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Arsenal making last-minute bid to sign Debuchy replacement?

I personally would be very surprised if Arsene Wenger allowed Matthieu Debuchy to leave Arsenal with out any real cover for Hector Bellerin while we are still fighting for three trophies this season, so I am not surprised to hear the rumour that Wenger is making a last-minute bid to sign Leicester’s young defender Ben Chilwell, who can play as right-back or left-back without problems.

The latest reports say that Wenger has increased his offer to £4m after having a £3m bid knocked back by the League leaders. The 19 year-old has not yet played a League match for Leicester’s first team but won the Academy Player of the Year last season and played a full 90 minutes against Hull in the League Cup this season.

Chilwell has been on an eight week loan at Huddersfield in the Championship, which ends tomorrow, and has played in all eight games for them. It would seem that he has been closely watched by Arsenal’s chief scout Steve Rowley who has recommended that Arsenal go all out to secure his signature.

The extra million for the bid is likely to come from Aston Villa, who will reportedly have to pay that to get Arsene Wenger to agree to Debuchy moving to Villa Park for the rest of the season. Maybe if Wenger can confirm the signing of Chilwell he may give Villa a little leeway on that price….

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17 thoughts on “Arsenal making last-minute bid to sign Debuchy replacement?

  1. antiwenger

    Wenger isn’t planning on signing anyone. His goal is always to leave us short remember?

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    1. Robin Vanpayslip

      We’ve got a squad list longer than Allardyce’s lunch order!

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      1. antiwenger

        Yea,but for how long? After 8months out,it only took rosicky less than 20 minutes to tweak his thigh.Who’s next?

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        1. GoonerLad

          Based on seasonal history I’d say Wilshere, Welbeck and Ox

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  2. Sam, need a striker

    We need quality striker to stand any chance to win the EPL … It all looks like 2013/2014 season we were one good striker far from the gold, here we are again … Wenger will never learn …

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  3. goonerboy

    We should not create panics woth articles like this, we all know we won’t have problems at our RB. Bellerin is hardly injured and even if he is, we have players that can cover for him..and very soon the competitions we play will soon reduce as I believe Barca will knock us out..So, only Epl and FA cup forr him

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  4. antiwenger

    When you say that to some fans,they say that we have Walcott and Welbeck coming back.Man city are scoring goals for fun right now. Even city’s teenage 3rd choice striker is scoring more goals in less playing time than our supposedly 2nd choice striker /winger who is missing sitters left right and center.

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  5. goonerboy

    If Leicester scale through their next run of games which I don’t pray they do, then surely they are clear favourites…
    As for Arsenal, we have only Everton,spurs,ManU and West ham as tough away matches,I do not include City…It seems we always do well when we are out of the UCL and fighting for
    Top4..we need that kind of run now buh this time to fight for the title…we have to beat spurs and westham as they have both taken points wasy from us this sure we will beat S’ton…let’s forget about transfers for now and support the team more

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  6. No10

    I think Chambers will cover, then possibly Jenkinson next year while Chambers covers our CBs.

    I don’t even think we’ll get replacements for Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky considering we signed Elneny and promoted Iwobi.

    Looking at the more distant future we need to start finding successors for Monreal, Mertesacker, Kos, Cazorla, Giroud, Cech.

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    1. Trevor

      And Iwobi got promoted at a time when Adelaide was shining just as brightly if not more so. Bielik would have been great timing if say he start looking far too good for u21s, next year we will have Coquelin Elneny and Bielik, then Kamara and Maitland will be loaned out I think. Ox and Theo are going to have to really put the effort in, Iwobi and Adelaide chomping at the bit.

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      1. The Analyzer

        Maitland Niles has been on loan to Ipswitch whole season unless you are talking about somebody else

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  7. GoonerG1

    Can Chilwell play right back? Every article I have seen refers to him as a left back. Has he played right back before?

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  8. Trevor

    I saw him play against spu I could have sworn, he was outstanding I remember him bullying a player off the ball letting it go out for a goal kick even though he is slim and not tallest. I hope we get him if its true because I like English defenders, you know what you get almost every game. I just hope that its mainly his defensive skills Wenger likes rather than seeing him as attacking fullback. I don’t expect this one to go over the line he will have to much respect for his upbringing but I do expect him to want to join in summer.

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  9. GoonerG1

    Instead of worrying about the loan fee (which appears to be the hold up with the Debuchy deal, Wenger should focus lower the fee for anyone who will agree to a recall clause. Debuchy has been in poor form this year and needs a run of games. We can’t give him that. Loan him out to a team that will start him. If Bellerin gets hurt, recall him. If Bellerin doesn’t get hurt, getting Debuchy back into form will help his sale price in the summer.

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