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Arsenal loanee Frimpong impresses on Charlton debut

Emmanuel Frimpong joined Arsenal when he was nine years old, at around the same time as Jack Wilshere, but his progress into the first team for the Gunners has not been as easy as Wilshere’s. Arsene Wenger rates the 20-year old very highly, though, and believes he will star for us in the future.

Wenger and Frimpong decided that he needs to play regularly, that is why the midfielder has gone on loan to Championship side Charlton until the end of the year. Frimpong made his debut for Chris Powell’s side on Saturday for the visit of Huddersfield, and impressed his new manager during his 66 minutes on the pitch.

Frimpong was substituted after appearing to tweak a muscle while shooting at goal, but he is expected to be alright to play tonight against Peterborough. Powell was clearly pleased with his new man who will only get better, as long as he can avoid injury.

“He had `championship cramp` as I call it.

“He had to get used to the pace of it, but I have to say he was very, very good for the hour he was on.

“He showed his strength, he showed his attitude in going forward, his passing ability-he is a good player.

“I knew I was getting a good player from Arsenal and for his debut, in those conditions, it wasn’t easy. I felt it was a very good performance.

“That can bode well for us. I am sure he will be fine for Tuesday, and he put in a good hour of work for us.”

If Frimpong continues to play for Charlton, increasing his match sharpness and awareness, he may be able to break into the Arsenal first team in the new year, but if Wenger spends some of his transfer kitty on a defensive midfielder, Frimpong might be better off staying on loan and playing. Good luck and stay Dench.

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15 thoughts on “Arsenal loanee Frimpong impresses on Charlton debut

  1. Frimpong the Snail

    Frimpong is the slowest player Arsenal have ever had. Hes about an hour late into every challenge hence why he gets so many cards. The Championship is where he belongs. They like a bit of a scrap.

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  2. Richie

    Good for him and the 1st team , he is all about arsenal and true to the club.
    I think he will be a solid DM with his passion for the cannons !!!


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  3. Gunner

    @Malik… I’m sure Wiltshire and fri,pong aren’t the only players with passion. CARL JENKINSON has got soo much love for arsenal. And sczesny and koscielny. COYG

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  4. ike@Ghana

    Emmanuel, do the do and prove all critics wrong. Staying on top of your game is the only to convince Wenger and his staff that there is no need to spend on another DM. Do the Do Frimmy.

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  5. Travis Bickle

    Sounds like Alexandre Song’s path to me. Loaned to Charlton with his future in doubt, and over the course of the next 2-3 years, became arguably our best player….

    Lets hope Frimpong can do the same!

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  6. awhy

    the fact is we are not buying any DM in january. all arsene was waiting 4 is dis guy dat why is loan period ends in january.

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  7. OhMyGunner

    Frimpong the snail your comment is such a fail that the only one who clicked the like icon was me, and i didnt made it on purpose.

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  8. Arsenal1Again

    Frimpy isn’t cut out for football. He’s too delicate. He has a big heart and he lives Arsenal, but Alliadere comes to mind, another gifted player who was injury prone. Jeffers was another. You cannot plan ahead a campaign with players like this. Last season we were very lucky Van Persie wasn’t injured like he usually was. Maybe when they are 28, Frimpong and Diaby might stop being injured and actually starr earning their huge paycheck, ya know, for one season before going to Manchester.

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