he was voted thier player of the season.

    both of these players are also inferior to bastos making him the perfect signing and the final peace of our attack and wing back

    now for songs replacement and maybe a rb and if we can get rid of chamack,park and bendner then add llorente.

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  17. Wil

    @Leo did you hear Juventus all but sealed the deal with their last updated bid for Llorente?

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  18. Ben

    What is the difference between he and Santos? They seem like similar players, really. Both Brazilian, both 29, both left back/left wingers.

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  19. George

    I would liek this to happen. I was looking at the arsenal team the other day and thought ‘We have gardly any wingers!’ and this was including Arshavin. So a move for Bastos would be great! And may ven mean Santos could play potentially at RB sometimes? Would take adapting but you never know! Hopew Sahin deal is done soon, added with that Mvilla, and maybe even Bastos! Well atleast we know we are getting 2 players, Wenger even said.

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  20. leo

    @wil llorente will announce his decision tomorrow his agent has said he could make a move to pl with 2 clubs ie 1 in london & 1 in manchester & just earlier 2day city had a 22m bid for cavani rejected they are expected to make a 2nd bid chelsea are close to signing hulk & andre schurrie/moses that leaves us & spuds still don’t know where the deal is going but many beilve he could be an arsenal player still in my opinion it is 50:50 at best just wait where did you hear juve signed him they are favorites

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  21. GunnerWillsz

    I don’t understand why Chelsea and Man City need all these players.

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  22. Michael Senior

    We don’t need left back/left winger,we want a proper left back!! this guy is probably no better than Gibbs!! so would be a waste of moeny,spend on more key areas please!!

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  23. Sam

    This would be a bizarre signing, but he’s clearly going to the Emirates (United Arab) not Emirates (Arsenal). Hence the confusion…

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  24. goonner for real from augrabies

    Arsenal need: Lorente, jesus navas, m’vila and sahin(permanent next season). And someone like van der Wiel. Make ur choice Mr AW.

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  25. leo

    @gunnerwillsz city & chelsea are crazy they are like kids in a toy store don’t know what to buy as far as city goes their spendings has been low could they go malaga way surely the owners aren’t that dumb to keep inviting loses every now & then

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  26. Dem

    don’t let go Niang to Milan….they will destroy the kid…see what happen with Gourcuff

    and please we need a CM and a RB….at LB we are right with Gibbs, Santos and Vermaelen in case….

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  27. Wil

    Gunners I heard we were looking to sell arshavin to zenit and we were replacing him with bastos.

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  28. Iwodi

    al we need in arsenal is som1 lik demsy,basto,sahin,m’vila,and a beta defender.

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  29. True fan

    @michael. Bastos is 20 times the player gibbs is. Plz dnt compare those two.

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  30. thala

    @ Leo…Is Walcott signing a new Contract?? Is Bastos is Walcott Replacement??
    Why Only Arsenal Takes So Much Time on transfer Dealings??
    Man utd Completed Bunter Signing in 2 days!!!!
    Please Reply..

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  31. Amol

    wenger already has santos n gibbs
    Thn another left back
    doesn’t make sense

    maybe someone who could play as lb n rb
    can b very useful….

    n moreover

    a cb is needed too

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  32. andy

    It would be nice to have Bastos backup that left wing flank to compete with gervinho. It’s strange for a left back to score so many goals over his career. he looks more suited on the wing with his pace, agility and creativity. I wouldn’t mind at all if bastos joins Arsenal, he could be create havoc for the our opponents to defend against. On top of all that, Irrespective of him joining or not, we must get Sahin. Our right wing looks bright with the Ox and Walcott covering those areas!

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  33. bj.soul_uk@gunner

    Arsenal is linked with dis & dat…i wonder if we sign any at all..shm

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  34. nick4

    Bastos is brilliant !!!I seen him plentty but I think Lb is sorted. he only played 1 third of the season in midfield anyway !

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  35. vish Puro

    Don’t see Arsenal buying this guy. Profit and Loss Account is looking good right now so why spoil that! Sahin and maybe a centre back, tops. History suggests that the books are balanced and the club won’t risk not making a profit for the eight consecutive season. They’re not going jeopardize the club’s most important month of the year May- our financial year end (not season end). It ain’t all bad though because our Balance sheet’s going to looking awesome, and if we’re really try, we might even find ourselves one place higher on the most ‘valuable club’s rich list. So whatever happens, just as long as we bank £40 mill & fourth spot we shouldn’t look upon it at as a bad season as Mr Kroenke will stand to see his shares increase in price yet again.

    Just ignore me, I’m just being financially naïve, I’m just a chartered accountant what do I know. Just keep listening to the board and their constant reminders of the credit crunch and ‘the Malaga situation’. Firstly, the downturn’s really affected us badly hasn’t it, because our 60,000 stadium’s always empty, not mentioning the really bad interest arrangement we have in place for the stadium- do me a favour. I accept that our sponsorship money is not as great as it should be, but any owner who half cared about the club would loan the difference until it comes up for renewal, end off. Secondly, how can you even compare a team like Malaga to us, come on now. We’re the third most prestigious club in the Prem, based in one of the best cities on the planet, you seriously think we’d be short of takers if we were struggling. For the record, I do not suggest we embark upon the Malaga path, but have grown sick and tired of the club scaremongering us to justify their profit maxmising and using convenient excuses along the way. Ultimately, It’s the lack of transparency at the club enables the board to achieve this, and the resulting competitive advantage derived, should not be deemed more important than the club’s accountability to us the fans. Why do they continue to do everything in their powers to limit information (even to fellow shareholder Usamanov ),What are they so frightened of? This combined with the recent allegations from Song’s agent that the board labeled him as unprofessional to make the departure easier for us fans to digest, despite song asking for a reasonable contract renewal on a number of occasions, only raises further suspicions of on how the board conduct themselves.

    The club has not won anything for so long, in which time the club has got richer and richer-This is unjustifiable. Money isn’t being reinvested, with the sole purpose of increasing our balance sheet reserves and sale value of the club. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t reserves there for a rainy day. If Mr Kroenke doesn’t consider it to be raining after going 7 years without a trophy then he has seriously underestimated the club’s history. God forbid, but if we lose any of our big players next season round i.e. vermalen, ox or Wilshere we must make a stand. WE WANT OUR ARSENAL BACK!

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  36. Dan

    Sorry lads, really can’t see this one happening. Podolski, Giroud and Bastos would be 1 hell of a frontline though.

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  37. Dan

    When they said the Emirates, they meant the UAE, the country, not the stadium. Its been well documented that Bastos is going there for ££££.

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